Hope you guys like it, read and review! A Not-So Wonderful Surprise “What?” Harry suddenly felt all of the breath leave his chest. Dumbledore couldn’t die. He was… well, Dumbledore. “I’m dying Harry.” Dumbledore said in a much calmer voice than should have been used. “Though, I don’t think that it matters much anymore. You’re the one that will defeat Voldemort, not me. The only thing that I have to offer is my advice and possessions. Lord Voldemort has surpassed me in strength, but he has not surpassed me in wisdom. I go to my death knowing that someday, the world will be right again, and it will be up to you to make it that way, not me or anyone else.” Dumbledore closed his eyes, and for a moment, Harry thought he had died on the spot. “Sir, how am I supposed to defeat him if he is smarter than me and he is more powerful? And how am I going to do it without you there?” Harry’s voice trailed off, hoping that this was all just some cruel joke and that Dumbledore would stand up and tell him exactly what to do. “I’m sorry, Harry. I wish I could tell you, but I don’t even know. It is one of those things that, with time, you will discover on your own.” Dumbledore put on a small smile and stood, rather shakily, to his feet. “Now, if you don’t mind, I think it is time we get Ms. Lovegood to the kitchen to have a bite to eat.” At the sound of her name, Luna gave a small stir and opened her eyes slightly. “Do you think you can help me, I don’t think I can get to my feet.” “Sure.” Harry reached out a hand and helped her to her feet with ease. “How are you feeling?” Harry knew the answer just by looking at her. “I feel like I’m going to be sick.” And with that, Luna disappeared into the hall, and presumably into the bathroom. When Harry reached the door, he heard a horrible retch from inside, followed by an audible splash. “Luna, do you think you can manage the stairs on your own?” “Yes, Harry. I’ll be fine.” With that, Harry made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Dumbledore was announcing that the spell was a complete success. Harry tried to avoid everyone’s stares as he sat next to Hermione. “Where is Luna’s dad?” Harry whispered in her ear. “Didn’t you hear, oh, probably not. It’s very sad. There was an attack at the place where The Quibbler is published. Everyone believes it’s because of the article on you. Anyway, Luna’s father was killed in the attack. That’s why she was so keen to help out the Order in any way she could.” Great, just great, Harry thought. Her father was killed, and now she’s not even a witch. Harry noticed some movement in the corner of the room. When he looked he saw Lupin was moving towards him. “Harry, may we have a moment alone please.” Remus had a look of terrible sorrow in his eyes. It struck Harry how much he must miss Sirius. “ Sure.” Harry stood up and shuffled back into the kitchen. “Harry, I’m sorry I have to bring this up, but it has to be dealt with. Harry, I have Sirius’s will. He said that he leaves half of his Gringott’s account to me, but everything else is yours.” Harry was amazed. Did this mean he would never have to go back to the Dursley’s? Ever? “Harry, I also have your O.W.L results, if you’d like to read them,” Lupin pulled a paper out of his pocket and handed it to Harry. Harry looked at the envelope and his hands started to shake. This was it. He was holding his future in his hands. Harry slowly moved his finger and broke the seal. Dear Mr. Potter, Here are the results of your O.W.L. examinations. The grading scale is as follows/ O = Outstanding E = Exceeds Expectations A = Acceptable P = Poor T = Terrible Potions = O Charms = O Defense Against the Dark Arts = O Transfiguration = E Care of Magical Creatures = O Herbology = A Divination = T Mr. Potter, I want to make sure you understand how the OWL system works. You will receive: 3 OWL’s for 1 O 2 OWL’s for 1 E 1 OWL for 1 A Anything rated P or below will not receive any OWL’s. Mr. Potter, you have received 15 OWL’s on your exams and are able to take any of the below advanced courses you wish. Be advised that some of these classes are extremely demanding are teaching positions are subject to change at any point in the year. Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts Advanced Charms Advanced Potions Advanced Care of Magical Creatures Advanced Transfiguration The following is a list of elective classes that you will be offered this year. Again, teaching positions are subject to change at any point this year. Curses Magical Law Magical Devices Wandless Magic Spell and Potions Creations Dangerous Beasts and How to Tame Them Please select your classes and send us an OWL as soon as possible. Also, please be advised that you are now the Head Boy and your duties will begin on the first day of the new school year. Sincerely, Professor Minerva McGonagall Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Harry looked over his letter and stared at a wide-eyed Lupin. “Well?” Lupin looked as though he was holding his breath. “I got 15 OWL’s!” “You’re joking! That’s one more than I got when I was at Hogwarts! Your dad and Sirius only got 14. They would be so proud of you.” Lupin had a teary smile on his face when he spoke about James and Sirius. “Remus, look what else I got.” Harry pulled the Head Boy badge out of the bottom of the envelope and showed it to Lupin. “Wow, Harry. I didn’t think they gave it to non-prefects. Dumbledore must have done something because of what you did at the ministry.” Lupin’s eye’s widened when he said that. “Listen, Harry. I have to take care of a few things. I’m really proud of you.” Lupin turned around and headed out the door, not even looking back.

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