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A/N: Hello there. Well, this is the second chapter of The Boyfriend List I hope you like it :)

The Boyfriend List: Arthur Weasley

Lily Evans was mad. Lily Evans was really mad. Lily Evans was really, really mad.

She needed to prove something.

She quickly had a shower and got dressed in her pajamas. She grabbed a scrap of paper and sat down at her desk. She unscrewed her inkpot and took out a quill. She dipped it slowly into the ink and paused over the paper. Slowly she lowered her quill to the paper. Slowly she formed the words:

The Boyfriend List
By Lily Evans


1. Arthur Weasley

November 1st, 1971

His firey red hair glittered in the candle light; his eyes crinkled as his mouth spread wide in laughter; his voice carried over the table.

And the best (and the worst) thing about Arthur Weasley?

He was in his Seven Year. He was a matured man. So unlike the boys in my year.

I sighed, averting my gaze back to my food. I was only in my first year.

But he was so nice! Surely he wouldn’t mind a younger woman?

But then there was the case of his girlfriend... that Molly person... I saw them come into the common room the other night, laughing and snogging.

It was repulsive. I hated her.

I stirred my mashed potatoes around on my plate feeling depressed. There was not possibly anything worse than unrequited love.


Except, possibly, James Potter. Also know as the bane of my existence.

Seriously. People called him that. We had only been at Hogwarts for three months and already he had: three loyal friends; the admiration of girls (and boys...but in a different way) in our year; a crush on me, and; pulled five major pranks on me.

Lucky me.

I, on the other hand, had found no friends, did not have the admiration of neither boys nor girls, had a crush on a seventh year and had pulled no major pranks on nobody.

‘Lily,’ he said, breathing heavily. He obviously ran. But from where? ‘Would you be my girl - ’

‘No,’ I said in a bored tone.

His smile grew wider. ‘I knew you’d say that,’ he said.

Then he stared at me.

For a really long time.

Bored with the entire thing, I felt my gaze slip back to Arthur. I sighed wistfully, completely forgetting James was even beside me.

He was so perfect. Why was he with her? I mean, couldn’t he see we were meant to be together?

‘Uh, Lily?’ a voice cut through my train of thoughts. I jumped startled and was horrified to realize I had been drooling.


I glared at James, wiping my mouth. ‘Yes?’ I snapped impatiently.

‘Why were you staring at Weasley?’

I flushed bright red. ‘I wasn’t! Now, go away so I can finish my dinner!’

He frowned and cocked his head, as if trying to figure something out. ‘You were! You looking straight at him and - ’ he snorted ‘ - drooling! I saw you!’

‘I was not!’ I shrieked, causing people to stare. I shoved him off the seat, sending him sprawling across the floor. ‘Now GO AWAY!’ Now we had the full attention of everyone around us. Including Arthur Weasley and Molly The-Girlfriend. Not to mention many of my classmates.

Oh God. This can only end badly. Especially since it involved James Potter.

He stared at me from the floor; obviously the wheels spinning in his brain has finally clicked.

Oh no. I sent him a warning look but all I got back was a face of pure shock.

‘SWEET CIRCE!’ he yelled, loud enough to grab the attention of everyone in the Great Hall. Even the professors had stopped their conversation. ‘YOU, LILY EVANS, A FIRST YEAR, LIKE ARTHUR WEASLEY, A SEVENTH YEAR??’

Silence engulfed the hall as they digested the information James so kindly shared with them. Then laughter erupted from each of the tables as I felt anger and embarrassment well up inside me and a hot blush rush to my cheeks. I stole a glance at Arthur – he was beet red but was still laughing with Molly.

I couldn’t control myself as I picked up my pumpkin juice and poured it over James head, tears threatening to spill. He looked slightly ashamed sitting on floor, his eyes downcast.

Then I fled from the hall, running till I reached the Owlery, were I sat and cried till I had no more tears to shed.

I couldn’t believe he had done that.

A/N: Hope you liked it =] If you didn’t, tell me how I can make it better! It would help (but you can also tell me if you did like it =]). I’ll have the next chapter up in about a week.

P.S If you read/review my other stories, I'll love you forever =]

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