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Chapter 15 – Em-bare-arse-ment Harry was awoken Saturday morning by Ron who was smiling broadly. “Enjoy yourself last night, Harry?” he asked with a chuckle. “Ugh, what time is it?” asked Harry, groggily. “It’s after 11:00.” Ron said. “What happened? I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.” Harry sat up, putting a hand to his head. “Fire whiskey.” Ron stated. “Fred didn’t realize that you drank Ginny’s glass, as well as your own, before he gave you a refill.” “Ginny. Oh NO! What did I do?” asked Harry loudly, while moving to sit on the edge of his bed. “Not too sure. But she did say you were quite amusing.” Ron returned, still grinning. Harry gave a groan as he stood. “Oh, she did say that she was right. The frogs do bring out the color of your eyes.” Ron laughed. Harry instantly turned red as the memories flooded back to him, and he hung his head, seeing his frog boxers. He wasn’t ready to face Ginny after making a complete fool of himself. He got back in bed and pulled the covers over his head. “Don’t worry mate. It’s not that bad.” Ron said, trying to comfort his friend. “Not for you.” came Harry’s muffled response. “Aren’t you coming to lunch?” Ron asked as his stomach gave a rumble. “I’m not hungry.” Harry stated as he sank even lower into his bed. “Don’t let it get you down mate. I’ll see you later.” Ron said as he left Harry to brood. Harry lay there for awhile thinking. ‘How am I going to face her?’ It wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t remember, but unfortunately he did. ‘I told her that I liked her and then I OH NO I KISSED HER! What must she think of me?’ Harry thought. ‘Maybe I can pretend I don’t remember. It never happened. Yeah, that might work.’ He pushed the blankets from his head. “AHH.” Harry gave a startled yell. A spider was dangling in front of his face. ‘Wait a minute!’ he thought, as he reached over to grab his glasses. It wasn’t a spider! It was a small ‘M’ dangling on a very thin line from the canopy of his four poster. Harry quickly got out of bed and searched around it for any type of sign. He finally found a small ‘M’ on one of the posts near the top in one of the carved designs. Excited, Harry forgot all about his troubles and quickly left to get the others. He reached the ground floor in record time. “Feeling better, Harry?” Hermione greeted with a giggle. “I found something.” Harry panted from his race downstairs. “Well, must be important since you forgot to dress.” Ron smirked. Ginny also gave a giggle. Harry looked down at himself and fled back up the stairs. ‘I really have to pay more attention!’ he thought. The three followed him up the stairs, but at a slower pace, which gave Harry time to get dressed. “What did you find, Harry?” Hermione said as they came into the room. Harry tumbled onto his bed. “It’s gone!” “What’s gone?” Ginny asked. He told them about what happened and finished by pointing out the ‘M’ on the bedpost. He ran his finger over the ‘M’ and with a rumble, a circular staircase emerged from the ceiling. Hermione quickly grabbed some parchment and a quill. “Let’s go then.” she said as she headed up the stairs. The room was the same as the other two, except this time it had a stone pedestal in the middle, with four indentations shaped liked hands on its surface, with four different symbols in each that held a symbol of the four elements. Ron was the first to place his right hand in one of the indentations, the one with the symbol of Water. The others followed his move. Hermoine chose Air (being the intellect). Ginny chose Fire to suit her personality, and Harry chose Earth. In an instant, the pedestal began to glow, and a square in the center arose revealing a compartment which held a key. As before, a scroll appeared, unrolled and read: Once twice this makes three, Add another and all shall be. Humor and adventure be at thy heart. Pairs combined shall not part. Use this key but not by day. Loot to thy heart be it the way. M Hermione quickly jotted it down before the parchment burst into flames. Ginny reached out and took the key from its compartment and they went back up to Harry’s sitting room to discuss this latest riddle. “I think that it means that there will be one more before we find out what this is all about.” Ron said, proud of himself for figuring the first part out. “Now we just have to find where to use this key.” Ginny said, holding the key out to them. “Isn’t it pretty?” she said, earning a groan from Ron who took it from her. He examined it closely, fascinated by the heart-shaped stone that was set in the center. He noticed that the stone went all the way through the key and held it up to look through it. “AHH.” Ron cried, as he dropped the key and began to rub his eyes. “You ok?” Hermione asked, worriedly. “Yeah, I think so. It was just too bright.” Ron said, trying to blink away the stars that were before his eyes. “It did say ‘not by day’.” Harry said with a smirk. “At least we know how were supposed to use the key.” Ginny giggled. They spent the rest of the day basically trying to kill time. Harry also tried to avoid any contact with Ginny. Supper was quickly eaten, but clean up never seemed to end. The twins kept making more work for them by levitating dishes which would slop food or drink on the counters, table, and the floor. Winky finally having enough of it all, shooed them from the kitchen. They were also lucky that Dudley took off with the Twins. (Not that they spent a lot of time with him, but it was definitely easier when they didn’t have to worry about him tagging along). Since it was still light, the four sat around Harry’s sitting room thinking and talking about where they should look. Harry thought that the best place would be somewhere with access to the rectangular room he saw that was in the middle of the house above the third floor. They all agreed, but to be on the safe side, Hermione thought they should take a quick look around Harry’s rooms first. They were all talking so intensely that they hadn’t noticed that it had gotten dark, until Hermione spoke up. “I think it’s been dark for about half an hour now.” She beamed with excitement. “Who’s going to try?” she asked. “Don’t look at me. I’m still seeing stars.” Ron said, throwing his hands up in protest. No one seemed to want to volunteer. Since Harry was the closest, he reached out and grabbed the key. They turned out all the lights and Harry held the key up, but quite a ways from his face. He could see through the heart, casting everything in a dark red. He held it closer so he could get a better look. “I don’t see anything.” Harry said. He took a quick look about his bedroom, seeing nothing there as well. After making sure the lights were out in the hall, Harry began to glance around. They headed down the hall. “Wait, I see something!” Harry said eagerly, “On that painting there, it’s an ‘M’ inside a diamond shape. Its right over the door to the farmhouse.” They looked at the door to the farm house. “Ok, now what?” Ron asked. “Oh Ron, what do you do at a door?” Ginny said with a grin. Harry caught on and lifted his hand and tapped at the door. With a pop, the wall popped open on one side. Harry pulled on the wall, opening it to reveal a spiral staircase. They ascended the stairs to find themselves in a rectangular room with an empty bookcase lining one side of the room, a fire place, an old over-stuffed sofa, and chairs at the other end. At the end, by the bookcase, was a round table with four chairs. The walls were bare, but you could see the outlines of where the portraits used to hang. They saw that on the table there was parchment and quills in each of the four places and an ink-pot and scroll in the center. They each sat at the table and Hermione reached for the scroll to read it aloud. You have been selected based upon your friendships and abilities consisting of loyalty and trust. Each of you have your strengths and your weaknesses which compliment each other. The characteristics we look for consist of having a great thirst of knowledge, a sense of fun and adventure, and a love for mischief. You all have a good sense of fair play. These qualities plus many more qualify you four to be the newest generation to join our Que. Until your time comes we can not tell you from whenst we came. This will come only after you agree to keep the secrets we wish not to be told. By placing your names upon the parchment you agree to do this. This is not a contract to join. It is only for a matter of secrecy. M They looked at the individual pieces of parchment in front of them, which read: I __________ agree to keep the secrets of this group. This contract will not let me communicate in anyway, any idea, statement, spell, or emotion that anyone in this group would not want to be known. X___________ “That’s pretty thorough.” Hermione said. “Do we sign it?” Ron asked. “It doesn’t look like it would hurt anything.” Harry said. “What do you think, Hermione?” “I wish I knew for sure what this was all about. I have my suspicions, but I guess we could do it. It only says we can’t tell anyone anything about them, they don’t want us to, and since we don’t know anything yet, I think it’s safe.” Hermione said. She was extremely curious since it talked about having the thirst of knowledge. Ginny just grabbed one of the quills dipped it in the ink and printed her name in the first line and then quickly signed it at the bottom. She was very curious to find out what this was all about. Harry thought a little first. He reluctantly signed his piece of parchment like Ginny. He had his own idea what this may be about. Hermione signed next and lastly Ron, so as to not to be left out. When all the parchments were signed, they started to fade away, until there was nothing left on the table. They sat there waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. After waiting for almost an hour, Ginny stood up. “I guess nothing is going to happen tonight, so I’m going to bed.” The others agreed and followed her down the stairs, shutting the wall behind them. Each went to their own room to get ready for bed. On Sunday, they all seemed to be on pins and needles, waiting for something, anything to happen. Nothing did, except for the return of Molly and Arthur. Monday come. “I’m not going to sit around waiting anymore. I’m going to the library.” Hermione stated at breakfast. Ron and Harry went to throw the quaffle around and Ginny went running with Dudley. She really needed to burn off some energy after doing nothing the day before. The next couple of days went by with no surprises, and they all found things to keep them busy. Wednesday evening, Harry decided to take a long soak in his pool-like tub to relax his tight muscles, especially after a long day of Quiddich with Ron. He did a couple of laps before floating himself around on his back. He jerked his head up, thinking he heard a noise. “AHHH!” Harry heard. The screaming seemed to come from down the hall. He quickly got out of the tub and grabbed his towel, wrapping it around his waist and tucking in the end to secure it. Upon hearing another scream, he rushed out of the bathroom and down the hall. He could hear muffled noises coming from Ron’s room. Harry threw the door open to see Ron’s feet sticking out from the end of his bed, which had folded on him to make him look kind of like a hot dog sticking out of its bun. Harry took a hold of Ron’s feet to pull him out, just as the bed opened up and slammed shut like a book. “AHHHH!” came Ron’s muffled scream. As the bed went wild, opening and closing at a very rapid rate, Harry finally pulled a mussed Ron from the bed. The bed lurched at them, making the two run from the room and slam the door shut. It was then that Harry realized a lot of the noises he’d heard before weren’t coming from Ron’s room, but from further down the hallway. They rushed to Hermione’s room, finding the door open and a struggling Hermione hanging from the chandelier by her sheets which were wrapped around her feet and ankles. She was desperately trying to free herself as well as trying to keep her night dress from falling above her head and exposing herself any further. Harry rushed to her to try to dislodge her from the sheets, as Hermione continued struggling and screaming for them to help her. “Ron, help!” hollered Harry, which snapped Ron from his trance of gazing at Hermione’s bare legs to where he could see more than half of her knickers. “Right!” Ron said, heading over to help Hermione down. They got her down, in spite of the sheets slithering after them like snakes. They left the room closing the door behind them. “Harry, what…?” Hermione was cut off by a scream coming from Ginny’s room. They rushed to Ginny’s room, finding her on her hands and knees on top of the bed, which was spinning very fast. “HELP! I think I’m going to be sick.” Ginny moaned. Harry got as close to the bed as he could, trying to reach Ginny. “Put out your arm.” Harry said. Ginny tried to oblige, but was a little wobbly from dizziness. Harry reached her, taking hold of her arm and pulling her forward, just as she tried to lunge at him. This caused them both to tumble to the floor. “You ok?” Harry asked, noticing Ginny’s eyes moving back and forth as a person who has spun a little too long. At this point, the bed started rising and a strong wind came from nowhere. “Let’s get out of here!” yelled Hermione. She was about to be blown over. They rushed out into the hall. Harry was holding Ginny up since she was having difficulty walking. The wind continued to blow, even after the door to Ginny’s room was shut. They ran the best they could to Harry’s room since all the other doors they tried seemed to be locked (Mainly the one to the stairs.). They were trying to escape the wind and now flying debris, which didn’t stop until the reached Harry’s bedroom. Once inside, Harry and Ron managed to close the door. They heard the click of the lock as soon as it shut. “What was all that about?” Ron asked, panting. No one had an answer, but everyone’s eyes were on Harry. “What happened to you?” Ginny asked, looking at Harry, who hadn’t moved. His back was stuck to the door. Harry tried but he couldn’t budge. “Um…I think my towel is stuck.” He said, trying to dislodge himself. Hermione giggled, despite the situation they were in. “No, Harry. Look at yourself.” Harry looked down at himself, not seeing anything. “What?” “Don’t you see it?” Ron asked. Harry looked at Ron who was standing near the mirror and everyone looked at him. Harry was green from head to toe, except for his hair which was done in a lovely shade of silver. “You should be a mascot for Slytherin.” Hermione laughed. “Are you ALL green?” “HERMIONE!” Ron yelled. “I was just wondering, and besides I know back in my room, you were getting an eye-full of my knickers, Ronald.” Hermione scolded as Ron turned a nice shade of red. “How’d that happen, Harry?” Ginny asked. “I don’t know. Maybe when I took a bath. Can someone bring me some clothes?” Ron grabbed some boxers from his drawer and tossed them at Harry, which hit him in the face before falling to the floor. “Thanks.” Harry said, sarcastically. “Could you at least turn around?” Harry asked, impatiently. The other three obliged and Harry let go of the towel and pulled on his boxers. “OH, look at his little green bum!” The mirror said when Harry had never before heard it speak. Harry blushed and everyone else giggled. “Ok. What are we going to do now?” Harry asked after trying the door again. They tried the other doors. The bathroom. The balcony. None would open. “I guess we go to bed. I’m tired and nothing’s happened in here yet.” Ron said with a yawn. The others agreed. Hermione arranged it so she would be between Ron and Ginny with Harry on Ginny’s other side. That way the boys would be on the outer edge in case something did happen. XXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXX AN: Well change of plans there couldn’t update before cause cause I couldn't log on. Hope you liked this new chapter. Been taking a little time off writing so I’m stuck in the mist of chapter 19 at the moment. I usually write at work some but found my calls coming too fast to concentrate, so had to fill my time making stupid little things out of candy foil wrappers. Pathetic I know although everyone seemed to like the little roses I made and had to make them for everyone. Luckily I didn’t eat most of the chocolate. Any way, one more chapter to find out the answers to the mystery so put in your guesses. Also sorry Harry and Ginny are taking so long to get it together, I don’t see either one of them to be very forward and make the first move (without a little gentle SHOVE) so we will have to wait and see ‘What Happens Next’. Thanks for the reviews. Individual thanks and comments: KATTCHA91: thanks Yep snogging does wonders for the self esteem. Caroline: Calm yourself don’t want you to have an anyerism. Ha Ha. Glad your enjoying. Hannah: Glad you like and review again soon. You like reading, I like the response. See that’s a nice give and take relationship. Me: Thanks keep reviewing. Javier: Glad you approve of the education. Thanks for the review. baby gurl: Now don’t tell me you’ve never watched anything dirty. Well unless your under say 18 then I completely understand. Well you know boys will be boys.

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