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         “You’re doing what?” Draco exclaimed, shocked.

         “That’s almost six weeks!” Keilana chimed in. “Is that even legal?”

         “Don’t worry, darling— That is, darlings. Anyway, we’ll be back before you leave for Hogwarts,” Narcissa replied, as though it were perfectly normal to leave two teenagers alone for that long. “It’s not that I didn’t want to bring you with us, but I don’t see your father very much anymore.”

         “You mean since he’s so busy with work and all,” Keilana said, cocking her head. You’d think if he wanted to see her so much, he’d set out to make time to come and see her.

         [The hell he would,] Draco answered silently. Lucius hadn’t done anything like that since before Draco had begun attending Hogwarts.

         [I know, I know,] Keilana said, rolling her eyes at him. [He’s insane, right?] Her eyes opened wide in shock. She hadn’t meant for him to hear that. Why – what – how?

         Narcissa was still talking about what the two could do to entertain themselves while the older couple was touring France. Neither teen really heard her, but graciously let them leave without a fight.

         “So,” Keilana said aloud. “What do we do now?”

         Draco looked out the window. “Have the Bolts arrived yet? It’s a good day for flying.”

         “Are you sure about this, Draco?” Keilana said while they opened the packages. “I’ve never been on a broomstick in my life – it’s not just that I don’t remember it. I really haven’t.”

         “What, you doubt my ability to teach you?”

         “Well, no offense, darling, but you’re not exactly the most patient person in the world.”

         Draco smirked. “I’ll take my time with you.”

         “If you say so. Go easy on me though, okay?”

         “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

         “Why does that not make me feel any better?”


         “Thanks for inviting me, Harry,” Hermione said happily, hugging him. Then she jerked back with a blush. “Sorry. I forgot that you hate to be touched. It’s just that it’s been a while since you were overly friendly with—”

         “I don’t particularly mind being touched,” Harry interrupted her. “Your contact just happens to belong to someone else.” He grinned at the glare-blush combo he received in response. “Anyway, a certain redhead aside, let’s assume I wanted to make up for ignoring you all semester. Tonks and Charlie will be coming over later, but Luna’s already here. Would you like a room nearer to hers or mine?”

         “I’d feel safer with you around, but I should probably take one closer to Luna’s,” Hermione said, smirking. She followed him down the hallways. “This is amazing, Harry. I didn’t expect it to be so big, even with what you described.”

         “Your parents didn’t mind you coming over?”

         “Not at all. They’re going to America in a couple weeks anyway, so I think they were glad for me to be able to spend some time with a wizard friend, even it you are a guy.”

         “Do you have many Muggle friends?”

         “A couple,” Hermione said slowly. “I haven’t really talked to many of them in years.”

         “I guess Muggle-borns always have that problem. Don’t really fit in with either world.”

         “Yeah,” Hermione said with a sigh.

         Broom over one shoulder and bucket dangling her other hand, Luna bounced up. “Hey, guys. I’m not interrupting something, am I?”

         “Didn’t you invite Ron?” Hermione asked after greeting the younger girl.

         “Yeah, but he couldn’t come,” Harry replied. “Last I heard from him, he was in India hunting tigers with Parvati.”

         “Tigers?” Luna said skeptically, while Hermione deflated almost comically.

         “Why so surprised?” Harry asked, hiding his amusement.

         “I dunno. Just sounds a little tame for someone so obsessed with dragons.”

         “Which you would know of course. You spent almost as much time with him as you did with me last semester.”

         Luna stuck out her tongue. “You got a problem with that?”

         Hermione had recovered by this point. She inhaled deeply and rolled up her sleeves. “Well, I’m not staying all summer – let’s get to work! The housekeeping spells are all worn out, the place is in shambles, the—”

         Harry grinned and interrupted, “Just tell us what to do, okay, Mione?”


         [I don’t know about your father, Draco, but you are most definitely insane.]

         Draco smirked across the field. [Flattery will get you nowhere.]

         Keilana leaned forward and pushed herself into a dive. Draco followed with far less effort although there wasn’t much of a difference between a Firebolt II and a Silverbolt. Keilana pulled into an Immelmann and shot back over his head. Her hand closed around the snitch just as Draco caught up with her.

         “Not bad,” he said, half-grinning. “Not bad at all.”

         “Thanks,” Keilana smirked back, tossing it back in the air. It shook out its wings, then fluttered away. Gaining speed quickly, the snitch was out of sight in just a few seconds. They both went after it, but Draco caught it this time.

         “I don’t think I’m going to catch it again,” Keilana said several tries later. “You’re just too good for me.”

         Draco slid off the Thunderbolt (the third Bolt). They had both tried all three, and Draco had rather quickly singled out the Thunderbolt. Though not particular, Keilana had stuck with the Silverbolt.

         “Maybe not Quidditch, but you picked up flying so fast it’s almost scary. Do you have any idea who your parents are?”

         Keilana shrugged. “I know Doreen took care of me like my mum.”

         “Who is Doreen anyway? I thought you couldn’t remember anything.”

         “She’s the only person I remember before Master Riddle brought me here – the only thing at all, right back to the beginning of my memory. Funny, because I’ve decided my memory was wiped.”

         “Maybe your whole soul,” Draco said suddenly. “Remember you were so out of it when we met?”

         “Darling, that was depressants and anticonvulsants.”

         “Which are ...?”

         Instead of answering, Keilana crouched low and eyed him like a great cat stalking its prey.


         “Hello?” Tonks yelled into the main hall exiting the foyer. “Harry? Luna?”

         Charlie had already started down a different hall. “They’re down here.”

         “How do you know?”

         “Are you sure you’re an auror?”

         “Oh, shut up.”

         “Hey, Tonks,” Harry called. “Charlie. Glad you two could finally make it.”

         Greetings went all around, and Hermione soon had the two “chaperones” working just as hard as she did Harry and Luna. To her credit, however, she kept up with the rest of them and worked even harder besides. Luna got up around eleven to go make lunch, and Harry followed her.

         “Need some help?” Jackie asked, sliding out of her open bottle from the waist up.

         “No, I cook for my dad all the time when I’m at home,” Luna replied. “I love cooking. At least, when I don’t get distracted and burn it up or something. What would you like, Harry?”

         “I don’t really care, as long as it’s something good.”

         “You’re not exactly picky, are you,” Luna said thoughtfully. “You’ll be really easy to take care of when you get married, if your wife can get over how narrow-minded you are.”

         “I am not narrow-minded! I’m a wizard, Godric’s sake!”

         Luna flashed her tongue at him, then went about preparing lunch.


         “Do you tease all the girls like this?” Keilana inquired, stretched out in the grass. She giggled as Draco nuzzled her hollow midriff. She yelped as he moved up her arm and rubbed his cheek against her rounded shoulder. “Come on, Draco. Do you?”

         “Not really, no,” he answered into her wild hair. “You make me feel like I can be myself around you.”

         “What are you?” Keilana whispered, nuzzling his cheek. “A little orphan?”

         “Sometimes I think that,” Draco mumbled, burying his face into the crook of her neck. His hands gripped her bare shoulders tightly, leaving white marks on her as he let go and fell onto his back beside her. A peaceful silence engulfed them, broken only by the rustle of the grass and the occasional chirping of passing bird. Keilana stretched out on his chest, and Draco was asleep in a matter of minutes. His deep breathing lulled Keilana to a state of distant contemplation.

         It only took a few breaths for her mind to wander to the strange occurrence earlier. While she and Draco had become very good at Exerency, she had never once experienced hearing something he hadn’t been directly saying to her. He had never mentioned such a thing either. Like herself, Draco could find nothing in her mind. Whatever might have been there before her current memories started, it sure wasn’t there anymore. She had no past prior to meeting Riddle. While that annoyed her, she was also frightened of what she might discover if she regained her memories. What was her connection to the Dark Lord?

         “Sorry,” Draco startled her by waking, edging out from beneath her slender frame. “Your perfume ...”

         “Your mum said you would like it,” Keilana answered mildly. “I wasn’t expecting it to knock you out.”

         “Ha. That was you, not the perfume. Speaking of which, it’s moonbeam essence, isn’t it?”

         “Yeah. How’d you know?”

         “Like catnip.” Draco shot her innocent expression a scornful look. “And don’t give me that look – you know exactly what I mean.”

         Keilana aligned herself properly on his chest and pushed him back into the grass. She smiled sweetly as her long hair fall about their shadowed faces. “No, I don’t, actually.”

         “You’ve known for a long time, Kei,” Draco said severely, rolling out from under her and sitting up. “Why haven’t you said anything?”

         “Because you haven’t.”

         “What difference does that make?”

         “I dunno. If you wanted to talk about it, you’d say something. You kept it shielded off from me for a long time. What changed?”

         “You’re getting too strong to resist.”

         Keilana giggled as Draco rose and offered her a hand up. She hugged him and they headed for the house holding hands. As they reached the threshold, she pulled his head down and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

         “I’ll keep your secret if you’ll help me find out mine.”


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