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Lily and James exited the room of requirement, Lily walking at an odd angle because she was supporting James’ weight. As they edged down the corridor, James turned to Lily with a smirk on his face.

“You know Evans, I could totally have taken you back there. It was my sheer good manners that stopped me from winning that duel!”

Lily stopped dead, threw off the arm James had curled round her shoulders to stop him from falling over, and looked at him with a mixture of surprise and anger on her face.

“How dare you!” she screamed at him as he fell backwards and tried to regain his balance. “I won the duel FAIR AND SQUARE! You did not LET me win!”

James, who had managed to steady himself by grabbing onto a suit of armour merely grinned.

“Aw Evans! Looks like I’ve struck a nerve huh?! Can’t accept my utter brilliance, no?”

Lily glared at him, breathing hard, nostrils flared.

“James Potter you are an arrogant BEAST!”

James winked at her, “Well, the beast part is certainly true…!”

Lily reddened as she realised what he was suggesting.

James laughed at the look on her face, but instantly regretted it when she pulled out her wand and pointed it towards him.


 “Woah, Evans!” he said, hands in the air, backing up against a wall. “No need to involve wands. Come on, the poor man’s already injured, it’s not really fair to take advantage is it? Although, I wouldn’t say no if you tried to take advantage in another way…”


Lily’s lip curled as she lowered her wand, staring at him intently.

 “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” she asked, narrowing her eyes at him.


James straightened up and looked her in the eye.


“You know it’s true,” he said sincerely. “Why won’t you just give me a chance?”

 Lily laughed humourlessly, but couldn’t help noticing the look of pleading on his face. Deciding that James Potter really deserved a WIZARD, she answered, a look of loathing plastered all over her pretty face.


“Why won’t I go out with you?” she repeated. “You r-eally can’t think why? Ok, I’ll give you a list.”

She cleared her throat for maximum effect and continued, “You are UNBELIEVABLY arrogant, you mess up your hair CONSTANTLY, you jinx ANYBODY you want to just because you can, you think ONLY of yourself, you’re really handsome, and you’re head boy!”

James raised his eyebrows.


“That’s it? That’s why you don’t like me?”

Lily spluttered with indignation.

“’That’s it?! That’s IT!?!” she repeated incredulously. “What could POSSIBLY be worse than that?!”


“Well,” said James slowly, “I’m sure I could come up with a whole bunch of things that are ‘worse than that’, but first of all, I think I should be able to defend myself, so here goes: You say I’m ‘unbelievably arrogant’. Well yes, I was in fifth year, but perhaps, if you’d actually paid me any unbiased attention, you would have noticed that midway through sixth year, I realised just how conceited I was and sought to change my ways. I now know that I am in no way ‘better’ than anyone else. Except maybe Snape,” he added as an afterthought.


Lily rolled her eyes.

“Two,” James went on, “I mess up my hair – so what? It’s a habit! I know for a fact you bite your nails!”

Lily glared at him, and glanced down at her gnawed-upon nails.


“Three,” James said, “I don’t jinx just ‘anyone’ anymore – that comes with the ‘realising that I am in no way better than anyone else’ part. I will only jinx someone if they have done something to offend, hurt, or embarrass me or anyone that I care about. Four, I am aghast at the thought of you thinking that I care only about myself – that is completely untrue! Whenever Padfoot gets given a detention, I always make sure I get given one too, so that he doesn’t get bored and lonely carrying out whatever punishment he’s been dealt on his own!”

Lily couldn’t help but smile slightly at this, but tried her best to cover it with a look of pure loathing.

 “Fifth,” James continued, “It’s a crime to be handsome? Because I personally have never looked on it as being a curse, but please, do enlighten me as to what the problem is there.”


Glowering at him, she said acidly, “I have no problem with good-looking people. It’s just that, because you are good looking, girls fawn all over you and believe that you’re the best thing in the world, when you’re really, really not!”

James’ eyes widened.


“You jealous?” he asked hopefully.


"You wish," replied Lily cooly.


“Damn,” James said with a wink. “And last but not least, me being head boy is also a bad thing for me to be in the world of Evans– why’s that? Surely being head boy shows maturity, right?”


“It does,” Lily scowled at him. "But it also means I have to spend a lot of time with you, which is not something that I enjoy doing, and likens to having to wash my hands in undiluted Bubotuber pus.”


James sucked in his breath, “So, despite my pretty good come-backs to all the things you don’t like about me, you still despise the ground I walk on?”


“Precisely,” replied Lily sweetly.

“Well then, aren’t you the one being immature this time?”

Lily opened her mouth in surprise.


“W-what?!” she stammered.

“Well,” James said pleasantly, “Surely a girl of your age and ranking should let live and let die old prejudices. I’ve changed Evans – why won’t you let yourself see that?”

“Because,” Lily said with as much conviction as she could muster in her present state of shock, “I don’t want to.”


“But why not?!” asked James earnestly.

“Because…because…well, it’s none of your business why!”

James grinned mischievously.


“It’s because you fancy me, isn’t it Evans?”




“It is!”


“Is not!”


“Is too!”


“Is NOT!”


“Is too-oo!” James sang.


“It is n- oh shut up James, this is ridiculous!”


“HA!” James cried triumphantly. “You called me by first name – you so fancy me!”


Lily screamed in frustration.


“I DO NOT!!”
And with that she pushed James, who had been circling her with taunts of ‘you fancy me!’, out of her way and ran to the end of the corridor and all the way back to Gryffindor tower.


“Bye Evans!” Called James, from his sprawled position on the floor, “See you at breakfast – I’ll be waiting!”


He heard Lily shriek, “SHUT UP POTTER!” and laughed.


Lily Evans would soon come to realise the error of her ways, and would suddenly find enlightenment in the way of James Potter. And when she did, James would be waiting.



A slightly more humorous second chapter, with only minimal violence this time:P
Hope you enjoyed it

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