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Disclaimer: I only own Izzy Kesler not Draco, Cora, Lori, and especially not Coni :P.  

                       Izzy's footsteps were thumping loudly on the floor as she hurried down the beaten hallway to the dungeons. She hated the hallways that led to the Slytherin Common Room. But more so, at night, when she was alone.

            What in Merlin's name was I thinking? Izzy mentally smacked herself. I wonder what Daddy'll say when I ask him for an extra twenty-five galleons with my allowance. She chuckled. He'll probably send me fifty!

            "Talking to yourself?" a cold voice called out from behind Izzy. She paused mid stride before turning around to find Draco sliding out from an alcove that was merely a stride away from her.

            "Thinking," she told him snappily.

            Pushing his hair out of his eyes, Draco chuckled. "You're capable of that?" he teased. He swooped in closer to her, his eyes watching her every move.

            "That's more then I can say for you," she told him before turning around and storming off towards the entrance to the common room. Smooth, she thought. I'm supposed to be trying to win him over.

* * *

            "Pansy, move your crap away from my bloody bed," someone whined from inside the dormitory room.

            Izzy pushed open the door a few inches before it hit something that made it stop. Izzy pushed it a few times with no luck. "Pansy, I swear if this is your stuff blocking the door I'm going to set it on fire," she yelled inside the room.

            "It is," Millicent Bulstrode's voice yelled back giddily.

            "PANSY!" Izzy screeched. Pansy didn't need to bring more stuff than normal. They already put a shrinking spell on all her clothes and makeup so that it would fit into her space.  Then more calmly she added, "Everyone stand back. In ten seconds, if I can't open this door, I'm going to blow it open."

            "NOT MY STUFF!" a loud, screeching voice yelped. The next time Izzy tired to open the door, it opened all the way and she saw Pansy sitting on her bed, a bag in her hand, rubbing it as if it was a cat. She shot daggers Izzy's way before exclaiming, "I need this stuff for Draco."

            "You think skimpy clothes and more clown make-up are going to help?" Izzy asked innocently. The thought almost made her shudder.

            "I-I-oh," Pansy cried out, storming from their room into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

            As Izzy sat her bags up on her bed and began to unpack the first one, Pansy stormed back into the room and grabbed her bathroom supplies, shot another nasty look at Iz, and stormed back into the bathroom, high heels clicking as she went.

            For one of the few times that day, Isabelle smiled.

* * *

            "Pansy, would you just shut the hell up?" Izzy screamed as she pulled her blonde head out from under her pillow for the fifth time that night.

            "But this is important," she whined.

            "Don't make me put my foot up your-"

            "Hey, I'm trying to sleep here!" another girl yelled, tossing her pillows in all directions.

            "It's Pansy's fault," Izzy whined, pulling her covers up over her heard once again.

* * *

            "Your face can't hold that much make-up," Millicent yelled at the closed bathroom door.

            Izzy looked up from her pillow and rolled her eyes. The school year hadn't even begun yet and Pansy was already on her hit list.

            More banging. Izzy rolled over and slid her feet into her slippers. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she stumbled to the group of girls forming by the door. They moved when they saw Izzy coming, they knew better than to make her made before her morning coffee.

            "Oh, Pansy," Izzy called out in a sing-song voice.

           "I'm getting there. Ten more minutes," was the response.

            "Pansy, you have ten seconds to open this Merlin forsaken door before I blow it up," Isabelle told her calmly as she turned to Millicent and nodded for the girl to grab her wand. As soon as the smooth wood was in her hand, Iz smiled. Her worn initials were still barely visible on the spot nearest her thumb; IVK. She turned to face the door once more and when she did, it opened a crack.

            "One more minute?" the pug faced girl asked.

            "No," Isabelle groaned. "Now."

Once the clown had come out of the bathroom, Izzy turned to her dresser and as she pulled out her clothes for the day she muttered, "Now…for my coffee."


          Izzy made her way down the spiraling stairs slowly as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. At the bottom of the stairs, she took an extra step, thinking there was another stair there and ended up tripping and running into the back of a couch. Flipping over the couch, Izzy ended up flopped over the back of the couch on her back.

            "I'd give you a ten on that, but you landed on me," a voice drawled from under her. She jumped up and landed not-so-very-gracefully on her butt, staring into Draco's eyes. This was just what she needed.

            "I am so sorry," she whispered, trying to collect her cool again. Then she added, "But you shouldn't have been laying there, because, you never know when that'll happen again."

            He laughed. Flat out laughed at the girl in front of him. She just stared at him. His laugh is really nice, she thought. A slight smile crept over her face, along with a blush. Keep your cool, she thought-ordered herself. It wasn't working.

            "Thanks for your concern, but I don't think that'll happen again," he told her.

            She shrugged. "You never know." And with that, she picked herself up and carried herself out of the Slytherin Common Room with all the grace she could muster.

            "And now for my coffee," Izzy muttered as she walked through the door of the Great Hall and to the Slytherin table. Once she had her coffee at hand, Izzy looked around to see the other girls from the bet sitting at their tables, either deep in thought in a book, or holding a conversation with some friends. Izzy groaned and gulped down the rest of her coffee. When she saw Draco walk in with Pansy draped over him she frowned.

"I'm going to need a stronger coffee," she muttered.

A/N: This chapter written by Off_Her_Hippogriff.

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