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Disclaimer: Didn't own any Harry Potter characters then still don't now. Only own the new characters and plot. Check out my second story called Catching The Fallen. Read and Review please!!

After the misunderstanding in Transfiguration Harry was actually looking forward to his next class even though it was potions with the Slytherins. He had checked Cho's schedule and saw that the only classes they had together were Transfiguration and Care For Magical Creatures. He, Hermione and Ron had decided that they wanted to spend a class with Hagrid seeing as this was their last year. His mind had begun to wander to creatures making him think of Bianca and how much she loved animals.

Who was she to say that he was with Cho? Harry could speak for himself it wasn't as if he was incapable of explaining the situation. So why hadn't he? He admitted to himself that they never had 'officially' broken up, her only saying that they were taking a break and Harry knew well enough from hearing about Ginny's boyfriends that it meant 'you're still mine'. 'Oh and like she's the innocent one?' thought Harry to himself. It's not like she tried explaining about Logan who slipped his arm around her waist

Hermione could see right through Harry and knew he was thinking about Bianca
"Harry maybe you should try talking to her" said Hermione
"Why?" said Harry quickly
"It seems to me like you're pretty upset" said Ron
"There's nothing to be upset about" said Harry bitterly
"Yeah and birds don't fly" said Hermione sarcastically

A group had begun to form around the door. Malfoy was once again in a conversation with Blaise while Pansy was hanging all over him as if he were monkey bars. Hermione could feel herself wanting to smack her nose, but suddenly regained her composure wondering when she suddenly became so jealous. 'Ever since he held you' said a voice inside her head. She quickly rid herself of the voice and began to join Ron and Harry in their conversation about Quidditch.

"So when are try-outs?" asked Ron
"I think I'll be holding them this Friday" said Harry
"That's good, it'll give everybody a chance to do their homework" said Hermione
"Couldn't think of what normal people do could you?" said Ron
"Fine it'll give everybody a chance to stare at your face and laugh" said Hermione
"Yes my schedule is fully planned now" said Harry

The three of them laughed which was interrupted by the arrival of their new Potions Teacher. The woman was wearing a purple top with dark brown robes covering her midnight blue skirt. It was Tonks.........soon to be the Tonks Lupin to be exact. Upon seeing his new teacher Harry's face light up, he finally was able to get a good feeling about Potions, when suddenly as if on cue the elements turned the corner. Bianca was laughing with Liz while the boys trailed behind also enjoying their own conversation. Harry caught Bianca's eyes. He could tell she was hurt, but managed to put on her strong unwilling to break face. Bianca was a strong one as she knew Harry well enough to see that he was uncomfortable with the situation.The students entered into the classroom one by one. Hermione sat in between Ron and Harry. The only set of 4 seats left were right by Harry. Bianca made it quite obvious she did not want to sit by Harry and instead sat 3 seats away from him allowing Logan to sit at the end of the table while Seth took the seat to the right of her leaving Liz the seat by Harry. Harry managed to see Liz closer, Ron was right she was pretty.

After seeing that all the students had found a seat Tonks addressed the class
"Welcome 7th years to Potions class. I am Tonks Lupin, your new Potions teacher. Now while some of you may have been able to slack off while Proffessor Snape was in charge you will need to earn your grade so long as I'm teaching. I thought we'd start things off with a bang, literally speaking. You will be paired off into groups of 2 and will be making the caboodle potion which allows the drinker to change their size whether to become larger or smaller. Now pairs right let's see umm........." continued Tonks as she randomly selected the pairs.

Bianca wasn't quite listening only filling her mind with ramblings about a certain green-eyed boy who she wanted to strangle. Why did he have to be so difficult, why can't he just talk to me? He did kind of try thought Bianca to herself. "Oh shut-up what do you know?" said Bianca realizing that her comment wasn't meant to be said aloud

"Uh Logan I think Bianca's cracked" said Seth
"You mean she's been cracked" said Logan
"Yeah we'll see who's cracked, when you wake up in a wet bed" said Bianca
"Ooooo she's gonna pull a fast warm water bucket on us Logan" said Seth
"Hey I'll blow your covers off your butts ok" said Liz
"Ms.Gustero and Mr.Potter" said Tonks
"What?" said Bianca qucikly
"Are you not hearing things properly dear" asked Tonks
"No I can hear perfectly fine" said Bianca as she looked at Liz with a dazed expression
"Good, because you're paired with Mr.Flame" said Tonks
"Great" said Liz as she turned to look at Harry who was looking rather confused as he talked with Hermione and Ron
"Now please go with your partners and begin" said Tonks as she stepped aside and watched each student carefully as they began to join their partners

Liz looked to her left to find Harry debating things in his mind as he stared blankly into space.
"Uh partner, I kind of wanna keep my arms so could you maybe bring the mothership back down" said Liz
"Hey Harry be happy at least you have a partner with good jokes" said Ron as he left his seat to join Dean Thomas who was gathering their materials from the cupboards
"Look my first fan of the day" said Liz to an unmoved Harry
"Uh Harry look this is me trying to lighten up the mood a little" said Liz in a soft tone
"Oh right I was just.............." said Harry
"Wondering why Bianca had to be so cute and stubborn at the same time?" finished Liz
"Yeah" he said
"I figured...............look we better get our caboodle potion brewing" said Liz as she went to get their cauldron while Harry gathered their ingredients
"So the first step is to add some purple guda" said Liz as Harry measured the amount needed and dipped it into the cauldron
"So about Bianca being stubborn" questioned Harry
"Yeah she kind of started her angry ramblings after seeing Cho kiss you" said Liz bluntly earing her a raised eyebrow from Harry
"Oh yeah I should warn you, I have my blunt moments, I blame it on the psychological sike-out of playing Wizard's Chest" said Liz
"Wow" said Harry
"What?" said Liz as she stirred the potion in slow clockwise manner
"You and my best mate have a lot in common" said Harry
"Oh Mr.Potter's trying to fix me up with his connections.......that earns you half a point" said Liz
"Not even a whole point...........I think we need a professional" said Harry
"Trust me when it comes to my best friend's heart I know how to judge" said Bianca
Both became quiet when the subject of Harry and Bianca's relationship became the newest topic
"So she told you about me uh?" asked Harry as he added another potion into the cauldron. The color was a deep gray blue that had been bubbling but now was covered by a swirls of mist.
"Yeah she gave you the title of summer boy" said Liz
"Oh I see" said Harry wondering if she was happy that their relationship only went that far
"Don't worry, she missed you" said Liz upon seeing the look of worry in Harry's face
"Good, I missed her can tell her that" said Harry as he looked Liz in the eye
"I will be sure to pass the message right along" said Liz
"So what about her and this Logan guy uh?" questioned Harry with eager enthusiasm
"They were together for about a year and a half and then they broke up" said Liz truthfully
"And Now?" asked Harry as he added the last of their potion
"Now..........I'm not sure what they are honestly" said Liz
"You and Cho are......?" questioned Liz as it was her turn to put Harry in the hot seat
"I don't like her" said Harry
"You might wanna tell her that" said Liz bluntly

Harry was about to reply when Tonks called out to the students notifying them to drop what they were doing and step away from their cauldrons. One by one she went around the classroom having her pet ferret drink the potion. Almost everyone's potion caused the animal to become big or small although a few of the not so gifted students ended up giving the ferret a potion in which he became fat or skinny. Harry's and Liz's potion passed the test in which they smiled proudly to each other. Once everything had been cleaned up Tonks dismissed the class. Harry caught up with Hermione and Ron who were waiting for him outside of class.

"So was it awkward?" asked Hermione as the three walked to their last class of the day Care For Magical Creatures
"In the beginning yeah, but Liz is nice and quite funny" said Harry
"Is she one of those cool girls, not just another look at me I lost 5 pounds this week sort of girls?" asked Ron
"Not at all, she's blunt and loves Wizard's Chess" said Harry as they reached Hagrid's hutch
"Wow" said Ron with a smile on his face
"OOOO Ronald" said Hermione as she nudged him

Harry placed his bags on the wall and took of his robe. The sun didn't give off too much heat, but it wasn't enough for Harry to want to keep his robes on. His happiness of remembering that Bianca missed him was drained by the realization that he had Cho in this class. Luckily she hadn't arrived and to his right he saw Bianca and Liz laughing and for once they didn't have the boys with them. Bianca also had taken off her robes and had rolled up her sleeves a bit. He decided that without Logan around, he had a good chance of actually talking to her. Harry daringly walked over to the girls spot.

"Hey" said Harry
"Hi" said Bianca softly
"I think that there's something very interesting going on over there I'm sure it'll need to be looked at and who better to do than me" said Liz as she walked over to Hermione
"So how was your first day been?" asked Harry
"Great" said Bianca quickly
"You can't stay mad at me forever" said Harry
"Try cousin she sat on my lunch box and we haven't talked since" said Bianca
"You told me that cousin was skinny and that the broke it" said Harry
"Well it's gone and we haven't spoke since" said Bianca
"That's because she won't call you" said Harry
"No I'm not calling her and who asked you anyways" said Bianca
"Bianca........" said Harry as he moved closer to her
"No...those little green eyes aren't gonna get you anywhere" said Bianca as she stood her ground trying to control everything inside of her that said to grab him and kiss him
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Cho earlier" said Harry
"I can't be with someone who thinks I'll get lost" said Bianca
"When did I say you were lost?" asked Harry
"I said get lost in which you thought I would be when you wrote me that note" said Bianca starring deep into Harry's eyes
"That was a joke" said Harry
"Well me and my funny bone didn't get a laugh out of it......I find it quite insulting" said Bianca
"I thought you were going to say wipe" said Harry as a smile played on his lips
"Harry this is not the time for your wipe sex talk" said Bianca with a smile
"What's this? Is the girl who hates me smiling?" asked Harry
"No she's not in fact that's my joke that you stole so I'd like it back please" said Bianca as she held out her palm
"Come and get it" said Harry as he leaned in to give her a light peck on the kiss. Bianca didn't stop him only enjoying the moment.

"Hi Hermione" said Liz after she had left Harry and Bianca
"Hey Liz" said Hermione
"You guys know each other" asked Ron
"Yeah she escorted us to our rooms on the first night here" said Liz
"So have you checked out the library yet?" asked Hermione
"You really wanna talk about the library?" said Ron
"Just because some people can speak big words Ronald is no reason to be mad" said Hermione
"It's ok Ronald, I'm not much of a big word speaker either, although I do love books" said Liz
"I think that was her way of trying to introduce herself" said Hemione
"Oh right....I'm Ron Weasley" said Ron extending his hand
"Liz Gustero" said Liz as she took his hand feeling something she had never felt before. Ron had felt which is why he held her hand longer than necessary as he looked into her eyes
"Oh Ron how nice of you to do all my homework for me" said Liz
"What? When did I?" asked Ron
"I'm gonna need my hand back then" said Liz motioning to him about their hands
"Oh sorry" said Ron as he released her hand blushing a bright red crisom color
"So what do you guys do around here for fun?" asked Liz
"Well there's weekend trips to Hogsmead, Quidditch, and friends I guess" said Hermione
"Oh and Wizard's Chess" added Ron
"Alright nothing like a great victory" said Liz
"Don't expect one from me" said Ron
"Oh really" said Liz
"Yup" said Ron
"Well I kind of play mind games" said Liz
"Won't work on me" said Ron
"Oh really" said Liz as she moved very very close to Ron
Ron made a very loud gulping noise and she could feel his face getting hot. 'Man he's cute' thought Liz
"Well I guess I shouldn't even bother then" said Liz as she moved away from Ron and back to her original spot
"So what did you guys do for fun?" asked Hermione
"Well our parents like us to be out in the muggle movies sometimes, random pictures, the park, swimming, and other stuff" said Liz
"I've never been into random pictures" said Hermione
"Well prepare to be introduced because that's what I'm best at and maybe you could tell me about your favorite authors" said Liz
"Yeah" said Hermione with a smile on her face
"Uh-oh" said Liz
"What?" asked Ron after re-gaining his composure
"Here come Logan and Seth" said Liz as she saw the 2 guys come down the hill

"Hey Liz" said Seth as he and Logan made it over to Liz
"Hey Seth thanks for bringing our books" said Liz
"Where's Bianca?" asked Logan
"Over there........" trailed Liz but stopped as she pointed in the direction of Bianca only to see Harry bend down to give her a light kiss
"Logan don't..." said Liz, but it was no good for Logan had already made his way over to Bianca. He immediately grabbed Bianca and pulled her away from Harry
"Excuse me, but you're kissing my girlfriend" said Logan as he stood looked at Harry with anger. A group had begun to move towards the scene. Many of the students in this class were 7th years probably wanting an easy relaxing class. The Slytherins looked at the scene with smirks on their faces obviously hoping Harry would loose.
"You're girlfriend is a good kisser" said Harry with a straight face
"Stay away from her" said Logan as he moved closer to Harry
"Logan stop" said Bianca as she tried grabed Logan's hand away to try to make him stop
"And if I don't?" asked Harry
He recieved his answer when Logan punched him in the jaw. Harry stumbled backwards but then charged as he pushed him on his back and smacked him on the jaw. Logan tried to get on top of Harry to smack him, but the two were both strong which resulted in them wrestling and rolling on the ground.
"You guys stop" yelled Bianca over them
Seth then went over to help Logan and pulled Harry off of him, but was tackled by Ron also. Logan and stood up straight and went towards Harry. Seth tried to punch Ron, but missed allowing Ron the chance to push him to the floor. All the student's attention was directly on the 4 guys that were fighting. Before any more fighting could continue the 4 guys felt a great wind pull them away from each other. Liz had conjured up a wind. Her hands spread wide apart breaking the space between the boys. Then they were all soaked with a big splash of water that seemed to have fallen from the sky.
"What the?" asked Ron as he tried to drain the water from his robes
"You guys are acting like idiots" said Bianca
Before she could continue Hagrid appeared

"Welcome students...............oh did I miss something?" he asked seeing the 4 boys soaked encompassed by the rest of the class
"Just a little" replied Hermione
"Well today we'll be studying eggs. So follow me this way" said Hagrid as he lead them towards the tales he had set up. Bianca and Liz quicly followed as a wet Logan and Seth trailed behind them
"Are you guys ok?" asked Hermione
"Yeah that bloke hits hard" said Harry as he rubbed his jaw
"Yeah and that stupid Seth guy jumped in so I had to help" said Ron
"Thanks mate" said Harry
"Oh you're right Harry Liz is great" said Ron as they slowly headed over to where the rest of the students were
"I thought you might like her" said Harry
"This is just one heck of a potion we're bubbling" said Hermione
"Yup" replied the boys

***So sorry for the long wait. I've got a lot of test and finals going on right now, but I hope you like it!!!***

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