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If only I'd been inside his mind when he said this. If I had I'd know that he was lying. And he was only lying because he suddenly realized things he had felt for a long time. He finally understood why he his heart would skip a beat when she came near at times, and why he hated the very idea of Roger being with me.


"Are you two alrigh'?" Hagrid asked.


"Yes," I answered shortly.


"Yeah Hagrid," Oliver replied.


"Well er class dismissed. Except you Fallon, I'd like to have a word with you," Hagrid instructed.


"Alright Hagrid," I agreed easily. I nodded a brisk nod to Oliver and Braeden telling them not to wait up. Braeden was a bit concerned, and I could tell by looking at his face. He went anyway though. Once they were gone though, I turned my attention back to Hagrid.


"Yes Hagrid?" I asked.


"Well, um…. yes, Fallon. I heard what you and Oliver said right after your encounter with Cobalt, that's the bird's name. And we all know how Oliver and you feel about each other and…well…. I guess I'm trying to say that Birds of Paradise don't make mistakes. Especially Cobalt. He's pulled together quite a few people in his past," Hagrid offered, but did not explain where Cobalt had come from.


"Well Hagrid, he just made his first mistake," I insisted.


"No, he doesn't make mistakes Fallon. He can't. Oliver may take a little longer for the effects to work, but everyone knows how he feels for you, even if he doesn't," Hagrid pushed. Maybe he was right…


"Thanks Hagrid. It's been nice talki-" I started to thank Hagrid, but Cobalt decided to interrupt us. He flew over and sat on my shoulder. This made Hagrid smile for some reason. I gave him a questioning look.


"He's sayin' he didn't make any mistake," Hagrid stifled the questions boiling inside me quickly. I gave him a sad smile and offered an arm to Cobalt, which he quickly landed on.


I shook my head slowly and whispered to the bird, "I'm sorry friend, but we were your first mistake." The voice that I'd heard in my head earlier said, 'I don't make mistakes. Oliver just didn't know what to say. Try it again later,’ It had a point. Oliver probably hadn't known what to say.


"Thanks Hagrid. I've got to go though." With that I turned and ran up to the castle with Cobalt racing me, just for the fun of it. I ignored this for I was running late and continued to hurry.


The teacher currently was Professor Lupin


"Sorry I'm late Professor Lupin,"


"Quite alright dear, but do tell why you were late," Lupin asked good naturedly


"I was having a word with Hagrid, Professor," I answered and took my seat.


Lupin's classes were rarely boring but this was one of few that was. He went over the different topics we would be doing this year.


After DADA class we had to help Madam Hooch with the flying lessons, but Braeden didn't. Because of this we volunteered him to tell everyone about Quidditch practice that night. After dinner.


We only had about two minutes to get from the third floor corridor to the area near the quidditch pitch where the lesson would commence. So of course we ran. Thank god nothing to do with my pregnancy was showing up. We more than ran. We sprinted. Easy enough for us, but people gawked at us as we ran because we were faster than most would expect and not tiring. We were the best conditioned, better even than Braeden. Thankfully because of this we were only about two minutes late and she was missing a student so we had to wait.


"Have you two been training hard?" Madam Hooch asked.


"Of course," I said


"All summer," Oliver supplemented.


"Braeden too?" Madam Hooch asked.


"Of course," Oliver answered.


"And how does the Gryffindor team look this year?" Madam Hooch asked.


"Amazing," Oliver answered proudly.


"Our back up team players could beat the other houses," I added.


"Really, then your team must be amazing."


"Ai, we've got Oliver as Keeper, the Weasley Twins as beaters, Harry as seeker, and Myself, Braeden, and Angelina Johnson as chasers," I informed her.


"And what of your back up players?" She asked.


"Ron is back up keeper, we've got Ginny, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell for chasers, a couple of fourth years for beaters, and Ginny can also do back up seeker or if we need her to chase we've got Dean Thomas," Oliver spoke this time.


"That's-" She was cut off by the late first year appearing. Out of breath. I recognized him as one of the people we passed on the way down here.


"Did you-," he began took a deep breath and continued, "two sprint all the way down here?" he asked.


"Yes!" We answered, proud that our conditioning allowed for this.


"How?" He asked astonished.


"So you two have been conditioning over the summer then?" Madam Hooch ignored the boys question to us.


"Yes miss. Three miles a day and ten sprints down the pitch," Oliver explained proudly.


"Braeden too?" She asked, surprised that Braeden, well known to be lazy would do such a thing.


"Only the sprints, but he ran fifteen instead of ten," I explained.


"Oh. Well we ought to get started," She realized that we'd been talking a bit too long. We were her favorite students. We already knew how to fly when we came. And we made the team as first years. All of us. We just kept it quiet. 


We helped pass out the brooms and then Madam Hooch introduced the class to us.


"Class, I'm Madam Hooch as you should know. And this is a little unusual, but I've asked these two students to help us. This is Fallon and Oliver," She introduced. Someone asked why we were helping, a bit rudely I must note.


"You'll see in the next-," Madam Hooch began to answer, but I covered it for her.


"Because you little twat we are co-captains of the team that has won the Quidditch cup for the past six years and this will be the seventh. Plus we may be the best flyers this school has ever seen. Any questions?" I asked rudely.


"N-no," I had scared the little thing. Madam Hooch gave me a look, which clearly said thank you for saying what I couldn't. We helped them teach the lesson and gave a small demonstration at their request. Oliver and I grabbed a quaffle and we'd already brought our own brooms, mine a nimbus 2001 and Oliver a nimbus 2000. We shot a few around making sure to do our most unique moves. I managed to score only one on Oliver, but I came close every time. And when he did an infamous kick to block which, if done right, could score at the other goal posts, I managed to fly faster than it and catch it. Oliver was very impressed.


After that we went up to the great hall and ate a large meal. Then the three of us headed out to the pitch. Not to our surprise the whole team (and back up team) got up the minute we were out of the hall to get down to the pitch quickly.


Practice was…. incredible. It was like we'd never taken summer vacation and we were at the top of our game like we were for the Slytherin game. And, Oliver and I revealed something to the team that we'd been working on since last year…


"Team! Gather round!" Oliver called out. Most everyone came quickly except…




"WHEN DID YOU SIT IN OUR LAP? YOU ONLY EVER SIT IN 'OLIVER'S'," they crooned his name a little.


"DO NOT MAKE ME COME UP THERE!" I yelled ignoring there comment. An evil grin was now present on both of their faces and I knew I would have to get them myself.


"Oliver, you explain what's going on while I get the two NUMBSKULLS down here," I yelled the insult.


"Alright, but hurry," He replied knowing I could do it easily. I gave him a grin and kicked hard off the ground. I flew straight up until I was far above the twins. I positioned myself just right and…


I jumped off my broom. And right onto Fred's! I now sat just in front of him and he didn't even know where I'd come from.


"Evening Fred? Now how about lets head down to where Oliver is," I said with false niceness. He really didn't have a choice as I was in front. I flew his broom down to where Oliver was and landed.


"One down one to go," I laughed and Fred blushed at having been caught. I knew the trick wouldn't work on George so I did something new.


I flew underneath him silently, did a sloth grip and rolled to be hanging then shot a spell to teleport George's broom down to where the team was. He landed heavily on my broom.


"Hello George, nice to see you again," I greeted with a laugh and began to fly down.


"How the bloody hell are you flying upside down?" George asked.


"Practice. Sorry that hurt mate, I know it did," I said with a laugh.


"Good trick, you'll have to teach me," He grinned. As I landed Fred asked in a shocked tone:


"How the fuck did you do that?"


"I, unlike you, practice quite a lot," I answered with a grin.


"Now that EVERYONE is here, I will tell you what's up. Fallon and I have been training since last year and…" He trailed off so I finished.


"Pretty much we can play all your positions," I said with a laugh. There was a chorus of 'no ways.' And 'you've gotta be kidding me's.


"Don't believe us?" Oliver said with a laugh.


"Nope," (Fred)


"Not at all," (George).


"Fine then," I said with a grin. I picked up the quaffle and threw it to Oliver. He played chaser and I played keeper. He only scored twice out of four times.


I dropped the quaffle down to Katie and called to George:


"OI! Throw the beaters bats up here to Oliver and me!" I called down. They did and we caught them with ease. Then they released a bludgers. Oliver and I deftly shot it back and forth at each other. Here would be the real fun though. We returned the bludgers and bats. Then we released the snitch. We let it have a decent head start. Then, we took off after it. Oliver and I spotted it immediately and the chase was on. We were neck and neck until we both got close enough to have our arms outstretched. We were close to the ground.


I did not want to let Oliver catch this snitch. I wanted it way more. I dove forward a little bit. I felt my hand clasp around the cold metal snitch as I tumbled forward and landed on my back.


I shook my head, grinned and help up the snitch triumphantly.


We flew back over and they were all quiet, until finally Angelina managed to say:


"Bloody Hell, is there anything you two can't do?"


"Umm…" I trailed off as I thought about it.


"YEAH!" Two voices yelled out.


"They can't admit they bloody fancy each other!" The same two voices, belonging to the twins yelled.


"Give it a rest you two," I answered, but the damage was done. The whole team was looking at Oliver and I expectantly. I didn't want him to feel pushed, so I knew I had to do something to dispel the tension that was growing.


"What you want me to prove to you two I'm not lying? Fine," I replied. I walked straight over to George and began French kissing him like there was no tomorrow.


"Happy now?" I barked at Fred.


"No, you did that over the summer too," He laughed. I rolled my eyes.


"Fine then, I'll come clean, I'm lesbian. Now you know," I said sarcastically.


"No your not," Angelina supplied, "You went out with Cedric Diggory in 4th year."


"You've caught me, darn," I said with a laugh. But I had done what I'd intended, at least for the moment. The pressure was gone.


"So you still want to tell us you and Oliver don't have feelings for each other?" Fred said. 'Bloody Hell that boy needs to shut up.'


"Fred, how the fuck am I supposed to prove you wrong?" I asked him in an aggravated tone. Then something happened that I never would have expected…


"You're not," a voice said gruffly from behind me. It was Oliver. I smiled a knowing smile and knew I didn't want this to happen in front of everyone. Luckily he'd been right behind me and said it quietly


"Alright good practice team. Everyone clear out. Oliver and I need to discuss some plays," I ordered. We waited until everyone was out of sight, then he turned me around to face him and his lips met mine roughly. I was in shock at first, but immediately after I began kissing him back. I was kissing the boy I had been in love with since fifth year and the father of my unborn child.


I wrapped my arms around his neck and continued to kiss him. I felt his tongue on my lips, begging entrance, which I happily gave. We continued like that for a moment before our lovely team decided to butt in.


"ABOUT TIME!" Fred and George yelled. I should've known better than to think we were alone.


"Nice to see you two AGAIN!" I said sarcastically. They, Angelina, Katie, and Alicia came back down to the field with Braeden.


"You know, it was rude to pry, it really was about time you two got together," Angelina said.


"Well actually we aren't together yet," I said with a grin.


"YET!" They all replied.


"Fallon will you be my girlfriend?" Oliver asked right on the spot.


"HOLY SHIZ NIT!" I crowed in surprise.


"Well?" Alicia pushed.


"I think you all should clear out. I believe Oliver and I have some things to discuss," I answered. This time I think they were actually going to leave.


"Alright alright, we get it," Braeden grinned. They walked off and I turned my attention to Oliver.


"Lets take a flight and discuss this before I give you my answer," I smiled a little seductively. We both kicked off and kept rising until we were far of the ground. Then we began flying slow laps in silence around the pitch. Finally, I pieced together what I wanted to say.


"Oliver?" I began.


"Yeah?" He said in a Scottish accent similar to my own.


"Why did you suddenly ask me out now? What made you notice me?" I asked without holding back. He was quiet for a moment. 


"I'm not going to lie, I believe that bird had something to do with it," Oliver paused then continued, "Also though, I started to notice I acted differently around you over the summer. We were flirting more, and then that night at the ball, and that trick we played on Braeden… I know it was a trick, but I tell you I enjoyed every minute of it. Then with Roger, I hated even letting you go off with him, but I knew you'd come back. Then when I couldn't find you and I thought you may be with Roger… I couldn't stand it. I can't stand the idea of you and anyone. I was just so wrapped up Quidditch I didn't notice that you were always right there waiting. The team is so good this year though; it forced me to pay attention to what's going on off the pitch. I'm sorry you had to wait so long. But I plan on making up for lost time…so long as you say yes." Oliver pleaded a bit.


I gave him a heart melting smile and said one and only one word:



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