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Okay, well here's chapter 2... hope you enjoy it : )

I stood staring out of the window for quite some time, the sky began to gradually get darker. I started to notice other things in the back garden. Mostly the magnificent trees, but at the very bottom of the garden, stood several gnarled white trees with a ghostly mist about them. They looked as though they were from a different place but they were eerie and goose-bumps sprouted up all over my body.

Just as the last ray of light from the sun disappeared into the horizon, the cloaked figures emerged from the smaller house. I could barely see them as they ran across the garden towards the peculiar trees and disappeared. In the darkness, I didn’t notice two of the figures running back towards the house nor did I realise, that this congregation of cloaked figures and what was going to happen to my mother and I over the next year, had an undeniable association.

A noise from the doorway jolted me out of my thoughts. I spun around with my heart beating furiously.

‘Sorry, did I scare you miss?’ asked the house elf ‘I didn’t mean to. I just came to tell you that dinner is served,’ squeaked the little creature, whose torso was wrapped up in what resembled a net-type garment. 

‘Oh, thank you,’ I said.

Half an hour later, I found myself sitting in an enormous dining room, at a colossal dining table, eating the third course of my dinner. Lucius was seated at the head of the table, opposite him (which was at least two metres away) was Draco and on either side, sat my mother and I. 

The dinner was slightly awkward, it was obvious that Draco and Lucius were used to sitting in silence at dinner, and as I was still recovering from embarrassment as a result of Draco and mine prior conversation, I wasn’t going to offer anything for discussion. My mother however, is a chipper sort of person, who enjoys her daily dinner conversations and was desperately trying to start one. She would ask someone a question and in return, she would get a one word answer.

When she reached Draco she asked,
‘So Draco, are you looking forward to returning to Hogwarts?’

Draco looked up from the food he had been pushing around his plate.

‘Sure,’ he said sarcastically.

‘Draco, don’t be so rude,’ Lucius said harshly. Draco went back to staring at his plate, but my mother wasn’t put off.

‘I’ve heard that Dumbledore is the best headmaster you can get in the wizarding world,’ she said positively. Nobody answered but I could swear I saw a look of incredible loathing come over Lucius’ face.

‘and Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts. He’s in the same year as Violet and Draco,’

Don’t ever mention that name in my house,’ Lucius spat out maliciously. A look of hunger swept across his eyes. 

He stood up quickly and strode out of the room. My mother hastily excused herself and scurried out after him. I almost stood up and barred her way. After meeting the man only twice, I could tell that he definitely wasn’t safe to be around when he was in a rage.

This left Draco and I sitting in the gigantic room all by ourselves. I had just witnessed what happened when people tried to make conversation in this family’s dining room but I couldn’t help it. I needed to talk to Draco again; I needed to convince him that I was not the complete nutter, he thought I was.

‘What’s it like at Hogwarts?’ I asked slowly. Draco looked up at me, I felt short of breath and I got the strangest tingling sensation in my lower stomach. My heart was once again beating at one-hundred miles an hour.

He didn’t say anything for some time; it was like he was pondering his answer. The question was not a difficult one and I couldn’t imagine anyone at Hogwarts not liking it there. Fleur Delacour came back with wonderful stories of her time there when the Triwizird Tournament was on.

At last Draco answered,

‘It’s… thrilling, especially with people like Potter around,’ 

‘It’s Violet, right?’ he asked. I nodded ‘Can I ask you a question?’

‘Yes,’ I answered, getting curious.

‘Which Hogwarts house would you most like to be in?’ he asked, with a strange look on his face.

I didn’t know that Hogwarts had school houses, Beauxbatons certainly had none. I shook my head and in return I received an inquisitive look.

‘You don’t know any?’ he said disbelievingly. I shook my head again.

He shook his head in amazement.

‘Okay, firstly there’s Slytherin, its where all the pureblood, attractive and smart wizards and witches go,’ He paused for a second ‘Okay, scratch that, most of the attractive and smart wizards and witches,’

He went on to explain Ravenclaw as ‘the-know-it-all, goody-two-shoes group’, Hufflepuff as ‘bunch of dim-witted idiots’ and lastly Gryffindor as ‘full of Dumbledore ass-kissing blood traitors and mudbloods’. I was taken aback at his use of language but even as he said it, his face showed slight resentment.

At that moment, there was a loud tap at the window and a light brown barn owl sat on the windowsill. It was mine, and two letters were attached to its leg. One was addressed to me, and the other, strangely, was addressed to Draco.

‘Our school letters,’ he replied to my quizzical look.

I opened the letter and read,

Dear Miss Beaumont

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