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****Disclaimer: I own only the plot and new characters***

After leaving Bianca with Harry's note Hermione caught up to Draco Malfoy
"So they seem nice" said Hermione
"Yeah I guess.......can you really determine that in less than 10 minutes?" asked Draco
"I don't know but it's not like they tripped me or called me any rude names" said Hermione
"Who does that remind me of?" asked Draco putting on his thinking face
"I wasn't directing my comment towards you besides my cousin did call me a butt-face" said Hermione
"I like the kid already" said Draco as they turned a corner
"I'm sure you would..... hey I won" said Hermione enthusiastically
"Won what?" asked Draco
"Well the new students I said were really powerful so I won" said Hermione
"Uh we never shook on it" said Draco "Although you did kind of sit on me" said Draco
"Yeah hopefully I didn't hurt you" said Hermione as she slightly blushed
"What this body break nahh" said Draco
"Aww I wondered when the real you would come back" said Hermione
"Did you miss him?" asked Draco
"What that face of his? Nah" said Hermione jokingly
"Oh and Granger comes out with another witty comment" said Draco
"Well this is it" said Hermione as they reached their portrait
"Password" asked the Man with a black beard, black hair and blue robes sitting on a benchbsa
"Totalus Expecto" said Draco
"Very well" said the man as he swung the door open to let the 2 in
"You sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" asked Draco as he stood outside the door
"No, but I don't think you know either" said Hermione quietly as she finally walked into the dorm

Inside the large room was a living room magnificently decorated. The couches were a deep maroon color and there was a fireplace against the wall. The were was a long table between the couch and fireplace. To the left lied a table with silver tablecloths. There was also a sink and a refrigerator. The cupboards were a light shade of brown. There was two staircases each leading to the floor with the rooms.

"Wow" said Hermione
"Yeah I must say they did a good job" said Draco
"So this is where we're going to be living together..........the 2 of and and you..........." said Hermione
"I'm not sure how many other ways you want to spin it" said Draco
"We need to do something to make this place ours......homey" said Hermione
"I wouldn't know anything about homey I mean I come from a cold house" said Draco with a sad expression on his face
"Well let's jump on the couches" said Hermione
"What?" asked Draco with a humorous expression
"Yeah come on" said Hermione as she took off her robes and went to jump on the couch
"You look ridiculous" said Draco
"Come on lighten up just jump it's not like it takes any kind of skill" said Hermione
"Nah I don't think so" said Draco as he began to walk towards the stairs
"Yeah I can understand wouldn't want to get your ass kicked by a girl" said Hermione
Draco turned around and said "One you Granger could not kick my ass and 2.I have skills that would be too much for you" said Draco
"Whatever" said Hermione as she continued to jump
Draco continued to walk up the stairs as Hermione sat down on the couch disappointed that Draco didn't join her. Suddenly Draco jumped off from the staircase onto the couch.
"AWWWWW" screamed Hermione as she fell off the couch
"Told you my skills were too much to handle" said Draco
"Oh you're gonna pay for that Malfoy" said Hermione
"Sure Granger" said Draco as he turned to look at the fireplace
"Hey Malfoy" said Hermione causing Malfoy to look at her giving her the chance to smack him on the face with a pillow
"Owww" said Draco as he fell back into the couch
"Come on Malfoy take it like a man" said Hermione as she continued to hit him with the pillow
"Hey no fair I don't have a pillow" said Draco as he pulled Hermione towards him by the waist. Hermione didn't have time to think about what Draco was doing only sensing the feeling of warmth as he held her. Suddenly the feeling was gone as Draco began tickling her causing Hermione to drop the pillow so he could take it.
"Hey you cheated" said Hermione as she ran from him
"You snooze you loose" said Draco as he chased her around the room
"Awww" screamed Hermione as she ducked one of the pillows which now could be her weapon
"That was close" said Draco as he dodged a pillow thrown by Hermione
"Ha serves you right" said Hermione
"You know what screw throwing the pillows" said Draco as he ran directly towards Hermione
"NOOO!!" said Hermione as she ran up the stairs. Not knowing what room was hers she went to her left.
"Awww" said Hermione as she dodged the pillow thrown at Draco as he was right behind her. After they both caught their breath they burst out laughing
"Umm Hermione" said Draco
"Yeah" said Hermione
"You're kind of in my room" said Draco
Hermione looked around and could see Green colors.
"Oh right sorry" she said as she headed towards the door
"I know you were interested in what it looks like...." said Draco
"Right that's why I came in here" said Hermione as she stood against the doorway
"Oh so there were other reasons?" asked Draco
"Goodnight Malfoy" said Hermione as she turned and headed to her room
"Goodnight Granger and thanks for making this place homey for me" said Draco as Hermione reached the doorway to her room
"You're welcome" said Hermione and with that turned and closed the door leaving Draco to wonder what he had gotten himself into

While Draco and Hermione were settling in so were the elements. Once Bianca had read the note she walked forward and into her dorm. Once entering she lifted her head to take in her sights while placing the note in her back pocket. There were 2 large windows to the left and right. A fireplace stood against a wall to the right surrounded my 2 long couches that created a L shape. Over to the right was the kitchen with a refrigerator and table decorated with brown tablecloths.
"Well is this the perfect place to live or what?" asked Logan as he walked over to Bianca
"Yeah it's awesome" said Bianca
"I'm so free!! No parents to tell us what to do" said Seth as he lied on the couch
"No mom's to pick out your clothes" said Liz
"No chance that I won't be going home without pictures of Liz in the morning" said Seth
"Hey just leave me out of the pictures" said Bianca as she walked over to the couch
"Thanks Bianca thanks a lot" said Liz
"Hey you boys didn't jump on your beds yet did you?" asked Bianca
"No...........what manly men do that?" asked Logan
Bianca and Liz looked at eachother. "They did" said Liz
"They so did" said Bianca
"Are our bags in the rooms already?" asked Bianca
"Yeah they are" said Logan
"I made sure to put fragile on my suitcase" said Seth
"Oh right with all your manly cologne" said Logan
"Hey at least I don't have hundreds of freaking clothes" said Seth
"Can I help it if I want to look nice" said Logan
"What did you girls pack?" asked Seth
"That is something no man should know or even go" said Bianca
"Oh right with all of your puffy and pink frizy stuff" said Logan
"Oh right that is so sexist Logan" said Liz
"Yeah I am appaled mate besides I'm sure that Liz brought her cat doll" said Seth
"Hey I've had that since I was a baby and you know what I think that I might just go up and get those baby pictures of you" said Liz
"You didn't" said Seth as he sat up straight
"Does the name Kathy Stravor mean anything to you?" asked Liz
"Hey isn't that the girl who made you cry" said Bianca
"She did not make me cry Liz just happened to be making a wind and dust got in my eye" said Seth
"Oh that's right she thought you were gonna take her ice cream" said Logan
"Gosh Seth I never knew you to be so mean" said Bianca
"I was not being mean it was yellow day and I wanted a yellow popsicle" said Seth
"Which ended up on his head man was I at the right place at the right time that day" said Liz
"What the hell is yellow day?" asked Bianca
"Seth and I would always try to figure out the favorite color of the girl we liked and wear that color for that sunday and you seemed to wear yellow a lot that week" said Logan
"Oh so you got attacked cause of me?" asked Bianca
"Yup how does that make you feel?" asked Seth
"Oh so that's what it was I thought your mom's put a color in a hat and dressed you in it on sunday's I made $10 one time when Bianca and I made a bet" said Liz
"Yeah you see I lost money how does that make you feel?" asked Bianca
"Did Liz get a picture?" asked Seth
"No" said Bianca
"Then I don't really feel bad" said Seth
"He's got a point you know" said Logan
"Hey why don't you start a fire Logan" said Bianca
"Sure" said Logan as he casually threw a fireball into the firplace causing a small fire to start
"Who needs some sugar in their system?" asked Liz as she got up to head to the kitchen
"You sure tha't's safe for you?" asked Bianca
"Yeah when has it ever not been ok?" asked Liz as she opened a cupboard
"When you start to ramble and you caused a wind to start a fire on someone's Barbie on fire" said Bianca
"You light a barbie on fire" said Logan
"It was an accident" said Liz
"She got mad at the girl for cutting her line on the slide at the park" said Bianca
"Man Liz" said Seth
"No her freakin doll was starring at me as if saying HA HA HA" said Liz
"This was all after she had a big soda drink and about 5 lollipops" said Bianca
"Ok you're gonna drink a diet soda from now on" said Seth
"Are you calling me fat?" asked Liz
"oooooo somebody's in trouble" said Logan
"Hey why don't you guys get some sticks" said Bianca
"You want me to hurt a tree" said Seth
"You can always grow a new one" said Bianca
"For what?" asked Logan
"To roast some marshmallows" said Liz as she returned to the living room with a bag of marshmallows
"Yeah then you can burn it and I'll cool it to make metal" said Bianca
"Oh alright" said Seth as he and Logan got up to go a tree by one of the windows

"So why did Hermione pull you aside?" asked Liz
"Harry gave me this note" said Bianca as she handed her the note
"So you gonna meet him?" asked Liz as she handed her back the note
"I need to talk to him" said Bianca
"I doubt that's all you two will do" said Liz as she put a marshmallow in her mouth
"We will talk he said talk in his note" said Bianca as she stared Liz in the eye
"You're gonna count how many aren't you?" asked Liz
"Yes" said Bianca as she took a marshmallow and ate it
"What about Logan?" asked Liz
"I don't know I told him I would give him another chance but now I'm not sure" said Bianca
"Well all I have to say is that boy better do a lot more than just stare at you with his mouth open in order to win my vote" said Liz
"Good looking out" said Bianca
"Well ladies we made the sticks" said Logan handing one to the girls
"Thank you" said the girls
"Here shoot" said Seth as he opened his mouth
"Oh my bad" said Liz as she kept hitting him in the eye
"Man do I have bad aim" said Liz as she switched from eye to eye
"Ouch" said Seth
"Hey you ok?" asked Logan to Bianca
"Yeah I'm fine" said Bianca as she roasted her marshmallow
"Can I kiss you?" asked Logan
"Aww you asked what's wrong with you" joked Bianca
"I know that I have to earn your trust so I wanted to ask" said Logan
"Yes you may" said Bianca before Logan's lips came crashing on hers. The kiss was sweet and gentle.
"Logan and Bianca k-i-s-s-" sang Seth
"Shut-up" said Logan as he threw a marshmallow at him which hit his forehead
"Oh nice shot 10 points" said Liz

After eating more marshmallows they called it a night and went to bed. Bianca slept in her clothes and at eleven forty exactly was woken up by Liz.
"Good luck" said Liz
"Thanks I'll tell you everything when I get back" said Bianca and with that she was off

Over in the Gryffindor tower Harry had been woken up by Ron
"Hey mate" said Ron as he shook Harry awake
"What?" asked Harry in a quiet tone
"It's eleven forty" said Ron
"Oh ok I'm leaving" he said and began to run out of the room before Ron stopped him
"You're going to see this girl that you still haven't explained to me about in your pajamas?" said Ron
"Oh right" said Harry as he undressed and put on jeans, a blue shirt and jacket
"I'll explain when I get back" said Harry as he put on his invisibility cloak and grabbed the Map and went out the door

Harry moved very quickly towards the Astronomy Tower making sure to check the map for the name's of others. He didn't see Bianca's name and wondered if she was even going. He tried to imagine what to say with each step that he took but was only left with a blank mind and the desire to kiss her. Harry felt as if he had been walking for days he couldn't believe after all the time that he had thought about her he was now going to see her. Finally as if he'd never make it Harry arrived at the Astronomy Tower. He had hoped she would of already been there but found that it was empty.
"Great" said Harry
"You always talk to yourself?" said a familiar voice
Harry slowly turned around and found himself starring into the eyes of Bianca. The same eyes he had some many times visioned in his dreams of him holding her once more
A smile lifted on Harry's face. "I thought you weren't coming" said Harry
"Of course I would come I only videotape the guys I stand up" said Bianca
"Oh well I'm one of the luck few uh?" said Harry
"What's that in your hands?" asked Bianca
"Oh my Dad's Invisibility Cloak and A Map that shows everyone in Hogwarts. I didn't see your name on it a figured you weren't coming" said Harry
"Oh my Harry breaking the rules on the first day and I think I'm too special for that map" said Bianca
"Ok 1 this is not the first time I've broken the rules mrs.take an extra free sample and 2 maybe you're not special enough" said Harry
"Ok 1 it said use your best judgement which I did and 2. never have I been so offended and 3. why are we talking in numbers?" asked Bianca
Harry laughed. "What're you doing here?" asked Harry
"I'm meeting you" she said
"I mean in the wizarding world" said Harry
"Haven't you heard I'm an element" she said
"You lived on my muggle street" he said
"My parents like to keep the whole magic thing quiet sometimes and we just happened to find a house in what they thought was a non magical residence. Boy were they wrong" said Bianca
"You never showed any signs of magic" said Harry
"That's because our real magic home was somewhere else and didn't you wonder how we moved in so quickly and why I never really explained about school" said Bianca
"No I gave you some odd questions too" said Harry
"How're you a wizard?" asked Bianca
"I'm the boy who lived I thought you would of recognized my lightning bolt" said Harry
"My parents never let me read the Daily Prophet they don't like to get involved with the Ministry. Besides I thought maybe Dudley sat on you or something" said Bianca
"You think I'd still be breathing if that happened?" said Harry
"So you're the Boy Who Lived, wow I had no idea" said Bianca
"Yeah that's me" said Harry
"You're Uncle was Sirius Black who died and you defeated Voldemort you're the reason I got to come home" said Bianca
"Yeah and reason you came home?" said Harry in a puzzled tone
"My parents had us home schooled far from her with my other element friends after what happened at the Triwizard Tournament" said Bianca
"Well then I guess I'll have to give myself a pat on the back for being able to meet you" said Harry
"You were very brave. Did you ever get scared?" asked Bianca
"Yeah I did get scared of the outcome it was either him or me" said Harry as tears entered his eyes remembering his fear
"Man I feel like I should buy you a drink" said Bianca
"You weren't scared to say his name" said Harry as he composed himself
"If it were up to me I would have fought" said Bianca
"I still can't believe you're here" said Harry as he took in her appearance once again
"Well I'm here you can feel me if you want" she said realizing how it sounded
"Oh really" said Harry
"You know what I mean" said Bianca as she suddenly felt the urge to hug him and did so by closing the space between them and wrapped her arms around her neck once again feeling comfort protection. Feeling the love that had been missed since she last saw him. Harry held her tightly before he moved to have their foreheads meet statting into her brown ones and she starred into his green ones. Before either knew what had happened Harry's lips came crashing onto her's. It was as if they never really left each other at all. The kiss was filled with longing and passion. Harry asked for entrance to her mouth by tracing his tongue across her lower lip. Bianca quickly granted him access as their tongues greeted eachother in urgency. Bianca was moaning inside Harry's mouth and Harry moved to push Bianca against the wall allowing Bianca to wrap her legs around his body. She could feel something hard on her knee and her insides were screaming for what she knew they both desired. After their tongues each demanded one another Harry began kissing her neck as Bianca ran her hands through the black hair that she had missed so much. Bianca rocked her hips with Harry's as his kisses on her neck were making her moan. Harry kissed her temples and Bianca nibled on his ear making him moan. Bianca's mind suddenlt began to kick in.
"Harry" she said through her heavy breathing
"Yeah?" he asked as he continued to kiss her neck
"I really don't think we should have sex on the first night" she said
"Oh right" said Harry as Bianca un-wrapped her legs from his waist and stood on the floor with her own two feet. Both were quiet and starring into each other's eyes
"So I guess that clarify's that you missed me" said Bianca
"Yeah I did" said Harry
"I missed you too" said Bianca
"So what does this mean?" asked Harry
"This means that we're both going to sleep very well tonight and that we'll see each other tomorrow" said Bianca
"OOO you sure you don't want to go rob a bank or something?" asked Harry as he held her hand in his
"No I'm on probation Clyde" she said
"Oh alright Bonnie" said Harry causing Bianca to laugh before Harry kissed her once again
"So let's blow this popsicle stand" siad Bianca
"Yes" said Harry as he held her hand and placed the cloak over their heads
Once they were at the staircase they each went their seperate ways but not before they shared one last kiss

The next morning many students awoke to the sound of their alarms causing them to realize that this was the first day of classes. In the left tower.........
"Hey Liz" said a voice casuing Liz to raise her head
"Say cheese" said Seth as a flash hit Liz's eyes
"Oh my gosh I'm gonna kill you Seth" said Liz as she ran out of the room to catch Seth
The sound of Liz's voice awoke Bianca as she rose from bed and stretched remembering the events from last night.
"That boy is not going to be able to produce any more children" said Liz
"So how was last night?" asked Liz
Bianca filled her in on her meeting with Harry
"I told you there wasn't going to be any talking" said Liz
"We talked in the beginning" said Bianca
"Too bad that's not how it ended" said Liz
"What do you mean too bad?" said Bianca
"OOOOO" said Liz "Oh the boys said to get ready so we can go down to breakfeast together" she said
"Ok you want shower first?" asked Bianca
"Yeah" said Liz
The girls had showered and put on their robes laughing and being sure to take funny pictures in the mirror. They had both done their hair and were wearing just a little bit of make-up. Bianca had her hair straightened which made her look very pretty and wore a little mascara causing her eyes to stand out especially with her to-the-side bangs that were also straightened. Liz had curled her hair and wore it in a high ponytail in which the curls fell to her shoulders. She had put on a bit of eye shadow.
"You ready?" asked Liz
"No, but when are we ever?" asked Bianca as they headed downstairs to find the boys also dressed in their robes but looking very handsome
"You look smart Seth" said Liz
"Don't I always?" asked Seth
"Just take the compliment Seth" said Bianca
"You look good" said Logan as he gave Bianca a kiss on the cheek causing the girls to share a look of worry

The 4 elements then made their way to the Great Hall were students were eating. Seth had found a seat in the middle of the Gryffindor table. After they had settled in and were talking and eating in walked Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Harry immediately caught sight of Bianca and wanted desperately to give her a kiss good morning. Liz pointed Harry out to Bianca in which she sent him a smile and wave that was unseen by Logan. The trio went to sit by Neville and Seamus who to the left of Bianca.
"So you gonna fill us in on the girl?" asked Ron
Harry explained to his best friends about his summer with Bianca and how he met with her last night
"Harry you were out late?" asked Hermione in disbelief
"Who cares about that, nice going mate she's pretty and sounds like a great girl" said Ron
"She is, I never thought I would feel this way for someone" said Harry
"What about Cho?" asked Hermione
"I don't love her" said Harry
"Her Liz friend is pretty" said Ron as he took a glance at her
"That's her best friend" said Harry
"Speaking of friends.............and non-friends how's your dorm Hermione?" asked Ron
"It's big and nice" she said
"Malfoy didn't try to pull anything did he?" asked Harry
"No he didn't come on let's try to act civil to him don't make my job harder and besides he helped in the war" said Hermione
"We can't just forget everything he did to us over the years" said Harry
"Yeah and since when are you so quick to?" asked Ron
"Look just don't worry ok" said Hermione
"Look here come our schedules" said Harry as letter began to drop from the owls above their heads. Once they each got their they examined them.
"I wonder if I have classes with Bianca" wondered Harry
"Maybe, but right now we've got History of Magic" said Ron as he began to get up
"I've got Ancient Ruines, but I'll see you guys for Transfiguration and Potions and D.A.D" said Hermione as she packed her bags and left the Hall
"Let's go mate" said Ron as he got from the table with Harry and they left the Hall. Harry noted that Bianca had already left the hall.

To Harry's disappointment Bianca was not in his first class and it angered him to think that Logan was probably sitting right next her. Harry waited desperately for the next class to start and asked Ron what the last 15 minutes of class were. Their second class of the day was Transfiguration and as they walked to McGonagall's class they met up with Hemrione
"So how was class?" asked Ron
"Good and yous?" she asked
"The exact opposite" said Harry
Outside of the class Harry could see the Slytherins and a few Ravenclaws and realized that they were in the same class. Hermione saw Draco standing with him best mate Blaise. Draco turned to look at Hermione and smiled. Hermione smiled back
"Did you just smile at Draco?" asked Harry
"No I stuck my tongue at him" she said quickly
"Oh" said Ron
Just as McGonagall opened the door to her class Bianca and the elements turned the corner causing Harry's heart to skip a beat. Harry saw how pretty she looked now that she stood closer to him. Harry smiled at her. All students entered the classroom and there was an extra seat next to Harry. Just as Bianca was casually going to sit next to him in walked Cho and she grabbed the seat next him.
"Hi Harry" she said in a happy tone
"Hi" said Harry sending an aplogetic face to Bianca
"There'a a seat right here" said Logan who had sat in front of Harry
"Thanks" said Bianca as she went to sit next to Logan
"So honey where were you at breakfeast?" asked Cho
"I was with Ron and Hermione" said Harry through gritted teeth as his anger was rising for Cho taking the open seat next to him. Ron and Hermione could tell that Harry was mad unfourtanetly Cho could not
"You know that you should be with your girlfriend" said Cho. Suddenly Bianca and Liz began coughing very loudly which scared McGonagall
"Are you two ok?" asked McGonagall
"We're fine professor" said Liz. Ron and Hermione weren't sure to laugh or worry for Harry's sake
"Yeah I'm much better now" said Bianca
"You ok?" asked Logan as he rubbed the back of Bianca' back which could be clearly seen from Harry's seat and he could feel his fists clenching.'How dare he touch her' thought Harry. 'That's my girl' he thought .Harry payed attention to only a few of the things McGonagall was saying. Half the words were sticking while the other half weren't. He found himself continuously starring at the interaction between Bianca and Logan. Logan would hold Bianca's hand when they weren't taking notes. Harry could feel his insides boiling
"Are you ok Harry?" asked Ron seeing the expression on his face
"Yeah" he quickly replied although Ron knew he was lying
After class Harry tried to catch Bianca. He waited for her outside of class.
"Bianca....." said Harry once she came out of the room
"Yes Harry?" she asked very calmly
"Look I know what you heard............" said Harry
"I heard nothing Liz's and my coughing blocked out anything that might have been heard from behind. Isn't that right Liz" said Bianca as Liz walked out and stood beside her
"What did I do?" asked Liz
"Just say yes" said Bianca
"Yes" said Liz
"You see" said Bianca calmly
"Oh there you are sweetie finally I can kiss you" said Cho as she came up beside Harry and pulled him in for what looked like a very bad kiss. Bianca could feel her face getting hot and wanted to punch her
"Oh hi I'm Cho" said Cho as she extended her hand to Bianca
"I'm Bianca" said Bianca calmly
"So you 2 make quite the cute couple how long have you been dating?" asked Bianca
"About a year" said Cho as she held Harry's hand
"So that means you would of been dating during the summer" said Bianca
"Yes yes we did and how much I missed my man" said Cho as she linked her arm with his
"Oh I'm sure you did" said Bianca. Soon Logan and Seth came from behind Bianca and Logan wrapped his hand around her waist which she clearly had no intention of explaining.
"We better get going" said Logan
"Oh you're right. Well bye bye Toe" said Bianca as she and the elements left
"It's Cho" yelled Cho
"Well I've got to go too" she said as she kissed Harry on the cheek and took off
"What just happened?" asked Harry
"Well Bianca's mad cause now she probably thinks that you cheated on Cho with her" said Hermione
"She also didn't seem to explain the blonde fire guy Logan" said Ron
"Great what a great way to start the year" said Harry
"Yup" said Hermione and Ron in usion and they quietly walked to their next class..........

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