"alexis, i have been thinking about your current education problem," lucius said as alex entered his office. "and have decided that you will attend Hogwarts with your brother, Beauxbatons was never the best place to be educated. What house would you like to be in?"

alex was shocked by the question, she had wanted to go to hogwarts just to be in the house with her favoriate colour, green. "slytherin, the green team," 

lucius smiled. it was not happy, nor sarcastic, alex recognised this as his smile of pride.

"umm... farther can i go get ready for katelyns' party now?" she asked looking hopeful.

lucius nodded. "draco will be taking you. owl us if you are staying longer than three o'clock in the morning."

alex nodded politely before running to her bed room.

"hey, where are you going so fast?" draco asked her in the hallway that lead to both of thier bedrooms. 

"well, let me think, duh- the party! i need to go get ready, i'm helping out when i get there,"

"ookay, well have fun planning an outfit,"

"already got one planned... YOU ARE A GUENIUS!" alex suddenly had a plan

"i know, but why?" he said following alex, to where she was pulling him. 

"your a guy!"  alex opened her bedroom door and let go of dracos arm. 


"and so you can tell me how my outfit looks!"

draco rolled his eyes and sat on her bed. "fine then,"

alex was already at the bathroom door "just be a minute then" 

while she was getting changed draco looked at the cd's that were scattered on her bed. "alex, most of this stuff is muggle,"

"i know, it's good though, way better than 'the dark wands' or whatever that stuff is that you listen to,"

"oh so 'my chemical romance' is better than my music?"

"yes my dear brother, and the reasons for this is i have a sence of taste,"

"realy? well how come i haven't heard of 'hillary duff' or 'evanescence'?"

alex stepped out of the bathroom wearing her favourite black jeans that hugged her hips. a pale green strap top that she had bought and altered so that her bellybutton was exposed and could show off her silver belly bar with a snake that rested on her flat stomach. on top of this she had a loose dark green silk shirt that she had left open, like a jacket. this showed off her elegant figure without exposeing it. 

draco stood and walked to alexs' walk in wardrobe. "why don't you wear these instead?" he held up a different pair of jeans, and a jumper that was about two sizes to big for her. 

"nope, i like these, can we go now?"

"sure, just send an owl if you need anything okay?"

"yuh-huh, what's hogwarts like?"

this was the main topic of conversation as they walked out of malfoy mannor and to the car draco had recived for his birthday.

"draco, how come you can drive but you're not ment to take the driving test untill you're at least seventeen?"

"because," he said turning on the engine "we are not mudbloods"


"ALEX!!!!" a young girl with short black hair and a distinctive french acsent ran over and hugged alex. "where 'ave you been all soumer? we 'ave missed you!" (ok, just so you know i an NOT takeing the mick, this is how she sounds, and wouldn't take the mick anyway! keep reading) 

"hi mel! missed you guys too, where's katelyn?" alex higged her best friend back. 

"she iz out in ze kitchen, i fink you should go andz rescue her beforez she setz it on fiere!"

"ok d-... draco?" alex looked around to see katelyns older sister talking to him flirtatiously. alex rolled her eyes and walked to the kitchen. 

"hello?" she called out not wanting to disturb something

"ALEX!!!!!" a girl her own age waved franticly at her. "oh pleaze help me! i'm running outz of time!" her voice held a slight acsent as she said certain words, this was because she was a quarter french and had been around the french school.

"okay, what can i do to help?" alex took off her silk shirt so that it ouldn't get dirty.


everyone who had been invited had turned up. katelyn had sent invitations to  allmost everyone in their year, and afew from the year above and bellow to keep her two sisters happy. 

alex was helping out aswell as haveing fun. allthough the parfaitsang family were as ritch as the malfoys all of the five girls and three boys had had to do chores and help each other and the five house elves that lived in their home. alex would also join in volintarily. at home she didn't have to do any thing and this sometimes bored her. she had begged her father not to take care of her animals all the time, and he had agreed but this was more like a hobby for her than a chore.

mel walked over to alex, as she was getting a handful of crisps, she was laughing quietly. "your brover is a good danzer, and very hot!" alex just rolled her eyes and laughed with her friend.

"i guess there will be a draco malfoy fan club starting up then." alex said, watching the crowd of girls surounding her brother.

"how iz your school hunt gowing?" mel asked grabbing a bottle of french mineral water.

"i'll be going to hogwarts, trancfering. will you guys owl me?" 

"ov corse! how could zwe not?!" 


by the time the party had ended alex was completely exausted. mel and katelyn had dragged her to the area set out for danceing so many times that she was sure that she would have blisters on her feet. 

it was also getting close to three in the morning and alex had decided to rescue her brother before the girls managed to get him to trancfer to Beauxbatons for his last year of school. 

alex was walking over to draco when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder and wisper into her ear "i do hope zat you are not joining ze fan club too?" 

"Luc!" she turnned around quickly and came face to face with the tall handsome boy that now stood infront of her "why would i need to join my brothers fan club?"

luc (prnounced luke) smiled "zat iz good, i would not want to fight him, zough i would win." he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lips lightly. 

alex stood on tip-toes to even the hight difference, she was five foot five inches and he was six foot when he slouched. 

they were just about to kiss again when someone coughed to let them know he was there. "come on alex we're leaving," draco said in a very annoyed tone.

alex sighed "i have to go then, owl me?"

luc nodded and kissed her cheek. "good night alex." he steped away anD apperated back to his own house in paris. 

"wait! wait! i have a prezzie for alex."  alex took the bag and looked inside. inside was two other bags. one filled with chocolate and sweets the other had a hat in alexs favorite style and colour (green) with a matching scarf that was six foot long. 

"oh i love you guys!" she wrapped both her friends in a huge hug which they both returned.

"iv you don't owl uz we will hex you!" mel said trying to keep back tears

"same!"  alex smiled, she would still have someone to talk to when she trancfered. 

(a/n ok how do you like? i changed the names of the characters round a bit. please let me know what you think, and does anyone know how to make a banner? if you can then please tell me on hidden-angel-within@hotmail.co.uk thanks!!!! any sugestions are welcomed!!! )  

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