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He was probably watching some bad movie. He knew it. It seemed like it. The man sitting across him was supposed to be dead. Wasn’t he supposed to be dead?

“ Hello Draco. “

His heart thudded and he gulped. “ You’re…alive. But you’re supposed to be dead… “

The man raised an eyebrow. “ And watch you take everything away from me? Take Hermione from me? I don’t think so. “

“ I have your heart,” Draco’s voice faltered. “ How could you be… “

Harry laughed. “ Damn…you’re right. “ And Harry unbuttoned his white shirt to reveal an open chest, and Draco could see everything bleeding, pulsating, and squirming within, except his heart. Harry’s eyes flashed. “ You just took it all from me…and now you’re the horcrux! You son of a bitch…you took the whole lot! Now it’s your turn to suffer! You were jealous of me when we were at Hogwarts right? Before you took a different turn, before you turned ‘good’! You did everything to bring me down! Well…who needs my heart now! You wouldn’t have lived without me you bastard! You wouldn’t have! “

And Harry lunged for Draco and Draco stared in horror as Harry held him by the collar, as Harry grabbed out his wand, pointing to his chest. “ Sectumsempra! “ Harry cried out.

Draco’s eyes widened even more. This was what Harry had used back at Hogwarts when he had bled profusely!

“ No! “ Draco shouted out. He watched as he began to bleed, he watched his chest slash open. He could feel the searing agony.

He saw Hermione stand beside Harry.

She smiled. “ Draco…I hope you die in misery… “

Draco kept shaking his head. “ No! No! No! “


“ Draco! “ someone cried out. He could feel hands holding him down as he fought against the unknown forces.

“ It’s me! “

He opened his eyes all of a sudden, and he saw a very pale Hermione standing over him. He squinted against the bright light coming from a window. He felt sore all over. He tried to focus on Hermione. “ Where am I? “ his voice croaked out. Even his throat hurt.

“ You’re at Richmond General, “ Hermione replied shakily.

Draco saw someone else in the room. Ronald Weasley. He shook his head weakly. “ Richmond General? Why- “ he stopped.

Hermione held his hand gently. “ Your security guard found you- you were on the floor, he thought you weren’t breathing, I only found out at about five in the morning, Alice called me…Oh Draco! “ she suddenly cried out, embracing him gently.

Draco was quiet as Hermione held him. Hermione was here again, she was all that he needed, and he wanted the embrace to be tighter…The night’s occurrences flooded back to him again. Blaise…his mother’s abduction…the eighth horcrux…he didn’t remember lapsing into unconsciousness…He shook his head. “ Get me out of here, “ he muttered.

Hermione shook her head. “ No- you can’t just yet. They ran tests on you earlier today. You need to stay for observation- “

“ How many hours? “ he interrupted, without looking at her.

“ Days, “ Hermione corrected. “ Days- Draco. “

“ No! “ he snapped. “ I don’t want to squander time here! “

“ It’s not about wasting time, “ Hermione said delicately. “ You have to wait till you’re well enough, wait for what the physicians say- “

“ Transfer me to St. Mungo’s then! They’ll give me some Pepperup potion and release me in an hour! “ Draco said.

“ You don’t have colds, “ Hermione replied. “ They fear you’re having more problems with- with your heart transplant, you haven’t been taking your medications regularly, have you? Draco- “

“ Fuck the medications! I have to get out of here! “ Draco said harshly.

Hermione stepped back, shocked at his response. She felt blood leave her face, and her lips trembled. A hand was on her shoulder. She knew it was Ron. She sucked her breath in, and she knew she was going to hyperventilate soon enough.

“ Get out, “ Draco said. This was it. The perfect time to make her leave. The perfect time to hurt her, just so he could save her. Hurt her! Hurt her with all your strength! Someone inside screamed, a primal instinct to stop the possibility of a dead future for Hermione…

Hermione shook her head. “ Stop it- “ she said in a shaky voice. “ You’re not well enough to- “

“ I said get out! “ he eyed her, trying to maintain a frosty glare. “ If you can’t take me out of here, get out! If you can’t take me to St. Mungo’s, both of you get out, now! “ It hurt him, every word, every glare, the tone he gave to her. It hurt him more than he realized it would.

“ Draco, “ Hermione began as she tried to reach for his hand. “ Please stop- “

“ Get out! I have to get out of here! Get away from here! “ Draco shouted.

He began ripping off his intravenous lines wildly; he took off the nasal cannula. He didn’t even feel the pain, all he felt was this urge to hurt Hermione and hurt her bad. Hermione and Ron looked in horror.

“ Stop it! “ she screamed. “ Stop it! “ And she stepped in and tried to hold his hands down, and he resisted to a great extent. “ Please stop! “ She began to cry as she saw blood flow freely from his open skin. “ Ron! Call- “

And Ron knew even before she said his name. A nurse and doctor came in and saw Draco and Hermione struggling. More people rushed in, this time orderlies helped hold Draco down. Draco clutched his chest as blood trailed down his hospital gown.

Suddenly he groaned. “ Damn it! “ The pain was beyond bearable. It was tightening around him now, his breathing came in gasps.

Hermione felt her knees buckle. “ Oh god…”

“ Stay away from me, “ he continued, looking at Hermione. “ Stay away! Don’t you ever let me see you again! “ He glared at the nurse who had just injected him with a sedative. He felt himself go weak, and he sank back onto the bed.

Hermione was steered out of the room by Ron, without her knowledge, or rather without her realizing it. She had been too…stunned. Oh god…what was happening! It was too fast! How could he have changed so fast! Maybe it was because of the medications? Or the fact that he didn’t want her pity and Ron’s?

Tears were coming out of her eyes faster than she could manage, faster than she could blink. She was shaking terribly now, and felt the oddest sense of being alone. She turned to face Ron, and she saw it in his eyes. It was as if they were telling her ‘I told you so’. Ron shook his head and embraced Hermione as she broke into a sob. He led her to a waiting lounge in the same floor.

“ I’ll get something for you to drink, okay? “ he said stroking her hair as she continued to cry.

Ron went out and searched for a vending machine, but he found himself, seconds later, heading for Draco’s room. He opened the door to find Draco with closed eyes, the intravenous lines replaced with new ones.

The doctor beckoned for him to come in. “ You are related to Mr. Malfoy? “

Ron found himself nodding. They were distant cousins anyway. “ What happened to him? Will he be alright? “

“ I don’t know Mr. Malfoy’s thorough history, but I have checked with his records, and seeing he had a heart transplant a year ago, from which he miraculously healed faster than any physician has seen- “

Ron almost laughed. Of course Draco would heal fast; he was a wizard after all. “ Is he rejecting the transplant? “ he asked.

The doctor shook his head. “ No, not in that kind of sense. Has Mr. Malfoy been under any stress? “

Sure. Stress fit Malfoy like a glove. His father was in Azkaban. They had enemies now, those who had supported Voldemort. A lot of the wizarding society spoke behind their backs, despite Narcissa’s amazing change of character, despite her store being a hit, despite Draco’s gradual activity as a wizard…

Ron shook his head. “ Not that I know of any. “

“ According to records, Mr. Malfoy had a form of heart failure a few years back due to a congenital anomaly, according to his previous physician’s papers- “

Ron’s face looked blank. This was crappy muggle medicine! He had no idea what this was!

“ Please, just- just tell it to me in English- please? “ He frowned.

“ Why, yes, of course. Mr. Malfoy’s heart- continues to beat, just not efficiently enough to keep the blood from becoming congested in certain areas of the body- that was why he needed a transplant a few years back- the physician stated that there had been a positive result for Mr. Malfoy having a coronary heart disease; or wherein the heart has too little blood flow to the heart muscle. “

“ So…” Ron’s face still looked blank.

“ This is why I need to know if he has been in any kind of stress lately? Physical or emotional? Although we can’t rule out a late rejection by Mr. Malfoy…”

“ I- I just don’t know. “

The physician sighed and patted Ron’s back. “ Rest assured, tests will be done in a few days time. He just needs to stay here. Rest here for awhile. “

Ron nodded. The doctor and nurse excused themselves. Now there was only him and Malfoy. Now it was Malfoy on a hospital bed.

Draco opened one eye slowly, and tried to open the other. He looked very lethargic and disorientated. “ What- damn it…”

Ron stepped forward. “ Shut up and get rest. “

He tried to move a hand but he only managed a twitch. “ Get me out- “

“ Stubborn, as usual, aren’t you? Congratulations, you just had an amazing mini heart attack- well whatever that doctor said it was. “

“ Hermione- “ he began weakly.

“ She’ll be fine. She’ll get over you fast. Whatever it is that got into your mind, I’m glad you thought of making her cry. “ Ron stood over him. “ Okay, what the hell was that about? “ he finally said. It disturbed him somehow, despite the fact that he did so would actually stop Hermione from seeing him.

Draco shook his head feebly, but it looked like it just lolled around. “ Can’t- “ Draco tried to find the strength, tried to find the words to tell Ron everything. Would they listen? Had they placed enchantments here in this room? How would he tell him? And he felt something steal through him, something heavy, and something tempting…

Ron approached him. “ What? “

“ Stay away. Keep her away…” And he finally slept.

Ron looked at Draco’s figure. This was just like before…when he had seen Draco more than a year ago…when he had seemed so frail; like he wouldn’t live to see another day, or cast another spell…it was past playing all over again, past taunting Draco again.

Ron frowned and wondered what it meant. Stay away…Keep her away…Ron shook his head and went out of the room, taking care to close the door slowly, although he knew Draco wouldn’t wake up even if he had been shot with a hex.

Ron tried to smile as he walked back into the waiting room with cups of latte in both hands. “ Sorry, I went down the second floor- the vending machine ran out of lattes. “ He just had to tell a white lie. Hermione didn’t say anything as Ron thrust a cup into her shaky hands.
“ Hold it well, “ he said as he sat beside her. “ Hermione- “

“ Ron- did you think…did he mean it? When he told me to stay away from him? We just had a wonderful night a few- “ she shook her head and tried to steady her hands.

Ron didn’t know what to say. He sighed and drank his latte, in tiny sips. He heard the sound of the P.A system and he was reminded of the day Harry died.


“ What is it? “ he said through gritted teeth.

Silence for a second.

“ He may not live, Mr. Weasley. “


He looked at Hermione. And the memories played again.


She reeled back in horror and Ron caught her just in time. “ Oh god! “ she gasped again.

She trembled even more as she held Harry’s hand with Ron supporting her back.

“ He’s gone, Ron, he’s gone…” she moaned as she held Harry’s face.

“ Shh…” Ron said trying to soothe her.

“ Harry! “ she said in a shaky voice. “ Please? Please! “


Ron snapped back into the present and glanced sideways at Hermione. Her hands were still trembling awfully. He placed his cup down and took away hers, and held her hands tightly in his.

“ Stop shaking. Stop it. “

She looked up to him, teary eyed once more. “ He’s- he’s…this is just like- “ she couldn’t continue.

“ Say it, “ Ron said in a low voice.

“ I’m afraid, Ron. “




Narcissa sat on the edge of the king size bed, her eyes darting from the window to the door every few seconds. They had been nice enough to transfer her to a guest room in her ‘manor prison’. She was all alone in the dim lit room, dressed in a new gown, with a platter of fine Angus steak and mashed potatoes before her, and a glass of wine.

The door opened and she sucked her breath in.

“ You haven’t touched your food, I see. “ Blaise smirked. “ It isn’t poisoned, Madame Malfoy. I have no wish to kill the mother of a comrade. “

Narcissa strangled a choke. “ Comrade? What are you talking about? “

Blaise smiled, twirling his wand. “ Regarding that…oh…nothing. I just gave him a reason to be our comrade, and he accepted gladly. “

“ What did you do to him? “ Narcissa’s lips trembled. Her son! What did he do to her son! And her heart pounded appallingly-

“ He’s alive- and alright. Some muggle hospital, I’ve heard, “ Blaise interrupted. Blaise strode closer to her and sniffed the air. “ Ah…do you smell that? The house elf is filling up the drawing room with potpourri again. “

“ What did you do to my son…” she whimpered. “ Release me at once! I need to see my son….please? “ And she bit back bitter tears.

Blaise tried to smile sympathetically, and the smile only turned out to be that of someone enjoying the suffering he was seeing. “ Madame, I assure you, he’s fine. He had a little attack, so I heard- but he’s alive and well. You’ll be seeing him in a bit. Now I suggest you eat up.“

And Blaise exited the room, leaving Narcissa alone to feed on her fear and anxiety.




It was night time when Draco woke up, he knew it. There was a little crack in the blinds, and he saw it as dark outside. He tried to move and felt pain shoot through his body.

“ Ah Mr. Malfoy. Glad you’re up, “ a nurse came bustling in, carrying a tray with different little tablets and a syringe and an ampoule.

“ What, “ he began in a croaked voice. “ What time is it? Can I go home? “

The nurse laughed robustly. “ Good gracious, no. And it’s past two in the morning, so get some sleep. “

“ What’s that? “ he asked, eyeing the tray’s contents.

“ Just a few vitamins and minerals. And a tiny shot of antibiotic of course- as prescribed by your physician. “

“ I don’t need that. I don’t have an infection. “

She shook her head. “ While you were asleep a few hours ago, you spiked up a little fever, doc’s not taking any chances, now that he’s got a thorough report on your condition. “

“ I don’t have any condition, “ he said through gritted teeth.

The nurse smiled as she injected the antibiotic into his intravenous line. “ Dear, denial’s not going to get you anywhere. Now be a good lad and get some sleep. “

“ I’m twenty-four years old, well, almost. “

She laughed as she gave Draco some pills to drink. “ Talkative aren’t you? “

“ I’m trying to charm you into letting me out, “ he replied. “ Although I don’t think it will help me at all. “

She gave another laugh. “ Oh you’ll be giving me a heart attack if you were my son. “

“ You don’t look a day over forty. “ He smiled as he finished that last of his pills.

“ I’m thirty nine, dear. “ She straightened his sheets and she also fluffed up the pillow supporting his back. “ Good night now. “

Draco nodded and was alone again. He listened to the silence. He listened to the voices in his head. The recollections were clearer now that he was alone. He recalled the day he learned had had received Harry’s heart. Ron had been in a very distressed mood, he saw it, and he knew it.


Draco woke up with the sun streaming down his face. He was in some muggle hospital, he remembered. And he saw an unexpected guest, aside from his mother. It was Ronald Weasley.

“ What are you- “ Draco stopped, seeing Ron’s pale face, eyes red-rimmed, hair messier than the usual redheaded mop he had.

“ How- how are you? “ Ron asked with some reluctance.

Draco frowned. What the hell was this now? Had the world gone mad that Ronald Weasley was visiting him in a muggle hospital- wait a minute…how did he know!

“ How’d you know I was here? “ Draco found himself asking.

Ron shrugged and dragged a chair near Draco’s bed. “ We have to talk. “

“ We are. “

Ron’s eyes narrowed. “ Don’t be a Slytherin ass on me again. Not today. “ Ron sighed and brushed a hand on his hair, as if to help look himself look neater.

“ How did you know? What the hell are you doing here? “ Draco tried to move, but he found it too painful. He had been in intensive care for a few hours, and was doing quite well, with a little secret help from a half-witch doctor who helped the healing process go faster.

“ Your heart- “ Ron began.

Draco nodded, suddenly serious. “ Yes, I have a new heart. All thanks to some unknown benefactor who was gracious enough to- “

“ It’s Harry’s, “ Ron finished.

Draco stopped and tried to let the words sink in. It did, slowly and painfully. Harry’s? Harry Potter’s? The Harry Potter? The- boy-who-lived? A part of the golden trio? A hero in the wizarding world? What the fu- How could it be! Harry was alive when he had seen him last! He had Harry’s heart! The redhead was wretched at jokes!

Draco shook his head. “ You’ve got to be kidding. “

Ron didn’t say anything, too consumed in his own grief and denial. He wished he were kidding. Harry just died a few hours ago! And now- now! His heart was in someone he never thought would actually need it! The bastard had his best friend’s heart! The goddamned Slytherin now had the heart of a Gryffindor! How would he start? How would he tell him? Should he replay the incident to Draco? About Harry fighting to live? About Harry dying? Hermione heavily sedated? Him; Ronald Weasley; agreeing to give away his best friend’s heart?

“ You’re not kidding…” Draco’s voice faltered. He felt his composure falter as well. Oh god…bloody Merlin’s arse…he had Harry Potter’s heart? He had the heart of the-boy-who-lived! How could- But he had no choice now, did he! He was dying! But Harry Potter was dead too? Everything seemed to pressure down on him. He had Harry’s heart! He was alive because of Harry! He was alive because Harry was dead!

“ I can’t have his heart…” Draco murmured, in defiance.

Ron’s self-possession snapped. “ You bastard! He’s dead! You have his heart! He’s in you! Aren’t you the least bit grateful! He left us! He’s dead! Hermione’s alone now! Devastated! And you-! You have the audacity to even deny that you have his heart! Harry’s dead, Malfoy! His heart is in you! He’s dead and you’re bloody alive! “

Draco caught his breath, struggling to actually breathe, even. The truth hit him like some bloody good hex. He had Harry Potter’s heart…


Draco buried his face in his hands. He had wanted to think positively after his transplant. He had thought of it as a fresh start. He was thankful, truly, that Harry had been his donor, his conduit to a new existence. But now…to know that he was the eighth horcrux…he wasn’t so sure if he still wanted to think positively. It was both a gift and a curse.

And he wondered what it would have been like, if he never did get Harry’s heart. He would’ve suffered only a few months, then he’d be dead- and Harry, Harry would fight Voldemort’s allies again, like what he did after graduating from Hogwarts. It would Harry who’d be suffering, it would be Harry who would face the new generation of Death Eaters, and it would be Harry who would…it would be Harry who would still love Hermione…




A/N: oh the pain, the pain!!! what to do now? did you cry? did i annoy you with the events? did you want to stop reading or just continue? what do you think will happen next?

i studied as a nurse a year ago so i know a bit of medical stuff. i only stopped cause i got sick, really sick like cancer sick. sorry if there are errors in the medical explanations, i have tried my best.

Thanks for reading this chapter! And DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW^_^

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