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Disclaimer: I own nothing. To bad.

Dear pussycat doll

There is far to much going on in my life right now I hardly know what to do. You believe it or not are the only real thing in my life and I don’t even know your name. I took your advice and befriend Zabin again and it’s helped, a lot. You will most likely never know how much you are helping me and maybe that’s a good thing. But as much as you are helping me you are also hurting me, I can’t explain properly what I mean by that but your just going to have to trust me when I say you are the best of both worlds. Both good and bad, but now I seem to have another problem. You see there is this person I hate and she hates me, but for some reason she can’t stop meddling in my private affairs. And as of now she is so much involved with them I am starting to get worried, of what she is seeing. My life must sound like some soap opera compared to yours, or any other normal person. I must say I envy anyone with a truly normal life. They don’t have much to worry about and if they do what could it be, what to ware to school that day, or getting the courage to ask a girl out. I don’t think there life or your life is as complicated as mine, and believe me when I say that is a good thing, because I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone

Your Loving friend, wearing a mask

Draco’s P.O.V

And that was that, I had given the letter to the owl and watched as it flew off carrying my inner most thoughts. I started to hear foots steps dragging up the stairs and knew Granger was coming. There was a knock at the door, I told Granger to come in and she did sitting at the edge of my bed, staring at me. Who had a book at hand and was sitting on the window seat, just staring out into the sky, I didn’t dare confront Granger, no telling what she thinks. Hopefully she doesn’t remember it was me, who saved her, it would be better if she thought saint potter or the weasel had saved her instead of the truth, after all lies are always better.

“Malfoy tell me something, do you think I am stupid,” she asked.

“Sorry Granger I didn’t catch that did you just say that you’re stupid.” I asked teasing her.

“MALFOY,” She yelled.

“We are in the same room Granger, there in no need to yell,” I stated simply.

“Somehow I feel whenever I am around you that is my only option. But that’s not why I am here,” She told me.

“Ah yes that’s right you are really here to tell me off how utterly stupid you are,” I said, egging her on, hoping that at any moment that hot headed Gryffindor side of her would kick in and she will forget about everything and just storm out, the faster this was over the better. But to my surprise I was proven wrong she kept her cool and continued.

“No, Malfoy I am here to talk to you about, you saving me, as well as you poisoning me.”

“Excuse me,” The nerve did she honestly think I was the one to poison her.

“You herd me Malfoy, you strategically placed the poison in my drink, to poison in, then I went up the stairs and you would save me right, and be some kind of big hero. Everyone would talk about it ‘Oh look Malfoy saved the muggle born, maybe he is not so bad after all’. Well news flash for you I will not be used.”

“Granger that is the stupidest thing I have ever herd in my entire life. If that was my intention then I wouldn’t have asked madam Pumfry to keep me saving you under wraps now would I. Mind explaining that one to me Granger.” I said.

Then the Insane muggle raised which did something that surprised me yet again, she smiled. A simple sweet insolent smile, then she got up and walked over to me by the window seat and bent down and kissed me on the cheek. Then something even odder happened my stomach started to twist, tight and I was nervous, scared and sweaty. I thought in that moment my heart had stopped, what was she doing, she has no right. I can’t even think straight, what’s going on only five second’s ago she was yelling and accusing me of poisoning her, and now, she was making my stomach do things that she shouldn’t be making it do.

“Granger,” I whispered.

“I know you didn’t poison me Malfoy, but I also know that you’re to proud to admit that you have ever helped a muggle born. Well I guess I should be muggle raised, I am not exactly a real muggle born. I am, um sorry about the kiss but it just, um my way of saying thank you, I guess. So thanks for being there when you were if you weren’t I don’t know what would have had happened.”

I was still to speechless to say anything to I let her continue talking for me, “Well that’s all I wanted to say, or do, I guess I should say. Well bye, I mean goodnight, or whatever, I guess I will see you in the morning, um, bye I mean night, I mean well you know.” Then just like that she was gone. What just happened?


Hermione’s P.O.V

I am not sure what just happened but I think, I just kissed Malfoy, ewwwwwwwwwwww, right? Or maybe it wasn’t was it, I mean it wasn’t like he had rough skin or anything like Victor. But still it doesn’t make it right, does it I mean it not like I did anything to horrid, true Malfoy is a discussing useless ferret but he saved my life that got to count for something. Well I just need to forget about it now is all I will never ever think of kissing Malfoy again its just mind over matter after all.

Now onto more important issues like what the hell am I going to do I mean I can’t cheat stupid magical contract won’t let me. Is Ginny right am I to much of a goody, goody, maybe she is, hey I can’t break the rules but that doesn’t mean Ginny can’t does it. No, no Hermione that’s still cheating and that’s wrong, I mean come on Malfoy just saved your life the least you can do is not cheat on him.

Debating with in the heads common room den I was myself against right and wrong was it really such a bad thing that I didn’t want to fail. What was wrong with me when I made that bet I mean so what let Malfoy screw up his life it is his own stupid problem not mine. Why should I care, let him kill himself, oddly enough I felt tears come into my eyes as I started to think of Malfoy cold dead and lifeless. The cause was his own stupidity and I had the power to stop, oh god I am crying what wrong with me. Stupid Malfoy.

Just then that same stupid Malfoy came down the stairs and started heading out the door.

“Where do you think you going this late at night,” I asked.

He seemed startled by voice because he practically jumped ten feet into the air, “Granger. Don’t sneak up on me like that.” Was all he said.

“I didn’t sneak on you I have been sitting here for the last hour what about you where are you going its getting late,” I said.

“I am going out, mom. Not that it’s any of your concern Granger, I actually have a social life,” He said.

“That’s not what I have herd at least not since the whole Dumbledore incident,” I said.

“Hitting a little low Granger, don’t you think, besides I am head boy I can do what I wish,” He said smugly.

“Yes and I am head girl, and I would like to know what exactly it is you plan to do while your out,” I said.

“Well let’s see here Granger, there are only a select group people who have the right to know that answer. That list consist of Teachers, The headmaster, or mistress, My mother, my father, and other such family members, which you are not apart of, my friends, which you have stated so many times you have no interest in being not that I have any interest in letting you be one, and my girlfriend, which with you I am not so sure if you want to be one or not after that little kiss from before,” He said, and then like that he left me there with my mouth hanging open like a seagull. How dare he, fine if he wasn’t going to tell me where he was going I was just going to have to follow. I grabbed my robe off the back of the chair I was sitting on before put it on and followed making sure not to be seen. I may not have had an invisibility cloak like Harry but that doesn’t mean I am not a good spy.

I quickened my pace so that I wasn’t to far behind him I hadn’t the foggiest idea if where he was going. He was taking turns left and right till finally

A/n Hey every one I am so sorry i have not updatted in forever but i was hospitilized becuase I have an eatting disorder and wasn't eating anything. So my heart rate got really low. Well long story short doc says that if I had kept up with it for two more weeks i'd be dead. Becasue my heart would have adventually stopped, Well I am better now and will write more I LOVE YOU ALL SO FREAKIN MUCH THANKS FOR ALL THE COMMENTS KEEP THEM COMING THEY ROCK

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