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    When you and Harry reached your room Harry helped you to your bed and turned to leave but stopped. He turned to you with soft emerald green eyes. He looked at you for a while, then asked, "Your love was for something different than your parents wasn't it?"

    You nodded. Half of your brain was screaming for you to tell him but the other half was telling you not to because it would ruin your friendship. "What was it for then?" he asked you. The voices became too overwhelming and you started to black out. You collapsed and just before you hit the ground Harry caught you, making butterflies appear in your stomach again, and layed you on the bed. He began to stroke your hair gently. You felt comforted by his presence and soon let yourself fall asleep.

    You couldn't see anything, then you heard screams and a cruel laughter, "Emma, what you going to do now? Your dear Harry is dead!!"

    You saw a dead body in front of you, it was Harry. Another 3 bodies appeared, Ron, Hermione, and Ally. You saw a man step out of the shadows. He had snake-like features. You knew instantly who he was. He's the person who killed your parents, it's Voldemort. You were enraged now. You heard him speak again, "Now you've seen what happens to those who don't join me. So, will you join me?'"

    "Never!" you heard yourself yell, using your control over air to pushed him back and  ran. But everywhere you saw Harry and Ally and all you can smell is their blood.

    You woke up, and sat bolt upright, looking around frantically for Harry and Ally. You saw Harry next to you and hugged him tightly. "Harry, where's Ally?"

    "Down stairs. Why?"

    "I had a vision. Can you go and get Hermione, Ron, and Ally for me, please?"

    "Sure." he said, walking away.

    You layed there, trying to get the wreak of blood out of your nose. When Harry returned with the others he sat next to you. Ally walked in, immediately sensed your fear and ran over to you, sitting on your other side. You grabbed hers and Harry's hand and leaned on Harry's shoulder.

    "Emma what's wrong?" Ally asked very seriously.

    You took a shuddering breath and looked from Ally to Ron to Hermione and then to Harry who was looking at you very concerned. "I had a vision." you began, "I heard Voldemort say,'What are you going to do now Emma? Now that Harry is dead!!' I saw Harry's body in front of me and I then I saw Ally's, Hermione's, and Ron's next to Harry's." you were keeping back tears now as everyone looked at you in shock,"I saw Voldemort and and he asked me if I would join him now that I saw what happened if I didn't." tears were now streaming down your face as you continued,"I said, 'Never' and blasted him with air. I ran but everywhere I saw your guys faces and I smelled blood everywhere. Then it ended." You were crying into Harry's shoulder and he just sat there and held you, comforting you. You felt Ally, Hermione, Ron comfort you too. 

    * * * * * * * * * *

    You woke up realizing it was Harry's birthday. You hadn't gotten him a present yet and were wondering what you should get him. You sat up and started to read, while still thinking about what to get Harry. You heard Ally wake up next to you, "Morning Emma," she said sleepily. 

    "Morning Ally. Have you gotten Harry a birthday present yet?"

    "OH CRAP!!! That's today!!" she said, sitting straight up.

    "Yea. Do you know what your going to get him?" you asked, needing inspiration.

    "Well, he loves Quiddich so I was thinking about giving him some quiddich stuff or maybe I could give him a card that tells him he can use my empath powers on one person to see how they feel about him."she said still pondering. What she said got you thinking about the day you had your Death Vision, when Harry had asked you what you really loved for that Ally sensed.

    "I know what I'm giving Harry!" you said very suddenly, making your twin jump quickly.

    "What?" she asked.

    "Just a card and some galleons." you said, trying to look innocent and running out of the room.

    She ran out after you, "After all he's done for you that's all your going to give him!?!" she asked, not buying it.

    "Yep." you said, running into the kitchen glad there's more people there so she can't talk to you anymore. You saw Harry immediately, "Happy Birthday Harry!" you said cheerfully, sitting next to him. Ally sat on your other side, nudging you all the way through breakfast, which was scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and orange juice.

    "So, what did you guys get me for my birthday?" he asked looking at everyone.

    Ally, being the know-it-all that she is, piped up,"Emma's giving you a k..." at that you slapped your hand over her mouth and gave her a death glare. She just smiled sheepishly and bit your hand.

    "Ow!!! ALLY!!" you yelled at her. She continued eating and when she went to take a drink, you used your powers and make the orange juice jump into her face. Everyone tried to stifle a laugh as Ally poured your juice on your head. 

    At this Harry burst out laughing,"This is going to be the best birthday ever!" You gave him a fake death glare and make a sudden gust of air blow through the window and push his head into his plate.

    "Yeah and the most fun for me." you said, running out of the kitchen. He got up and ran after you. He caught you finally and pinned you on the floor. He started tickling you and you started laughing.

    "You surrender yet Emma?" he asked.

    "Never." you said through tears. You thought quickly of a way to get him off you. You pretended to have a vision and just lay there with your eyes closed.

    "Emma?" he asked slightly worried, he got off of you. As soon as he did you jumped up and pinned him to the ground. He pushed you off of him easily, just like you were a fly.

    "You scared the pants off of me! I thought you were having a vision or something."

    "I knew you'd do that." you said, running into your bedroom and closing the door. You locked it and started to make Harry's card. When you were done you sealed some galleons in it and slipped a note in with the galleons that only he can see. The note said:

    Meet me in the backyard for your real present at sunset.
    PS- only you can read this.

    You went downstairs and set the card on his stack of presents and went to sit down next to Harry for dinner. He motioned his head toward the stack and looks at quizzically. His look said 'now I wonder what that could be.' You looked at him and whispered in his ear, "Your just going to have to wait and see." 

    * * * * * * * * * *

    After dinner Harry opened everyone's gifts. Hermione got him a quiddich handbook. Ron got him his own wizard's chess set. When he came to your card he ripped open the envelope and took out the galleons and the note he read it and smiled at you. "Thanks," he said, winking in only a way you could understand. 

    * * * * * * * * * *

    At sunset you rushed out into the backyard and saw Harry waiting for you, sitting a bench in the garden. When he saw you he smiled, "So what's my present?" he asked.

    You sat down next to him and smiled, "Well, you are impatient aren't you?" you said teasingly. "You remember the night I had the Death Vision?" you asked him.

    He stiffened up, "Yeah."

    "And before it you asked me what the love was actually for?"

    "Yeah" he said.

    You suddenly got butterflies in your stomach and thought about not telling him after all, "I think it's time you knew who the love was for," you told him, looking up from your hands into his eyes. "It was and still is for... yo-you."

    He looked into your eyes, "This is the best birthday present ever."

    "Why?" you asked.

    "Because I love you too." He looked at you kindly. He touched your cheek. You moved closer to him. Your face was inches from his.

    "Happy Birthday Harry." you whispered as you kissed him softly. You felt all your worries slip away as Harry wrapped his arms around you and kissed you back. You heard someone walk outside,squeal, and run back into the house. By the sound of the squeal you knew it was Hermione. You and Harry ignored her. You wrapped your arms around his neck and continued to kiss him.

    Soon Harry pulled away, "Thanks Emma. That was the best birthday present ever."

    You kissed him softly again, "Your welcome Harry."

    He stood up and with your fingers entwined with his you walked back into the house. You heard Hermione squeal at seeing you, "See I told you!"

    "I knew it! I knew it every since the first night here!" you heard Ally exclaim. You turned bright red and bury you face in Harry's shoulder.

    Ron walked over to Harry and hit him on the back. "You finally kissed then?"

    It was his turn to turn red, so you answered for him, "Actually it was his birthday present." you said, leaning you head on his shoulder and looking up at him. He looked down at you thankfully. You walked into the living room with him and sat down on the couch. 

    A/N Yes I know huge cliffhanger! But it was good and at least I didn't cut it off until after the kiss. This one was three chapters combined just so I could make it longer... and I needed something else to do on the computer so... here you go! I would REALLY  love it if reviews were 5 words or more. Please just a sentence or two of what you think of the story maybe?

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