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Hey guys!  My account as Fairy919 wasn't working anymore! :(  So, I started a new account!  Please continue reading and leaving reviews! :P   Enjoy!
Chapter 4    Aw School? :(

Lilith’s POV

I got up and got dressed in my new school robes. I was the first to get up by the looks of it. By the time I was all ready. Hermione got up.

“Wow. I’m usually the first one up. Do you want to wait a while, so I can get ready and we can go down to the great Hall together?” Hermione asked.

“Sure, I don’t mind” I said. I really didn’t.

---*-*-*-*-*-* A While Later ---*-*-*-*-*-*---

Hermione and I made our way to the Great Hall. Laughing and talking as if we have been best friends for years. She told me all about the teachers and houses. When we reached the Great Hall, luckily hardly no one was there to stare. However, the people who were there were looking at me. Lucky for me my wings weren’t showing. Fairies have control of their wings. When we want them to show they show. But, when we don’t want to they sink into our back, and our back looks like any other human back.

I sat with Hermione at the Gryffindor table, as more people kept filing in.

Professor Mc Gonagal came around and handed us our schedules.

Hermione, Ron, Harry, and I all had the same schedule. Double potions with the Slytherins today, followed by herbology with the Slytherins, Lunch followed by Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Slytherins.

“Bloody Hell! Could these people be any more demented?! Slytherins! All Day?!” Ron said angrily.

Could it be that BAD???


We walked to Potions since that was our first class. The seats were only for two so Ron and Hermione sat together, and Harry and I sat together.

The doors swung open and in walked Professor Snape.

“Whoa. Can you say Drama Queen?” I asked Harry. Harry chuckled at this.

Snape just looked at me.

“ Oh, I see we have a new celebrity.” Snape said. “Princess Lilith, how very nice to see you again.” Snape said. “May I suggest Princess that you keep your mouth shut, and points will not be taken from your house. 10 points from Gryffindor.” The Gryffindors’ groaned and gave me dirty looks.

“Now, pair up with people from opposite houses. NOW!” Snape yelled.

“Harry, want to be my partner?” I asked.

“Lilith we are in the same house.” Harry said.

“Yes, But technically I am also a Slytherin. The hat put me in all four houses. Remember?” I said.

“Sure!” Harry said. We started getting our stuff for our potion.

“Miss. Clark. That will be 20 points now from your house since you fail to follow directions.” Snape said.

“But, professor I was following directions.” Lilith said

“I said different houses Miss. Clark, not the same house.” he said smugly. The Slytherins started laughing. “30 Points are now gone.”

“Professor, I hope you realize you aren’t just taking points away from Gryffindor. Also Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Professor the hat put me in all four houses. So you not only put the Gryffindors at risk of losing the House Cup. But, Slytherin as well, and even though they don’t have a good chance of winning. Well…” I shrugged. Everyone was staring at me stunned.

“30, points added to every house.” Proffesor Snape said. “And, detention for you Miss. Clark tomorrow. ” Snape smirked.




Detention ( In other words a DEATH SENTENCE)


I headed over to Potions since I was supposed to have detention. I opened the door to see my favorite teacher sitting there. (please note my sarcasm)

“Miss. Clark I see you were able to make it.” Professor Snape said smugly.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I said.

“Great! I will not be able to be with you for detention this evening. However, Filch was more than happy to take my place.” Snape said.

Oh Great the nutty fruitcake! I thought

“You will be joining two other students during detention. Follow me and I shall take you.” Snape said leaving through the doors. I followed him sadly preparing for the worst.

“Filch! Here is your other student for tonight. I am sure you remember Miss. Clark.” Snape said. Filch looked at me and smiled.

“We meet again, Miss. Clark.” Filch said, and with that Snape was gone.

“Come with me, where we will meet the other students in detention.” Filch said. He started walking down the corridor, with me following behind him.

“Merlin kill me now.” I said. The other person in detention was Malfoy and a scared looking first year Gryffindor with blond hair and green eyes.

“Nice to see you too Lilith” Malfoy said, obviously as displeased as I was.

“You lot, will scrub the windows clean, and scrub the floor. And give my Ms. Norris a bath. No magic allowed I placed a charm in here so you can’t. Now, get to work.” Filch said obviously pleased with himself.

I grabbed a sponge and started scrubbing, it has only half an hour but if feels like so much longer. The whole time Draco has been calling the first year names. I was fed up.

“Shut Up Malfoy!” I screamed at him. “Why do you insist on calling him names! He has a name you know! What’s your name honey?” I asked the first year.

“C-C-C-Colin” The First year squeaked. Aw. He was so cute, stupid Draco has to torture the poor fellow.

“Well, Colin, my name is Lilith, and this foul git over there is Malfoy.” I told the first year. Draco rolled his eyes. “Come on, want to help me clean the cat?” I asked Colin.

“But, before you came he told Malfoy to clean the cat.” Colin said.

“Oh, really?” I said I looked at Malfoy who was giving the first year a death glare. “Okay, Malfoy you can clean the cat.” I said.

“I’m not touching that disgusting thing!” Malfoy said.

“Aw. How cute, Malfoy is afraid of the cat.” I said.

I can’t believe Snape gave you a detention!” Harry said, while we were leaving the potions classroom.I have detention?! Ugh. I hate Snape!

“Aw. Colin isn’t that cute? Pretty boy’s afraid he’ll get his nails dirty.” I laughed.

“Fine, I’ll wash the stupid cat.” Malfoy said angrily. He went to pick up the cat, and it bit him. “Agghhhhh! Stupid little bugger bit me!” Malfoy yelled angrily.

“I don’t think the cat likes you very much!” I told Malfoy while laughing.

“Forget this.” He said. He pulled out his wand and murmured a spell and there was light. He was thrown backwards and his robes had torn and his hair was sticking up in different directions from the explosion. Malfoy must have done the spell wrong because Filch’s cat no longer had any hair!

By this time Colin and I were rolling on the floor with laughter between looking at Malfoy and the now bald cat. It was a hilarious sight!

“Looks the spell didn’t go as well as planned huh Malfoy? I said in between fits of laughter.

“What is going on here?!” Filch came through the hall and looked at us. “I said no magic Mr. Malfoy and-” he was interrupted by a meow. He looked down to see his beloved cat hairless. “My Cat?! What have you done to Ms. Norris?! Who did this?!” He said angrily. Colin and I pointed at Malfoy. “You!” he said pointing at Malfoy. “That is two weeks of detention for you! The rest of you can go, but Malfoy you stay!” he said angrily.

Colin and I ran out of there as quick as possible………………..

I’m not afraid of that stupid cat! I just don’t want to touch it!” he argued.

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