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    A/N This one again is kind of short but the next one will be out as soon as possible.

    After the red headed girl screamed her brother a red-headed, freckled face boy that looked about 15 or 16 yelled, "MUM, DAD! You better come see this!"  The two of them looked so familiar you just couldn't put your finger on where you'd seen them though.

    You heard people coming down the stairs as you tried to remember where you'd seen this boy. You look at Ally and mouth, "Don't we know him from somewhere." pointing at him. Ally nodded. When you pointed the boy jumped back in surprise. When two red-headed adults, the little girl, and two boys that look like twins came down the stairs you started to get even more confused. Then a frizzy haired girl came down, and a boy with round glasses and a lightening bolt scar on his forehead behind her. You looked over the group, and when your eyes landed on the black-haired boy with the scar you gasped and turned to Ally, "I remember them now Ally! they're from my dreams remember the one of the red-headed family and the boy with the..." before you could finish your eyes glazed over and you collapsed feeling Ally catch you.

    You saw the first boy, the frizzy haired girl and the boy with the scar in a large room talking.

    "What do you think of them Harry?" the red-head asked the scared boy.

    "I dunno Ron. Hermione, what about you?" Harry asked the girl.

    "I think you guys are over reacting they're twins that lost their parents to Voldemort just like you Harry." Hermione said.

    "How do we know they aren't spies for Voldemort, Hermione?" Ron asked coldly.

    "Why would they be here and why would Dumbledore recognize them if they were? Huh?" she asked just as coldly.

    "She has a point Ron." Harry said.

    You opened your eyes to see Ally looking at you worriedly, "What did you see?"

    "The first red headed boy we met, his name is Ron, the frizzy haired girl, Hermione, and the black-haired boy, Harry sitting in a room talking about us." You replied, still weak from your vision. Then you realized everyone was looking at you and the 3 people you named were staring completely shocked with they're jaws hanging open.

    "How did you know who we are?" Harry asked you sispiciously.

    You swallowed hard. Your throat dry was really dry. "Can I have some water before explaining?"

    "Of course, dear." The woman said pulling out a wand and conjuring a glass of water. You were suddenly glad to know they were all wizards and witches and not a bunch of muggles. She handed it to you.

    You drank it and then answer Harry's question. "I'm a seer and I had a vision of you three talking about me and Ally and Ron thought we were spies for Voldemort. Now can I ask all of you something?" They nodded. "Who are you and why did my mom set up a port key with our necklaces to send us here?" you dangled your crystal necklace and heard the woman and man gasp. They rushed over to you and Ally.

    "Fred, George get a bedroom ready." the man told the twin boys. They nodded and ran up the stairs. "Ginny, Hermione grab their suitcases." he said to the girl and Hermione. "Harry help me with Emma, and Ron show Ally to her room." with that he and Harry helped you hobble up the stairs and into your new room. 

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