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Disclaimer-I do not own Harry Potter or anything related. I do own a nice Harry Potter wand! *flicks wand and nothing happens* Guess I have to work on it! *Accio IPod!* I still got nothin'!

A/N-I'm sooo sorry it took me so long to update! I feel so bad! : ( Don't shoot me! *ducks behind chair* Well, I finally got to finish the chapter a few days ago! Yay! (I had the last part of the chapter done awhile ago) So, I got on the computer and updated for all those people who like this story. ; ) Here it is......!
EDIT-I'm going to credit this sentence: "Ron said nervously, gesturing wildly with his hands, his eyes widening in terror." to Hermionesclass101. Thanks!

Chapter Two
Let The Games Begin!

"I wish classes were always like they were today. They Oh, bloody hell! I'm starting to sound like Hermione!" Ron said. The last part earned him a smack on the head from none other than Hermione. What Ron said was true though. Classes had been really easy, considering the NEWTS were over. There were also some emotional good-bye's to the graduating 7th year students from their teachers.

"Because then we wouldn't have learned anything and that's usually the point of classes, Ronald," Hermione coolly replied though still mad about what he said while taking a seat at Gryffindor Table in the Great Hall.

"You know, Ron, she's right. I mean more than half the stuff we learned here at Hogwarts helped us find and destroy the Horcruxes. And it helped me kill Voldemort," Harry said. Ron, of course flinched as Harry said Voldemort still not able to get rid of that old, bad habit of Voldemort's name.

"Honestly Ronald! Voldemort is gone! No one except you is afraid to say or hear his name! You helped destroy him and yet you're still afraid to say his name," Hermione told him, clearly annoyed, "Ginny! Can you come over here?"

As Ginny walked over an odd, fluttering sensation filled Harry's stomach. He then thought of Cho. His first crush, when he was in his fourth and fifth year. He felt almost the same way when he heard her name or saw Cho those two years, though now it seemed almost stronger. His thoughts turned in a depressing mood as he thought about how Cho had bravely died during the final battle in order to save someone else's life. Harry then shook his head to clear those thoughts and came back to present time.

"Hey, Gin" Harry said smoothly even though his stomach was still doing back-flips'.

"Hey Harry," Ginny said having the same feeling that Harry had in his stomach," Hey Ron, Hermione. What's up?"

"Okay I need you to prove to your idiotic brother that there is no need whatsoever to be afraid to say or hear the word Voldemort. Saying Voldemort is definitely not as bad as saying bloody hell or all those other things he says!" Hermione exclaimed to Ginny.

"Oh my god, Hermione, I've never heard you say that before!" Ron said obviously in complete shock and awe. Harry shook his head in agreement.

"Yes, well I really want you to see how stupid this is," Hermione said pleased with herself for getting Ron's attention on how much this was bugging her.

"Okay, Ron, let's try to say something like Voldemort. How about can you say Voldy?" Ginny said amused at the situation. She heard a laugh from Harry beside her.

"Um....why would I say that? It's stupid," Ron shot at Ginny, not finding this funny at all.

"Well, then if it's stupid just say Voldy and if you don't say it within the next minute it will be your new nickname!" Ginny said.

"Okay.......Vol---dy!" Ron exclaimed not wanting it to be his nickname. The thought of having Voldy as a nickname gave him the chills.

"Yay, Ron! You deserve a special treat!" Ginny exclaimed having fun treating him like he was a four year old.

"I don't like being made fun of! When we get back home, I'm warning you to stay away from me or I'll hex you! I don't want to get in trouble," Ron said angrily.

"Oh, yeah and mum won't be there to get you in trouble," Ginny said in a-matter-of-fact way," And anyway I thought you were smarter than that. Do you really want me to give you a Bat-Bogey hex?"

"Oh, yeah um...I was just kidding when I said that. You know I wouldn't really hex you," Ron said nervously, gesturing wildly with his hands, his eyes widening in terror.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. Well I have to go back to meet my friends. See you guys later!" Ginny called as she walked off to the other end of Gryffindor table.

"Thanks, Ginny!" Hermione called after her.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione then dug in to their mouth-watering supper and delicious dessert.

"That was really good. Are you guys ready to go back to common room?" Ron asked stuffed. Almost all of Gryffindor table was empty and everyone had gone back to the common room. The trio had taken a little while longer because they talked a lot as they ate.

"Yup, I'm ready. Let's go," Harry said standing up while Ron and Hermione did the same.


As soon as the trio entered the common room, they were all pulled to the center of the room.

"We are going to play Truth or Dare!" Lavender said excitedly even though she had no idea what it was. Just the name got her excited.

"Hermione, you should know what I'm talking about," Dean said as he walked over to the trio.

"Yeah, I do. I once played it at a sleepover. It was pretty fun," Hermione said looking not really excited knowing how the dares got sometimes.

"How do you play?" Ron questioned.

"Well, someone picks truth or dare. After they pick, someone else asks them a question and they have to tell the truth if they picked truth. If they pick dare the other person has to tell them to do something like kiss someone," Harry told Ron and other people who were listening in.

"Harry, you've played it before?" Hermione questioned.

"Well yeah," Harry said as he turned the colour of Ron's hair.

"Okay, did everyone hear Harry?" Dean yelled to the common room.

Everyone shouted yes.

"Okay, then let's start the game! All the 6th and 7th years have to play!" Dean yelled.

Everyone then sat down on the floor in a circle ready to start the game.

A/N-Hi again! Well, I hope you liked this chapter! Please review! Tell me what ypu want in the next chapter and maybe I'll sneak it in for you! I should put the next chapter up around late next week or early the following week. Yay! Thanks to all who reviewed the first chapter!

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