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Remus avoided the others come the following morning. He awoke early, taking a walk around the castle, in the hopes of clearing his mind. However, when that produced no result, and his jealousy and anger from the previous night continued to thrive, he sought refuge in the most calming of places; the library.

There he could be almost alone. Nobody really bothered anybody else when in the library. Remus could stay there for hours, getting lost in a book, leaving his earthbound burdens behind him. And so he did. He snatched a book off the shelf, a known favorite, and slumped down in a secluded armchair. Most conveniently, it happened to be a morning where he had no classes.

As the hours waned, his set expression relaxed. His fair hair fell gracefully in his eyes as his posture fell into an elegant lounging position. He was finally at ease, lost in another universe, full of people who wouldn’t judge him for what he was, or leave him out. Characters in books never care what kind of mood you were in, or whether or not you were a werewolf. They are always there to cheer you up, even in the darkest of days.

Near the middle of his book, Remus came back to earth very suddenly, although he had just awoken from a dream. It took it a moment to realize what had brought him out of his trance, until he got the particular feeling that he was being watched. He jerked up, immediately spotting his observer. It was a girl; fairly pretty, blonde hair, who was sitting at the table opposite him. She had a book open in front of her, but her eyes were fixated on Remus as she absentmindedly twirled her quill through her fingers. When she noticed his eyes had met hers, she blushed, giving him a small smile, and she shyly looked back down to the table.

Remus, in all his curiosity, merely continued to look at her with interest. She clearly was aware that his eyes had not yet left her, so she looked up at him once more, still smiling warmly. After a moment, she sat up straighter and patted the seat next to her, inviting him to join her.

At first he hesitated, but then shrugged and strolled over.

“Hi.” He whispered. “I’m Remus.” Graciously, he offered his hand.

The girl accepted it, touched by his gentlemanliness. “Hello. I’m Alina. Alina Allen.”

“I don’t think we’ve ever met before. What house are you in?” Remus asked.

“I’m a Ravenclaw. You’re Gryffindor. Everyone knows that.” Alina replied.

Remus looked taken aback. “Everyone knows that? How so?”

“You’re friends with the two most popular people on the face of the planet. What do you expect? When you have two high-profile friends like Potter and Black, people just know things about you!” She laughed.

“I guess that’s true.” He smiled. He liked her laugh. It was light and cheery, and genuinely sincere. And her eyes…her eyes were so sparkly and blue…

At lunch time, Remus walked out of the library in a daze. He had just spent the morning in the presence of the most wonderful girl he had ever met. It was like he was on a cloud. Beaming, he began strutting down the corridor towards the Great Hall.

“Hey Remus! Hold up!” Alina stopped him.

“Hey!” He greeted her with a grin. There was just something about her, that whenever they met, Remus felt as though he was glowing from the inside out.

“I just wanted to catch you before you left, and ask, well…what are you doing next weekend? It’s a Hogsmeade one…”

“Oh, um, nothing! How about you?”

She shook her head. “Nothing!” she shrugged.

“Well then, maybe we should meet up?”

A huge smile of excitement spread across Alina’s face. “I’d like that! Let’s say, noon at the Three Broomsticks?”

Remus chuckled. “It’s a date!”

At that last word, Alina blushed and suppressed a small laugh. “Alright then. See you there!”

It was uncommon for anyone to see Remus swagger as cockily into the Great Hall as he did. Obviously, James and Sirius always walked like that, but Remus was the Marauder who wasn’t supposed to take on his friends’ self-satisfied natures.

His friends all gave him odd looks when he sat down at the table, grinning like a madman.

“What’s the matter with you?” Sirius asked rudely.

Remus looked undisturbed by Sirius’ boorishness, and simple answered politely, “I just had a good morning, that’s all.”

Unfortunately, not everyone at the table shared his good-spirits. James sat on the corner in a cold, stony silence, his face staring at his plate angrily as he forcefully stabbed his pork chops with his knife.

Sirius had a very glum expression. Since James was in such a foul mood, there wasn’t really anyone left to laugh or joke with.

Lily was all the way on the opposite end of the table, in an obvious effort to avoid James. She sat with determined composure, carrying out a forced conversation with Diana, who looked bored out of her mind.

The sour moods of his fellow Gryffindors did little to affect Remus’ good mood. In fact, he looked at it as an opportunity to snatch uninterrupted glances at the Ravenclaw table, and to reflect on the morning.

The remainder of the week flew by in a haze. Nothing of real significance happened, though if it did, it’s unlikely that Remus would have taken much notice of it.

In any case, Saturday finally arrived, and he awoke with immediate anticipation for the afternoon. He jumped out of bed, and began flying about the room in preparation.

“’Zat you Moony?” Sirius asked groggily. “What’re you doin’?” he yawned.

“I have to get ready to meet Alina.” Remus answered distractedly.

It took a moment for Sirius to process this information, but when he did, he woke up the rest of the dorm with his yell. “MOOONNNY!!!!”

Remus jumped. “OY! What the hell is your problem Padfoot?”

“Ugh! Shut it Black!” “Yeah, Pads, go back to sleep!” the cries from around the room came and went, as their owners drifted back to sleep.

Sirius’ eyes gleamed with excitement. “You never told us you had a date!” he bounced.

Remus rolled his eyes, but nonetheless sported a smile as big as Sirius’.

“Well?” Sirius pressed.

“Well what?”

“Well, who is it?? What’s she like?”

Remus bit his lip thoughtfully. “Well, her name is Alina, and she’s in Ravenclaw, the year below us, aand we met in the library last week.” He replied shrugging.

“Oooh!” Sirius gasped playfully raising his eyebrows. “Moony likey the younger ladies, eh? You’re such a player, Remmy, hooking up with chicks in the library?!? I always thought guys did that in bars and nightclubs! Shows how naive I am! So what pick-up line did you use? I don’t know any about books. Teach me! Teach me!”

“Shut up, Padfoot!” Remus laughed, pushing him away so he could access his trunk.

“Ergh! Such arrogance! I only want to learn from the biggest heartbreaker who ever set foot in Hogwarts! Geez!” Sirius teased. “Anyway, I’d better get the rest of these lugs up. James and I have big plans for Hogsmeade. Well, at least, I have big plans. James is being a party-pooper, aren’t you James?”

James threw his pillow at him. “I have a lot on my mind, asshole. Leave me alone!”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Like I said…a party-pooper.”

“That does present a problem. No one likes to party as much as you Padfoot.”

“Pssht! Seriously! Anyway Moony, you’d better go get some breakfast. We’ll meet you down there in a couple minutes.

A/N: cute cute cute! I had to do something nice for Remus, since I’ve been hard on him in this story. *shifts uneasily in chair* I’m not guaranteeing that it will last forever though… 

So, I have a proposition for you. First person who guesses the meaning of the title for this chapter gets something from me. Anything, your choice! (anything, of course, that I can provide for you over the internet. Ex: if you want, like, the next chapter before it comes out, or (for some strange reason) you want a graphic displaying your superiority by making the winning guess…what have you. So that means I won’t kill myself, or lock your little brother in the closet, or do your math homework, or clean your room, or sue your mom… if you ask for something outrageous, guess what? You won’t get it.)

Mmk, so let me hear your ideas! If nobody gets it before I update the next chapter, I’ll just tell you, because it’s kind of random and obscure and only the chapter name because I could think of nothing better, with an uncreative mind like my own. And I digress. Peace out. 

Whoa. Hold up: here's a hint for ya. It means Always Always Review! *not* but it should. okay, now i really digress. seriously dude, i need to make these author notes shorter. i doubt anyone reads these any more, i ramble so much in them...

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