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    I own nothing but the plot.

    The bed and breakfast was nestled in a grove of trees near the edge of a small town. Most of inhabitants were tucked safely in bed when two lone figures appeared quietly on the cobblestone walkway. A low-burning candle twinkled in the window inviting them to approach. The couple walked up the short staircase to stand on the porch. Lifting his hand, the raven haired man knocked softly and waited for the owners to answer.

    The door swung open with a quiet creak that seemed to break the stillness of the night and the couple was greeting by an older lady with soft white hair and soft blue eyes.

    “May I help you?” She asked, holding up the candle that had been sitting in the window.

    The young man stepped forward. “Yes, I do apologize for the lateness of our arrival. We are the Potters; we have reservations for the next few days.”

    Recognition dawned on the lady’s face as she moved aside to allow them in. “Oh yes – your luggage was delivered earlier today. And there’s no need to apologize, the gentleman that delivered them warned me that you may be a late arrival.” She moved behind the small counter that was in the main sitting room. Taking out a ledger she ran a finger down the column until it rested on their name. “Here we are, Potter, party of two. The wedding suite.” She said, pulling a key from the drawer beside her and placing it in his hand. “Newlyweds are you? I remember when I married my Harold. We spent our honeymoon in a place much like this one. We’ve been together for 30 years this coming January. But I mustn’t keep you, I’m sure you’d much rather make your way upstairs.” She smiled, looking from Harry to Ginny. “Your suite is at the top of the stairs and is the first door on your right. I’ll have breakfast sent up in the morning, and please let me know if you need anything. My name is Edna Jones. Harold and I live on the first floor, just knock.”

    Harry smiled at the older woman. “Thank you Edna. And thank you again for staying up to wait for our arrival. We didn’t realize exactly how late it was until we snuck away. We shall see you tomorrow sometime.” He finished, slipping the key into his pocket, before guiding Ginny towards the stairs.

    Walking hand in hand up the staircase, the two paused at their door. Harry pulled the key out of his pocket and slipped it into the lock, turning it until he heard it click open. Grasping the antique door knob, he swung the door open. As Ginny was about to step over the threshold and into their suite, Harry tugged on her elbow to stop her from entering. Thinking it was his constant vigilance habits kicking in, she stepped aside to let him enter first, but let out a surprised squeak when he swung her up into his arms.

    “Harry Potter! Put me down this instant! You’ll throw your back out” She whispered, looking down the hall to make sure they hadn’t disturbed any other of the guests.

    Silencing her with a soft kiss, he smiled at her. “It’s tradition for the groom to carry his bride over the threshold.” He whispered as he stepped into the room and kicked the door shut with his foot. Returning her to her feet, he kept his arms around her and pulled her close to his chest. “And we don’t want to break with tradition do we?”

    “I suppose we don’t, especially since we’ve followed the traditions so well up until now.” Ginny laughed softly and turned her face up for a kiss.

    Ever the obliging one, Harry pressed his lips to hers, relishing in how she tasted. Keeping lips on hers, his hands left her hips and moved under the riot of red curls to the nape of her neck where his fingers massaged her gently as they kissed. Sighing against his lips as his fingers danced over her soft skin, Ginny reached between them to undo the clasp on his cloak and pushed it to the floor. Breaking the kiss, he looked down at her and smiled wickedly, his eyes dancing.

    “Now Love – you’re going to wrinkle my best dress robes.” He said, shivering slightly as she started to undo the buttons on his robes, her soft hands coming in contact with his throat.

    “Mum taught me a very useful spell for getting wrinkles out – you have no worries my darling.” She responded, her fingers continuing to undo his buttons. When she reached the waistband of his trousers she pulled his shirt tails from his pants and ran her hands up his chest. Catching her hands in his, he stopped her from pulling his shirt off as well. Silently, he took her hand and pulled her towards the bed where the covers had been pulled back and an off-white, silk nightgown had been placed on one pillow and a matching pair of sleep pants in soft, brushed cotton had been placed on the other. A bottle of sparkling apple cider was being chilled on the bedside table and a bouquet of dark red roses sat beside it with a note that said congratulations Harry and Ginny.

    “Harry – who did this?” Ginny asked, looking up at him.

    “I expect it must have been Fleur. I asked Bill if he minded dropping our bags off so I suppose he took her too. Very thoughtful of them.” He responded, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling her close to him so that she stood between his knees.

    “Those roses are beautiful.” She said, settling in front of him as his arms wrapped around her waist.

    “Not as beautiful as you.” Harry said, his hands running up the trail of buttons on the back of her dress. Gently turning her around, he began to undo them one at a time, slowly exposing Ginny’s spine. Shivering at his touch, she glanced over her shoulder at him.

    “You know you could just magic those open.” She said with a sigh as his fingers slipped another button open.

    Smiling up at her and shaking his head, Harry continued on with his task; placing kisses in the places his fingers had touched. As he reached the last button, he pushed her dress of her shoulders, letting it pool at her feet. When she tried to turn towards him, he held her still with an arm at her hip while he reached for her nightgown. Standing up, he came up behind her, but didn’t touch her. Pulling her arms above her head, he slithered the silk garment down her body. Turning her around so she finally faced him, his eyes roamed over her body while his fingers itched to touch and caress each curve.

    Feeling the heat of his gaze, Ginny felt her cheeks warm as she blushed. “Har-“ she began, but was shushed when he kissed her lightly.

    “Shh – I’m trying to capture this moment in my head.” He said, quietly, his green eyes, dark and filled with desire.

    “Can you capture this moment but imagine me as just a little flatter in the front?” She asked, smiling shyly at him. When he looked at her with a question in his eyes, she fiddled with the edge of his shirt. “It’s just that I never expected I’d be nearly five months pregnant on my wedding night.” She explained slightly embarrassed by her admission.

    Pulling her close, Harry wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. “Ginevra Potter, this is exactly how I pictured out wedding night.” He said, kissing her lightly.

    “You pictured me pregnant and fat on our wedding night?” Ginny said, her lip trembling slightly as she looked at him.

    Realizing he was treading in stormy waters, Harry sighed and smiled down at her. “Love, you are hardly fat. What I meant is that I always imagined one day that we would spend our wedding night together, alone and in love. It’s how I got through a lot of nights during the war. Hoping that you’d take me back and we could have this moment together. You being pregnant with a new Baby Potter is icing on my cake.” He finished, kissing her again.

    “You have quite a way with words Mr. Potter.” She responded after breaking the kiss.

    “Of course I do!” He chuckled, squeezing her tightly against him. “And have I told you that you look good enough to eat right now?” Ginny shivered as his mouth found her bare shoulder and nibbled at the soft skin there. She tilted her neck to allow him better access as he nudged a strap off to the side.

    “You taste almost as good as a treacle tart.” He whispered between nibbles before moving to her other shoulder.

    Ginny felt herself drifting off into a fog as his tongue licked at her skin. Grasping at the edges of his shirt she shoved the sleeves down his arms and dropped it to the floor.

    “Almost as good?” She asked, running her fingertips down his bare chest until she hit his waistband, hesitating slightly before she flicked open the button and slipped her hand inside.

    Harry sucked in a breath at her touch. “Okay – better than a treacle tart.” He groaned, kissing her as he turned them around so her back was to the bed. “Gin – you have to stop touching me like that.” He said, quietly, his gaze locking with hers.

    Smiling wickedly, Ginny continued her exploration, her free hand lowering the zip on his trousers. Instantly they joined her dress on the floor as Harry stepped out of them. “And if I don’t?” She asked, kissing him while her hands danced over his bare back.

    Growling against her lips, Harry lowered them both onto the bed. “Don’t push your luck.” He said, tickling her side as his mouth wandered towards her chest. When he settled himself on top of her and began to tease her with his mouth, both were lost in each other.

    Later, as they lay snuggled deep beneath the thick quilt, Harry felt as if he were weightless. He was on his back with Ginny draped over him, her belly resting against his side, while his fingers played with the curls of her hair.

    “Harry?” She asked, resting her chin on his chest so she could look at him.

    “Mmm?” He asked, too exhausted from their earlier activities to strain himself with speaking actual words. Ginny rolled her eyes at his answer and sighed as she rubbed his shoulder lightly.

    Propping up on one elbow, he squinted at her as his glasses had been discarded long and forever ago somewhere across the room. “Sweet Merlin Gin. You can’t want to go again do you?”

    Pinching him on the arm, she sat up. “You git – I’m not a fiend!” She cried, her cheeks going red.

    “Oops. Okay – no you’re not a fiend. What is it that you need darling?” He asked, sitting up beside her, kissing her shoulder as he rubbed her back.

    “I’m sort of craving some double fudge chocolate ice cream topped with Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans and chocolate cauldrons from Fortescue’s ice cream parlour.” Ginny said, looking at him as she leaned into his side.

    “You do realize it’s 3 in the morning?” He responded, after squinting at the clock. “And that we’re no where near Diagon Alley?”

    “I know, but I really really need some.” Ginny said, placing a hand on her belly. “The baby is pretty restless tonight. And this craving isn’t one that’s going to go away. When I was pregnant with James I craved pumpkin pasties from the Hogwarts trolley at least twice a week. Mum had to owl the witch that ran the trolley to send her a batch of them just to keep me happy.”

    Harry groaned and looked about for his glasses and wand. “What if I conjure some ice cream? “ He asked, turning on the bedside light and slipping his glasses over his nose.

    “It’s not the same. Only the real thing will work. Besides conjured food makes my stomach upset this late at night.” Ginny said, biting her lip slightly.

    “But eating the real thing this late at night won’t?” Harry asked at bit gobsmacked.

    “No, it won’t. I can’t explain it; it’s just the way it is.” Leaning over she kissed him lightly and looked at him. “Could you please go to Diagon Alley and get me some?” She asked quietly.

    Harry blinked back at her while he weighed his options. Ron had warned him this would happen sooner or later. He also knew if he valued all that was peaceful he should just get dressed and get it. But it was late and he was tired after the day they had put in.

    “Gin- could it wait until morning?” He asked hopefully and immediately regretted his words as her eyes turned stormy and she got up off of the bed.

    “Fine! I’ll get it myself. Lord knows I’ve had to do it before.” She huffed, picking up her case and flicking it open to search for something to wear.

    Harry followed her off the bed and stood behind her, reaching in front to still her hands.

    “No – wait - I’ll go. I won’t have you out at this hour of the night searching for ice cream.” He said, giving in to her request. Kissing the top of her head, he leaned down and picked up his discarded pants and shirt. “What is it that you would like again?”

    “Double fudge ice cream with Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans and chocolate cauldrons on top. Oh – and in a waffle cone.” She responded as she buttoned his shirt.

    Harry enveloped her in a hug and kissed her lightly. “I’ll be back in a little while. I hope I don’t get hexed by the owners when I wake them up.”

    “You’re Harry Potter, they would never dream of hexing you. Besides, the new owners are very understanding when it comes to pregnant women’s cravings. When we head back to the Burrow ask Ron how many times he made the trip there for Hermione.” Ginny commented as she fastened the clasp on his cloak. Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed him once more. “I love you.”

    Harry smiled and knew then there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his wife. “I love you too. Now get into bed and keep my side warm. I’ll be back soon.” He waited until she had climbed back into bed; on his side no less, before apparating from the room.

    Twenty minutes later, he returned with a quiet pop, the requested ice cream in his hands. “Seems you weren’t the only one craving Fortescue’s ice cream tonight. There was another wizard about to knock on their door –“ Harry paused in putting the ice cream down when he noticed she was sleeping. Shaking his head, he placed the ice cream container down on the bedside table and placed a freezing charm on it to ensure it wouldn’t melt. Quickly disrobing, he lifted the covers to slip into bed beside her. Almost immediately, Ginny snuggled against him, letting out a sleepy sigh as she settled. Turning out the lights with a wave of his hand, Harry smiled to himself in the dark before sinking into sleep.


    Feeling movement in the bed beside him, Harry sensed that Ginny was awake. Reaching out and finding an empty, he rolled onto his side and opened his eyes to find her sitting up, her hair still mussed from sleep and totally engrossed in the ice cream he had went out to find earlier that morning.

    Noticing that he had woken, she leaned over to kiss him soundly on the lips. “Good morning Love, did you sleep well?” She asked, spooning another bite of ice cream into her mouth.

    Stretching out his muscles, Harry propped himself up beside her. Reaching out, he rubbed her knee gently and not yet ready to use his voice, nodded his head with a smile playing at his lips.

    “Good. I’m dreadfully sorry I fell asleep on you last night. But thank you nonetheless. I was still having the craving when I woke up. Your freezing charm lasted all night.” She continued, offering him a scoop with some suspicious looking beans on top. When he shook his head no and continued his early morning assessment of her, she shrugged and popped the spoon in her mouth. “Mmmm, you missed a good scoop. Those were peppermint and caramel beans.”

    Harry laughed at her statement and cleared his throat. “Ginny, I do love you and all but the thought of ice cream at this time of the morning makes my stomach churn. I’d like a more traditional breakfast I think.”

    “Well you’re in luck. Mrs. Jones dropped off a tray earlier. I put a warming charm on it. You looked too peaceful to wake. She figured we might like to stay in our room today. Can’t imagine why though.” She said, a wicked smile playing at the corner of her mouth as she sucked on the spoon.

    A wave of desire for his wife washed over Harry at the same time his stomach growled loudly. Leaning over he kissed her rounded belly.

    “I can’t imagine why either.” He commented, sitting up slightly to assess what was on the breakfast tray. “Looks delicious.” He said, moving closer to where she sat on the bed and kissing the soft skin on her bare arm. “But I think we should both work up an appetite before we dig in. Don’t you think?” When she nodded enthusiastically, he reached out and took the remaining ice cream and spoon away from her to set them on the bedside table. When his hands were free, she pounced at him with a giggle; pushing them both down onto the bed.


    Harry came out of the bathroom to find that Ginny had set their cases on the bed and had started to pack. When he had left to shower, she had still had her pyjamas on but now was dressed in a simple green dress and she had her hair pulled back in a thick braid that fell down to her middle of her back. Shaking a few of the loose drops of water from his hair, he approached her from behind, his nose nudging against her cheek as he took in her scent as his arms went around her waist to pull her closer.

    “You know we can stay a few days longer. Your Mum and Dad told us to take the week.” He whispered, his hands wandering along the front of her dress. “Merlin, you smell good.”

    She leaned into him and sighed as his mouth nibbled at the side of her neck. “Oh I know.” She responded tilting her head so he had better access to her neck. “But I miss James terribly. I’ve never been away from him this long before.” Turning in his arms, she realized he was still in his towel. Feeling her mouth go dry, she licked her lips and bit the lower one. Taking advantage of the movement, he dipped his head to kiss her, his wet hair tickling her forehead.

    As they kissed her arms went around his shoulders, her fingers dancing over the scars on his skin and she pressed against him until her belly stopped them. When she felt his fingers start fumbling with the zipper at the back of her dress, she broke the kiss.

    “Harry, we can’t.” She said, with little conviction in her voice.

    “Sure we can, as soon as I get this bugger of a zipper down –“ He trailed off as he looked over her shoulder trying to figure out why it wouldn’t go down.

    “We don’t have time. I told Mrs. Jones we’d be ready to check out at one. It’s already twenty to.” She responded, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

    “I can be quick.” He smiled, kissing her lightly before turning his attention back to her dress.

    Laughing, she felt herself about to give in, as she was about to let him know he could just lift the dress over her head, a knock sounded at the door and the two sprung apart like two teenagers caught in a broom closet.

    “Excuse me Mrs. Potter? If your cases are ready I can bring them down to the front desk.” A muffled voice said from the other side.

    Placing a quick kiss on Harry’s lips, she ducked out of his arms and went to the door to unlock it and open it part way.

    “Hello Mr. Jones. How are you?” She said, smiling at the elder gentleman.

    “I’m just fine this afternoon Mrs. Potter. Edna wanted me to come and get your cases if you are ready.” He answered, getting ready to come into the room.

    Stopping him quickly, Ginny shook her head. “Oh you don’t have to worry about that Mr. Jones. My husband can handle them just fine. I just have a few other things to put away so we’re not quite ready.”

    Shrugging his shoulders, the older man smiled. “Well if you’re sure, I have to get down to the market to pick up Edna’s order, if she asks please tell her I offered. I hope you and your husband enjoyed your stay here. The two of you were the quietest guests we’ve ever had. If you are ever in this area again, I hope you considering staying her again.”

    Ginny blushed slightly at his comments knowing full well they were quiet because of the silencing charm they placed on the room when they were inside. “Thank you Mr. Jones. We will definitely be back for another stay, your inn is lovely.” As the older man walked away, she closed the door quietly and leaned against it.

    Looking up, she found Harry leaning against the bed, waiting for her. Rolling her eyes, she pointed at the folded clothes beside his open case. “Go get dressed. I’m not leaving this spot until you have your pants on.” Knowing he was defeated, Harry laughed and started to dress.

    As Harry struggled to get the two cases down the staircase, he grumbled at his wife.

    “You know, this would be easier if you’d just let me shrink these and put them in my pocket.”

    “We can’t do that, they’re muggles and they know we had two cases in the room. Mrs. Jones freshened our room remember? And you know, you could have made two trips.” She said, before heading down the remaining stairs to wait for him at the front desk.

    When Harry made it down to the bottom of the stairs, he set the cases down and joined his wife at the desk and Ginny rang the bell to alert Mrs. Jones that they were there.

    The older lady bustled out from the back room, a duster in her hand. “Hello there dears - ready to check out?” She asked, looking at the two.

    “Yes, we wished we could stay longer but we must get back.” Ginny replied with a smile at Harry. Returning her smile, he fished the key out of the pocket of his leather coat and set it on the counter.

    “You know the two of you remind me of another couple that stayed here a long time ago. Newlyweds as well and a lovely pair, they seemed very much in love. Now if I could only remember their names, they ended up coming back to the village to settle down a few months later. And they had the cutest little boy.”

    Harry felt his spine straighten as the owner of the inn described his parents. “Did their names happen to be James and Lily?” He asked quietly.

    “Why yes they were! James and Lily – such lovely young people, how did you know their names?” Mrs. Jones asked.

    “They were my parents.” He answered, amazed that this woman could remember the two after so many years.

    “Oh you are that precious little boy! I should have known, you look like your father but those are your mother’s eyes. Lily had the prettiest eyes, she’d come by for afternoon tea when she was expecting you when your father was away. She’d bring her knitting and though she tried, she wasn’t very good at it. I was able to teach her after awhile. We finished a lovely blanket. After that tragic fire I often wondered what happened to you. The paper said they had been able to rescue you but no one around the Hollow knew what happened to you.” She said.

    Harry had stayed quiet as he listened to Mrs. Jones recall her memory but when he felt Ginny squeeze his hand, he came back into reality. “I still have that blanket, when I was left with family; they were told it was one of the few things left. My parents were happy then?”

    “Oh yes my dear, they were! I didn’t know your Dad that well, but your Mum told me many stories about him and his friends. She kept saying she hoped you’d be more like her than him, seems he was a magnet for trouble.”

    Ginny laughed beside Harry. “Oh Mrs. Jones, Harry inherited his ability to find trouble ten fold. My brother and he got into more trouble at school than I can mention.” Squeezing his hand she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. “But that’s why I love him.”

    Harry blushed slightly as the two women laughed. “Um, thank you Mrs. Jones for telling me you knew my parents. It means a lot to me to know they were happy.”

    “Oh you poor Dear, they were terribly happy, Lily looked at James like your wife here looks at you.”

    “Harry, we should get going, lunch will be ready soon at Mum’s.” Ginny said, nudging him to pay. “Thank you for everything Mrs. Jones. I think I can safely say we’ll return for another visit.”

    As Harry set the money on the counter, the elder lady smiled. “Oh that would be wonderful. We would love to have the two of you here.” She looked down at the notes Harry had left. “Mr. Potter, that is too much.” She said, pushing half of the notes back towards him.

    “No, that’s fine. Please take them all. Consider it a gift of gratitude for telling me about my Mum and Dad. I appreciate it more than you can know.” He smiled and patted her hand. “And when Ginny and I return, you must promise that you will tell me more.”

    “Of course, I’d love to.” Mrs. Jones smiled. “I look forward to seeing the two of you again. Safe travels.”

    “Thank you Mrs. Jones. Take care.” Harry said, picking up the cases and following his wife out the door.


    Harry and Ginny appeared with two pops near the end of the lane at the Burrow. Taking his hand, she led the way towards the gate. The house seemed to be at rest, but a small voice could be heard from the back yard.

    Opening the gate carefully to make sure it didn’t squeak, the two turned the corner to make their way to the back of the house. There on the back porch sat James with Hedwig beside him. Staying quiet, the two watched for a moment as their son talked to the old owl and stroked her feathers. Harry smiled at the patience of his old friend, her eyes stayed focused on James even though his hand seemed to be petting her a little harder than he should.

    Sensing that someone was watching him, James broke off his story and turned towards his parents. As he realized who it was, his face broke into a bright smile and he bounded off the steps.

    Harry watched as Ginny’s face broke into an identical smile to their son’s and she rushed forward to greet him. Kneeling as best she could, she gathered him up in her arms and hugged him tightly. Making his way over to where to two stood, he smiled widely as well when James flung his arms towards Harry to include him in the welcome home hug.

    At that moment, calm settled over him and Harry knew he had finally come home.

    The End

    A/N: And so Coming Home is finished. This was quite a journey for me to write, it's been fun and it's been frustrating - but mostly fun! I hope everyone has enjoyed reading it and please stay tuned. I have a sequel in the works - one where some of those unanswered questions -like whether Harry and Ginny will have a boy or a girl - will be answered!

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