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Hermione tried to stop the bitter tears from coming. Not now! Never now! She had stopped crying the day Harry’s coffin went below the ground. There was some crushing pain inside her she couldn’t explain. And she felt that she needed to cry again, but she wouldn’t.

She felt betrayed. Was this some cruel joke! Harry was still alive; some part of him was still pulsating. Harry was alive in Draco. The enormity of it banged on her head like some thousand pound boulder. It echoed in her ears, over and over and over again.


“ To have Potter’s heart to survive! “

“ To have Potter’s heart to survive! “


Draco’s voice wouldn’t stop! She stumbled on the pavement, and tried to get up again. Her elbow was bleeding, but she didn’t care at all. She had to get away, get away from them! Get away from him! And to think- and to think she had felt like she had loved again….




Draco started for the door.

“ Stop. “ Ron’s face had turned angry and upset.

“ What for? You saw her, if it wasn’t for you! “ Draco said accusingly.

“ If it wasn’t for me? I had never mentioned anything, and perhaps it was time she knew. We kept it from her, I kept it from her, you kept it from her. She’s hurt, let her hurt. “

“ I don’t want her hurt! “ Draco said angrily. “ I didn’t want her hurt! “

“ You still did. We both did. I told you you’d hurt her Malfoy, directly or indirectly, “ Ron said. There was something inside Ron’s eyes that made Draco stop from giving another biting remark.

“ Damn it, Weasley, “ Draco finally said.

Ron’s feet moved.

“ Where the hell are you going? “ Draco asked.

“ Work, “ Ron said simply. “ I’m needed at Wales. “

There was a pop and Ron was gone.

Draco stood in front of the fire, thinking of his next move. Would he heed Weasley’s warning? Would he go after Hermione? She was probably at home now? Or was she? He frowned and clenched a fist. His chest was hurting again. He hadn’t had a check up with a muggle doctor in months.

He recalled the look on Hermione’s face. It was a mixture of shock, disbelief and god knows what. He made up his mind. Grabbing his coat and keys, he left the office to find her.


Ron massaged his temple with one finger. The night hadn’t gone great. It had been the first time he had seen Hermione that upset since...He didn’t mean to hurt her at all. He had warned Malfoy too. It was a double blow to her. She and him had just made up, and now this?

He had just arrived in Wales via apparition, a method of traveling he still found uncomfortable. The night was cold and he shivered. The rest of the aurors were there too. Hermione wasn’t of course. She was supposed to be.

A tall man approached him. “ Late, Weasley.“ he laughed.

“ Sorry, Dean old chap, got delayed by mum, “ he lied.

“ Everyone here? Where’s Hermione? “ another asked.

Ron shrugged. “ I don’t know. “

Well, at least that wasn’t a lie. He couldn’t lie to himself that he didn’t feel bad, upset, that Hermione was once more hurt. He didn’t like that. He didn’t want that. Perfect timing meant everything. How was he to know that she would surprise them at Draco’s office, anyway!

“ Alright, “ a voice was saying. “ We’ve gotten some reports, from our Irish counterparts. Seems that someone has been spotted- “

Ron tried to listen.

But his thoughts trailed back to Hermione.


Draco drove into the night, hoping to catch some glimpse of her back or something. She had left her car near his building. His heart pounded terribly and hurt at the same time.

It was never easy, having Potter’s heart. He had let loose his pride, thankful that someone from Gryffindor (Potter at that), had died and given him a heart. Past was past, and he had hoped for a good present, and a brilliant future. He had gotten both, for a short time, he supposed.

Hermione had come to his life out of nowhere, he hadn’t seen her in years, and now, to feel for her that way…perhaps Potter was having his revenge from beyond the grave, having a good damn laugh at him for falling for a girl who was at the mercy of his memory forever.

He smirked as his car curved to another corner. His imaginations were running quite wild now.

He wouldn’t admit it to himself, of course. That he was feeling something more than physical love. It would hurt too much to imagine, that he, a Malfoy, would fall for a muggleborn witch, an ex-fiancée of Potter and a Gryffindor. But at the back of his mind, he knew he did. Knew he had.

A triple blow. He had warned himself first, never to fall badly for someone; Ron had warned him to stay away too. And finally, Hermione herself, with her constant recollections of Potter in silence, her eyes said it all.

He was stupid.

“ Damn it, where are you? “ he muttered, passing by the bar where he had helped Hermione and taken her home because of her drunkenness. The bar seemed empty. It was a Monday after all.

He felt the impulse that she wasn’t there.

“ Trust your wizarding instincts, Malfoy, “ he told himself. “ You’re still a wizard, no matter what. “

He had gone to her apartment, but saw that there were no lights in her window, and he himself felt she wasn’t there. Cursing, he drove back to his house. It was past three in the morning. He went straight to his bedroom and sat at the edge of the bed.

It was tempting him. He could feel it in his fingers. He wanted it in his fingers.

Without another word, he strode for the dresser and opened the box where he kept his most prized wizarding possession…his wand. He whispered to himself, “ Find Hermione…”

The tip of his wand glowed, a pale yellowish hue. He concentrated hard. He tried to picture her face, but all that registered was her shocked look inside his head.

“ Damn it, “ he growled. And suddenly it flooded into his mind. He felt that he knew where she was.

He stood up.




He had apparated in front of a quaint place. He walked quietly, the leaves crunching beneath his feet. It was a well lit night, because apart from the lamps, there was a full moon. He wondered where she was, in the vastness of the park.

A few minutes into his walking, he saw a figure up ahead, crouched near a slab of marble.


She had no idea how long she had been lying beside him. Him... Was it okay to call a chunk of marble him? This was after all, his grave. His final resting place.


The thought of him hurt her. She did not know where else to go. This was her only refuge, then. His grave. She did not cry, she only felt the pain, still felt it as if it had only been seconds ago that she heard everything. She had apparated the moment she had gotten her wand from her car. Thank god she had brought it along!

But now, to feel the coldness of the white marble at her touch…it brought back memories of Harry. His body on that damned bed, the paleness of his face. Everything was still so fresh.

“ Harry, I don’t… why is this happening? I thought you wanted me happy! Oh Harry, I fell for…! I fell for Malfoy! Should I be sorry! I still love you, Harry! I still do! So much that it hurts! I wish I could stop! Stop loving you! Maybe then I would be happier-but I fell for him Harry-! “ Hermione screamed to herself.

She looked up.


Draco stared at the finely done letterings on the tomb.

Harry James Potter. July 31, 1980

Harry’s grave. The man who gave him a chance to live, the man who gave him a heart. The man who showed him Hermione.

His heart pounded, or rather Harry’s heart pounded. It was the first time he had seen this. His first time to actually be in front of Harry’s grave. And to see Hermione like this, at the foot of his grave…was she crying? It was hard to tell. She was crouched low.

She looked up. Her eyes were brimming with tears. She said nothing. He walked quietly, arriving beside her and standing over the tomb.

Suddenly, Draco knelt beside her. “ Are you alright now? “

She barely nodded.

“ Harry- he- saved me…again…when he gave me his heart, “ Draco almost choked on the words he carefully chose.

She said nothing, but she stood up and her gaze lingered at Harry’s name. There was alight breeze playing in the night, and the moon shone brighter than ever. “ We were going to get married, “ she finally said it, and quietly.

Draco’s eyes considerably softened even more. “ I’m sorry. “

“ Past is past. “

“ Where have I heard that before? “ he asked with a small smile. To his relief she reciprocated. But then he noticed a tear slide down her cheek. He said nothing.

“ How does it feel? That you have… his-? “ her voice faltered.

He closed his eyes for a few seconds. “ It’s… I feel like it’s my own…although sometimes… maybe it’s just my imagination or something but… I feel like it beats not in accordance to- whatever. Nothing. “

She sniffed. “ Why did… Did you know it was his heart? “

He shook his head. “ I was dying, Hermione. My mother was desperate. She went through the lengths of asking for help from muggles, muggle doctors. It was after our graduation…you do remember that there was no news of me, despite my father being imprisoned? I was already suffering from it. It remained undiagnosed until a year later. We waited for a donor for years and suddenly on Christmas day, the best gift I’d ever received…I got a heart. I was thankful, Hermione. For the first time in my life, I wanted to reach out to those who helped me. And then I found out, when Weasley visited me, he informed me I had Potter’s heart. I couldn’t understand… I somehow abhorred the fact that I received the heart of a guy I had spent seven years trying to destroy. Weasley, he…scolded me- “ Draco gave a dry laugh.

“ He told me I should be thankful and that Potter’s girl was very much devastated, and that I was too fortunate. I never really took it seriously, all that Weasley said about you being devastated. I was too wrapped up in my insecurities, my happiness; I didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that I had Harry Potter’s heart. I had the heart of the boy-who-lived! But as the days wore on, I knew Weasley was right. Potter’s death was to my advantage, and that’s when I let my barriers down. “ Draco shifted his footing as he faced her.

“ I was speaking to Weasley in a more civilized manner, something I found unsettling to do back in school when Potter began talking to me after the Great Battle between him and Voldemort. He was thankful to me, for betraying my father and the Death Eaters and Voldemort himself. I felt that I had to make it up to him somehow- but I didn’t know just when…and then you, you came along Hermione…”

Hermione shook her head. Her hands shook.

Draco saw them, and he did nothing.

“ It was my fault, if I hadn’t… I wish I had never given him that necklace. I still have dreams, he was looking at it, he opened it while he was driving, he was wearing it when he died. I know it! “ her voice tensed once more.

Draco said nothing.

“ I actually thought I would marry him you know… after everything we’ve been through, after Voldemort and all. Sometimes at night, when I can’t sleep. I hear his voice, see his face in the mirror; even when I close my eyes! I feel like I’m waiting on a ghost! He’s trying to tell me something in my dreams! Draco, if you… I can’t believe I was even thinking about it. But I was afraid! Afraid I’d fallen for you... “

Draco looked up to her. “ Haven’t you? “ he asked quietly.

She looked at Harry’s grave and back into his eyes. She nodded and finally felt the tears flow freely on her cheeks.

“ I don’t know whether to be happy or upset, “ he began.

She looked up to him, puzzled. “ Why? “

“ I’m glad to hear that you actually find me bearable, but to see you cry, it won’t do my happiness justice. “ Without another thought, he brought a finger up against her eye to wipe a tear away.

“ Can we go home? “ she asked.

He nodded and took her hand.




TBC?... i was happy that alot of you guys liked the previous chapter, i hope you liked this too. away!

also, an anonymous review said "you stink". on the contrary, i bathe twice a day and im a clean freak- so no, i don't think i stink. ^_^

i've reached chapter 11 here, and i hope this story has been well received.

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