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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any characters from the books. Too bad..

© Alora @ TDA

The golden trio was reunited for their final year at Hogwarts. They had talked excitedly since they saw each other on platform 9 3/4 and were so busy catching up with not only each other but the Weasley family they had not noticed the train was so close to leaving. They boarded hurriedly and realized they were not going to get a compartment to themselves. After searching for some time they came upon the most secluded one they could find. There was only one occupant so they took a chance and asked to sit with her.

"Hi there, we couldn’t find any other compartments. Is it okay if we sit in here?" Hermione asked politely.

Oh, yeah, of course," the girl replied seeming very surprised and tucking a strand of dark, curly hair behind her ear. She sat up straight pulling on her midnight blue shirt and swept her hands over her jeans. The boys took in her very attractive appearance and Hermione, realizing her friends aw-struck looks kept up the conversation.

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, what year and house are you?" she asked inquisitively.

"Well I am in my last year, so I guess that’s the 7th, but I don’t know what houses you’re talking about. This is actually my first year here," the girl answered shooting Harry and Ron a friendly smile. "I’m Rose. Rose Deloncré."

"Nice to meet you Rose, I’m Hermione Granger. These are my friends Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley."

"Ron, I-I preferRon," he stuck out his hand to shake though obviously very nervous.

"That leaves me, nice to meet you," Harry also shook her hand and Rose met his bright green eyes with her own, which were a mix of golds, honey, and green.

"So where do you transfer from Rose? Deloncré, is that French? It sounds familiar," Hermione asked swearing she saw drool coming from the boy’s mouths.

"Well yeah, my dad is French, but I actually came from the States. My grandmother on my mom’s side recently fell very ill so we moved back to take care of her. I actually just met her when we moved for the first time. You see, my mother’s family is from England and my dad’s from France, but when they married their families weren’t very happy so we moved to common ground."

"Oh that’s so sad, why didn’t their families get along?" Hermione asked sympathetically.

"Well both my parents come from very established backgrounds. Usually the children do marry others with the same type of heritage but from an inner circle. Their families haven’t gotten along for centuries. My mom and dad were star crossed lovers, like Romeo and Juliet, but with a much happier ending."

"Aww, that is so sweet," Hermione gushed noting the boys baffled looks, "It’s a muggle novel about tragedy and romance. A classic really, one of my favorites."

"Hermione and her books," Ron whispered to Harry and they both chuckled.

"Well enough about me, what about you lot. What are your families like?" Rose tried to shift the attention off of her family.

"My parent’s are both muggles, I’m the first witch in the family," Hermione answered first.

"They must have been excited! And surprised," Rose giggled, "That does explain your extensive knowledge of Shakespeare."

"I just come from a regular wizarding family I guess. We have always lived here in England. I have 5 brothers, you could say they all have graduated, and a sister Ginny whose a year younger," Ron replied with a smirk when he remembered Fred and George’s fiasco during 5th year.

"Wow one of 7? That must be crazy. I’m an only child and I’ve always wanted a sibling."

"Trust me Rose, your not missing out."

At that Rose shifted her attention to Harry and was met only by an awkward silence.

"Umm, my parents- they uh, they died when I was a baby." Harry looked at his shoes while answering very uncomfortably. "I live with my aunt’s family from my mom’s side. They’re muggles and hate magic of all sorts."

"I am so sorry Harry, I didn’t mean to pressure you for an answer. What happened though if you don’t mind me asking?" Rose’s eyes filled slightly with tears thinking about her own parents and how it would be if she never had gotten to know them. She couldn’t even imagine such pain. Her thought’s were interrupted however by a surprising question from Ron.

"Wait- you don’t know who Harry Potter is? At all? Or his parents?" The trio’s jaws were all extended downward.

"No, actually. Should I?" Rose wondered if she was meeting some kind of celebrity, though she didn’t understand what his parents would have to do with it.

"Well yeah! Do you know about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at least?" Ron was getting a bit flustered now.

"He’s a bit of a threat here in England right? We don’t hear much about it in the States, seems dreadful though, My grandmother was mentioning it."

"A bit of a threat? Are you serious? I mean he’s only-"

"Ron, it’s okay, she just doesn’t know. Drop it," Harry interrupted. He didn’t only want to avoid the subject of his parent’s murder but he could tell Rose was beginning to feel very embarrassed for not knowing such obviously crucial information.

"Look at that, the train is stopping. We haven’t even changed yet! Hurry you two go change and leave us be. We’ll meet you at the carriages!" Hermione said very quickly, obviously upset with herself she didn’t pay better attention to the time. The two girls changed and exited the train. As they were about to find Harry and Ron however Rose heard her voice being called to take a boat with the first years. She and Hermione said quick goodbyes and Hermione vowed to find her at the feast. Rose walked over to the boats and caught sight of the most beautiful castle she had ever seen. The first year’s all had the same thought as her and it made her giggle a little. She was just excited to get inside and see the rest of it.

Authors Note: Hoped you enjoyed! I'm a new author to the site and would greatly appreciate a review. I have more chapters but I am not going to post new one's until i get at least a couple reviews. Constuctive criticism is always welcome :]

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