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This is so un-cool. All I asked was for him to help with the dishes. That's it. Not too hard? Right? Right. He's just an idiot. Now I have to go take another stinkin' shower. Stupid dish water. At first he had behaved and diligently worked - I guess he was just make the dishwater dirty - then he took out his stupid wand and made ALL (that's right all) the dish water fly on top off me; soaking me head to toe. Gross. There were wet crumbs in my hair and smelly water clinging to me. Of course the others were no help, they just laughed, and I'm sure if there had been more water they would have contributed. Remus looked a little concerned but did nothing. Stupid Remus. Assert yourself!

It stomped up the stairs angrily. Sure, I could have just used my wand to clean myself remotely, but I have no clue where it is at the moment. And stepping into the guestroom I remembered why I didn't. I'm a sloppy person. Period. Clothes were thrown all over the place. Everywhere. Pieces of parchment were scattered across the room, quills on the floor, and I do not know why there was a half eaten chocolate frog melting on the desk. I don't eat candy... ah, the Marauders... I will have to talk to them later.

I turned into the bathroom, stripped and got in the shower. I was wearing my favorite out fit today too. Arg! Not anymore, now it had to be cleaned, which probably wouldn't happen for a good week, because I can also be a little lazy.

Turning off the water, I stepped out of the shower and pulled a towel around myself, drying off. PUshing open the bathroom door, I almost screamed. Scratch that, I did scream. The Marauders were lazily spread across my bed. All. Four. Of. Them. THEY JUST WOULDN'T GO AWAY! GEEZ!

"GET OUT!" I yelled. And there I stood with but a towel on screaming at them. "NOW!!!" I added when the didn't move. Though I was satisfied to see surprise, and maybe a tad bit of fright, cross their face at my outburst. "DO YOU EVER GO AWAY!"

"But then your life would be boring. Can't have that, can we, Gabs?" James said trying to be charming. Oh do I wish I had my wand!

"OUT!" I pointed a finger at the door. "I'M IN A TOWEL! I NEED TO CHANGE!"

"Why, that's why we're here." Sirius said grinning. I blushed for a second, but it was wiped away with anger.


"Did I see a blush, Ms. Lupin?" Darn it.


"Why, I think I did. what do you think guys?"

"I think I saw one too." Stupid James.

"Me as well." Shut it Remus.

"I did." Peter, I will get you for that.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at me. "Someone have a crush on the wonderful Sirius Black?"

"NO!" Darn, darn, darn, darn! Am I that transparent? He will not find out. Angrily - okay, and embarrassed - I grabbed my clothes from the closet and rushed into the bathroom and quickly got changed into muggle clothes.

Bursting back out of the bathroom, they were still there. Didn't they have anything better to do? I mean honestly.

"So, Gabby, excited?" James asked.

"About...?" I said sitting on the bed beside Remus and James, Sirius and Peter behind me. I will just remain calm unless provoked. My hair was still dripping wet, and I purposefully flicked it over my shoulder showering Sirius with drops of water.

"Going to Hogwarts, duh." He stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh, yeah, sure." I said shrugging.

"You don't sound to exciting."

"It's just school."

"Yes, but it's school with us." he said motioning the four of them.

"Great, more pranks to be pulled on me." I was often one of their targets when I saw them.

James rubbed his hands together. "Ah, yes." There was a pause. "So here's the plan. You have to become really good friends with Lily Evans and - "

"Ugh!" Lily talk, she always talked about her. I flung my hands over my head and fell backwards falling right next to Peter's back, and in front of Sirius' crossed legs.

"AND," he continued, "you're going to tell her how WONDERFUL I am."

"I'm not lying for you, James."

"I'm not asking you too. Just tell her how great I am."

"Again: I'm not lying for you, James." He slapped my leg. It stung. Ow.

"So what are we doing today?" Sirius said changing the subject.

"Well, Mrs. Potter said she'd taking me shopping. So that's what I'm going to be doing."

"Girls and their shopping."

"Yep, it's love."

"You're in love with shopping?"

"No, no, I love shopping."

"You need a boyfriend." Boy, was that out of the blue.

"Are you offering, Mr. Black?" I was only teasing, but did I see him blush? No, Gabby, you're making things up. I lightly punched him in the shoulder, sitting up. "Just kidding. I'm off to find your mother, James."

"She's probably downstairs."

"Duh. Bye."

"See ya'." They chorused.

Mrs. Potter was indeed downstairs reading. We went shopping and I bought a lot of new clothes, and then we stopped by diagon alley and bought me new robes. She was a lot like my mom, she was so nice, and always smiling.

It was evening by the time we got home, and I trudged up to my room to put my new belongings away. I pulled open the door and - Oh. My. Gosh. I was going to hurt them SO MUCH.

Bubble gum. Was. Everywhere. On EVERYTHING. On my clothes. On the desk. On the bed. On the door knob! Oooohhh, were they going to get it (once I found my darn wand).

"POTTER, LUPIN, BLACK, PETTIGREW!!! YOU GET YOU DUMB SELVES UP HERE! NOW!" I heard snickering in  James' room, and I didn't wait for them to come. I ran, no sprinted towards their room. My eyes aren't one set shade of blue, they change with my mood and I bet they are dark DARK blue at the moment.

I flung the door open and leapt at the closest Marauder. "Gabrielle!" Darn, it was Remus, I can't hurt him, he's family. But the others. I released Remus and tried to leap at the others, but Remus grabbed me by the waist and held me back. Okay, okay, so I have a slight temper. But they just get under my skin so easily. I clawed at the air as they laughed at me.

"Whoa, Gabby, you're turning red." Sirius commented. I probably looked so unattractive right now, but WHATEVER, I am ANGRY. 

"Let me go, Remus!"

"Oh no."

"YES! They ruined my room!"

"Remus helped. Punch him." James said smiling.

"Thanks, Prongs." Remus said simply.

"He's family."

"And we're not. I'm hurt, Gabs, I really am." He grabbed his heart pretended to be hurt.


"Gabs, calm down."

"My room is ruined! Where am I suppose to sleep?"

"You can sleep in here." Sirius said wiggling his eyebrows with a charming smile.

"You wish, Black!"

"Ouch, my last name eh, Lupin?"

"Listen you can sleep in my room on the floor." Remus said. I took a deep breath trying to calm down. "Okay?"

"Fine." He slept in the same room as Peter who I could hear snoring all the way in my room, this is going to be a long night.

He released me, and I walked over to Sirius and James, and kicked them both in the shins... hard. They actually grimaced. I was proud of myself.

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