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           “Get up now, and get dressed.” my mother said, not bothering to glance at me.

   I looked around, great always getting told what to do, but I like the good pureblood daughter I was, nodded my head in polite respect and began my walk up the winding stairs of our mansion. This was my life, getting told what to do and doing it without any exception. I made no decisions myself, either my mom, grandma, father, or house elves would do it for me.

   My name is Amore White, I’m from one of the most feared pure-blooded families in the Wizarding World, people fear my last name they stand stone-faced after introductions. When I was little I had always wanted to get married to someone that wasn’t feared so that every time that I would introduce myself people wouldn’t back away or turn four shades lighter. And well I guess my wish was coming true, half of it at least, I’m getting an arranged marriage…to a Black. I guess that doesn’t help at all, a Black and White uniting, people will be scared out of their knickers. All because of one marriage.

   I stepped on the last step of the marble stair-case, towards the direction of my room ignoring the house-elves cleaning the walls and floor trying to make them immaculately clean. I rolled my blue eyes, our house was too clean. I turned the glass knob on my door and walked inside glancing at my bed where my gown laid, and then to my mirror stand. I walked over to it looking at myself. I had long blonde locks, which were a platinum blonde with a mix of other colors, and brilliant blue eyes. I was one of the most beautiful girls at Hogwarts. Which meant a lot because I was in Slytherin. And well to put it nicely Slytherins girl’s weren’t the prettiest. 
   How I got in Slytherin I don’t know, don’t ask me but every time I wonder if the sorting hat had made a mistake. Placed me in the wrong house, but my parents were thrilled with this news they showered me in presents, so I didn’t say a word. I sighed, now I was being forced to marry a Black, not just any Black. Regulus Black, he taunted me as I walked the halls of Hogwarts. I was just another “Slytherin,” to him. But now I was excepted to MARRY him! For merlins sake I wanted to travel the world, explore a little. But no, this was my so-called destiny as my mother had put it. But I didn’t believe in destiny, I never did and I never will. 

A sharp rap sounded on my door, knocking me out of my thoughts.
I walked over to the door and opened it, revealing my mother.
           “Are you ready yet Amore?” she asked me, standing tall in her finery. 
           “No, not yet mother I will be in a minute though.” I replied. 
           “Ah, yes then dear I must go get my hair done, do look nice today for the family name, the party is being thrown in your honor.”
           “Yes mother.” I said trying to hold back the exasperated sigh.
           “Okay then,” turning on her heel walking down to her chamber, Lonnie her personal house-elf following faithfully behind her. I closed the door behind leaning against it and sliding down it until I reached the cold marble floor of my room. Well I might as well start getting ready now, we were supposed to be leaving in an hour, and my parents liked to be punctual. I walked over to my bed taking off my black robes and discarding them on the floor, along with my shirt and pants. 

    I stood on the cold floor in nothing but my lacy black underwear and matching bra. I was going to look at the dress a little closer but I could feel the goose bumps rising on me arms and legs. I pulled it over my head quickly, feeling warmth engulf me. I zipped it up properly and stood in front of my dressing mirror. The dress was a strapless dark blue almost black if you looked at it from far away. Which made perfect sense, since all the dark-pureblooded families were going to be there, and everyone would be wearing dark hues. 
   As I examined myself in the mirror closer I saw the line of white crystals along the train of the gown and the bust. It hugged my figure perfectly. I walked into my bathroom which was the size of at least three regular sized rooms. In one corner there was a long glass shower, on the other corner was a toilet, and a dressing cabinet, and changing room. Then there was my make-up counter which I headed over to, sitting down on the plush-black seat. I applied some mascara, and gloss, and the house-elves put my hair in an up-do, with curls cascading down the back. I hated it when they did that it pulled my hair to no limits. Oh well I was finally done. I dismissed Zink our house-elf and I got up to put on my shoes. I a final look in the mirror. Oops, you could still see my lacy bra, I laughed and pulled out a corset-like bra and quickly switched it with my other one. I walked down the steps ready to go. 

   My mother and father were waiting for me at the bottom of the steps, my mother looked beautiful wearing a deep burgundy dress, and diamonds, and my father wore his best black dress robes. As we piled into the carriage, my mother sat across from me pulling out a little white box. She gestured me to put out my hand and she placed it delicately in my hand. I opened it and gasped, inside was a thin silver chain, hanging from it a tear dropped shaped diamond with a deep blue crystal embedded inside with the White family emblem engraved on it to the side. I put it on thanking my parents, the carriage came to a halt, and the door opened, a door-step man waiting outside to help me down. 

   After we were all on the ground we were being escorted inside the grand doors opened. Leading into a marvelous ballroom with ladies dancing in (as I suspected) dark hue-colored gowns, with men in black dress robes. As my parents began talking to Mr. and Mrs. Black my eye gazed across the room finally resting on a pair that were looking straight at me, a pair of cold-steel grey eyes belonging to Regulus Black.

   He was surrounded by his little group of Slytherins, Crabbe, Goyle, Malfoy, Lestrange, Nott, Avery, and Zabini. They all were watching my movements with lust, and ulterior motives. While Regulus was just watching me with a lazy smirk on his face giving him he expression of someone that had nothing better to do. I tore my gaze away from his and saw my “friends” walking towards me. Sandy Parkinson, Bellatrix Black, and Narcissa Black. 
   Bellatrix also known as Bella had heavily-lidded eyelids she was someone that people didn’t want to mess with. Narcissa or Cissa was a little more nicer then Bella, which wasn’t saying that much really she had platinum blonde hair and cold blue eyes. In my personal opinion I think that she could‘ve been counted as pretty, but their was a look of repulsion on her face that really didn't welcome you. And then there was Sandy, could be either as mean possible or nice it just depended on her mood that day. 

   These were my friends, the people that I had grown up with since I was a baby because all our families were dark and pure-blooded. I put a smile on my face and after saying a polite hello to Mr. and Mrs. Black, and asking to be excused I walked over to them. They all gave me a little stiff hug, and I didn’t really greet them back I mean why do something half-heartedly? Bella led me over to the boys where they were all standing, and they soon started getting in a deep discussion of some sort. I caught words, like “death eater,” “dark lord,” and “filthy mud bloods,” and decided to zone out like I usually did when ever they would come close to talking about these subjects. I didn’t feel that blood was important but of course everyone else sure did in Slytherin. I felt a sharp poke in my head from the stupid diamond-headed pins the house-elves had put in to hold it up. Stupid hair, all this for a couple of hours, then I could go back to normal.
           “What about you Amore?”
A voice belonging to Nott pulled my out of my zone, and I looked at him,
           “What?” I asked confused.
I could see Black’s smirk get even broader and I heard the rest of them laugh, except for Bella who just looked at me shaking her head, smirking.
           “I guess White finds our conversations a bit boring for her taste eh White?” asked Regulus with that stupid smirk still on his face.
I looked at him with silent disdain, I was getting married to the bugger and he still called me by my last name? Annoying twit. I sighed,
           “No, I was thinking about other things Black.” I said putting emphasis on the last word, simply not allowing myself to give in to his toying.
He shrugged in that simply annoying way, and kept staring at me while the others continued there conversation. Finally when I was at the breaking point of him staring at me I burst,
            “What the bloody hell do you want?” I asked furiously.
            “Nothing,” he said, “but I’m sure you should ask Avery.” 

   Everyone laughed except Narcissa, and Sandra who looked at him with a mixture of disgust and disbelieving. I fumed, muttering under my breath words I’m sure my mother would be quite appalled at. 
           “I think that we made ickle little White mad.” said Black roaring with laughter hearing me call him an “arrogant chauvinistic pig.” I stared at him my blue orbs burning with anger.
           “Oh do be quiet Regulus if looks could kill you would be dead and buried ten times over.” said Sandra coming to my defense. Good, I thought breathing in, she was having a `nice’ day. 
           “Yes, Regulus hush or I’ll tell Aunty that your bothering her.” said Narcissa examining her cousin with warning in her eyes. I ignored Narcissa and Regulus bickering behind me and looked for Bella, I then spotted Rodolphous’ spot empty I grinned, of course they’d be gone. I rolled my eyes looking back over to where the argument was going on,
           “Its okay Cissa, lets ignore him now what were you telling me before?” I said trying to steer the conversation away from him, to a letter that I had received from her a few weeks ago.
           “Oh you know, I mentioned it in the letter.” she said knowing that I was trying to steer the situation away. She ignored me and went back to arguing with Nott, who was acting as the representation for Regulus.
           “Honestly I can’t believe your getting married and you two despise each other.” said Narcissa finally sitting down after winning her battle. I smiled at her cheekily, saying
           “Who said I wanted to?” 

   She gave me a look and began to talk to Malfoy about Merlin knows what when Mrs. Black and mother came over and motioned for me and Regulus to stand up. They passed out the doorway of the Ballroom and we followed Regulus trailing behind me slowly taking his time. As soon as we got outside into the darkness of the hall, Mrs. Black spoke,
          “Now I want you, Regulus to take Amore dear here and talk.” she said looking at him pointedly.
          “We think that it is a good idea for you to talk we must go back to dancing now.” my mother said getting ready to leave again. Mrs. Black nodded her head in agreement and they walked towards the door,
          “Oh and Regulus be polite.” said Mrs. Black turning around, resting her cold-grey eyes upon Regulus. 

  Mother and her laughed talking about boys “nowadays” and their behavior. As they left I wished I was little again so I could hold the back of my mothers robes and follow her every where, I wished that she didn’t go. I looked anywhere but Regulus’s face and after about three minutes he said,
           “Come on,” 
   He began walking towards the end of the hall, but I stood there implanted. I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, not unless I had my wand. He finally noticed I wasn’t following and grabbed my hand pulling me with him roughly. I yelped in surprise and tried to release myself from his tight grasp.
           “I can walk you know.” I said still trying to pry his hands off.
           “Of course that’s why you stood like a mud blood after they had seen a basilisk.” he said sarcastically still dragging me along. 

   He finally stopped at a door and opened the handle. He let go of my hand and pushed me towards the left of the room. I staggered backwards and landed on a comfy bed with an umpph. He turned on the chandelier and leaned against his dresser opposite of me, while I was still left sitting on his bed. I drew my knees to my chest and wrapped them around me looking out the large window of his room. I could feel his unsettling gaze on me and I turned to look at him. 
           “What?” I asked.
He smirked,
           “Interesting you didn’t ask me what I wanted this time.” he said walking towards me, I started moving back farther into the bed until I hit the wall. Now I had no where to go. He walked up to the bed and leaned until his lips reached my ear,
           “I would have told you what I wanted.” he said huskily. 
   I gasped in surprise trying to push back farther into the wall suddenly wishing I had my wand with me. He saw me doing this and smirked. I got off the bed and walked toward his door and put my hand on the door knob, but only it wouldn’t open. I pulled hard and yet it still wouldn’t open.
           “It only opens if I want it to.” said Regulus he was laying down on his back on the bed twirling his wand around his finger smirking.
           “Then open it.” I yelled I was getting tired of his playing around.
           “Tsk, tsk, tsk, is that anyway to talk to your husband.” he said emphasizing husband.
I inwardly cringed,
           “We aren’t married.” I said stubbornly crossing my hands over my chest, looking like a stubborn two year old. His hand stopped twirling the wand, and he got up looking at me wolfishly, he stepped towards me trapping me in the corner near his door. Pressing his body up close against mine, he whispered, 
           “But we could, right now, and then we could enjoy a little. I‘m positive our parents wouldn‘t object.” he said.
I gasped, my eyes widening with understanding. I squirmed underneath him in discomfort, this only caused him to smirk even more.
           “So you’re a virgin?” he asked his smirk widening until I thought that it would fall off his face. His body pressed closer into mine and I whimpered in discomfort, turning my face away from his. He chuckled bringing his hand up to my face stroking it, I could feel the tears coming from under my eyes. Great I thought, I was married to a rapist.
“Its okay don’t cry, I’d still shag you,” he said watching my discomfort, “but if you want, I’m Avery or Zabini would love to help you get more experience.” 
   My tears seemed to evaporate at that. I looked at him my eyes glaring with hatred I never thought possible,
           “You insolent, chauvinistic, bloody prat.” I yelled, “I hate you.” I pushed my way from out underneath him I could feel my tears falling I opened the door and ran out ignoring the fact that I was in a dress and that I was at a party, and the fact that my makeup was smearing down my face. I just needed fresh air, somewhere to breathe. I didn’t know where I was going but I ran anyway. 
             “Amore?” someone called. 

   I didn’t stop, they just followed, it was Bella. I finally found the door that led out to the gardens. I threw it open and ran outside sitting on the edge of the fountain. Bella followed quietly sitting next to me,
            “I know that you may not like the idea, but if our families join we will be the greatest in the Wizarding World,” she said, pulling out her wand, “Scourgify, I’ll be inside.” 

   I nodded in recognition, hearing her footsteps walk in the grass. That’s all they wanted power. And I had no say in it. I looked at myself in the mirror, my makeup was mostly gone cleaned up by Bella, and my hair was a messier then it had been.
“Eggghh!” I yelled ripping the pins from my hair throwing them on the ground. I shook out my hair freeing it from it’s prison. Too bad I couldn’t free myself I thought crying on the fountain, my tears mixing with it’s water. And as I sat there miserable, a pair of emotionless steel-grey eyes watched me.

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