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Chapter 6: The plot thickens

Draco was pacing back and forth in the Slytherin boys dorm. What am I going to do?! He thought to himself. He was so furious at Flint for what he’d said and done up in the library. But his major problem now was Hermione. He felt insecure, and the only thing he was certain about was that he didn’t want to participate in the dark mark ceremony. Hermione had changed him, he could feel it. He wanted to be good, good enough to truly deserve her. She inspired him. She made him feel like he wanted to start over new. He had to tell her about his fathers visit, and he had to let her know that he wouldn’t be there, and more importantly, why he wasn’t going to be there. But how could he tell her? It was out of the question to go and ask for her in the Gryffindor tower; he still had his stubborn pride. And besides, he didn’t know the password to get in. A letter, he thought. I’ll send her an owl and I’ll let her know exactly how I feel. He went over to his trunk and pulled out a quill and some parchment. Draco climbed onto his bed and began to write.


“Malfoy must be thicker than I thought he was!”

Draco froze and pressed his back against the stone wall in the corridor. He’d been making his way back from the owlery, where he’d posted Hermione’s letter when he’d heard his name mentioned.

“What do you mean?” A female voice asked, a voice which Draco recognised as Ginny Weasley’s, Potters girlfriend.

Draco peaked out his head and discovered a group of four Gryffindors: Potter, Weasley, Lavender Brown and the little female-Weasley. He could see Potter smirk at the others.

“Well let’s just say that he’s far easier to fool than I thought he was. I thought it would take months, if not longer, to get him to like Hermione. But it seems that she’s more skilled when it comes to this matter than she gets credit for!” Potter chuckled.

Draco felt an uncomfortable feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. What the hell is he talking about?! He thought as he stood in the shadows, listening to every word of the conversation.

“What has she found out then?!” The Lavender Brown girl asked eagerly.

“At this point,” Potter replied, “she can tell us two things: He’s not a Death Eater-“

“Ha!” Weasel bee interrupted him in triumph.

Potter raised his eyebrows and watched him for a second before continuing.

“-but he has received an assignment from Voldemort himself!” Said Potter through clenched teeth.

The others just stood there; jaws dropped. Draco felt like he was about to get sick right then and there. The shock froze him to the spot, and tears of humiliation burned in his grey eyes.

“I told you so, didn’t I?!” Potter said impatiently.

“So what’s going to happen now, then?” Ginny Weasley asked. “Are you going to tell Dumbledore, or what?”

From his hideout, Draco could see Harry shake his head. “No. Hermione told me that she thought she could get more information from Malfoy, so we won’t turn him in yet.”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Hang on,” said Ron Weasley suddenly “How the hell does ‘Mione know that he doesn’t have a Dark Mark?! What have they done?!”

But Draco didn’t listen anymore. He slowly backed away, and soon he was running as fast as he could towards the Slytherin dungeons, angry tears streaming down his cheeks. Luckily, no one was in the common room, and he sank down in one of the emerald coloured sofas. Draco leant forward and ran his fingers through his blonde hair as he rested his elbows to his knees.

It had all been nothing but a game. It hadn’t meant anything to her. Suddenly, it all made sense; why she’d been so keen on spending time with him, why she’d wanted to talk to him. All she’d wanted was information; all she’d wanted was to find out if he was a Death Eater. How the hell could I’ve been so foolish? And all those things I wrote in the letter! It’s too late to take that back now, it’s already sent... Draco groaned as he remembered what he’d wrote. I showed her weakness, I thought I could trust her...
Draco felt his disappointment slowly turn into bitterness. He wiped away the tears from his face with the back of his hand in an angry movement as he got up from the sofa. He kicked the nearest furniture with all his might and let out a frustrated scream. Who the hell does she think she is anyway?! Nobody does this to Draco Malfoy! Especially not a mudblood like her. Draco checked the large watch on the wall. Five minutes to seven. He narrowed his eyes and walked furiously out of the common room, heading for the Room of Requirement.


Hermione spent the whole weekend in her bed. Normally, she would spend her days off studying, but she found herself far too miserable. She couldn’t cry, she simply didn’t have any tears left. Harry, Ron and the others had of course tried to get her out of her bed, at least for the meals, but their attempts had been in vain. Hermione hadn’t told anyone what had happened in the library. What was she supposed to say?

Hermione still felt filthy after her encounter with Flint. She tried to rid herself from the memory of his hands on her body, his breath in her neck and his harsh words; but she couldn’t. Still, Flint wasn’t what really caused her this misery. It was Draco. He was going to take the mark. He hadn’t changed at all. Hermione groaned and threw the pillow on her face, screaming into it. She knew that she couldn’t go back to hating him. Not after everything he’d told her, not after everything they’d been through. Hell, Draco could rob her of all of her possessions, burn down the Hogwarts castle and run away on a stolen broomstick and she would still love him.

What am I going to do? She thought as she stared out the window. In the blue sky she saw a brown spot that grew larger by the second. As it came closer, she recognised it as a bird. And it wasn’t just any bird. Hermione jumped out the bed and ran to the window to let in Draco’s magnificent falcon. She noticed the rolled piece of parchment attached to its leg. Hermione’s hands trembled slightly as she un-folded the letter, and she sank down to her bed and started to read.

Dear Hermione,

I understand that what Flint said and did in the library made you upset. I understand that you’re angry with me. I understand that you probably hate me for what you have heard about me. But you have to understand, love, that what he said wasn’t true. Well, a part of it was actually; the part in which he mentioned the Dark Mark ceremony. Yes, it’s true. My father does expect me to join the Death Eaters. He does expect me to take the mark. And he has found out about us. He accused you of the most terrible things, I just couldn’t stand it. But believe me Hermione, there’s no way in hell I am going anywhere near that bloody ceremony. And it’s all thanks to you. If I lost you, I wouldn’t care anymore. If I lost you, I’d probably do whatever my father demanded. I simply wouldn’t care any longer. Come to the Room of Requirement at seven o’clock, please, I need to see you; I need to speak with you. I’ll be waiting for you there, my love.

Yours truly, Draco

Hermione clenched the letter to her chest like the lovesick teenager she was, and felt the happiness and revilement rushing through her. He wasn’t going to participate in the Dark Mark ceremony. It was all that mattered to her right now, and all she wanted was to see Draco again, to be in his arms again. She checked the large watch that was hanging on the golden wall in the girls’ dorm. It was only five minutes until it would strike seven. Quickly she got out of bed and started to fix herself up. Her makeup didn´t take long; she decided to just wear some mascara and lip gloss. She pulled on a simple but pretty dress, and brushed her hair, which these days was straight and shiny, not all bushy and wild like it used to be. She slipped her feet into a pair of shoes that went perfectly with her dress, and with a last look in the mirror, she grabbed Draco’s letter and hurried down the staircases.


Hermione sat in an armchair in the Room of Requirement, fingering on Draco’s letter, when she heard the sound of approaching steppes. She quickly got up and walked towards the door, ready to give Draco a warm greeting. When he entered, she flung her arms around his neck without noticing his facial expression.

“Draco, I-“ she began but he roughly pushed her away from him.

“It’s Malfoy for you, mudblood!” He snarled as he slammed her into the wall.

“I thought that I’d been given a second chance! I thought you might be different! I’ll bet you and all your disgusting Gryffindor mates have been having some good laughs, haven’t you?!” Draco screamed in her face. The look in his stormy grey eyes was hurt and angry.

Hermione felt how her entire body go numb, and she felt as if her insides froze in an instant. He knows.

“Draco, I am sorry! I – I didn’t... I wasn’t...” Hermione’s voice trembled, she was desperate now, and she had to make him understand. “I LOVE YOU, DRACO!” She yelled as the tears ran down her face.

Draco let out a hollow laughter.

“Do you think I’m falling for that again? My father was right about you all along. He was right about everything.” He said bitterly.

“ B-but Draco, your letter-“ Hermione began, trying to unfold the piece of parchment. Draco snapped the letter out of her hand and ripped it apart, throwing the pieces to the floor in front of her feet.

“Forget it, forget everything I’ve ever told you Granger!”

“Granger? Draco, what...” Hermione turned her gaze away from his and tried to tell herself that this wasn’t happening, that Draco still cared for her.

Draco tried to ignore the hurt expression in her brown eyes.

“Look,-“ he pressed her even harder against the wall and his lips brushed her ear as he hissed against it “-you have to excuse me, but I have a Dark Mark to receive, and a duty to fulfil, love...”

Draco roughly pressed his lips onto hers for a brief moment before storming out of the room, leaving Hermione alone. She fell to her knees drop onto the hard floor, sobbing into her hands. The pieces of Draco’s letter were shattered all around her, just like the pieces of the special relationship that she and Draco had developed over the past month.

“Forgive me, Draco...” Hermione whispered as she gazed out the window. 


A/N: Well readers, I don´t know what I think of this chapter. I´m not to pleased with it though, but tell me what you think, even if you hink it´s crap!! Loads of love!


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