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"What's gotten into her? She's acting completely mental!" Ron hissed to Harry as the Golden Trio walked together to their Potions class later that day. All morning long, their normally studious friend could talk about nothing and no one but Romilda; Romilda this, Romilda was getting very old, very quickly.

Harry merely shrugged and muttered, "Beats me." He knew bloody well the reason behind her bizarre behavior, but was hesitant to tell Ron the truth; Ron would kill him for allowing his precious Hermione to drink Amortentia. Besides, Harry knew that if it was his girlfriend, he'd kill whomever let her drink the spiked juice. Hence, he chose to keep the knowledge from Ron - for a while, anyway.

Upon entering the large classroom, Harry and Ron saw Romilda sitting at her usual table towards the front of the classroom. The cocky girl grinned at Harry from across the room, gesturing frantically for him to sit down beside her. Before Harry could say "No thanks", Hermione had shoved him aside to claim the seat next to Romilda.

Harry and Ron took their usual place at the desk kitty corner behind Romilda's table. The stuck-up brunette looked disgustedly at Hermione and opened her mouth to protest, but right then Professor Slughorn started class. As Slughorn demonstrated today's lesson, Harry was quite distracted by the sight of Hermione trying to hold Romilda's hand and blow in her ear. Romilda was doing her best to ignore the bookworm, but Harry could tell that her composure was wearing thin.

"Are there any questions before we begin?" Slughorn paused to look around at his students.

Right then, Romilda suddenly let out a high-pitched yelp and practically jumped out of her skin, drawing some curious stares and chuckles from their classmates. Looking down at the girls' feet, Harry saw the reason behind Romilda's sudden outburst. Hermione had slipped her shoe off and was attempting to play Footsie with Miss Priss under the table! In response, the snobby brunette moved her feet as far away from Hermione as possible without drawing anymore attention to herself and hissed, "Stop it, Granger!"

Despite his guilt, the Chosen One nearly cracked up laughing when Hermione grinned flirtatiously at Romilda and gave her a playful wink. It was actually quite fun to watch his stalker get a taste of her own medicine. The class period seemed to fly by, and pretty soon the bell rang to end the period. As soon as the students heard the bell, Romilda was out of her chair and walking to the door as quickly as she could, Hermione hot on her trail.

"Get away from me, you freak!" Romilda shrieked when Hermione sped up to catch up with her.

"Romilda, wait up!" The Gryffindor called after her, urgently pushing through the crowds to get to her new obsession. In the process, she practically shoved Luna into a group of Slytherins who had stopped to snicker at the Muggleborn.

Since Luna's classes were now over, she turned and went up to Myrtle's bathroom, as had become common practice for her since befriending the ghost. She rather enjoyed Myrtle's company; when she wasn't whining and moping, she was actually very nice and fun to be with. And besides, nobody else seemed to understand her or accept her quite like Myrtle did. She set her bag down beside the sinks and paused to look for her friend, but the bathroom was completely quiet.


Still, there was complete and utter silence. Luna quietly walked around the vacant restroom, peeking in each stall, finding nothing but the smell that usually lingered there. She was about to leave when she heard Myrtle's distinct laugh coming from behind her.

"Oh Luna, did you see? It was priceless!" The ghost doubled over, snorting with laughter.

"See what, Myrtle?"

Myrtle sputtered through her laughter. " Romilda Vane!"

"Oh yes, I did see that. I'm afraid Hermione's come down with a mild case of the Lubzwigs; they only come out at Christmas time, and they can make you do all sorts of crazy things."

Myrtle giggled even more at Luna's assumption and shook her head. "No, it's not Lubzwigs. It's Amortentia."

Luna's eyes became so big that Myrtle thought they might pop out of the girl's head. "Amortentia? Are you sure? Why would Romilda want Hermione to fall in love with her? Is she trying to make Harry jealous?"

"Well actually," Myrtle giggled and floated closer to her friend, "The love potion was meant for Harry..."

It was getting late, and torches lit the darkened corridors of Hogwarts as Harry left the Prefect's bathroom to return to Gryffindor Tower. As most students were in their respective common rooms by this time, he felt safe enough to walk the halls alone. He rather enjoyed the sense of peace and tranquility, which had been hard to come by since his return to Hogwarts. First it was the groupies, and now he had to deal with Hermione's endless ramblings about Romilda's flawlessness and Ron's constant pouting because his girlfriend was obsessed with someone else, not to mention a girl. Between the groupies and his crazy friends, Harry was sure he'd go insane before long.

Suddenly, the dark-haired boy thought he heard something behind him, several meters away. He paused and looked over his shoulder, but he didn't see or hear anything more. Assuming it was just Mrs. Norris prowling the halls, he continued on his way. This time, he specifically made out the distant sound of a female voice saying, "There he is!"

He turned again, his eyes widening with terror at the huge gang of girls running toward him, screaming his name as if their lives depended on it. Without thinking, the Boy Who Lived started running as fast as he could.

Moaning Myrtle spotted the girls ganging up on Harry and knew she had to do something to save him - fast. Thankfully, Luna had just left her restroom and was walking down a nearby hall up ahead of Harry. She flew up to her friend at lightning speed, urgency in her voice. "Luna! Harry's about to get attacked by fan girls! DO something!"

Luna immediately nodded and went running toward Harry's direction, wand in hand.

Oh, shit! They're ganging up on me! Harry's bath turned out to have been pointless, as he worked up a sweat trying to get away from the groupies. Unfortunately, the mob from Hell could keep up with him a little too well. They were just out of arm's reach when suddenly they stopped running, looking very bewildered.

"Where did he go?" asked one Ravenclaw as she looked all around--even right at Harry--and apparently couldn't see him.

"I don't know," replied a Hufflepuff. "He couldn't have Apparated; nobody can Apparate on Hogwarts grounds."

"And what's that smell?" asked another girl, making a Narcissa Malfoy-ish face as she sniffed at the air. "It smells like rotten eggs. Come on, let's get out of here. Maybe we can figure out where he went."

As the girls turned and started walking away, Harry sniffed at his clothes and realized the he was what the girls smelled. For some odd reason, he reeked to high Heaven! Turning toward the Gryffindor living quarters, he was surprised to see Luna Lovegood emerge from around the corner. "Um, hi, Luna. Could you please tell me what just happened?"

"I cast an Invsibility Charm," the blond replied calmly.

Harry smiled gratefully at his friend, "Thank you, Luna. But how did you know-"

"Don't thank me, thank Myrtle. She was the one who told me that you needed help."

Harry was rather taken aback by this news. First Myrtle saved him from drinking the love potion, and now she saved him from the rabid fan girls? He never expected the ghost to become his guardian angel. He was most definitely indebted to her. Turning back to Luna, he smiled again. "Well, I'd still like to thank you for helping me. But can I ask you one thing?"


"Erm...why do I smell like rotting eggs?"

Myrtle was very upset the next day, when she found out that Luna had made her crush smell bad. After yelling at the Ravenclaw for screwing up the Invisibility Charm, she went storming through the corridors as she ranted to herself over the girl's stupidity. As she went on her tirade, the last thing she expected to see was Harry...and for the first time, he actually looked pleased to see her!

"Myrtle! There you are!"

Completely baffled, Myrtle stopped in her tracks, her eyes widening at the grinning Gryffindor. "W-what? You were looking for me?"

"Yeah, I was." Harry's vibrant green eyes glittered beautifully as he said, "I wanted to thank you...for looking out for me."

"Looking out for you?" Myrtle repeated like a brainless parrot.

The raven-haired hunk shifted his books in his arms. "Um, yeah, you know...warning me about the Amortentia, and sending Luna to save me..."

"And making you smell like you bathed in sewage," Myrtle added, her anger at Luna flaring once again.

"Well actually yes, that too," Harry laughed. Upon seeing the surprised look on Myrtle's face, he explained, "You see, this is the first time in ages that I've been able to walk the halls alone without anybody trying to mob me."

"So you're not angry?"

"Of course not," Harry chuckled again. Oh, it made her heart melt when he smiled like this.

Myrtle returned to her bathroom after her little chat with Harry, elated because he'd actually been warm and friendly to her, yet sad because she'd shouted at Luna. Now the Ravenclaw would probably never want to speak to her again. Moaning Myrtle scared away the only friend she'd ever had, or so she thought. Her spectral heart leapt with joy when the door opened and Luna came walking in as if nothing had happened.

"Luna!" She floated down to where the girl laid her bookbag by the sinks, seating herself upon the cumbersome-looking sack. "Oh Luna, I am so sorry! I just talked to Harry and he's not angry at all about the smell."

Luna looked up at the ghost and smiled softly. "Oh, that's all right. That's what happens when the dungleplompers interfere with spells and charms; the subject ends up stinking for about 24 hours."

Myrtle laughed. She would've missed Luna's nonsensical ramblings about nonexistent creatures. She perched her transparent form upon the ledge of a nearby sink to continue her conversation with Luna. What she was not expecting was Luna's next observation.

"You love Harry, don't you?"

The ghost's jaw dropped. Was it that obvious?

"Actually, Myrtle, I know exactly how you feel," Luna stared down at the floor with a wistful sigh. "I was in love with Ron Weasley for ages, but he only had eyes for Hermione. It broke my heart."

"Granger," Myrtle growled, thoroughly enjoying this bonding session with the Ravenclaw. "Personally, I don't know what he sees in her. She's just a plain, bushy-haired know-it-all."

Luna's big grey eyes snapped up to Myrtle's face. "Oh no, Myrtle. Please don't speak badly of her, she's very nice. I just... couldn't help how I felt. But I'm over him now." The thin blond, realizing that she hadn't asked Myrtle anything about herself, decided to turn the tables. "So how about you, Myrtle? How long have you fancied Harry?"

A gleeful smile spread across the ghost's transparent face, a dreamy look in her eyes as she giggled, "I'm rather sweet on Harry! I've been in love with him ever since he first came into my bathroom five years ago..." Myrtle's voice trailed off, her smile fading into sorrow.

Luna felt sad for her new friend as the spectral girl began to cry. She stood up and reached out to place a comforting hand on Myrtle's shoulder, temporarily forgetting that she didn't have a body. "What's wrong, Myrtle?"

"Harry doesn't love me, that's what!" Myrtle snapped in between sobs. "Who would want to love ugly, pathetic Moaning Myrtle? Do you know what I would do for one chance with him? Just one bloody chance to win his love?"

Luna gave the ghost a sad, sympathetic smile as she recalled her unrequited feelings for Ron. She had been unable to win Ron's affections, but she felt the overwhelming urge to help Myrtle win Harry's love... and she knew exactly where to start looking for help.

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