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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 8: Study Date!

Lily Evans and…” Lily looked hopefully at the friends which surrounded her and gave them a weary smile. She didn’t care which one she was put with so long as it was one of them. She looked back at the teacher with a sweet smile on her face and placed her hands interlaced on the table eagerly.

The Herbology teacher, Professor Wateran, scanned his paper and then surveyed the room. When he spoke Lily could have sworn the words left his mouth in slow motion, “and James Potter.” Lily choked and spluttered as everyone moved to sit with their partners. She turned her head slowly to look at the boy who had taken the seat next to her which her friend had just apologetically vacated.

“Hey Lilikins,” he said smoothly as he slipped an arm around her waist. Lily shuddered and turned back to the teacher.

“No, no, no you cannot do this to me!” She pleaded, “Please professor I’ll do anything!” She slammed a hand down on the table and stood in her rage.

“Miss Evans!” The professor boomed. “I suggest you take a seat and face it; you and Mr Potter are partners for the rest of the year.” Lily slumped heavily down in her seat and faced the grinning buffoon who occupied the seat besides her.

“A whole year my flower,” James whispered as he puckered his lips and leant towards her.


Lily shot up from her sleeping position in bed, tangling herself in the sheets in doing so. Her curly red hair was frizzy from her wriggling and stuck out at odd angles. Lily sat wide-eyed and slowly looked around the room. She let out a relieved sigh when she realised she had been dreaming and lay back down into her soft pillow. It was 5am so she had two more hours sleep.

Lily pulled the cover up to under her nose and turned over to her side. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she stared, horror struck, at her bed side table. She frantically pinched at her arm and winced when the pain hit her. She kicked her legs out annoyed and banged her head back against the wall, slouching into a laying position. She closed her eyes momentarily and let an exasperating groan leave her mouth. She gave a side-ways glance to the thing next to her and cringed; she through the pillow case over its ugly form and turned away from it.

After a short while she heard a rustling and the pillow case landed on her head, Lily coughed irritably and closed her eyes. The shaking shrub which she and James were to reproduce ruffled it’s leaves; so it wasn’t just a dream after all.

“Moony, what’s my first lesson?” James asked brightly. Remus raised an eye brow to his friend and cocked his head to the side slightly.

“What am I, your personal assistant?” He asked with an amused expression.

“You might as well be,” Peter announced. Remus nudged his friend.

“How am I supposed to know what lesson you have first?” He asked, burying his head back into his latest book When The Moon Rises. James looked at his friend in a knowing way before Remus sighed, “Muggle studies.” He answered monotone. James stuck out his tongue and made a heaving noise before stuffing as much food in his mouth as possible.

Sirius eyed his friend confusedly before setting his cutlery down and turning to face him, “since when have you done muggle studies?” He asked curiously.

“Since the beginning of the term,” James answered through a mouth full of food. Sirius bit down on his lip.

“Why?” He answered as though it was the most stupid subject to take ever. James swallowed harshly and surveyed his friend through pedantic eyes.

“Because the way of the muggle is an interesting and complex matter.” He answered simply, pushing his glasses up a bit further to give a better effect.

“In other words,” Peter intersected. “Because Lily’s taken it.” Sirius turned back to James.

“And there’s that,” James said smirking.

“Phew,” Sirius sighed wiping a hand over his head. “I was worried for your health for a second there Prongs.” James smiled and returned his attention back to his half full plate. “But I still don’t understand why you would take a subject just because a girl is in the class; even if it is Evans. It gives the impression that you might have actually fallen for someone.” He looked at James with a frown expectantly.

James kept his eyes down on the plate in front of him and swallowed the last piece of food in his mouth slowly. “Meh,” he choked out. “M-me, fall for someone?” He let out an over exaggerated laugh which did not cover up to well.

“Ye,” Sirius answered. “As in fall in love.” James took a large gulp of pumpkin juice to moisten his dry throat. How was he going to get out of this one?

“Love,” Remus laughed from across the table. “Like James could fall in love. He could never be with just one girl.” Sirius contemplated over what had just been said and let out his bark like laugh.

“Moony’s got you down to a tee there Prongs my man,” he said slapping a hand onto James’ back. James laughed and mouthed a “thank you” to Remus who just rolled his eyes and continued reading.

The doors to the great hall swung open and three girls walked in. One almost bounced over to a seat at the Gryffindor table, Zayda strutted, in her confident way, and took a seat besides her. The last however almost stormed between all the tables before taking her seat at Gryffindor’s.

Lily Evans basically fell into her seat as far away from James Potter as she could. Which wasn’t very far seems as her two best friends were sat amongst them. She dropped food onto her plate heavily and picked at it as she ate. Not only was she not a morning person, but this morning she felt particularly annoyed. Everyone seemed to get the hint so refrained from speaking to her.

“Where’s Celina?” Remus asked conversationally, not meaning for it to come out anxiously. The three other marauders turned and smirked at him but the girls, all but Lily, seemed oblivious to the way his voice was etched with disappointment that she wasn’t there.

“She was tutoring some dude last night and he left his papers with her, so she’s gone to give them back,” Zayda answered before piling her plate with food. Remus nodded into his plate and felt a blush form on his cheeks when he noticed James’ smirk.

“What?” He snapped.

“Nothing,” James said wide eyed and innocent. “It’s just interesting is all?” Remus narrowed his eyes.

“What’s interesting?” He asked slowly. James pouted his mouth slightly and shrugged his shoulders; they now had the full attention of everyone who sat near them.

“Nothing,” he said as he began to whistle and look around the hall. Remus grit his teeth.

“So Sirius what was this conversation we were having about James loving, who was it again?” Remus asked darkly shooting daggers at James. Sirius looked at his friend with raised eyes brows as he took longer than the others to process what was going on. He swallowed his food quickly as he caught up.

“Well my dear Moony I do believe that was the lovely…” He was cut of by James slapping a hand to his mouth.

“This conversation’s boring lets talk about something else,” he pleaded. The marauders laughed and the girls just rolled there eyes un-aware.

A low whistling sound came from up above and several owls whooshed down to drop letters and whatnot to their owners. James threw his eagle owl a treat before it took off and he pulled forward what it had brought him. Several eyes turned towards James as he lifted up his copy of the newspaper. Now, reading a newspaper at breakfast was a perfectly normal thing to happen, but not when this was the Daily Mail; a muggle paper.

“Urm, James?” Peter called, James looked up quizzically. “What the hell is that?” He asked confusedly. James looked at the cover of the newspaper and pointed to it. “Yes that,” Peter said.

“Oh, a muggle newspaper.” James answered simply. Peter sighed.

“I know that. But why do you have it?”

“We’ve been asked to some how get copies sent to us as part of muggle studies,” he stated. And sure enough, as the students looked around, they saw various sixth years reading muggle papers. One in particular, Lily Evans, who sat quietly reading her copy.

Sirius leant across and pulled the paper from James’ hand as he surveyed it closely, a separate paper fell from inside it and he threw the original back to James, suddenly interested in what he had found.

“What’s a mus-e-um?” He asked slowly, turning his gaze towards James and then Lily when James shrugged. Lily rolled her eyes annoyed and set her paper down.

“Really Potter, we learnt about museums just last week,” James twiddled his fingers and smiled innocently. Lily huffed. “It’s a building which holds artefacts, paintings, sculptures and generally information usually about historical, un-known or interesting things. But there is a few which hold things about the future.”

“Muggles can see in to the future too?” Peter asked shocked. Lily laughed.

“Some like to think so,” she said shaking her head. She did not believe in anything do with divination. “But no, a museum can only predict what the future could hold.” There were a few understanding “oooh’s” but Sirius still looked at the paper unsurely.

“But Evans,” he began. “Here it says that you can bring the museum to your home. Surely there would not be enough room.” Lily bit her lip and tilted her head, not really getting what he was talking about. Remus, who had grown up in the muggle world, took the paper from Sirius.

“Yes,” he said slowly. “And it’d cost a lot. I recon it’s aimed at rich people.” He said wisely. Lily smiled and indulged back into her newspaper.

“I’d prefer to go to a museum than have one come to me,” James said simply. Sirius looked at him wide eyed.

“Are you mad?” He asked as though that was the stupidest idea ever. “I’d much rather one came to my house.”

“Why?” James asked flatly.

“Well,” Sirius began slowly. “Then you could go to it in your underwear.” He smiled around. Everyone looked at him shaking their heads. Only Sirius could come out with something like that.

“I suppose you could go to a museum with just your underpants on anyway,” James shrugged.

“Yes you could,” Lily said rolling her eyes. “But you could never go again.” Everyone laughed apart from James and Sirius who looked at each other confused.

“Ohh!” They both said pointing at Lily at the same time as it dawned on them. “Very funny Evans,” Sirius said smiling brightly.

“She’s a very funny person,” James said as he looked at Lily and his eyes glazed over. Lily actually smiled back for a second before she realised who he was and shoved her paper into her bag, glancing at her watch.

“First lesson started 2 minutes ago,” she said quickly rising and walking off. James sighed as he slouched back slightly before jumping up abruptly.

“Lily!” He shouted at her retreating back. Lily ignored him and carried on walking. “Lily! Don’t forget our study date tonight!” Lily stopped suddenly and turned around. She shuddered at his use of the word “date”.

“Not a date Potter,” she pointed out. “A study…time.” She finished lamely. James smiled happily.

“When and where my darling?” Lily’s jaw stiffened.

“The library at seven,” she said exasperated as she stalked off.

“It’s a date!” James shouted behind her. Lily turned faster than you could say quidditch and looked as evilly as she could at James. He retreated back to a slouch under her death glare.

The halls of the 4th floor at Hogwarts were quiet; too quiet. It was as though everyone knew to keep away from the library. It was quarter to six and a messy haired boy sat at a secluded table in the corner of the library, fiddling nervously with the quill in his hand. He glanced to the door every now and then as though he was expecting someone to walk through it.

Seven O’clock approached and as the seventh bell chimed the door to the library opened. A very pretty red head walked through and look around absent-mindedly. She didn’t seem to want to be there. In fact, from the look on her face, she could have very well been there against her own will. Her mouth was pulled together at the corners and her fingers twitched at her side. She had big bright green eyes, like no other eyes a person had seen. They danced through the library as though she was searching for something.

The black haired boy’s eyes lit up as he saw the girl enter through the doors. He watched wide eyed as she searched for something but made no intention of catching her attention. He merely stared at her as though she was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen; in truth she was. He watched as the girl got more and more aggravated at not being able to find what she was looking for and almost anticipated her next move.

“Potter!” She shouted to no one in particular. The librarian, Madame Turner, shushed her immediately and the girl threw her a glare before stalking further into the room. The boy stood slowly, deciding now was the best time to make his presence known.

“Lily,” he whispered softly. The red haired girl turned around quickly and growled when she saw him. She stomped over to his table and threw her bag down on to it taking a seat at the farthest end. The boy, named James, smiled weakly as he stepped towards her.

“Stay where you are Potter.” Lily warned.

James stopped in his tracks, knowing better than to approach her when she was in this mood. Lily was having an over all bad day, and this was the icing on the cake. She was partnered with, by her standards, the worst person she could possibly be with. And to make it worse, they did not have a clue how to do what they had to do. All they were told was that they were to reproduce some ugly plant which shook an awful lot. Lily had not slept well that night due to the fact that it ruffled its leaves every time she almost dropped off.

“But Lily,” James said cautiously. “How can this work if I’m all the way over here?” Lily seemed to contemplate it for just a second.

“We need to research so we can look in different books. We don’t need to be near each other to read.” Lily rose from her seat and strutted off happy with her self for coming up with an excuse. James sighed and sat down in his seat.

Lily appeared minutes later with an assortment of books, half of which she dropped in front of James. James thanked her but she did not acknowledge him.

One hour later and this is what the scene in the library looked like:

James Potter sat calmly in his chair; he glanced up at the girl who sat opposite him every now and then, smirking. He was leaning back casually in his chair with his legs up on the table, a book propped up on his knees. In his hands he held a golden snitch which he released, let it think it was getting away, and then grabbed it at the last second. After every catch he would look at Lily expectantly. The page which James was reading had not turned in forty-five minutes.

Lily Evans sat across from James, her hands gripping her long red hair as she tugged at it frustrated. She had found seven books and read six of them; the other was with Potter who, she noticed, was not focusing on it at all. She frowned down at the page as she felt his gaze on her. Her cheeks were blotchy and red from the heat in the library and the annoyance of not yet having found what they needed. She turned her eyes on James as she once again heard the buzzing wings of his golden snitch.

“Stop that!” She snapped, rather more fiercely than normal. James looked taken aback for a second but of course, it only takes a second for Trevor to make his appearance. A smirk spread across his face.

“Putting you off am I?” He asked smoothly. Lily stared hardly at him.

“Yes.” She said flatly.

“Hmm,” he sighed as he placed his hands behind his head. Lily rolled her eyes. “I’ve noticed you’ve not been able to keep your eyes of me.” James stated. Actually, he knew damn well that she had not paid any attention to his attempts to catch her eye, but Trevor seemed to have other ideas tonight; big surprise. James closed his eyes momentarily and took a deep breath. This was his moment. If there ever was a time for him to prove to Lily that he wasn’t the big headed jerk she branded him as, this was it. He begged for his alter ego not to take over.

“If I’ve been looking at you Potter,” Lily said calmly. “Then I am sorry but you are mistaken if you think it’s because I am ‘checking you out’. It is, in fact, because I am seeing if you have yet been able to process what that page says; you seem to be having trouble.” Lily smiled sarcastically and turned a page in the textbook. James sucked his bottom lip in as he pondered over what to say.

“You seem uptight,” James said concerned. He hadn’t meant to sound arrogant and he was pretty sure he actually sounded genuine, but apparently not.

“Yes I am uptight Potter,” she hissed. “I am stuck in this library with you when I could be…doing something else.”

“Like what?” He asked slowly.

“I don’t know!” She spat throwing her hands up exasperated. Why so many questions? “Anything.”

“Like seeing your boyfriend,” James said. Even he heard the bitterness which came with this statement. Lily looked at him through narrow eyes for a second before answering.

“As a matter of fact, yes.” James bit down on his tongue to stop from bad mouthing that idiot Jonathan. He had no idea what she saw in him. He watched as Lily flicked threw the pages, her emerald eyes darted back and forth as she skimmed through the contents. A huff left her mouth every time there was no success.

“You need a break,” James stated simply.

“No Potter,” Lily replied without removing her eyes from the book. “I want to finish this now.” James sighed.

“Evans,” he whined. “You’re no fun!” Lily shot her eyes up to him.

“I am fun!” She hissed.

“When was the last time you did something fun?” James questioned. Lily furrowed her brow for a while.

“I have fun all the time,” she said slowly. “Just not when you’re around.” James smirked.

“Lets do something fun,” James said mischievously his eyes lighting up at the thought.

“No.” Lily answered flatly. “My idea of fun and your idea of fun are completely different things.”

“Come on Evans,” he shrugged. “You look exasperated you could do with some air.”

“Thanks!” Lily said sarcastically. James’ eyes grew wide.

“No, no. That didn’t come out right. I mean, well you always look perfect but you look like you could do with some fresh air.” James back tracked.

“I know Potter,” she said with a slight laugh, choosing to ignore the part when he had said she was perfect. “I was joking,” she shook her head. James sighed and slouched down a bit.

“I could do with getting out of this stuffy room for a bit I suppose,” she pondered. James’ eyes light up and as Lily glanced at him she notice the hints of gold in his deep hazel eyes. “But,” she warned. “No funny business.” James faked a shocked expression and made a cross against his chest.

“I swear,” he said with a smile.

“And nothing illegal,” she narrowed her eyes.

“I would never do anything illegal Lily,” he told her. “Well, never with you. I would never chance getting you into trouble.” He looked into her eyes but she looked away after less than a second.

“Fine,” she answered reluctantly. “But then its back to some heavy reading and James,” she said mocking sweetness. James nodded, “then it’s your time to get down to some work.” James slouched and dangled his arms to his side like a sulking child before laughing and leading the way.

A.n.  Well, there's chapter urm...8 lol =]  Im losing track ^_^  I peronally like this chapter because of the interaction between james and lily...but in the next chapter there is ALOT more =P hehe...i wont say to could be good or bad =]  I was going to post chapter 9 but i havent had many reviews =[ so im updating this chapter, adding this A.N to it because i forgot to put one when i first posted it =D  Anyhoo...i think i wanna get upto about 70 before i update =] Obviously, if i dont ill just update anyhoo lol...but it'll probs be quite a while 'cos i have exams and so on (bleh!)  Rightio ill shush now...please leave a review =]


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