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The Christmas Enchantment
By: GryffindorGirl153

Chapter 5


“Do you know what time it is?” Was the first time Malfoy said to me when I got back from my date. Yeah, it’s 12:00 I said.

“It’s midnight and you get back now?” he said furiously. Why are you so mad?

“First you accuse me of following you, and now, you get back at midnight!” Were you waiting for me?

His angry look faded, and he opened his mouth a few times to say something but then nothing came out. “I was not waiting for you. I just couldn’t sleep,” How long were you waiting?

“I was not waiting!” I walked passed him and got a drink from our mini fridge. “Why were you back so late?” He asked more softer.

When we got back he invited me back to his common room. “Are you guys,” he said slowly. “Going out?” What is it to you? “Just answered the question!” He screamed. Yeah, we’re going out. So what? He stomped back up to his room and left me wondering why he was so mad.

I sat on the couch, tired from my day. I stared into the fire for a while, then noticed something that was open on the table. It was a book. I picked it up. No.. a diary. Malfoy’s diary.

She went on a date today and our common room was so….


I sat on the couch, tired from my day. I started into the fire for a while until an open book on the table caught my eye. It was a book. I picked it up. No… a diary. Malfoy’s diary.

She went on a date today and our common room felt so different; so empty. I must really be going soft on her because this is definitely not me. What is going on with me? I’m a Malfoy! I shouldn’t be worried about a muggle born like her! She must be rubbing

Next Day

“Miss Granger, just because you don’t have a voice doesn’t give you the right not to pay attention!” Professor Snape sneered as he leaned over the table to get closer to Hermione. She was paired with Draco for potions, and she suddenly got distracted when a flying airplane hit her hade. Of course, with her being a Gryffindor, Snape didn’t miss a thing. He decided to have a little fun with her.

“Tell me Miss Granger, how much times do you have to cut toad legs for this potion?” Hermione opened her mouth to say the correct answer, but nothing came out. Instead, they were echoing in Draco’s head next to her. “How many times do you have to stir it clockwise?” Nothing. “ And how long does it take to make this potion?” About 42 minutes. “I suggest you pay attention next time Miss Granger,” Hermione scowled at him. “30 points from Gryffindor, and detention Miss Granger,”

“She was paying attention!” Draco defended. All eyes suddenly turned to the Slytherin who just defended the Gryffindor. “But someone threw a paper airplane at her. You’ll be crazy to give her detention,” He ended after looking at her face.

“10 points from Slytherin, and detention for you too Mr. Malfoy. Both of you in my office 7:00 tonight,” Murmurs went through the room as Snape continued to teach, Draco sunk lower into his seat, not believe what he has just done.

What’s gotten into you? Hermione asked him. “Shut up Granger,” He responded looking away. Draco fled the dungeons before everyone, pushing past Hermione. She looked after him, and knew something was up.

“Hermione,” Neville said coming up to her. She waved nicely. “I can’t believe Malfoy did that for you, he’s usually laughing when that happens,”

“Yeah Hermione,” Lavender added. “Some thing is up with that Slytherin, and I intend to find out,”

Hermione walked out and to her next class. She had it with Draco again too. “Guess who,” Someone covered her eyes as she turned a corner. A smile formed on her face when she heard his voice. Taking his hands of her face slowly, she turned and hugged him. “Whoa,” He said hugging her back. “Missed me?”

After their date in Hogsmeade, they became so close, in such a short time, Hermione felt like she knew him already. He felt the same about her. “Want to do something after lessons?” He asked her when they both parted.

Hermione sighed and pointed to Snape’s office. “Detention?” Anthony asked. Hermione nodded. “Well, I’ll just catch up with you another time,” He kissed her on the forehead. “I need to get to class,” he waved and left.

“Miss Granger, would you kindly help Mr. Malfoy with his work,” They were both in charms and coincidently, she was seated next to Draco. Hermione nodded and turned to Draco.

“I don’t need your help Granger,” Malfoy said trying the charm again, but failing. Just wave you hand and say it clearer. It’s either he didn’t hear Hermione, or he just simply didn’t want to listen.

After a while of Draco and his annoying attitude, Hermione got fed up. What is wrong with you today Malfoy? “Nothing is wrong with me Granger,” He said firmly.

What is with you and your attitude? “I have no attitude!” He said through gritted teeth.
Yeah, sure Malfoy what ever you say.

He didn’t respond after that and just tried to redo the spell over and over again until Hermione shouted at him. You know I thought that you actually might be nicer than you normally are but then I guess I was wrong! Now I know a Malfoy can never change.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about granger so shut up!” Malfoy got up, grabbed his bag and left the room after retorting “Stupid mudblood,”

“Hermione wasn’t even talking to him,” Parvarti said to Lavender who was seated in the row behind Hermione. “Why the hell did Malfoy blow up like that?”

“He’s gone mad,” Ron whispered to Harry.

“He’s not the only one acting strange,” Harry muttered eyeing his best friend carefully. He noticed that she hasn’t been saying much to them the past week and that she’s been hanging more and more around Malfoy. Then out of no where she starts dating a Ravenclaw. “Hey Ron,” he said. “Don’t you think Hermione’s been acting a bit weird?”

“Well,” Ron replied after a while of thinking, and studying the girl a few rows in front of them. “No, not really. She has been avoiding us though,”

“Didn’t you say you talked to her that day you went to the Quidditch pitch?” Harry asked.

“Yes, but only for a while,” He replied. “She’s been talking to Ginny though. I asked Ginny the same question a few days ago, and she finds nothing wrong with her,”

”Did you know she was dating that Ravenclaw beater?” Harry asked Ron. He watched Ron’s eyes widen to the fact that Hermione is going out with someone.

“Which beater?” Ron asked.

“Ron, there’s only one beater in Ravenclaw that’s a guy,” Ron’s face turned red, and you can almost see smoke coming out of his ears.


I was pushed up against the wall, my arms were wrapped around his neck and our lips were locked. His hands rested on my waist hugging me tightly. It was quarter to 7 and I knew that I had to get going for detention. His tongue slid across my lower lip, and I opened my mouth obediently for him. Well, maybe I could stay a little longer.

I really liked Anthony. In the pass few days we spent with each other, my feelings grew each day. We had a lot of things in common, and it seems like he was comfortable to tell me anything. I knew he loves Quidditch, and is a beater for Ravenclaw team. His father died when he was very little, and only his mother was left to take care of him. His favorite flavor is chocolate ice cream, a fair amount of girls liked him, he’s got decent grades and he has a little sister in 3rd year who’s name is Anna.

I slowly pulled back and unwrapped my arms from his neck. He looked at me but then understood and let me good. I gave him a kiss on the cheek then made my war for the dungeons. I knew our relationship was moving too fast, but since I have 5 days left till my dead line, I wasn’t worried.

Narrator P.O.V

“Get started on cleaning these cauldrons,” Snape pointed to a bunch of cauldrons pilled up on the side of the classroom as soon as Draco and Hermione got to detention. “I’ll check on both of you after an hour,” The door slammed shut behind the professor, and Draco walked lazily to the pile of cauldrons on the side of the room; Hermione followed.

Draco glanced side ways and saw Hermione staring at the pool of green liquid that was peeking out from under the cauldrons. “That’s just potion Granger. Do that side,” He pointed to his left. “and I’ll do this side,” He pointed to his right. Draco was the first one to move and start on his part of the mess.

The sat in silence for detention. Meaning, Draco kept blocking out Hermione’s thoughts and Draco never said a word. The dirty cauldrons were decreasing fast, and soon they were finished with everything. “It’s a week `till Christmas,” Draco pointed out. “I wonder if you gained Lopez’s love yet,” Hermione heard him snigger but didn’t ask him about it even though it offended her. Instead, she took the rag that she was using, dumped it in water, and chucked it at Draco, not even bothering to squeeze the water out.

Draco couldn’t believe she just did that. He just stared at her, and Hermione just continued cleaning pretending it never happened. Next thing she knew, her a rag was thrown to her face and she could smell the soapy water, and dirty rag. She sat up quickly, causing the bucket of water mixed with soap to spill. Draco stood up as well and backed away from Hermione. She grabbed the bucket that was on the floor and it refilled immediately. Get back here. She growled when Malfoy started running to the other side of the room. Hermione pulled out her wand and the bucket started chasing Malfoy around.

Hermione was laughing holding her wand out making sure not to lift the charm. Even though he could hear or see her, he could tell that she was amused by this. Better run Malfoy. She said wickedly. The bucket landed on his head causing all the water to spill when he made the mistake of stopping, turning around and pulling his wand out.

“You’ll pay for that Granger,” He sent a smirk towards her and took the bucket that was on his head, and threw the contents at Hermione. She was now drenched, and her clothes was sticking to her body, giving Malfoy a look at her bra. “Nice bra Granger,” He laughed. Hermione enchanted a bucket so it hovered above where Draco stood, but they both heard the dungeon doors open and shut. Hermione went back to cleaning the cauldrons, laughing a little as Draco ran to his side and grabbed the rag that was discarded on the floor. He refilled his bucket and started cleaning just in time as Professor Snape came in the classroom.

“What happened here?” He questioned as he saw the water on the floor, bubbles everywhere and only half of the cauldrons clean. “You better not be fooling around,”

“We weren’t Professor,” Draco said. Hermione was about to turn back to cleaning when the bucket hovering above the Professor caught her eye.

“What are you staring at Granger?” Professor Snape asked. Hermione just shook her head and turned back around glancing towards Draco who had an evil glint in his eyes.

Malfoy! Don’t do it. He heard in his mind. Draco just smirked then with an unnoticed wave of his wand, the bucket flipped over, causing water to spill on their Potions teacher. Draco and Hermione turned around quickly, their bodies shaking from laughter. Draco couldn’t stifle a snort, and Hermione’s just lucky she can’t speak.

“You two will stay here even longer to clean up this mess!” He whipped around and slammed the door behind him. When they were both sure that Snape was gone, they dropped whatever they were holding and started laughing at the sight of their Professor drenched.

At least he finally gets to clean his greasy head. Hermione laughed. When he was calm Draco just waved his wand and the mess on the floor was clean.


The two walked out of the dungeons, their clothes dripping wet. Draco had walked with Hermione all the way up to their common room “Hey Hermione!” Hermione turned around to see her current boyfriend walking up to her. He gave her a short kiss and smiled down. “Hey Draco,” Draco nodded and waited for them to finish talking. "Why are you two wet?" He asked. "Detention?"

"Yeah," Draco replied.

“Tomorrow’s Hogsmeade day,” He said turning back to his girlfriend who was in his arms.. “Coming with me?” Hermione nodded. “Draco, want to come?”

Hermione looked up at him, and Draco just nodded. “Yeah, sure thanks,” He left her with a kiss good-bye and they walked back to their common room. Even though they went to Hogsmeade yesterday, there weren’t any lessons planned because of the upcoming Christmas ball.

“Hermione?” When Hermione and Draco reached the common room, they found Ron and Harry waiting front of their portrait hole. Hermione was cautious around these two since they had no idea what happened to her a week ago. “I-i- have to ask you something,” Ron walked closer to her. “I hear that you're going out with that Ravenclaw beater.”

“See you later,” Draco whispered to Hermione, but hermione pulled him back.

“Is it ture?" Ron asked his voice filled with anger.

"Yeah, so what Weasley?" Draco said.

"He wasn't asking you Malfoy," Harry cut in. "Hermione," He turned back to his best friend. "What's going on with you?"

"She's perfectly fine Potter," Draco spat and pulled Hermione away leading her inside the common room, but Harry held her back.

"I wasn't talking to you Malfoy," He said. "Hermione what happened with us? It's like we aren't even your friends anymore," Hermione looked down at the floor trying to say something. She didn't want her friendship with Harry and Ron to end but she knew they'd be mad at her if she didn't say anything to them. "Especially when you get a boyfriend, Malfoy defending you in class, and you becoming buddies with him!"

"It's like you don't even care about us anymore," Ron interjected. "Are we just not good enough for you? Is that why you needed a new boyfriend and a new best friend?"  Ron said angrily. Hermione felt tears springing from her eyes but she told herself to stop. "You talk to Ginny, to Neville, to Parvarti, to Lavender," His voice got angrier the more he spoke. "Why not bother sharing your life with us?"

"Ron," Harry warned knowing his friend was going too far. Hermione was about to leave but this time, Ron grabbed her arm.

"When I kissed you, did that just mean nothing?" His blue eyes were locked with her chocolate brown ones. "Did it?!" Hermione freed herself from his grasp, and ran into her common room.

"What kind of friends are you to put her on the spot like that?" Draco asked angrily.

"You don't even know anything about her Malfoy," Harry fought as Ron cooled down a bit.

"I know about her more than both of you put together," Draco spat. "If you were her friend, you'd be concerned about her situation and not your own," He left them standing there and went inside to find Hermione by the fire crying.

Not knowing what to do to comfort her, he did the only thing he knew what to do. Draco walked over to Hermione and wrapped his arms around her whispering comforting words. “it’s alright,”

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