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a/n: Thanks to Anne for her patience in all my check this out pleases. I am also sorry this took so long to post, for Real Life reared it's ugly little head. I am hoping the miserable writer's block is over.
Dear Anne- this chapter is my dedication to you.

Severus stood in the doorway, watching Hermione update the records in the infirmary. He absolutely adored how her teeth bit her lower lip as she concentrated on her work. A small fight had ensued between their two Houses, bringing six students in with various injuries, nothing life threatening. They had been patched up and returned to their dorms with a week's detention each.

“Hermione, I need your old internship papers to reopen it.” Severus asked while she was distracted, and smiled when she pointed to a file cabinet in the corner.

“Over in there Sev, filed under Granger- Hermione School Papers,” She replied without looking up. He was glad that her delight for over detailing kept her from realizing his true reasoning.

His long pale fingers pulled open the drawer and he flipped through the files of endless Granger this and that until he found the one he needed. Her endless record and list keeping left little room in the overflowing cabinet.

“I'll be going in the morning, so I am hoping you are up to the pleasures of my first period Double Potions.” He remarked while reading.

“Sure.” Hermione replied and signed off the last accident report.

“You had an internship with Slughorn and you refused?” Severus asked, knowing this was not the name he was after.

“Cissa was still small, I decided to stay home another year with her. Besides I wanted to stay far from the Slug Club, I had had enough of him in Sixth Year.” Hermione laughed, returning the students papers to the correct filing cabinets.

“Professor Whetherbee? He was in my University class.” Severus murmured, his eyes on his fiancée. “It says you accepted but quit after one day. Is he the one?”

Hermione looked up into his black eyes, knowing it was finally out. The pain and guilt covering her face made him want to kill his old school mate. His memories of Whetherbee made it seem very out of character, he'd always been helpful and friendly to the half-bloods and Muggleborns that had surrounded him.

“I'll be back, you have my classes till I return.” Severus said, not allowing her to answer. With billowed robes he moved swiftly down the halls, a frantic Hermione following him.

“Severus! Stop, please!” She called from behind him.

Severus stopped and turned to look at her.

“Why didn't you just tell him? The fear of my name would have shut all the nonsense. I don't give a flying hippogriff about my reputation, it's already tattered and torn anyhow. Yours was what mattered. Unless it was shame that kept you from revealing you bedded the Death Eater spy.”

“I have never been ashamed of our child, Severus. Or how or when she was created, I just didn't say anything because-”

“I didn't have a reputation to protect, love.”

“I didn't say anything because I wanted you to return if you did for me- not because I happened to have given birth to your child.” Hermione bowed her head, and felt his hand on her cheek; caressing it as he pulled her eyes back up to his.

“Your suffering has been all my fault, and I am going to rectify it.” Severus bent his head down quickly and gave her a gentle kiss.

“Let it go Sev-”

“How many internships did you put in for after this one?”

“None, I took Poppy's offer instead. I-” Hermione started to say, but Severus interrupted her again.

“You hid out in Hogwarts. No more hiding, my love.” They had reached the gates by then. Severus unwarded them, walked out and hit the apparition point.

“Don't do anything stupid,” Hermione said, realizing finally she wasn't going to stop him no matter what she said. Severus nodded, kissed her again, and with a clap of thunder was gone.

Hermione reentered the gates and rewarded them. She walked slowly up the path to the school, and went in search of Minerva.

Severus walked out of Gringott's, his money pouch full for his trip. He made his way to the international Floo network. He had the name finally, and couldn't understand how it could be Whetherbee. No matter, he thought, No one hurts my Hermione like that.

He walked up to the Customs counter and bought the floo powder for a round trip travel to Outer Mongolia.

Floo Powder: Ninety-four galleons.

Severus smiled grimly and stepped towards the Floo, pitched the powder in and began his network of travels, Five more Floos to go, he thought as he stepped into the green flames.

Severus dusted himself off after the last Floo, arriving in Wizarding Mongolia. The built up lag from his trip wanted to make him find a hotel for the night, but he had a mission. He walked along the streets, nodding to some wizards he had met on his various trips here to retrieve potions ingredients.

Today he made no stops, and looked with regret at the rare potion ingredients on display. He barely heard the few vendors that called out to him in recognition, and arrived at a set of rickshaw carts for hire. If he knew the exact location of the camp Whetherbee had been exiled to, he would have apparated, but he didn't.

“I need to hire a cart to the Malfoy Inc camp,” Severus said to the owner and waited. The small wizened man nodded greedily and rubbed his hands together in glee.

“Will this be round trip?” He asked, and Severus could see the scales tipping in the smaller man's head.

“One way,” Severus said, he could always apparate back to the town because he knew the location.

Rickshaw: 204 galleons.

Severus grimaced as the rickshaw hit another pothole in the dirt trail, and clutched the seat as it bounced along. If Hermione wasn't worth it, he'd have apparated back to Hogwarts without another thought.

The rickshaw hit another bump, and almost tipped. “Can't you miss just one of those ruddy holes?” He said scathingly. The Asian Squib just looked back at him with a grin before continuing on. Bloody prat is doing it on purpose, Severus thought. Glad I hadn't planned on tipping the bugger. Severus smirked at that thought, and rearranged his robes.

The bouncing ride continued for over an hour, and Severus was ready to kill Draco for placing the camp so far out into the back country. Then he sneered, Whetherbee deserved the discomforts for hurting Hermione all those years ago. But why did he do it? Severus asked himself.

Finally the camp came into view, and he sneered. Time to get my answers, and revenge, he thought. He turned from the Squib with a laugh when he stuck his hand out for the customary tip. “Not today,” He said and walked away. The Squib's grumblings could be heard as he traveled back down the road towards the town.

Severus smoothed out his robes, and refreshed the cooling charm. The air was hot, and the bugs fluttered around in the camp. At first he swatted them away, but started hexing them when one bit him. “Bloody bugs!” He said. “Like first years after a failed exam!”

A wizard of about his age stepped from a tent, and smiled at Severus. He wiped the sweat from his face, rubbed his hands on the vest he wore before sticking his hand out to shake Severus's. “Snape!” Whetherbee exclaimed, “What brings you out to my neck of the woods?” He asked curiously.

“Whetherbee,” Severus said and looked around the camp. He could see Malfoy Inc had spared all expense in setting this up, and he laughed again. The chuckle didn't quite meet his eyes as he looked back at Whetherbee.

“So old friend,” Severus said with a sarcastic air, “How did you end up in this place?” He brushed past Whetherbee and ignored his outstretched hand.

“Malfoy-” Whetherbee began to say, but Severus turned back to look at him. Without another thought, Severus raised a fist and slammed it into Whetherbee's nose, the satisfying crunch of breaking bone making Severus smile.

Bloody and broken nose: Priceless.

“Why did you make a pass at an intern? What possessed you to do that to Hermione Granger?” Severus shouted and stood over the fallen wizard. Severus's glare made the other wizard tremble and stutter something unintelligible. The blood dripping down his face into his quivering lips.

Severus reached down and grabbed a hand full of the other wizard's robes. He dragged him up and looked him in the face, his other hand raised in a fist to smack him again. Instead, he shook Whetherbee and dropped him to the ground.

“I'm waiting for an answer,” Severus said, and tapped his foot on the ground.

Whetherbee tried to breath, but choked on the blood. He coughed and tipped his head back. Severus bit back another curse and waved his wand to stop the blood. “Now, Tell Me Why.” He said slowly. He crossed his hands over his chest, and Whetherbee stared in fear at the wand still clutched in Severus's hand.

“I was forced to.” Whetherbee said, and drew back when Severus's wand hand jerked. Severus leaned back down to drag Whetherbee up to look him in the eyes. The other wizard trembled in fear.

“Who forced you?” Severus asked, his anger making him breath heavy and spittle hit Whetherbee in the face.

“I can't tell you- she'll... she'll.. she'll kill me!” Whetherbee stuttered and cowered from Severus. “She made me do it. She said Granger was-”

“Granger is my fiancee, the mother of my child!” Snape shouted into Whetherbee's face, his fist coming dangerously close to breaking the nose again.

“You were-are-oh-my...” Whetherbee stuttered out again. “I didn't know Snape, honestly!”

“No one knew! You ruddy bugger!” Severus let Whetherbee dropped to the ground. “I respected you. Now tell me who forced you to do this!” Snape held his wand over Whetherbee's still shaking body, a hex formed on his lips. “Tell me why also.”

“It was Umbridge!” Whetherbee admitted and cowered back into the dirt he lay upon. “She found out I had attended a few Death Eater meetings when we were younger. She threatened to expose it and ruin me.” Whetherbee had always been grateful to Severus who had found him at one of those meetings, much in the same way Snape had started out himself into the Death Eater world. Severus had sent the wizard to Albus when he had realized Whetherbee was out of his element and needed a way out. Albus had sent him to an America to a Potions lab there.

“And this is any better?” Severus looked around the camp and laughed. “You could have come to me, the Order would have vouched for you. Get up!” He shouted again.

“I didn't think they'd help me.” Whetherbee said and stood up. He brushed at the dirt on his robes and sighed.

“Umbridge is going on trial soon, will you testify?” Severus asked, his eyes still glaring at the wizard he used to call friend.

“I'll-I'll be ruined!” Whetherbee cried out, and his hands clutched at his short graying hair.

“And you aren't now?” Severus watched as Whetherbee looked around the camp and sighed again.

“I'll do it.” Whetherbee said.

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