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Disclaimer: I do not own anything excluding the plot.

Chapter 3: I hate that you get away with anything. 

                                                         Ten things I Hate 
                                                             James Potter 

                                              1. I hate that you bully Snape 
                                        2. I hate that you get away with anything 

James looked at me amused as I finished writing number two. I cocked my eyebrow at him. It was true he did get away with anything. “Oh, you are such a liar”

I narrowed my eyes. I know he did not call me, Lily Evans, a liar. I do not lie.

I grabbed his collar and, ignoring his yells (“Gosh, Evans, didn’t know you liked it rough”) I looked him straight in the eye and said, menacingly, “Don’t you ever call me a liar or I’ll make you wish that you never even heard of Lily Maria Evans. Do you understand?” I finished tightening my grip on his collar

He widened his eyes in fear before he nodded his head vigorously. I smirked as I let him go and said, “Good, now lets get started”

He stared at me for a moment before he said, “My Merlin, Evans, what got your knickers in a twist”

I glared at him as I said, “You, Potter, you”

I shook my head as I saw what the Marauders (actually what Potter did) did to the halls.

I just cannot believe that they blew up the toilets. How disgusting and vile. Ugh...they call this humor…yeah right.

“Potter” McGonagall, her lips thin as she struggled to stay up right as she slide down the hall

“What have you done?” She screeched as she neared Potter. I watched the scene with triumphant. Finally, Potter will get some punishment. Justice has arrived.

“Nothing” He said, simply, trying to look innocent

“Nothing? This is something!” McGonagall screamed her arms waving wildly for emphasis. Show him whose boss, McGonagall.

“Professor, I’m sorry for the mishap. It was a mistake and I have seen the errors of my ways” Potter started his hands folded and he looking at the floor clearly ashamed. You have to be kidding me. “I promise to clean it all up…Minnie” Potter finished his head still bowed

McGonagall surely is not going to believe this…this…charade.

“What are you waiting for, Mr. Potter? Begin” She said before she turned around and began walking toward the Entrance Hall. 

“Ah, yes,” Potter said, with a dreamy look on his face, “The Toilet Project number II.”

I stared at him for a moment before I shook my head and muttered, “I don’t even want to know what the Toilet Project number I is.”

I sniggered as I watch the Marauders spotted Dumbledore walking toward them. Now, they were in for it finally…justice.

I watched smirking as Black hurriedly shooed the people who had gathered to watch James try to hit Snape with a knife. 

I folded my arms and watched as Dumbledore looked around the scenery before he turned to the Marauders. “Did you do this?” 

Potter melodramatically clutched his chest. “I am insulted. Nay, wounded. That hurts.” 

“Ow,” Black added mournfully. I rolled my eyes at them; they acted as if they were innocent. 

Dumbledore smiled before he flicked his wand and Snape fell to the ground with a thump. He then turned around and walked back to the castle but he called back, 

“Detention, Mr. Black and Mr. Potter” 

I shook my head sadly. If only he turned back around and saw the high fives and cheers the Marauders were doing now. Maybe, just maybe, he would have made them have detention with Filch…pity. 

“I’m not done,” I snapped as I finished and saw that James was about to say something. Good Merlin does this gnat know not to open his mouth. 

“At-tention people” I watched with raised eyebrow as three drunken Marauders got on top of the table. We just won the Quiddicth match and we are…celebrating. Merlin, where’s a teacher when you need one. I watch as poor Peter fell to the ground unconscious. 

“You see, everyone,” Black started with exaggerated solemnity, “James here…is like an acorn...” He trailed off as he started giggling. Okay, Black, is defiantly drunk. What he said next confirmed it. 

“I am proud to say that my passing out will be less girly than Peter’s” Before he toppled of the table and fell to the ground unconscious. 

Remus smiled broadly at the people around him before he said ('Please don’t be drunk’ I thought) “Me…I’m…Remus…J….something” He giggled before he continued, “I’m smart” 

I groaned putting my head in my hands. Why did they have to put Lupin, the reasonable, in this? WHY?! Merlin, please tell me why. 

“What is going on here?” McGonagall said as she entered the room. Finally, some authority. 

“McGoogles, my love!” Potter (the only standing Marauder left) cried, “Have you been besmirching my good name to this impressionable youth?” 

“Mr. Potter, are you drunk?” McGonagall asked as she neared him. No shit Sherlock. 

“Yes, he is, Professor” I piped up 

McGonagall turned to me and, her lips thin even more as she said, “I would have expected more of you, Ms. Evans, letting your fellow classmates get drunk. Shame” 

I gaped at her. I did not do anything but I was the one who was being reprimanded. Oh, Potter is soooo dead. 

Potter laughed as I finished the memory. I glared at him and said, “That isn’t funny” 

“Whatever you say, Evans,” Potter said catching his breath. I could not help but smile slightly…it was somewhat funny when you thought about it. Maybe, just maybe, Potter might be an okay person. 

End of Chapter 

A/n: So, what did you think? Sorry it took so long to update but my teacher stole my notebook with all my stories (she is very evil! You can ask Queen Starla_weird93) and will not give it back to me. Therefore, now I have to write all my stories over and post them. So that’ll take a while. 

Thankx for all of the reviews! You guys rock! 

Next chapter will be up soon! (In other words by May 16 or 19) 

Love you,

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