Chapter 1: Behind Blue Eyes

She mesmerizes all my thoughts.
She mesmerizes all my dreams.
Unaware of what I hold inside
And unaware of how I feel.
There's not a chance in the world.
There's not a chance in the world
That her lips would ever speak my name
Or her eyes look my way. - Slow Coming Day

The breeze drifted into the window rustling the few pieces of parchment that was sitting next to her book. She didn’t look up when the potions professor came in but when she heard the second set of footsteps she looked up turning in her seat to look at the door.

“Ah there you are Miss. Finnegan.” Came Professor Nichols cool voice. “We were just looking for you but I seemed to have forgotten that I had asked you here.” He said running a hand through his long brown hair. He was young for a professor maybe in he mid twenties where most of the professors were in their late thirties or older.

Jane nodded her head “What did you want from me Professor?” she asked brushing a copper wave out of her face.

Professor Nichols smirked “I didn’t want anything from you, Miss. Finnegan on the contrary I wanted you to meet our new student.” He replied then his smirked turned into a smile. “Miss. Finnegan this is Mr. Woods.”

“Nice to meet you Miss. Finnegan.” The boy said.

Jane looked at him for the first time. She almost dropped her pen that had just been dipped in ink. “Jane…” she said as she pulse quickened.

The boy smiled, the dimples in his cheeks showing. “Nice to meet you Jane, I’m Cole.” He replied his golden brown hair falling into his face. He brushed it aside his as his golden brown eyes met her blue ones.

She was startled for a moment but slowly her pulse became normal and she looked up at the professor again. “Why did you want me here after class to meet him?” she asked, she didn’t really care for Mr. Nichols at all she thought he was a right hard git, and any other name she could think off.

He smiled dazzlingly “I asked you to stay after Miss. Finnegan because from the looks of Mr. Woods transcripts I believe he could help you with the work I am expecting from you this term.” He replied.

Jane’s jaw dropped and her cheeks reddened. She couldn’t believe that any professor would do this to a student in front of... she looked back at Cole, in front of a gorgeous creature such as Cole himself she thought. She stood up slamming her books shut and grabbing up her parchment. “I don’t need help professor, in fact I don’t believe I even need this class anyways.” She stormed out of the class room.

She heard the professor’s laugh and quickened her steps. “How could he be such a git?” she asked out loud to herself. “That cocky arse needs to be run over by a pack of centaurs.”

“Who’s a cocky arse?” asked a voice from over her shoulder.

Jane turned around not realizing that she had made it to the Great Hall. She was fuming. “Professor Nichols! He just had some transfer student in his room after school.” She said slamming her books down on the table beside her friend Val.

Val laughed “I see where you’re going with this. He asked you to show the boy some of your non-existent skill in potions.” He said as if it was obvious.

“No!” Jane hissed grabbing a plate and dumping a heaping spoonful of potatoes onto it. “He asked the boy to pretty much teach me or tutor me which ever you prefer to choose.” She muttered shoving a huge bite of mashed potatoes into her mouth.

Val watched her chew her food with so much force that he shuddered to think what would happen when she found out that her sister was rumored to be made head girl next year. He watched her for another moment before raising an eyebrow at her.

“What?” she asked watching him.

“You said a transfer student. We haven’t had one of those in years.” He replied tilting his head to the side his black hair falling the way his head was tipped.

She laughed slightly “Leave it to you to try and change the subject.” She muttered.

“So spill who was this mysterious transfer student?” he asked.

Jane looked towards the doors and nodded her head towards the door “Speak of the Devil.” She smirked.

Val looked over the way Jane’s head had just nodded and smirked along with her. “Reminds me of a quiditch wannabe.” He remarked.

Jane laughed “Yeah that’s what I thought too.” She smiled though she just said it to agree with him so he wouldn’t ask her about her first impression of him.

Val looked over at her then back at the door and smirked back at her “Well princess it looks like the frog prince is coming this way!” he joked and saw Jane blush. “You like him.” He hissed.

Jane blushed again then laid her head in her arms looking up at Val. “He’s cute that’s all.” She murmured.

Val smiled down at her. He was like her older brother able to tease her yet he wanted to protect her at the same instant. He loved the ways her blue eyes stared into his showing him all of the emotions trapped inside of her leading him into her soul until she blinked cutting him off from her depths that he had always wanted to understand.

Cole arrived at the Gryffindor table with a prefect in tow. “This is your housemates.” Jane looked up hearing her sister’s voice. “And that girl right there is my little sister Janie and that is her friend Valentine.” Jane looked at Val who rolled his eyes. Her sister always teased him about that. It’s not like he had asked his parents to name him Valentine just because he was born on Valentine’s Day, they thought it was original at the time.

“Nice to meet you again Jane, Valentine.” He said nodding.

Alanna looked at the boy in surprise “You’ve met Janie before?” she asked stunned. She looked at her younger sister, a goofier, shyer, plainer version of herself and laughed. “That must have been a shock. Did she ignore you or did she blush and run away?” she asked.

Jane turned crimson her blue eye wide as her sister made fun of her to in front of her face. Cole looked uncomfortable but answered “Both actually.”

Alanna laughed and sat down on the wooden bench patting the seat next to her for Cole to sit. “So spill did she turn just pink or bright cherry red?” she asked.

Cole glanced at Jane who was now a bright shade of red. “She turned pink then red.” He replied.

Alanna laughed “Janie, Janie what are we going to do with you?” she shook her head “I swear anytime a boy looks at you, you turn pink or sometimes even green!” she laughed.

Jane felt the tears in her eyes and Val touched her arm “Let’s go.” He said softly.

Jane nodded but glared at her sister then turned her cold blue eyes on Cole. She left and she saw Cole pale as he watched her follow Val out of the great hall. She had wanted so much to reach a crossed the table and slap her sister and Cole both but she was to embarrassed and her hands were shaking.

As soon as they made it out of the great hall, Val pulled her into an empty class room then into his arms letting her cry on his shoulder. “She’s a monster!” she cried and Val nodded against her shoulder. “He’s just as bad lying like that.” She cried again.

Val pulled away and looked into her sad blue eyes. “We’ll get them back Janie!” he swore and she nodded pushing the tears back behind her blue eyes.

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