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Nothing is what I own. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 23: Manhunt Harry did not even change out of his boxers and T-shirt before leaving. Harry strode purposely down to the Great Hall. From the smile on his face, his friends would have thought he had heard a rather funny joke. But, if they looked into his eyes, they would have realized something was very wrong. They were nothing but pupils. And before the eyes of everyone in the Great Hall, the pupils began to disappear as well. He reached Seamus with all intents of killing the boy. “Seamus,” he hissed. Seamus turned and looked into the blank eyes of Harry. Seamus was speechless as Harry hissed, “Why did you tell Skeeter of the prophecy?” Seamus finally managed to stammer, “B…Bec…Because I thought that you would want everyone to…to know.” “If that was the case, then I could have told her myself, could I not?” Harry asked. “I…I never thought of it like that,” Seamus admitted. “Well, look at the bright side,” said Harry. “It’s your last mistake.” Harry watched with glee as confusion changed to understanding, which changed to rage, which changed to fear, which changed to panic. But, before Harry could fulfill his threat, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Who would dare interrupt him? He turned to look into the eyes of Ginny. “Harry,” she said softly. “Don’t do it. You’re not a killer.” Harry felt the anger begin to fade, but it was fighting. It would not go without a fight. He was struggling to lower his hand. His happiness, love, and all other good feelings were struggling to lower his hand. His hatred, anger, and other evil emotions tried to finish what he had begun. “Please, Harry, for my love of you and your love of me, don’t do this,” continued Ginny. With these words, Harry felt the anger recede completely into the dark recesses of his mind but still there, waiting to emerge some other time. Harry gazed at Ginny before saying in a low voice heard only by her, “The cause of all this hatred must go. The beginning of the end is today.” With that, Harry strode off to the dormitory. He cast a locking charm on the door behind him. But he did not change or do his schoolwork. He wrote one very short letter. Dear Ginny, I know you will understand where I have gone and what I must do. But please, help Ron, Hermione, and any body else to understand. I will return. Love, Harry Then, he began to think. If I were Voldemort, where would I be? Somewhere secret, somewhere heavily protected. No, not secret. Somewhere obvious, where no one would think to look. Who could set that up? Snape. Why not at Snape’s house? No one would think to look for Voldemort at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. But what about Moody’s eye? Can’t it see through everything? But surely there is some way to stop it. Well, it’s a place to start. And with that, Harry grabbed his Firebolt and flew into the Forbidden Forest. He hid the broom just inside the forest, then whistled. Soon, a thestral made its way toward him. Harry talked soothingly to it as he climbed on to the animal’s back. “Take me to Snape’s house,” he whispered in its ear. And with that, the animal took off, leaving Hogwarts behind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Man, three posts in one day. I must be getting soft in my old age, or sleep deprivation, or whatever is causing this. Anywho, this is five minutes after the last one, so still no reviews. So, please review. It makes the posts consist of more chapters. I get many reviews, you get many chapters. OK, well, I’m off to sleep. After all, it is almost one in the morning, and I have school tomorrow. So, until next time, everyone.

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