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Chapter 5 – Misunderstandings

“So you’re sure that Malfoy doesn’t has a darkmark Hermione? Are you absolutely sure?” Harry asked for the seventh time.
“Yeah I am sure! I saw his arms with my own eyes, Harry! He’s not a Death Eater!”
Harry and Hermione had just visited Hagrid and were now walking the Hogwarts grounds back to the castle. Rain fell from the grey sky, and the icy winds made Hermione shudder slightly. When they got into the castle again, Hermione started speaking again.
“Although,” she began, looking down on her shoes. “There is one thing that you were right about.”
Harry stopped in his tracks.
“Voldemort has giving him a task, hasn’t he?” Harry asked at once, his voice eager.
“Yes... But Harry, I don’t reckon he would...”
“What is it?” interrupted Harry. When she didn´t answer, Harry asked again.
“What is it? Tell me Hermione!”
Hermione felt miserable. She had told Draco that he could trust her. How could she do this to him? But she had already said too much. Harry would never give up now.
“He... He has to kill someone for Voldemort... Someone very important for the order.”
Harry looked bewildered.
“Kill someone?! Who?!” Harry demanded.
“Dumbledore” she mumbled very quietly, still looking at her feet’s.
“I didn´t quit catch that, Hermione. Who?” Harry sounded impatient. Hermione took a deep breath.
“Dumbledore.” She looked up. Harry looked furious. It was quiet for a moment. When Harry finally spoke his voice trembled from suppressed anger.
“Important for the Order?! What about important to me?! Dumbledore has been my mentor since I was eleven years old! I’m gonna kill that bloody ferret with my own bare hands...!”
“But Harry, he doesn´t want to! He has changed. I swear, he is different these days. Please Harry, don´t tell on him, there is no need, he won’t do it, trust me!” she spoke in a pleading tone. Harry looked at her in disbelief.
“Do you honestly reckon Malfoy has changed? How can you be so naive?! If I didn´t knew better I would think you’d started to like him for real!”

Hermione looked away.

“Of course I don´t, don´t be such a git Harry! I just don´t think that it´s so cleaver to blow my cover right now, I think I can get more information out of him, just give me time.” Harry doubted for a moment but then he nodded.
“I guess you´re right. But I still don´t doubt that Malfoy has every intention of fulfilling his task. He is evil though and through.” He said while narrowing his green eyes. It pained Hermione to hear Harry say all these terrible things about Draco, especially since she couldn´t say anything in his defence. So she just gave Harry a small nod, and Harry returned to the common room while Hermione left for the library. 


Marcus Flint threw his bag with his quidditch robes over his shoulder and grabbed his broom. He had been down the pitch with his team, practising. As he made his way though the corridor he spotted a girl entering the library. It hadn´t just been any girl, it had been Granger. There had been a lot of fuzz around that girl lately. He had heard as good as all his slytherin mates and a loads of blokes outside his house talking about her and her new stunning appearance. A smirk appeared on his face. This ought to be fun, he thought to himself as he sneaked into the library. It was as good as empty. A couple of first years were sitting around a table, taking notes from a book. He gave them an angry glare and they gathered their quills, rolls of parchments and books quickly and left. Flint noticed Hermione standing between two bookshelves not so far away from him. He leaned nonchalantly against one of the bookshelves and examined her with an hungry look in his brown eyes and with a malicious smirk on his lips.

It wasn´t hard to see why she had become so popular among the boys – she looked amazing with her shiny hair that was just a little bit curly, and that tanned skin that brought out her those full and perfect pink lips and chocolate brown eyes.

“Finally alone, Granger” Flint said, still with his eyes fixed on her.
Hermione gave him a quick look and then returned to her books.
“Go away Flint, I don´t feel like dealing with you right now,” She said with a sigh.
But he just continued smirking and took another step forward, putting his arm up against the bookshelf to block her way. Hermione started to feel a bit uncomfortable.
“Didn´t I tell you to leave?!” she tried to get pass him, but he grabbed her wrists and held her up against the shelf.
“Do you really think that you can give me orders, mudblood?” Flint hissed.
“I´m the dominant one here, Granger...” He leaned in and whispered in her ear, as he grabbed her wrists tighter, hard enough to bruise. Hermione winced and opened her mouth to scream, but Flint quickly mumbled a spell, and to Hermiones horror, she couldn´t make a sound. She tried to scream again, but her shout got stuck in her throat. The tears burned behind her eyelids and she tried to kick him, but his were pressed firmly against hers and she couldn´t move. Flint let out a evil laugh and grinned sadistically.
“If you hadn´t been so filthy, I could have done this...” he roughly pressed his lips onto hers. Hermione tried to turn her face away, but it was hopeless – he had her exactly where he wanted her. She couldn´t scream and she couldn´t move. All she could do was to cry. The tears ran down her cheeks when he forced his tongue into her mouth. Hermione bit him as hard as she could and Flint let out a groan of pain. He let go of her wrists and slapped her hard across her left cheek. Hermione sobbed and raised her hands to protect her face, as she expected him to strike again. But suddenly she couldn´t feel the weight of Flints body anymore and she opened her eyes.

Draco stood before her, with Flints collar in a firm grip.
“What the hell do you think you´re doing?!” Draco shouted in the other boys face. Flint only grinned.
“Oh come on Draco... Don´t pretend to be a good guy, it just doesn´t suit you. Let´s just have some fun with the gryffindor-slu...”


Draco punched him over his mouth and jaw and Flint fell to the floor. Draco looked disgusted and he was breathing heavily.
“Get out of here.” He said quietly in a angry tone. “Now.”
Flint slowly got up from the floor, trying to stop the blood from running into his mouth as he spoke.
“You keep helping them-“ Flint began, nodding in Hermiones direction, “-we´ll deal with you the way we deal with all blood-traitors!”
“I am NOT a traitor!” yelled Draco and punched Flint again, over his nose this time. Flint was now covered in his own blood, but with some difficulties he managed to get up from the floor again.

“I´ll guess we´ll know what side you´re on, Malfoy-“ he lowered his voice to a whisper. “-tonight at the ceremony. You will be there, I suppose? I am glad that you finally have decided to take the step.. I just hope you won´t scream so bad when they burn the mark into your skin..” Flint gave him a cold smirk, and Draco turned white. Flint gave Hermione a look filled with utter contempt. Hermione barely noticed; she was to busy staring at Draco with tear filled eyes and with a expression of chock in her face.
“The darkmark, Draco?” she said at last, her voice shivering.
“This ain´t over, mudblood!” Flint snarled before he stormed out, leaving Draco and Hermione alone in the library.

Draco was still white as a ghost and he looked miserable.
“Hermione...” he tried to take her hand but she pulled her arm away and took a few steps back, shaking her head. The tears ran down her face. She didn´t want to believe it... After everything he had told her, he was going to become a Death Eater. But how could she had been so stupid? How could she ever think that Draco Malfoy, the cold prince of slytherin could change his beliefs? Before Draco could do anything, she hurried out from the library and ran trough the corridor towards the gryffindor tower. She could hear Draco calling after her, but she ignored him and kept running. When she finally got into the girls dormitories, she threw herself on the bed and sobbed into her pillow. Why?! She though. Why did I have to fall in love with him?”


A/N: Well, the fifth chapter now, dear readers! Hope you liked it, and don´t forget to review, I love your kind comments! =)

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