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Okay, just to inform you guys; most of this story is set after Hogwarts, so we are only really going to do the important bits of the year.

"And don't get into trouble!"

Her mother's last words rang in Gabby's ears. That was going to be difficult. She meant to go out with a bang this year, and that meant getting into big trouble. She wandered through the train, until she came to the compartment that two of her best friends were sitting in.

"Hey guys, how were your holidays?" She asked, as she sat down.

"Fun! I threatened Petunia with my wand all summer." Lily Evans was Gabby's closest friend. A muggle born, she had bright red hair and green eyes, and had the reputation of being the smartest girl in the year.

"Mine was good too. We went to France, and i met this great guy!" Riley Jenkins was also muggle born. With blonde hair and blue eyes, guys were always asking her out, but she never said yes. Lily and Gabby decided that this was because she had her eye on someone already. "What about you, Gab?"

"Terrible. My mother spent the whole summer telling me that I would never get a husband if I didn't stop wearing jeans. She even tried to betrothe me!" Gabbriella Mason was a pureblood, whose parents were two of the most powerful people in the Pureblood Court. She had brown hair and eyes, so dark they were almost black, and was rather short.

The girls spent half the journey catching up and chatting, until Gabby went to find her other best friend. This was a tradition she had always done, and it saddened her to think that this was the last time. She burst through the door of the compartment, and collided with Sirius Black.

“Watch it, Black.” She spat, brushing herself off.

“I wasn’t the one bursting through compartments, Mason.” He growled back.

“Whatever. Hey, Jamie!” She grinned at her other best friend – her cousin.

“Gabsters!” James Potter had had a crows nest of black hair, and light brown eyes, which were the downfall of many a girl. He was an affectionate guy, who only had eyes for one; Lily Evans, who wouldn’t give him the time of day.

Gabby sat down next to her cousin, for the second part of her journey. It was never as comfortable, as she only spoke to James and Remus, while Sirius glared at her, and Peter ogled her. Sirius Black had dark hair that was slightly longer than James’ with stormy grey eyes, and an attitude that most girls adored. He and Gabby had been enemies since their first day of school, even though they were in the same boat – pureblood parents who they hated.

Remus Lupin was a quiet, studious boy with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was the nicest of the four Marauders, and Gabby knew all about his ‘furry little problem’ as his friends called it.

“Your mother really tried to betrothe you to Malfoy?” James exclaimed.

Sirius snapped his head up from his magazine.

“Your mother’s already thinking about that stuff?” He asked.

“Yeah. The Mason girls marry young, have lots of kids and become good pureblood wives.” She said. “But that’s not happening with me.”

“Why not?” James asked.

“Firstly cos I make every guy my mother introduces me to, and thinks eligible, think I’m unmarriagable, and secondly cos I’m not staying with my parents after graduation.” She explained.

“Morning, sunshine.” Lily trilled, as Gabby came down the stairs and into the great hall, looking considerably worse for wear. She hadn’t slept well at all, and though she was a slight insomniac, she didn’t do halves, and when she only got a bit of sleep, she didn’t look or feel great the next morning.

“You look like a train wreck, Mason.” Sirius commented, from his seat nearby.

“Oh, Fuck off, Black.” She couldn’t manage much better that early.

She read over her schedule; Charms, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, Potions, Astronomy, Defence Against the Dark Arts. James was reading it over her shoulder.

“We have all our subjects together, cept Astronomy, Gabs.” He informed her.

“Which means I have them with Black too, yay.” She replied, sarcastically. This day was going to suck.

By the end of the day, Gabby had fallen asleep in five lessons, and hence forth been drawn on by Sirius, and been given a dettention by McGonagoll. At seven o clock, she made her way to McGongagolls office, pen all over her face and arms, for her one night dettention.

“You must be the only person in the history of Hogwarts to get a dettention the first day back, Miss Mason.”

“Yeah. I didn’t sleep great.” Gabby explained.

After three hours of sealing and addressing envelopes, Gabby was allowed to leave. She was walking down the corridor that led to Grffindor tower, when she heard voices.

“Thirteen Galleons? Great, it’ll be the easiest I ever won. You know, you could change the stakes to something less impossible.”

“No, I’m cool with this.”

“Who is there?” Gabby called into the darkness, thinking how stupid it was to do so.

“Me. Who is that?”

“Who the hell is me?” She shot back.

Sirius Black, and a Hufflepuff friend of his stepped out of the darkness.

“Boys, there’s no need to sneak around. Hogwarts welcomes inter-house relationships, and we love gay couples.” She mocked them.

“Shut it, Mason, this is nothing like that.” Sirius muttered.

“Well what is it about?”

“We were just making our annual wager, Mason.” The Hufflepuff told her.

“Am I allowed to know what it is?” She asked.

“No!” Sirius answered quickly, unable to meet her eyes.

“Chill, Black. Don’t get your knickers in a twist!” She laughed. “We ought to get back to Gryffindor.”

She and Sirius wandered down the corridor in silence. Until he started giggling.

“What?” Gabby asked, annoyed.

“You just look so funny with my doodles on you.”

“Yeah, whatever, you’re lucky I know a spell to get this shit off, otherwise I’d be taking advantage of the solitude to kill you.” She threatened.

Sirius felt bad about the stakes of his bet, but he wasn’t going to change it. That would be winmpy. It was going to be hard though. He had to look like he was going after Gabby without actually going after her. Which was going to be hard; she had got hotter, smarter, and more anti-pureblood over the summer holidays.

“Hellooooo! Black!!” Gabby waved a hand in front of his face, snapping him out of his reverie. “You suck as a captain – you can’t even concentrate for five minutes!”

“I’m a great captain!” He defended himself.

They were walking back to school, from the quidditch pitch, after a long and hard practise. Sirius was their captain, and beater, with James as one of the chasers, and Gabby as their keeper. Sirius was determined to win the cup that year, and they had strenuous practises almost everyday. They had won both of the games they’d played so far, and only had to win one more to win the cup. ((A/N: I know I’ve skipped a lot, but I really need to get through all this! Sorry!))

It was the beginning of the spring term, and a lot of things had changed. After a stray bludger had almost hit Lily Evans while she was supporting her friends in a match, and James Potter had saved her, they had grown closer, and started going out. They were the cutest couple in school, and Gabby was so pleased for her best friends. Riley Jenkins had finally admitted that she had feelings for Remus Lupin, who had shot her down rather cruelly, and turned her into a boy-hating recluse. Sirius Black And Gabby Mason had become more friendly, much to the amusment of James and Lily, who thought they would make a good couple as well.

“So whats everyone up to tonight?” Gabby asked. She, Sirius, James, Lily and Remus were sitting around the fire in the common room.

“We’re going to the Room of Requirement for a date.” Lily informed her.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, Lils.” Gabby laughed.

“So, basically, I can do anything!” Lily exclaimed, mocking her friend. “What about you, Remus?”

“I’m going to the library, to see if Riley’s there. I really need to talk to her.” He told them.

“Don’t.” Gabby ordered him. “You broke her heart last time you two talked. That is my best friend we’re talking about. No talking to her.”

“Well, unless you have plans you haven’t told us about, you and I are the only two losers in the common room tonight.” Sirius joked.

“Looks like we are. Man I wish I had somewhere better to be!” Gabby sighed.

“Shut it, Mason.”

That night, Gabby and Sirius came up from supper together, the only two in the comon room on that Saturday night. They sat by the fire, and just talked, for ages.

“You know, I’ve never really realised how gorgeous you are, Gabs.” Sirius murmured. He had no idea what he was doing. He definitely wasn’t thinking about the bet, that had been out of his mind for ages.

“Shut it Black, stop trying to make me uncomfortable.” She tried to make a joke, but his comment had sparked off some of the things she’d been thinking since first year. Like how buff he was. And how smart.

Their eyes met, and it didn’t matter which of them had started the conversation, they started kissing. Both of them had thought about this before it happened. Gabby with more apprehension than Sirius, since she wasn’t sure if she wanted it, but now she knew she did.

“Want to head upstairs?” Sirius breathed.

Gabby nodded. She definitely wanted this.

The next morning, the whole of Gryffindor Tower knew that Gabby had slept with Sirius. They came down to breakfast together, and sat next to eachother, a sight never before seen by anyone. As they were eating, Sirius’ Hufflepuff friend came over.

“So I guess this means I owe you thirteen galleons.” He guessed.

“Why would he owe you that much money, Black?” Gabby asked, curiously.

“Didn’t you know about the bet? I would have thought that after Black here got you into bed he would have shot you down and told you about our start of year wager; I bet he couldn’t get you into bed before the end of the year.” He said, ignoring Sirius’ frantic shut up gestures.

“You bet on me?” Gabby’s voice was calm, which was scaring Sirius.

“You’ve got to understand. Last night I wasn’t thinking of that, I was thinking that I really really like you. I haven’t thought of that bet for months!” He tried to explain, but it was like talking to a brick wall.


“Dude,” James looked let down, “how could you?”

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