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Part One

(Sariah’s POV-)

I showed up for my detention five minutes late. Great, Mc Gonagal will kill me, I am so dead. I thought as I went in. When I got in, Black and Potter were already there. Black was wearing his idiotic smirk, while Potter was running his fingers through his hair. Mc Gonagal was standing by her desk wearing a very stern face.

“Now that Miss Kent has finally graced us with her presence, you three can do your detention. You have three things to do tonight. First you are to go into the library and pick up and put back any stray books. Then, you are to clean the tables in the Great Hall, Slytherin’s table has already been cleaned and put away,” Mc Gonagal said sternly, looking specifically at Black, “and last, you have to go with Hagrid to collect toadspawn and lacewing flies. All of you will be doing it together.”

Panic rose inside of me. “Professor, do we have to go inside the forest? The full moon is near!” I asked, almost hysterically. I could not go into the forest after the episode with the centaur. They’ll kill me!!

Of course Mc Gonagal said no, so I was stuck. The only chance I had of escaping was if I sent my angel being to the forest to tell them specifically not to come anywhere near. But I would have to hide in a corner somewhere, oh well, better than them discovering me. Damn those centaurs!

Sirius was far ahead, and James and I were a little bit far behind.

“Sare, do you think Lily really does hate me?” Just then I had a brilliant idea.

The next day, I went with Lily over to the Black Lake she said she wanted to observe the Sea Brass Cucumber or something or other, but when we got to a remote section of the lake, I figured it wasn’t for plant watching.

(Lily’s POV-)

“So, how was your detention last night?’ I asked.

“Oh, not bad. A bit uneventful, but not bad.”

“So guess what?”


“Amos Diggory asked me out.” That was unexpected. Plan Change.

Part Two

Remus's POV-

“Alright, so it has occurred to me that the Halloween Ball is only a week away, and neither of you know how to dance.”

Sare was talking to Lily and James, her “students”. Lily, well, if looks could kill, Sare would be six feet under, however James looked like he had just won the lottery.

“So for tonight, and Friday night, you two will meet me here at exactly eight o’clock for your lessons-“

“But Sare, Friday I have a Slug Club meeting!”

“Now you don’t. I talked to Slughorn and he said that he would be delighted to excuse you for that night.” Lily shot Sariah a death wish look.

“So, enough chit-chat, lets get started! Alright, I want you two to come together.” James went close while Lily pulled away. Sare rolled her eyes and brought out a magazine. She stuck it between them and said, “Don’t let the magazine fall. And, one two three, one two three, no Lily, James is leading, you follow.”

The two slowly started to move to the rhythm. James slowly spun Lily around twice, and dipped her back. They continued this until James picked Lily up in the air.

Sirius’s POV-

I stared, watching Sare. She is so beautiful, and the things she does are beautiful. Why doesn’t she like me?

“I’m feeling a little dizzy,” Lily said. James stopped, holding Lily close. “Maybe we should stop.”

“We have stopped,” Lily pointed out.

Don’t know, where you are
Wish I just could be near you
I would sell oceans
To get a glimpse of how you feel

I wanted to dance with her more than anything. I stepped forward.

Sariah’s POV-

“Do you want to dance?” Sirius asked me.

I wanted to, but I shook my head no.

James and Lily were getting closer and closer until………
Lily’s POV-

James leaned in, getting closer and closer until his lips met mine. They were soft, welcoming. He grabbed the small of my back, while I ran a hand though his hair. He put his tongue in my mouth. I basked for a while in the sheer pleasure of his touch. Slowly, we came up for air. I heard Sariah whistle, but I didn’t care. A voice inside my head finally said, LILY, THIS IS JAMES POTTER! YOU KNOW, THE STUPID, ARROGANT, PIG-HEADED ARSE?, and I broke away.

James’s POV-

I thought things were going smoothly until Lily broke away. I looked at her, and could tell that she was scared, so I just let her go. I turned to Sirius.

“Night, Padfoot,” I said. Sariah ran upstairs without a word, so Sirius and I went upstairs.

Sariah’s POV-

I ran upstairs after Lily. I found her sobbing on her bed, came over, and rubbed her back.

“I AM SO STUPID!” she wailed.

“No, just stubborn. What happened?” I asked, already knowing.

“I-I-I wanted to stay like that, but I didn’t want to! Ohh, why me? Damn Potter-“

“Uh, don’t blame James for this, Lily. It’s your fault that you broke away. I just have to ask you this, and I want you to tell me the truth- Do you like James?” Sariah looked straight into her eyes. Lily sighed.

“I wish I could, Sare, it’s just-“

“Just what?” I asked. She knew, since I was an Angel, that she couldn’t lie in front of me. She gathered her words, and then spoke.

“I wish that I could say it and show it, but you know James. To him, girls are just objects where you can get one things out of: sex, and maybe a little cash. I don’t want to be another sex object. I know he will hurt me, I know it. He’ll think that he finally got what he wanted, that it’s true, that all girls will come falling at his feet. I know he’ll think that, and then use me. I just don’t want to be like that.” Lily said. I wrapped her in a tight hug, and she sobbed on my shoulder.

James’s POV-

Oh, Lily, if only you knew. It’s not true, not at all. I trudged up to the boy’s dorm and slumped into bed.

I saw Sirius sitting upright, studying the Map.

“What are you thinking, Sirius?” I asked.

“Nothing, just reading. Oh, Malfoy and Dear Narcissa are going into the snogging corner again. And Lily and Sariah are sneaking out of the castle?!” Sirius jumped out of bed and put on his robe and shoes. I followed suit, careful not to wake Remus or Peter, and snuck quietly out of the Common Room. We slipped on the invisibility cloak, and went quickly past corridors.

“No, Angel Warriors only transform during the new and full moons!” I heard a voice say.

“Well, how are we going to get her weakened?” another asked. The other person held up something.

“If this comes in contact with her, she will be weakened,” he said.

“What does the Dark Lord want with her anyway?” the other person asked.

“The Dark Lord wants as many magical creatures on his side as possible. The Clan of the Maarid is the strongest and the oldest clan of all the Angel Warriors. If we get their power on our side, chances are good that the other Clans will follow their example. Rumor has it that one of them is here at Hogwarts. The Dark Lord specifically told me to bring her to him,” the other person said. I saw two figures leave the room, and head toward the statue of Gregory the Smarmy. I turned to Sirius.

“We’ve got to do something,” Sirius said.

“But what?” I said.

“I dunno something! First, we got to find Lily and Kent,” Sirius said.

Sare’s POV-

Lily showed me a passage that only she and one other girl use for Prefect duty. When I finally saw the moon light, we were in the Dark Forest. We both climbed out.

“Lily, will you please tell me where we’re going?” I asked.
“Hold on, we’re almost there,” Lily said. She stopped, took a sudden turn to the left and ran almost as fast as I could fly. And, mind you, that was pretty fast. I followed her, yelling at her to slow down. When she finally stopped, we were by the Black Lake. She sat down, and I sat down by her.

“Lily, what if we get caught?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, we won’t- oh hold on,” Lily said, as she brought out her wand. She brought it to my head, and said Undectectabalus!

“Uh, what was that for?” I asked.

“So that we wouldn’t appear on Potter’s map,” Lily said with a smirk.

“So, why are we out here?” I asked. Lily stood up, and started to walk around, and I followed suit.

“I want you to tell me everything about- well, Angel Warriors,” Lily said.

I sighed.

“Well, there’s a lot. What exactly do you want to know?” I asked her, and meant it. From phases, to initiation, to oaths, to clans, and everything else, there was a lot.

“Let’s start with the basic who, what, where, when, why, and how?” Lily suggested.

“Okay, that makes it brief. (Sarcasm). Well, Angel Warriors are the oldest creatures known beyond dragons and werewolves. We, like the werewolf are normal human beings, but during the new, and the full moon, we transform into this-”

I stopped, an transformed into my Angel form. It took about two minutes to fully transform. This time, since it wasn’t the real transformation, I looked a bit different. My hair was still blue and silver, but my skin was a pale blue. My eyes, according to Lily, were bright green, also, instead of the icy blue it should’ve been.

“Wow,” Lily breathed, “you look so different.”

“Yeah, I know. This is what my clan looks like,” I said.

“What do you mean, your clan?” Lily asked.

“Well, there are four Warrior Clans- my clan, the Maarid, the Sheikhnaal, the Kords, and the Il-Khata,” I explained, “we, the Maarid, along with the Ilfriit, are the oldest Warrior clans. The Sheikhnaal and Kords grew out of us.”

“So what do the other clans look like?” Lily asked.

“The Sheikhnaal have brown and white hair, and white skin. The Kords have dark purple and silver hair, and the Ilfriit have dark red hair, white skin, and always, human or Angel, carry a small dagger. The Kords carry a spear, and the Sheiknaal carry a long pole. We Maarid carry a sword, and a bow and arrow, because we do the most fighting.”

“What do the other tribes do?” Lily asked.

“The Ilfriit are known for their tricks on Muggles, the Kords are good with plants, so you can obviously tell that I am not one of the Kords. The Sheikhnaal, I think are good with like, telling the future, and can pick up languages really quickly, oh, duh, and they’re also good with Arithmancy. We Maarid are good with Potions, charms, and ancient runes. All of the clans are good with divination, and some are good with Transfiguration. Like my uncle, for instance, he can transform so easily, he can do it on command, and caught off guard. But his wife, who’s a Sheikhnaal, can’t transform to save her life, only on the new and full moons.”

“Okay, so tell me what could happen before and after you transform,” Lily said.

“Before I transform, I could do anything from have a premonition of something, to simple mood swings, to start talking in the Ancient Language. If the transformation will be really bad, I could get something called Kaasha-liyarsi (ka- ah-shash- lee- yar-see), where my wings will start to sprout, and it could become really obvious that I’m what I am. After is a different story, I could be tired, or have major surges of power. Usually the aftereffects just come down to tiredness after a few transformations,” I explained. I could tell that not a single word was registering in Lily’s head, so I said, “ You know what? The next moon is in two weeks. Come with me this time.” Her eyes went wide, “But Sare, I thought it was against the rules?”

“Only for the first couple of transformations. As long as I write my uncle and mom, it’s fine. You just can’t come with me during the full moons, unless I give you some magic, which I really don’t want to do.”

“Why can’t I come with you on full moons?” Lily asked. I looked her straight in the eye.

“Lily, someone in Hogwarts is a werewolf, and I think it’s one of the Marauders.”

ooh, scandalous! i love that word. hey if things are still really fuzzy, or you're confuzzled (love that word too), give me a shout out.
but if there are only few loose ends that need tying up, don't worry, that is planned. cause hey, that's what makes stories, right?

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