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It was raining at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry.

It was the time before the cunning Slytherin had left and the houses completely divided. But the arguments between the great Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin had existed.

A rich woman dressed in the finest garments of the time had exited her carriage and stepped onto the muddy ground of the school. With her delicate pale hands she lifted the velvet hood of her cape over her head and covered her long jet-black hair. Step by step her black boots trudged through the grassy mud up towards the grand door.

“So how were the students today Rowena?” asked Godric, retiring in his chair for a nice cup of tea. Rowena Ravenclaw looked up at him and smiled.

“Excellent as usual they show much potential its -”

“You have a guest, masters.” squeaked a lowly house elf from the door its head bent very low.

“What wizard on earth would turn up at our doorstep?” Cried Salazar Slytherin getting up from his spot at the fireplace.

“Oh please be a dear and do send them in.” Spoke Helga Hufflepuff to the house elf. The small house elf backed away respectfully and opened the door wide. Allowing the hooded figure to step in.

“And who might you be?” Asked Godric standing up to greet this mysterious stranger. The figure lifted its hands to its head and pulled off the hood of her cape. She looked up at the four in the room.

“Please, forgive me.” She said with a smooth voice.

Her voice was so smooth it was like threads of silk intricately winding its way through to their ears. It had the power to entrance all.

“For not introducing myself. I am Cassandra Trelawney.”

“The celebrated seer?” asked Helga.

“In a matter of speaking yes, that is I.”

“Welcome to our humble school! Seer Trelawney! How nice it is of you to come, may I ask what brings you here?” Said Godric as he shook her hand.

“Business…I have had a vision of the future, one that concerns this school. It is nothing major. I say it is something to look forward to; then again it is something to dread.” Said Trelawney.

The four founders all sat down and watched her intently. “Please continue.” Asked Rowena.

“I am sure you have heard of my prediction about the great Dark Lord who will rise to power?”

They all nodded their heads.

“This moment occurs during that period of time. This vision is not a usual vision it was rather different. I felt it was…special. If I did not feel that it would be of any importance then I would not have wasted my time and bothered coming here on this stormy night.” Trelawney gracefully sat down in one of the staff room chairs and sat down facing them all. “This moment, or relationship, rather is a fine moment that will occur in history. This relationship sparks the period of time we will learn to call as the ‘New Beginning’ after a Second War.”

“Please get to the prophecy.” Said Salazar Slytherin impatiently.

Trelawney’s head snapped in his direction and she glared at him venomously. It was a very intimidating look, one much unlike her future successor.

“I would listen closely if I were you Salazar Slytherin for your very house plays a very large role in this prophecy.” Trelawney snapped. “Fine if you are so eager to hear about it then I shall continue.” She took a deep breath and started revealing her most recent prophecy.

“In a thousand years from this time…the blood lines will be pure no more. The evil that exists will diminish and a reign of peace shall conquer the Earth. Wizard and non-magic folk all around will live in peace and harmony. Before the Second War of the World two shall be united: One from the side of light and one from the side of the dark. Their souls shall intertwine through the course of time and the strongest love shall be born inside their hearts. This love shall be forbidden and renowned. This couple will triumph over the evils and hardships. These lovers shall conquer Death…it is written in the stars.”

The other four inside the room gasped.

“These two shall belong to the House of Gryffindor and Slytherin.”

“WHAT?!” gasped Godric and Salazar.

They both rose quickly from their seats.

“My pureblood house mingle with his lot?!” cried a flabbergasted Slytherin. “Why I wouldn’t be so mad if he -” He pointed a finger to Godric. “- would just let the rest of the school be pureblood.”

“Come now Slytherin! Magic is magic, a child whether muggleborn or pureblood has the right and the privilege to study magic and embrace their true destiny!” roared Gryffindor as he rose to the challenge.

“Which! If you will allow me to say is my next point!” Cried Trelawney interrupting the two. “The one from the Light is a muggleborn Gryffindor girl and the one from the dark is a pureblood from Slytherin whose family has been pureblood ever since this time.”

“Excuse me?” Salazar scoffed. “And which family is this?”

“My visions and prophecies do not reveal to me the entire issue or every single detail. All I have come to know is the main idea. But I believe that an ancestor of this boy resides in your house this very moment Slytherin.” Said Trelawney.

“Well it was very nice of you to reveal to us what a fine moment in history Cassandra, thank you we are very honored to be graced with your presence.” Said Helga smiling warmly.

“It is my pleasure, all I am saying now is that it is something that you look forward to in this school or something you can attempt to avoid, although Slytherin the reuniting of this school is inevitable. It is something that should be recorded in this school’s history. For in the future prejudice shall arise.” Trelawney stood up from her seat and walked to the center of the room.

“Thank you for your time. Goodnight.”

In a large crack she was gone leaving four witches and wizards to ponder in her wake.

After a few minutes of silence Salazar Slytherin, who was deep in thought, muttered a name.



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