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Lily was out of st Mungo’s now for two days, and it was only a short while until the wedding, which would be in one month. Everything was planned, and going well, most of the friends were invited to the reception, with only a few going to the actual ceremony.

And before anyone knew it the time came.

Lily was standing in a her bed room at Godrics Hollow staring at her reflection, her plain long white dress which hugged her curves, with little angel sleeves, it was very simple, but stunning. Her hair was curled and placed in a loose bun with a few strands hanging from it, and a small white gold tiara.

“Lily you look…Oh Lily.” Bridget said her eyes watering.

“Oh please don’t cry mum, you’ll make me cry.” Lily said smiling at Bridget, not realising she had just called the woman mum.

Marlene, Alice and Morgan came into the room all wearing the same rose red dress, with two thin straps holding it up, it was fitted but flared out at the hips. There hair was left down, and they looked great.

“Lily you look stunning.” Alice gushed.

“I can’t believe you’re the first to get married, no wait I can.” Marlene said hugging Lily.

“Mind you, had you asked one of us in our fifth year if we thought Lily Evans would be marrying James potter, we would have laughed and said impossible.” Morgan said grinning.

“So true.” Lily agreed then smiled and squealed. “I’m getting married. And I’m not scared, I just… I’m getting married.” Her friends laughed as well as Bridget.

James was pacing, he had spent the night at Sirius’ apartment, for Lily had said that he couldn’t see her before the wedding, he was dressed now, wearing his black penguin suit, but he was terrified, not of getting married but of Lily realising she could do so much better then him.

“What if she realises though! What if she realises that she could do so much better then me.”

“She loves you.” Sirius said.

“But she’s everything, everything you could want, beautiful, smart, funny, strong.” James said. “What if I’m not enough for her?”

“Then she wouldn’t have said yes in the first place.” Remus said grabbing hold of his friend. “James, Lily loves you; you’ve been dating since sixth year, if she didn’t love you, well, you wouldn’t be here now.” Remus said, managing to calm James a bit.

Sirius came over and patted James on the shoulder.

“Prongs, mate, you’re marrying Lily Evans, like you always said you would, and she loves you just as much as you love her.” Sirius smiled. “Dude, you got her.”

The ceremony was beautiful, Bridget cried, Harold beamed, and Lily and James were finally Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

The reception was a lot bigger, held at the Potter mansion, everyone who James and Lily were friends were there, as well as teachers and co-workers. And with a teary good bye James and Lily left for their honey moon in Ireland for two weeks, and with every moment they loved each other just that much more.

Due to my GCSE's y'know, really big exams which decide what college and course I can do and study, I will have to pause the updates, only for a little while, seriously, they'll be over before you know it. And then i have a two month long summer, and Hell yeah there'll be soo much writing going on then, but until my next update, I hope you guys have a great mext month or so, and I hope you're not annoyed at me. And NO this isn't the end.
Love you,
Jessica xxxx
(Yeah thats the name, Jesi is like my nick'name)

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