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    A tall well built blonde haired man stalked through the offices of the daily prophet giving ignoring the fleeting glances in his direction. Bending his head lower and digging his hands deeper into his pockets, he quickened his pace.

    So what if he was a Malfoy and his father was a death eater? He had nothing to do with it and besides he did turn to the order in the end, he even fought for the good side for crying out loud. But nobody remembered that, all they could stick into their bloody brains was that he was a death eater’s son and if it wasn’t for potter, mud blood granger and weasel bee, he would have turn out the same way,’ he thought vehemently as he turned into a long corridor that he’d been directed to by the welcoming witch on the ground floor. He slowed down looking at the placards on the plain dull gray doors.


    “Editor-in –chief,”he muttered standing in front of the third door to his left. Slowly he circled his pale long fingers on the shiny doorknob, pushing it open he stepped quietly into a pitch-black room.

    Swiftly he reached for his wand, “lumos.” Peering behind the desk he noticed a blonde haired woman looking rather ridiculous sitting cross-legged on the floor with numerous editions of the quibbler at her feet with closed eyes.


    “Excuse me,” he said impatiently but she didn’t stir. Great just what he needed a wacko editor.


    “Excuse me!” he said raising his voice up a notch. It was to no avail as he didn’t get a response from her.


    “Knox,” he muttered extinguishing the light emitting from the end of his wand and with another flick the room was showered with light.


    “What did you do that for?” an oddly familiar female voice asked serenely. Looking down him noticed big blue eyes looking up at him.

    He extended his hand to help her up, which surprisingly, she took willingly “Probably doesn’t know who I am,” he thought bitterly.


    “You’re Draco Malfoy, aren’t you?” She asked boldly without a hint of fear in her eyes. It was as if she didn’t know anything about him, the fact that he was a death eater’s son, he almost killed Dumbledore in his sixth year, he cursed Katie Bell, he has ever been in contact with the Dark Lord…………he and his father were hated so much that on his father’s funeral nobody but him and his mother attended………..he only knew one person who could behave in such a manner, “Loony?”He asked curiously, “Loony Lovegood?” looking at her intently.


    “You’re the reason my father is in Azkaban,” said a blonde fifteen year old slytherin vehemently, shoving a little blonde awkward looking girl.

    “Malfoy you’re sure you haven’t encountered a raging ringadin, they are usually known to make a person quite unagreeable and hostile, father and I are going to look for one in the Alps over Christmas break,” she said seriously.

    Malfoy snorted. Ever since Potter had had that stupid interview, everybody knew. Despite the fact tat he had won over that toad Umbridge and joined the inquisitorial squad, he failed to rid the school of that stupid magazine that had tarnished his family name, so if he couldn’t get them, he would go to the source.

    “You and your crazy father and that silly excuse for a magazine,” he sneered and grinned menacingly when he saw the hurt in her eyes, but it was only there for a second.

    “I’m not afraid of you malfoy,”she said shakily.

    “Well you should,” he said taking a step nearer to her slightly shivering body.

    “My mother always said……………”she started.

    “You’re mother,” he said, “where is she by the way? Do you know where she is Crabbe………..Goyle?”He asked his bulky minions who snickered in response. 

    “I believe I know where she is…..oh yes, know I remember she’s dead,” he said malevolently,”I bet she couldn’t wait for her day to come considering the lunatics she was living with,” he said and paused as if in deep thought and he slowly shifted his eyes to the trembling girl standing at the doorway of a broom closet and smirked,”oh I forgot she was a lunatic herself.” And with that he pushed her into the closet, “Mark  my words Love good cross my path again and you’ll regret the day you were born,” he spat at the whimpering girl on the floor and shut the door with a bang.

    “Colloportus,”he said pointing at the door. Hearing the whimpering behind the door he thought, ‘I did her a favour she did need a good cry right about now.”


    "Actually it's going to be Luna Longbottom quite soon,'she replied dreamily.


    “Nature-freak Longbottom,” he said aloud, “who would have thought?” he asked himself actually. ‘Weirdo and nature freak…perfect match in my opinion at least someone is happy’ he thought glumly.

    “Congratulations,” he said recovering from the shock, “so are you the editor in chief?”

    “No actually………”

    “Luna!” a voice shrieked from behind him, “what have I told you about carrying out you’re experiments in Madame Mentworth’s office and what are you doing talking to…….Malfoy?”she said his name in a whispered breath.


    Malfoy turned round to look straight in the eyes of Hermione Granger.



    a/n:truthfully I originally didn’t like h/d shippings-I mean they just didn’t fit but I read a couple and they were great the shipping is a real challenge considering their history but note to all I am still a devoted r/h shipper.

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