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Constructive Critisism Wanted or Reviews in General.

The remaining two miles in the car was awkward. I sat on the side of my thighs, trying to sit as far away from Sirius as I possibly could, while also trying to avoid the culprits of this unfortunate event. It felt like ages before we actually arrived at our destination. I scrambled out of the car, managing to move past everyone in a quite an ungraceful way. I practically tripped over James as he was trying to get out himself. I sprinted to the trunk and pried that old piece of junk open. I pulled out several other people’s bags in order to get to mine which was conveniently at the back of the trunk. I also grabbed my owl’s cage, remembering that she would be in the dormitory tonight like I told her to. I stepped over the luggage that now lay on the pavement and walked away briskly.

“What’s the rush Stenson?” I heard from somewhere behind me. I didn’t turn to answer for I was not really in the mood to deal with Black anymore that weekend. I could feel the stares of my ‘friends’ on the back of my neck as I moved away from them. I’m sure some of them looked like they were about to burst out in laughter, others probably looked shocked and maybe appalled that I was associated with them.

I realized something and stopped abruptly. I dropped my bags and owl cage almost forgetting a very important thing. I wasn’t going to see my parents for four months, I obviously had to say goodbye. I jogged over to mum who already had tears in her eyes, “You know, after seven years of doing this, you’d think I’d be used to it.” The breath from her small, sad chuckles tickled my ear, “I almost thought you were just going to leave without saying goodbye.”

“Of course not mum, I love you guys. ‘Sides, I’m not going to see you for, like, four months. I can’t just not say ‘bye.’” I told her. She nodded, “I have to go mum.” She let go of me reluctantly and I moved on to daddy. (Who apparated over to the station with Harold just say their goodbyes before heading off to work―mum didn’t have to be at work until afternoon)

He leaned down to hug me then pushed me out to arms length, “I say this every time your mum and I drop you off here and I’m going to say it again,” he started. I began saying the words with him, now having memorized it from hearing it so often, “Don’t have sex, drink too much alcohol―because I know you will and I have no power to stop it―lose a quidditch match, or talk to strange, sex denied boys.” I laughed after saying this with him, “Glad to know I’ve imprinted this in yeh’ head.”

“I’m sure you have daddy,” we looked at each other for a long time my eyes glistening with tears that wanted to be shed. I jumped on him again giving him another hug, “I’m gonna miss you daddy.”

“I’m going to miss you too poopy.”

“Oh Merlin, you haven’t called me that in so long. Please don’t start up again,” I said aggravated.

“I can’t promise you that. You’ve got to go though, so be off on your way. Your friends are still getting their things together and if you want to avoid them like I know you do, then you should get a move on.”

“Right,” I walked away backwards and yelled at the top of my lungs, “I love you mum and dad! I’ll miss you!” They waved back, mum blowing random kisses at me. I caught the invisible kisses with my hands than placed them in my mouth. It was a thing we always did…I turned around and grabbed my luggage for a second time then I continued my fast paced walk through the station.

I began feeling self conscious as I walked through the building. Muggles were looking at me oddly as if I didn’t fit in. I didn’t of course; I was a pureblood witch in a station full of muggles dressed in strange clothes. Well actually, they weren’t strange at all; in fact Lily told me I had the ‘muggle style’ down. She told me that as long as I wear jeans, I should be fine. I did, especially the bell bottoms, since those seemed to be the ‘thing’ right now. I fit in like a charm. Then again, today I just wanted to be comfy, so I threw on one of James’ boxers from his suitcase and a nasty one of his shirts along with flip flops. I must have looked like a young beggar looking for a home.

I looked behind me to see what the others were doing only to find the guys and girls acting like complete imbeciles. I’m exaggerating a bit, but still…they were being very conspicuous. I spotted Lily and Katy talking to each other in low voices, laughing or giggling every once in a while. Sometimes, one of them would look up at me and then nod dramatically before turning to the other in an excited manner. They were making it blatantly obvious that I was being talked about. It’s better to be talked about then not noticed at all of course, but they could be a little less obvious about it.

I ignored their behavior and continued on my way to Platform 9 ¾. When Platform 9 and 10 came into my vision a grin broke out onto my face and I sped my walk up just a bit. Usually, I would have already started running towards the platforms because I was so excited. This year wasn’t the same as the previous years going to Hogwarts. It was somewhat strange seeing as I was both dreading and thrilled for our final year at the school. This year, we graduate and are officially on our own, but then we will never be able to come to Hogwarts again except for the occasional visits with the headmaster.

I sucked in a breath and began running towards the platform, mentally preparing my body for the sensation of running through a wall. It seemed like no time had passed by when I emerged from the other side of the barrier and straight into someone’s back. The person turned around trying to seem nonchalant, but didn’t quite pass it off. I recognized the boy as Conner (the last name seems to have slipped my mind) who was an ex-boyfriend of mine (not the same ex I mentioned earlier in the story). Conner was a bit dimwitted and also another relationship James tried to make work. It didn’t obviously. “Oh, sorry about that Conner.” I grimaced slightly when his name escaped my lips.

Conner was a good guy, even if he was a bit daft when it came to common sense things (like not standing in front of the barrier), and if he ever learned to stop talking about nothing. Our relationship would have been over two weeks earlier if he’d shut up long enough for me to break it off with him. I finally just sent a letter to him saying that we were through.

“S’okay Kat!” he greeted me. Most people don’t give me or call me by nicknames and when they do, it usually sounds somewhat like my name, like ‘Kathie’. Kat is a really stupid nickname though, because it sounds nothing like my actual name. Sure their first three letters are the same, but that doesn’t change anything, “How was your summer?”

“It was fine Conner…look I have to go. Talk to you later though?” he nodded and I walked off to a spot in which the Hogwarts Express was in front of me. The ride to Hogwarts always proved to be eventful and never boring. There were new first years (as well as the occasional new student) and friends one hadn’t seen in what felt like a lifetime. Unfortunately, when my ‘clique’ does get some time to relax and be by ourselves, the marauders come barging in. Not only that, but Patrice’s new playmate for the week will stop by for a nice snog, resulting in the two of them getting kicked out of the compartment.

I walked onto the train and went into my claimed compartment. No one else had dared sit in it since our first year at Hogwarts. I put my luggage away and sat down. I then realized that it would only be Patrice and me for the first hour and a half of the train ride. Nothing new about that of course seeing as Lily and Katy had been prefects since fifth year, but it was still strange. Not to mention this year, Lily is Head Girl, so she’ll have to go straight to the Head’s Compartment. At least Katy gets to stop by for a short visit before she heads off for the prefect meeting and her rounds around the train.

As long as Patrice and I don’t get any unwanted visitors or boyfriends stopping by for a ‘quick’ hello, everything’ll be fine. Every once in a while, some kid would stop by the compartment (knowing which one Lily, Katy, Patrice, and I always sat in) and talk about our summers. Most of them were second through fourth years that I barely even remembered, but I didn’t want to be rude. I bet most of the ones that stop by look up to me; I’m probably a major role model.

Being looked up to is great and all, but being visited by some of the older teenagers in school is a bit more fun. It’s easier to use slang or simply relax around them. Of course, they don’t usually stop by until after the prefects have done their rounds.

I got a book out of my suitcase, lied down on the seat, and began reading it:

All she could do was stand in the middle of the hallway of the museum. The paintings were beautiful; she’d never been so entranced by some simple scribbling on paper. For once in her life she was. The emotion portrayed in the image was so vivid that she just couldn’t tear her eyes away. She managed to forget everything, including her boyfriend. She doubted he’d ever come back from the war. It’d already been two years, and in that period of time she received four letters.

Melissa was finally able to pull her teary eyes away from the paintings in order to look around the room. She had a sneaking suspicion that she was being watched. Every now and then, she’d touch the back of her neck where she felt the eyes watching her. She felt a rough hand tap one of her broad shoulders. She let out a small squeal and turned around immediately. What she saw was something she wasn’t expecting in the least. Tears managed to escape into the atmosphere as she began grinning at the sight in front of her.

“Damion!” she screeched, jumping on him then wrapping her legs around his torso with her arms already around his neck in an embrace. He laughed and returned the hug, spinning her around while doing so, “God, I’ve missed you so much!”

“I know baby, I’m back now,” he said. He leaned in for a kiss but she placed her hand in front of his lips blocking his path.

“Why did you stop writing?” Damion opened and closed his mouth in thought. It felt like he’d done that for an eternity before she said, “I thought you were dead Damion. You had me worrying so much; I almost gave up on you. It doesn’t matter though. How did you even find me?”

“Your mama told me you came down here today,” he replied. He pulled her as close as he could in another embrace, “I’m just happy you waited for me. That’s all that matters.” He set her down on the floor and stared deep into her eyes.

He watched their faces get closer to one another’s. Every once in a while, he saw her eyes glance down at his lips, “Of course,” she whispered before closing the gap between the two of them. They--

“Hey Kathleen!” Patrice greeted me as she skipped into the compartment. I smiled at her in return, “You were in quite the rush back there.”

“Yeah, I was. I needed to be away from some specific people, including you,” I told her.

“Oh really, that’s interesting,” she put her luggage away and sat across from me, “So, when I came through the barrier, guess who I saw?”


“Conner,” I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, I know. He was staring at you like a dog; it was kind of disgusting actually. In fact, I think I even saw a little drool slip out of his mouth.”

“Oh…ew.” Patrice nodded.

“So, I went up and asked him if he was still crushing on you. He said,” she changed her pitch to one that was supposed to sound like a guy, failing miserably in the process, “’Yeah, can you get us together. I really like her.’”

I sat up at this statement, “I hope you told him no.”

“Yeah, I gave him a pretty clear message that you weren’t interested. Don’t think he’ll be trying anything at any point.”

“Good, because if you didn’t, I’d definitely be sent to Azkaban right now for your murder.”

“Lovely,” she said sarcastically. Silence engulfed us until Patrice made a spastic movement, “Guess what I found out today!”

“What?" I was expecting to hear about some boy she met on her way to the Express, probably a muggle. For some strange reason, Patrice found them to be alluring. Maybe it was the fact they knew nothing about her in anyway and she knew nothing about them. They didn't know she could do magic therefore she could perform small spells to capture their interest. I’m pretty sure that muggles even so much as got her attention is because their world is technically advanced.

"You'll never believe who the new Head Boy is!" she stated excitedly again.

"Is it one of your ex-boyfriends?" Patrice shook her head no, "Oh...well who is it then?"

"You probably know him better than all the female population in Hogwarts."

I snorted, "Oh, I highly doubt that. Not to mention that still gives me almost no information."

"I promise that you know him very well. You more than likely know things that I would never want to know about the guy. Like if he wears boxers or briefs."

"Really? So, who is the Head Boy then, since I apparently know him so well?"

Patrice let out a deep breath and said, "James."

I jumped out of my seat immediately with my eyes wide in shock. That couldn't possibly be true, "If you slowed down a bit outside and listened to James and Lily's row about it, you would know," Patrice continued to say, "In fact, the two are still arguing in the Head's Compartment right now."

At that moment, Katy came into the compartment and placed her stuff next to mine before having a seat next to Patrice, "I guess you told her, aye?" Patrice nodded at her and turned her head towards me, Katy did the same, "You should have seen it Kathleen. Lily's reaction was priceless when James showed her his badge. She grabbed it and started examining it like it was some sort of rare ruby then when she realized it was the real deal, you could almost see the steam coming out of her ears."

"Yeah," Patrice chuckled, "Then she threw it at James and hit him square on the forehead before running off. Those badges are apparently heavy too, so James has a beautiful purple and red bump on his head now."

"I missed all of this?" I asked in a slightly depressed tone, "It doesn't sound like their biggest row ever, so I guess it's no big deal."

"All I'm worried about is Professor Dumbledore. I think Lily might go up to his office and personally murder him and the other faculty for choosing him as the Head Boy," Katy said.

"Oh, yeah...What was the Professor thinking. I highly doubt that James was the perfect candidate for the job."

"He probably had some other reasons for giving him that badge," said the logical Patrice.

My lips pulled themselves up at the thought of the upcoming year, "What are you smiling about Kathleen?" Patrice asked.

"Just thinking about how interesting our final year at Hogwarts is gonna be."

Katy groaned, "Don't remind me. The year might be interesting, but it'll be long. Why they decide to give the NEWTs in 7th year instead of sixth is beyond me. I mean for Merlin's sake, it's our last year at Hogwarts. I'm sure they'd rather us enjoy it instead of cram information that we don't need in our heads to pass this pointless test."

"Oh stop complaining, it's not going to be that bad. It'll be like OWLs."

"OWLs was easy for you, I had to work for most of my As, Es and Os. Not to mention that one P I got on there. What did you get on there, all Os?"

"No actually, I got three Es. Lily's the one who got all Os."

"Well we can't all be like Lily can we?" Katy mumbled.

"Katy," Patrice started, "In case you haven't noticed, NEWTs aren't for another nine months. We have plenty of time to study for the damn thing."

I laughed slightly at this, "When did you get so logical Patrice?"

"I always have been," at that, Patrice looked down at her Witch Weekly magazine and began reading it. I couldn't really figure out what was so interesting about those magazines. They seemed rather pointless, yet most of the girls in Hogwarts found it to be captivating, so I guess my opinion didn't really matter. Patrice looked up at me, "You know, I'm not sure how I managed to survive without Hogwarts and detention for three months."

"I'm not sure either Patrice. You almost got as many as I did," I said, "How did you get so many again?"

Katy laughed, "Isn't it obvious? She was always caught in the broom cubbards with some boy that she didn't even know. Then she'd spend the detention with Sirius and get another one for doing the same thing."

"Oh, that's right. Almost forgot about your reputation." I wasn't sure how anyone could survive Black for very long without getting really pissed off. I couldn't even spend one detention with him alone and manage to not get angry. Unfortunately, I've spent many detentions with him and the other marauders. I learned that if I ignored him long enough, he'd just leave me alone. At least until the end of detention.

Patrice never said anything back to me, for she became absorbed in her magazine. Katy cleared her throat, "Anyways, I better be off to the prefect's meeting. Lily would be furious if I was late." I nodded, fully understanding what she was talking about, while Patrice simply nodded half heartedly listening to what Katy had to say.

I placed my back besides me, then leaned against the window. I stared at the scenery that passed the train by as it took us to school. I noticed things become a bit blurry and I struggled to keep my eyes open, but that became quite a challenge. It didn't take long for sleep to overcome me. It also didn't take long for my slumber to be interrupted either. There was a loud bang outside our compartment door followed by giggles from young, innocent girls. I could only imagine who might have been causing the disruption in the hall.

I took out my wand and cast a spell on myself in order to help me tune everything out, that way, I wouldn’t be awoken by such pointless things. I managed to fall asleep much faster than before and was already dreaming about nothing in less than a minute. It wasn't until I felt my legs being lifted up that I awoke ten minutes later. I immediately grabbed my wand and undid the spell I placed on myself earlier. My five senses became more sharp and distinguished. I looked towards the figure who was trying to make themselves comfortable underneath my legs to find that it was Sirius Black. Who else would come to torment me when I'm trying to sleep?

I retracted one leg then kicked him on the side of his thigh. He recoiled slightly then began caressing his now bruised leg. I laughed slightly as he glared at me, "I hardly think that that was necessary Kathleen," Patrice said.

"It was quite necessary. No one interrupts me while I'm napping," I glanced over at the guy who was still trying to nurse himself, "Especially not him."

"You could've asked him to move at least," she told me.

"Oh yeah, forgot that you didn't want me to maim your snogging buddy. Sorry," I said sarcastically. I went back to trying to sleep while one of my legs was resting on Black's lap and the other on the floor. It wasn't the most comfortable position but it would do. It seemed that today was a day to dream about nothing, for that is what I did. It also seemed like no one wanted me to sleep that train ride, for only a minute later, in came Lily barging in, followed by James.

I looked at the seat across from mine to find Peter and Patrice, sitting as far away as possible from one another, sleeping. It seems that Peter must have come in during that one minute that I'd been sleeping and decided to take a bit of a nap himself. I looked to my left and found Sirius sleeping in the position he was sitting in while he was awake. Lily tried her best to be as quiet as possible, but still get comfortable in the small compartment. She managed to get Patrice to move over a bit, so she could fit in between her and Peter. I closed my eyes again in an attempt to take another cat nap.

"Alright James, thank you for so kindly escorting me to my compartment. You can go now though," Lily said to James.

"Oh, come on Lily, you don't expect me to leave my best mate here and miss out on all the fun do you?"

Lily snorted, "In case you haven't noticed, we're the only ones who aren't knocked out in this compartment right now."

"Sounds like a fantastic slumber party if you ask me. Care to join?"

"I could care less right now Potter."

"What did you call me?" James asked, clearly amused.

"I mean James," Lily struggled not to spit out his first name.

James lifted my legs up, took a seat between Black and me then placed my legs back in their former spot. This emitted low growls from Black due to the reapplied pressure on top of him. I opened my eyes slowly and looked at the messy haired bloke next to me. He was grinning up at Lily while ruffling his hair with his hand. I could help but allow a small smile to form as I saw Lily's reaction to James' gesture.

"I thought you broke that habit James," I said groggily. He looked over at me confused but realized what I was talking about when I reached over and messed with his already disheveled hair.

He shrugged, "Guess I didn't. Don't see why it matters."

"It doesn't, I was just stating an observation," I glanced over at Lily again, she was leaning back with her eyes closed, "We've had such an exciting time in here while you were gone."

"We can see that." Peter made a strange gurgling sound as he attempted to turn over onto his side with little luck, "Katy and Remus are definitely missing out."

I looked around the compartment and noticed that Katy and Remus were indeed missing. Not that it mattered too much, the compartment was already decently filled with more people than it was meant to hold. Having the two of them would make lap sitting quite necessary, not that the guys would mind. In fact, James would have a field day if any of the girls, especially Lily, sat on his lap. Except me of course. Sirius Black and he would be making jokes left and right, perverted ones at that. So Katy and Remus not being here might've actually been a good thing.

"Out of pure curiosity, where are those two?" I asked.

"Snogging in the bathroom," James answered immediately. My mouth dropped slightly in shock, not to mention, I'm sure my eyebrows were as high as they could go. I looked over at Lily to confirm this statement from James and she simply shook her head at me. My lowered mouth rounded in an 'O,' then proceeded to close. I gave James the look that clearly meant, 'Tell-me-or-else.' He grinned at me and said, "When they were done being pre-farts for the--"

"James!" Lily hissed.

"Sorry, sorry!" he raised his arms in the air in a play surrender sort of way, "My bad! Anyways, after they finished being prefects, they apparently stopped by for a visit, but your compartment was full. Kinda like it was when Lily and I came in here earlier," I nodded, knowing that he meant when it was just the four us (Black, Patrice, Peter, and me), "They came to Lily and me later and told us they were going to sit with Alice and Frank."

I closed my eyes preparing myself to tune Lily and James out so I could get some decent shut eye. I wanted to continue the dreamless nap I was having before I was so rudely interrupted.

"You know," Lily boomed throughout the compartment. I slowly opened my eyes to see Patrice holding her heart while Peter had somehow managed to get himself on the floor, "It would be smart to get changed. We only have three more hours left on the train." I looked at James, he wasn't paying attention to Lily but rather Peter who was making an unsuccessful attempt at trying to gracefully move back onto the seat.

"Did you honestly just wake me up to tell me to go get changed?" Patrice asked with annoyance sketched all over her face.

James let out a laugh, "I believe she did Patrice, I believe she did."

"Three hours?!" Peter stated in disbelief, "That's a really long time Evans. Don't you think--"

"Yeah, that is a really long time to go get changed and sit back down in the compartment," Patrice interrupted.

I cleared my throat in order to call attention to myself, "Lily, do you honestly think that waking up a bunch of hormonal teenagers two hours before they really need to is a smart idea? Patrice, I'm sure, has lacked some of her necessary make-out sessions with pretty boys and Peter seems to have lost all capability of moving properly. The only one who has been able to ignore your nagging is Black, and who cares about him?" My mind was once again clear and my eyes wide. I was awake to the point where it would be impossible to fall asleep again. I blamed Lily for that. If she hadn't been such a damn mother, then none of this would've happened.

She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted, for the compartment door slid open. Katy emerged into view, I stood up and walked to her. A grin was on my face as I did so, "You've come to save me!" I threw my arms around her neck, "My hero!"

"Heroine actually," Katy said as I let her go. She walked over to my former seat and sat upon it. All I could was glare open mouthed at the blonde who was supposed to rescue me from this group of strange witches and wizards. She looked at me after a while with an incredulous stare, "You gonna stand there all day?"

The frown that had formed on my lips deepened. "It's alright Kathleen," I heard from behind me, "You can always sit on the floor." I turned to the usually sensual Remus and made a mock smile as I bent down placing myself on the floor. He stepped over my legs and sat down next to me with a small smile on his lips the entire time.

"Well, anyways, could you all change now?" Lily asked the compartment once again. I watched Patrice and Peter file out of the compartment willingly, apparently giving in to Lily's fussing. The two stepped over me, though Peter accidentally stepped on one of my fingers in the process. I didn't budge an inch almost as a challenge to Lily. I looked at Black who was the only one besides me not changed into his uniform yet. I frowned. "Oh come on Kathleen! Will you go change! Unless, you would like to get up again at the end of the ride and go change in the crowded girls locker room where other girls will be hogging the sinks and mirrors in order to worry about their petty make up and hair."

I shook my had 'no' at Lily. She awoke me from my slumber in order to tell me to go change, not to mention I lost my seat because of her. There was no way I was planning to actually listen to my best friend's reasonable idea and go change. Yet, I found myself rising from my spot on the floor then turning to Black and kicking him in the shin, "Wake up arsehole." I walked out the compartment without a fuss.

“You know, those toilet rooms are really gross,” I stated as I entered the compartment for the second time that day. I noted that the boys were finally gone and took a seat in the now roomy compartment, “They should do something about that.”

“They are?” Lily asked. Here face had become red, almost matching her hair, as anger seemed to fill her by the second, “But I told James to make sure no one made a mess in there.”

“Because that makes so much sense Lily. James, a guy, can go into the girls bathroom in order to make sure there’s no mess,” Katy voiced, clearly amused, “There’s bound to be some sort of disaster if he did so.”

I nodded, “As much as I’m sure many girls would love for my cousin to walk in on them while they’re touching up their make up, or taking a dump, I don’t think James can really make sure there is nothing to tidy up in there.”

“You still want James to check on the girls now?” Lily shook her head ‘no’ and leaned back in her chair.

I smiled, “You know, you should probably go check on the bathroom now. Since it’s a mess and all.” Lily simply nodded, stood up, then left without another word.

“Oh no,” Katy said grudgingly. She pointed her index finger at Patrice, who was now sticking her tongue down some good looking guy’s throat. I made a disgusted expression and followed Katy out the compartment, “Why does she always do that?”

“I don’t know. Nor do I care. Let’s just go somewhere,” I said.

“There’s really only one place for us to go, so follow me.” Katy began walking in the direction of the compartment I always dreaded passing. It was loud and filled with idiotic hormonal guys..

“Katy, no! Come on! We can go sit with Frank and Alice!” I complained.

“They’re in there too. Visited our compartment while you were changing and said they were going to catch up with the marauders.”


Katy pulled the compartment door opened and we were greeted with various loud greetings. I reluctantly filed into the compartment behind Katy and sat on the floor next to Alice Maynard and Frank Longbottom. Alice was a round faced girl sixth year in Ravenclaw with wavy brown hair. She was pretty and had obviously caught Frank’s―a seventh year Gryffindor with big ears and brown hair―attention.

“’ello Stenson, Katy; lovely of you two to join us today,” Sirius Black said to us. I did the most mature thing I think I’ve ever done when it comes to Black: I stuck my tongue out at him and nothing else.

“Kathleen!” someone yelled in my ear. I turned to Alice and gave her a huge hug. I laid my head on her lap and fell asleep in the loud compartment until we arrive at Hogwarts.

A/N: Hey another update, I just finished this chapter editing today (6/26/08) and I hope you like what I’ve changed. These chapters are a lot longer now that they’ve been edited I noticed. Hmm…strange.

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I have been extremely busy, I have a play coming up. I had to audition for a performing arts school. I have many essays to write for school, I am just super stressed. I hope you enjoyed it though. :D


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