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.:Chapter Fifteen: The Awakening:. 

Your eyes shot open and you sat straight up in bed, gasping.

“Charlie! You’re awake!”

Tom’s squeezed your hand as he sat down next to you, “How are you feeling?”


Tom’s hand wiping the sweat-plastered hair from your face distracted you.

“Did you have a nice rest? Clear your head?”

It was then that you saw Tom’s wand next to his hand on the bed where he was resting it.

Blank wall. White. Nothing.
You smiled, “Yes, actually.”

You didn’t miss the nod Tom made behind you and your eyes crinkled.

“Who-” You asked him as you turned around, “…are you- SNAPE!?”

“Cha- My ladyship. It is good to see that you are feeling better.”

Your eyes shot fire, “Leave this room before I-”

“Now Charlie…” Tom said, turning you back towards him, “It’s safe now. Don’t worry about him.”

You sighed, frustrated, “Fine. But I still want him out of my sight before I do something I regret.”

Tom nodded again, and you could hear Snape’s footfalls going down the hallway.

“Charlie… I’m sorry. Will you ever forgive me?”

You smiled again, “Of course. I’ve done it before, haven’t I?”

“Now Charlie…”

You stood up, letting only your anger through the carefully drawn curtain on your mind, “Don’t you dare start with me, Tom. I’ve… I’ve had it up to here!”

“How housewife of you, darling. Did you make the bed for me too?”

“What is wrong with you NOW?!” You almost screamed at him. You’re bottled anger was slowly bubbly over the top.

Tom smiled, “Nothing, Charlie. Nothing at all. Now, come over here next to me and calm down.”

You made sure the curtain was still drawn in your head. You couldn’t afford Tom seeing what you dreamt of. You then sat down, but made sure there was no contact. Tom, however, seemed to fix that, his hand gliding smoothly over to lay over your own. The picture in your mind seemed to rustle in a mild breeze, but you made sure to keep it tight.

You felt so stressed all of a sudden- the weight of all that had happened came thundering down on your head. You had been with Tom through so much… and then he did the imaginable. He pushed you away, and you did what was expected, you pushed back. You left. You got married. You had children… and then you died.

… and now Tom wanted it all back? Why? What was the reason? …Were there any reasons at all?

None, as far as you were concerned.

Then… why were you here at all? He said it was love… but you had a hard time believing that. There had to be something special. An added bonus to having you by his side…


His voice jerked you out of your train of thought.

“Yes Tom?”

“Maybe you should go to bed now… in the morning, we can sort everything out.” he said, noticing your lines of frustration… but for the wrong reasons. You were happy for the nice distraction, nodding your head in agreement.

He pulled you down next to him in a loving manner, holding you in his arms. It reminded you of old times, and with that you went into the old feeling of being completely safe. The bed felt soft… much softer then before. Much more forgiving. Your breathing slowed, and you finally relaxed, truly, for the first time that night.

“Sweet Dreams, my Slytherin princess.” Tom said it softly, almost in a whisper. He leaned and pulled the hair off of your face before kissing your forehead.

Maybe you were wrong… you had to be wrong… yes, you were wrong. Completely wrong. 

Sarah sat in her room, cross legged on her bed. Aurors were positioned outside of the house, waiting. Jordan had been asleep for hours now, but Sarah still sat on her bed, waiting. She wasn’t waiting for her… no, she was waiting for something else. She was waiting for a plan… but she was having a hard time thinking of one.

She looked down at the bear, the swirling eyes mesmerizing her. It was as if it was whispering to her, but it was still too quiet to hear. She fell back onto her bed, hugging the bear closer to her chest.

Apart of her wanted to know the truth. She wanted to find that girl and ask her questions. Did she even know her mother? If so… what was she like? Why did she do that? What was the point? What had she done to that Hagrid man?

She wanted to talk to her, but she didn’t know how… or where. Every place she could think of would be protected, watched… and even if she could think of a place, how could she leave the house without being caught? It was impossible.

… Then again, it was also impossible that her mother would rise up from the dead, wasn’t it?

For the second time that night, your eyes shot open. Your skin was damp, and your breathing short… but for the life of you, you couldn’t remember what you had dreamt about.

It was late… it must have been at least 2:30 or three in the morning. Tom lay beside you, his breathing slow and calm… completely asleep. The house, for once in a long time, was completely quiet.

You looked over to Tom, as if checking for yourself that his eyes were closed. They were, and you turned your attention back on the ceiling and regaining your breath.

You didn’t feel the same as you had a few hours ago… you were scared again. But most of all… you missed your daughter. You missed Sarah.

Now… what were you going to do about it? 

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