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“Malfoy, no no no!,” screeched Hermione practically jumping out of her chair, but trying to keep her composure for the sake of the many prefects sitting around the large table. “We have been over this before, the dance will not be green and silver! It is completely biased towards the other houses!”


“Green and silver are the two colors that would look best with whatever people are wearing, don’t you understand? I forgot your Hermione Granger if it isn’t your way, then it isn’t a possibility!” Draco stood up and walked to the paper that was hung on the wall, marked with all the color options for the dance. “Red and Green is too cliché; while having just white will drown everyone out. Like wise for black. Green is a rue winter color and silver will match everything!”


“How would you know about how colors match well with other colors, Malfoy?” Hermione now was standing walking over to the paper as well.


“Because, unlike some people,” he said, looking over at Hermione, causing her face to redden, “I have a fashion sense and know how to coordinate! Merlin, why don’t we vote!”


“Fine,” yelled Hermione, looking towards the group of prefects. “I say we have blue and white; who agrees?” Many hands went into the air, making Hermione turn towards Draco with her hands on her hips. “See.”


“Hold on, Granger, just wait a minute, whoever wants green and silver raise your hands.” All the hands from Slytherin rose along with a few from other houses, who took glances at Hermione as they rose their hands. “Granger this is ridiculous they are afraid of you! Merlin knows why.”


“Excuse me,” said a 5th year from Ravenclaw, “I have an idea.”


Both Hermione and Draco were arguing again, completely unknown to the young girl. “People can be afraid of me. I earn respect and so they respect and fear me for my intelligence! You wouldn’t know what respect is though, would you Malfoy. People don’t’ respect you; they fear you. There is a difference!” 


“Fear me! They should fear me! I am Head and also a Slytherin; I deserve their fear. Yet, I probably have more respect from people in this school then you do. Never, except in class, do you ever stand up for what you believe in. You have Wonder Boy and Weasel to do it,” he hissed, pointing towards Ron, “Granger I want you to fear me, but most of all I want you to fight for what you want! You’re pathetic!”


“Oh, Malfoy, I don’t stand up for what I believe in huh? Well at least I stand up for what is right! Some don’t even know the difference; they just go where they are lead; like sheep!”


“Excuse me,” repeated the young girl, standing up now, holding her hands out between the two, but still being ignored.


Ron stood up in his chair ready to head towards Malfoy, but Hermione gave him a point look and he sat back down. “Malfoy, we are embarrassing ourselves in front of everyone here.” Hermione by now was fuming, but finally realized the young girl in front of her. “Yes?”


“I have an idea about the colors, so all of us can leave, and you two can bicker alone.” She pulled on her brown hair nervously, seeing that all attention was on her now.


“Ok, go ahead,” said Hermione sweetly, smiling gently at the girl, but refusing to look at Malfoy.


“Draco wants green and silver and you want blue and white, and all of us can’t decide. Why don’t we just have blue and silver then? It’s winter like, and we could decorate with snowflakes and have it snowing lightly during the dance.” The girl stood, as both Draco and Hermione were dead quiet, thinking about her idea. Neither showed any facial expression at all.


“Fine,” Hermione said finally, taking a breath and looking over at Malfoy. “I agree I suppose; I like the snow idea.” The girl relaxed, but tensed again seeing Draco with a frown on his face. Hermione elbowed Malfoy gently and gave a small smile, “just answer she looks terrified,” she whispered without anyone seeing.


Draco sighed and nodded. “Whatever.”


The girl smiled brightly and retreated. “So the meeting is over?, she asked brightly, gathering her stuff.


“Yes,” said Hermione, “but everyone remember the dance is exactly one month away. We will meet in three days to think about what food we want; but as of now Malfoy and I will take care of the colors and picking up decorations.” Everyone nodded and piled out of the room.


“Hermione, do you want me to wait for you so you don’t have to be alone with Malfoy?,” asked Ron leaning against the doorframe with his books.


“No, Ronald, I am fine. Malfoy and I need to work on paying for the decorations. I’ll see you at dinner.” Ron nodded and left the room, but not before sending Draco an icy glare that would run shivers down anyone’s spine.


“He still has it in for me,” said Draco grabbing a chair and sitting down. “I’ve hardly said a damn word to the Weasel all week.”


“He’s just upset the past couple days you and I have had so much planning to do that I’ve hardly spent any time with him.” Hermione gathered up papers, but looked up when she realized Draco hadn’t answered.


He had a strange expression on his face as he stood up and coked his head to one side. “You haven’t talked with him much lately?”


“No,” Hermione answered nonchalantly, looking at Draco confused. “Why?”


Draco shrugged his shoulders and nodded to the papers. “So, what exactly is left to do?”


Hermione looked to the papers again and shuffled through them. “Actually, most of it is covered. I can do the payment issue; you won’t need to worry about that.”


“Alright,” he answered, “well, I guess I’ll just go then. Bye Granger.” Draco walked out of the room after Hermione answered with a muffled ‘bye’ as she busily started putting papers into piles.

            The girl was making him angry; hadn’t she just told Weasel that they needed to do work? What was she playing off? He watched as Hermione pushed a strand of hair from her face the feelings of being off balance came at him again; lately it’s been happening a lot. Shaking his head he walked away leaving Hermione to do her work.



Potion Class. Friday. 2:00 p.m.


“Ms. Granger and Mr. Malfoy you two have done a truly O potion,” said Professor Snape, starring down at their Truth serum.


“Well, thank you, sir,” answered Hermione, looking sideways at Malfoy shocked. Professor Snape nodded and turned, heading towards Neville’s potion. Almost as though he just remember something he turned back, “you two may leave, there must be something that has be planned for the Winter Ball or decorating to be done. Everyone else open your books again and re-read what had to be done, because obviously all of you, excluding Ms. Granger and Mr. Malfoy, are either blind or dumb.”


Draco grabbed his books quickly and rushed from the room, but stopped at the door looking back at Hermione who starred dazed at Professor Snapes back. He could see it coming, the words escaping her mouth… “But, sir, students aren’t allowed to wander the halls.” Before he knew it his hand had grabbed Hermione’s and pulled her out of the room. Fortunately everyone had their heads buried in their books and didn’t see the scene before them. 


“What did you do that for, Malfoy?” Hermione snatched her hand back and readjusted her clothing. “Professor Snape isn’t allowed to dismiss us both; it’s again the rules. He’s been here so long he must know that; maybe he forgot?” Silently she had a debate in her head as Draco watched amused. She really was a piece of work.


“Granger,” he said…


“Maybe he wants to get us in trouble…” she prophesied. The light from outside came in view as they came out of the dungeon.


“Granger,” Draco said again, cutting her off.


“but if he wants to get us in trouble, why compliment our potion. Even if it was splendidly done…” Hermione covered her eyes as the brightness of the snow on the ground, that had fallen last night, hit her eyes.


Draco set down his books as Hermione still stood questioning every scenario that she could come up with. Without her even knowing he had disappeared into the eternal white and come back holding some of it in his hand. “Hey, Granger,” he yelled again, and finally Hermione looked up startled, as though being pulled out of a dream.


“What…” but before she could finish a pile of cold, fluff hit her square in the face. Draco’s face split in a lop-sided smile, but changed to a frown as Hermione dropped her books on the ground and came after him. “Malfoy, you are going to get it. You got ice on my books!”


“Oh, Merlin, that’s exactly what I was trying to do,” Draco yelled behind him as he ran through the snow, scooping up more snow as he did.


Hermione picked up speed and was gaining on him, now holding a huge pile of snow in her arms. Draco slipped on the ground, falling into the snow, and since she had been right behind him Hermione tripped and fell over him. Before she hit the ground her pile of snow covered Draco entirely from head to toe, making his already white blonde hair pure white crystals. “That was for the books,” laughed Hermione, lying tired on the ground.


Draco sat there, covered in snow, and looked at Hermione’s smiling face. When was the last time he had actually played in the snow? What had made him want to play in the snow? “You have snow in your hair,” he said, leaning forward and pushing some snow from Hermione’s hair careful to avoid getting it in her eyes.


Hermione stopped laughing, but still had a smile on her face as she looked over at him. “Thank you, Malfoy. Now, I really do think we should get inside. It’s chilly out here; we wouldn’t want the Heads to become sick now do we?”


“You’re probably right, Granger,” Draco said, with a strange expression, “but you want to know what I think?”


“Hmm…” said Hermione starting to stand; with Malfoy still on the ground beside her.


“Hermione! Are you all right? Malfoy leave her alone,” cried a frazzled red head running through the snow towards Hermione. “What has he done to you?”


Draco’s eye met Ginny’s and he shook with anger. Everything had been going well. It was only November, a month before the Winter Ball, and they had been getting along. Well, as much as Draco could handle being around her. “What makes you think I have done anything to her, Weaselette? Does she have a cut on her? A bruise? With that smile that was just on her face, I guess, it makes it quite obvious I just tortured her.” His voice came out rough and angry, as Ginny pulled Hermione up and dusted her off.


“Ferret, I don’t care if you did anything or not. The whole idea of you two in the snow means you did something; wait, Hermione, aren’t you suppose to be in Potions?” Her attention turned to the confused girl besides her; who stood fiddling with her jacket button.


“Well, yes, but Professor Snape; he, ahh…, he let us off early to plan for the Winter Ball and then Malfoy, well he threw a snowball and I…” her voice drifted into nothingness as she looked at her stunned friend.


“I see,” Ginny said slowly looking between both Draco and Hermione. “So, you guys were just having a snow ball fight? Nothing else?”


“Nothing else,” repeated Hermione with her eyes pointed down at the ground. Why did she feel so ashamed? It was a harmless snowball fight, that’s it.


Ginny bite her lip and nodded. “Alright? Are you ready to go? Hermione you and I can go finish our work before the boys get out of Potions and maybe have a small girls night tonight?”


“Well, isn’t that just adorable a girls night,” cooed Draco smirking, “sounds like a smashing good time. Can I come?” His mocking tone made Hermione turn around and push him to the snow, drawing not only a surprised look from Ginny, but Draco as well.


“You Mud-…” he stopped himself at her icy expression. Ginny noticed the obvious hesitation in his voice and looked towards Hermione as well. Something fishy was going on here. “What the bloody was that for, Granger?”


“You…you being a ignorant jerk that’s what! Why can’t you just shut up and not mock everything that is said around you! Must you have a say about every little thing. Keep your nose out of others business,” she huffed, grabbing Ginny’s hand and pulling her away. Even she knew she had overreacted, but what has caused this awful outburst? Her face was red with fury, but Hermione knew part of it was due to the shame and, could it be?, guilt she felt for going off on Draco as she did.




Secret Location


11 p.m.


“Master,” said Lucius bowing his head, with a triumph smile. “I have good news.”


“Speak,” Voldermont responded, rolling his neck, and cracking it as he sat impatiently in his chair.


“We have figured out how to get around the spell; everything will go as planned. I’ll fill my son in immediately on the happenings, with your permission, my lord, of course.”


“No,” yelled Voldermont, standing abruptly, “he must not know. No one must know except those who go on this mission. You have done well, Lucius, you are a loyal follower. Leave me now.” Lucius bowed and exited the room; he’d done well maybe now Voldermont wouldn’t kill Draco after his task…





 *Chapter note: Next chapter will explain alot...this was more of a filler :-] Just so you don't think I've lost my touch*




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