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    A/N: This one has two different Point of Views- Emma and Ally. This one is longer mainly because I combined two chapters from my notebook together.  Just pretend that  everyone can do magic outside of school because it makes things so much easier. Disclaimer: You all know the deal... I'm not trying to steal J.K. Rowling's world of Harry Potter it's just fan-fiction. OK then... ON WITH THE STORY!!!

    You woke up in the room the man, who you learned is Mr. Weasley, and Harry had brought you to the night before. You looked around and saw Ally in the bed next to yours and Mr. Weasley sitting in a chair in between the beds. You got up silently and walked shakily down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Harry is the only one besides you up.

    "Morning Harry." you said, startling him out of his thoughts.

    "Oh morning Emma." he replied sleepily.

    You walked over and collapsed on the chair next to him and felt Harry catch you before you fell off.
    "Still shaky eh?" he said, laughing.

    Your vision went blurry slightly. He noticed your eyes turn slightly green when you looked at him. "Yea." you said distractedly, still looking into his eyes. You felt slightly light-headed and started to black out. You fell even more off the chair and he still held you up, looking at you worriedly. Mr. Weasley ran down the stairs looking around frantically for you. When he saw you in Harry's arms he relaxed a bit.

    You lifted yourself up slightly having come out of your almost-black-out-episode, "Sorry to worry you Mr. Weasley I didn't want to wake you up so I wandered down stairs." You didn't mention how you had collapsed in the chair and Harry had caught you.

    "Aw well I see your in good hands now I'll be back to bed." he said, climbing back up the stairs. You felt Harry's gaze on you again. He lifted you up and sat you in the chair upright.

    "Thank you Harry."

    "Your welcome Emma." he said, smiling and getting up. He pulled out his wand. "What do you want for breakfast?" he asked.

    "Um... eggs and bacon and some orange juice." you replied.

    He smiled at you and conjured two plates of eggs and bacon and two glasses of orange juice. He sat them down in front of you and sat down again, taking one of the glasses and plates. You both started eating, glancing at each other every now and then. When you finished eating Harry put the dishes in the sink and they started to wash themselves. Harry helped you up and you began to proceed slowly to the living room. When you got there you both sat down on the couch.

    You looked at each other for a few minutes. Then Harry asked, "What happened to your parents?"

    You froze. "Th-They were killed. Murdered actually." Harry stared at you sympathetically.

    "So were mine. But I was only a baby when it happened so I don't remember it much."

    "When I was 12 we were in the middle of moving to a new house for the 5th time that year and-and Voldemort just pointed a wand at my dad and-and killed him!" you said tears swimming in your eyes. "My mom managed to get me and Ally away and she raised us alone until last night when he came to the-the house and killed mom too because she wouldn't tell him where we were. I don't know why he wants me and Ally so badly Harry!" you started crying, glad to be in the presence of someone who understood you. Harry wrapped his arms around you and held you letting you cry. 


    As you started to regain you composure you pulled away from Harry. "I'm sorry Harry."

    "For what? It's OK to cry Emma. You were trying to be strong for your sister but it's still OK to be scared."

    "I know but I'm sorry for showing up so suddenly. My mom told us if she were to die then we should use our crystal necklaces and go to where they take us, and apparently thats here where I don't know anyone but the only adults do!" in your exasperation you lost control of your powers and made water from a cup shoot up and hit Harry. "Opps I'm sorry Harry, again."

    He wiped water off his face and looked at you curiously, "What was that?"

    "My powers loosing control." you said simply.

    "What powers?" he asked.

    "Well I'm a seer and I can control water and air. Ally is a knower or empath, which means she knows when something is wrong and what your feeling, and she can control earth and water." you answered.

    "So that's why he wants you." he mumbled.

    "What was that, Harry?"

    "I was just thinking that maybe Voldemort wants you for your powers."  He said looking dazed.

    "Harry are you OK?" you asked, looking at him.

    "Yeah." he said, looking into your eyes. You heard stomping on the stairs. A few seconds later, Hermione came in and looked at you and Harry.

    "I'm sorry am I interrupting something?" she asked, turning to go.

    "No Hermione. Come on over and sit down we were just talking." you said, breaking eye contact with Harry.

    A few seconds later Ally came in looking flustered. She saw you and Harry on the couch and stepped back in surprise, "Whoa lots of emotions in this room." she said, falling to her knees. You got up and tried to walk over to her, only for your knees to buckle and you to fall back onto the couch into Harry's arms. You felt butterflies in your stomach when he caught you. Ally seemed to sense the emotion coming off of you when he caught you and held her head. "Emma keep your emotions to yourself!" she told you.

    You scoffed, "Empaths!" ,throwing your arms in the air.

    Hermione looked at Ally with wide eyes, "Your an empath?" she squealed.

    "Uh... yeah and can you all just please try and contain your emotions, especially you Emma, the love coming off you is giving me a head ache!"

    You give her a death glare. Harry looked at you in surprise, "What love is that?" he said. 

    You felt yourself turn red with embarrassment and you glared at Ally even more. She smiled sheepishly, "For..."

    "For my parents and the loss of them." you finished quickly, glaring at her.

    "Oh," Harry said in disappointment, he looked at the ground.

    "Harry, can you help me up to my room please?" you asked him, still staring at your twin. 

    "Sure." he grumbled, standing up and helping you up the stairs. 

    ~-Ally's point of view-~

    Ally woke up sensing Emma wasn't there and started to get worried. She hopped out of bed and quickly ran down the stairs. She ran into the living room and felt like she was hit on the head with a sledge-hammer. "Whoa lots of emotions in this room." she said, feeling her knees buckle as she fell. She sensed Emma getting up, feeling worry on her. As she fell back Ally looked up, seeing Harry catch Emma. She felt the emotion coming off of her when he caught Emma and held her head, feeling like it was splitting in two. "Emma keep your emotions to yourself!" she told her, still feeling her head ache and the waves of love coming off of Emma, making her feel like she was drowning.

    Ally heard Emma scoff, "Empaths!" 

    Ally felt Hermione staring at her and the excitement coming off her.

    "You and empath?" she squealed.

    "Uh... yeah and can you all just please try and contain your emotions," Ally couldn't help it, "especially you Emma, the love coming off you is giving me a head ache!" 

    Ally saw Emma give her a death glare and she tried to look innocent. She saw Harry's surprised look as he asked Emma, "What love is that?" 

    She thought, her love for you, you love birds!

    Ally felt Emma's embarrassment now and saw her glare at her more. She smiled and started, "For..."

    She was cut off by Emma suddenly, "For my parents and the loss of them."

    She felt the disappointment and love coming off of Harry and winced. "Oh" he said.

    Ally heard Emma say, "Harry, can you help me to my room please?"

    "Sure." he grumbled, helping her up the stairs.

    As soon as they were gone Hermione asked, "So what was it she actually loved for?"

    "For Harry." she whispered in reply. "I also felt his love for her." she added to Hermione sadly.

    Hermione covered her mouth and squeals, "Wait 'till I tell Harry and Ron."

    "Hermione can you please not tell them? I think Emma's already mad enough at me without you telling Harry she loves him."

    Hermione nodded, Ally felt the little bit of disappointment coming off her as she sighed and said, "OK I promise not to tell them or anyone."

    "Thank you." Ally replied in relief

    A/N: Reviews are very, very welcome, so please review!

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