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We got our schedules the next morning. I had all the same classes as Oliver, and all but two with Braeden. My schedule:

*-Braeden not in this class



9:00 am- Transfiguration

10:00 am- Charms

11:00 am- free period

12:00 pm- lunch

-Lunch lasts until 2pm-

2:15pm- Care of Magical Creatures

3:30 pm- Defense Against the Dark Arts

4:00- Assist Madam Hooch with First year flying lessons until 4:30*



8:00 am- Double Potions*

10:00 am- Defense Against the Dark Arts

11:00 am- Transfiguration

12:00 pm- lunch


2:15 pm – free period

3:20 pm- Muggle Studies 

4:00 pm- Assist Madam Hooch with flying lessons until 4:30*

-Dinner and junk-

11:30 pm- Astronomy



8:30 am- Care of Magical Creatures (double)

10:30 am- Double Charms

12:30 pm- lunch

2:15- Muggle Studies

3:15 pm- Astrology (To my readers, yes I made this class up, but in the Wizarding World it has other purposes than in the muggle world)

4:15 pm- Potions (short)

5:00 pm- dinner

6:00 pm- Assist Madam Hooch with flying lessons until 6:30*



8:00 am- Double Defense Against the Dark Arts

10:00 am- Potions*

11:00 am- Double Transfiguration

12:00 pm- lunch

2:15 pm- free period

            3:30 pm- Charms

            4:30 pm (short)- Muggle Studies



          9:00 am- Potions*

            10:00 am- Transfiguration

            11:00 am- Care of Magical Creatures

            12:00 pm- Lunch

            1:30 pm- Astrology

2:30 pm- Muggle Studies

3:30 pm- Charms

4:30 pm- Defense Against the Dark Arts

5:30 pm- Dinner

6:30 pm- Assist Madam Hooch with flying lessons until 6:30*

12:00 am- Astronomy


I groaned when I saw it. I was slammed this year. Especially since Oliver and I had agreed to assist Madam Hooch when she asked last year. I guess that’s what happened with NEWTS. I was beginning to envy Braeden who stopped taking potions in fifth year. Oliver and I had agreed at the time we’d need to know the healing spells, but still. It was now 8:30 just after we got the schedules.


"Fallon we’re swamped this year with these schedules! Just look at Fridays! When are we possibly going to be able to do Quidditch practices?" Oliver complained. After a quick glance at my schedule I answered:

            "After dinner on Monday, between dinner and Astronomy on Tuesday, after six thirty on Wednesday, after dinner on Thursday, and in between helping Madam Hooch and Astronomy on Friday," I answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. If we were to do that there would be no time to sleep or eat.

"Very funny Fallon, haha," Oliver said sarcastically. 

"Thanks, I try," I replied with a grin.

"Sucks for you two," Braeden said smugly. Oliver and I shot him death glares.

"Okay, with reality and the fact that I would like to sleep and eat, lets really think about possible practices Fallon," Oliver asked of me seriously

"Alright, alright," I told him to let him know I would comply. "Hmmm…. how about Thursday after dinner, Monday after dinner, and Saturday afternoon?" I suggested the least busy times. 

"Looks like that's the best it's gonna get. I'll send around a schedule to the rest of the team. I've got to run up to the dorms for my potions book. I'll see you in class," Oliver said as he got up and hurried from the hall. Once he was gone, Braeden turned to me a worried look on his face.

"Fallon, are you sure this isn't going to be too much? I mean with all the classes and practices, you're going to be run down, and that can't be good for you," Braeden commented.

"Braeden, I won't have any of the worse symptoms until later, and by then Madam Hooch's classes will be over since she only goes over basics and such, and I'll be able to get help on the homework like everyone will, and I'll sleep more on the weekends," I reasoned with him.

I could tell he didn't like it, but Braeden said, "Okay I guess, but if you need anything, tell me, and as soon as you tell Oliver, he'll be really helpful too."

I sighed, "Braeden, just because you're supportive doesn't mean he will be. He might be too concerned for his Quidditch career or scared or-" Braeden cut me off.

"Fallon, think for half a second who you're talking about and you'll know you don't have to worry about that."

"Yeah, I guess you're right…" I trailed off.

"Yep, I am right, now you need to eat something. You've barely eaten half a muffin," Braeden ordered.

"Braeden I'm not hungry," I replied.

"Fine then," He answered shortly. He picked up a plate and loaded it with food.

"I'm not letting you leave until you eat all of it, and it's 8:30 now, and you know how professor McGonagall is about being late. I don't mind getting detention to make sure you eat Fallon," Braeden said stubbornly. I knew this was not something I was going to win, so I began eating quickly.

At 8:50 I'd managed to finish the plate and Braeden and I left for Transfiguration walking quickly as not to be late.

We walked in the room just as the bell rang, barely on time.

"See Braeden, we were almost late," I complained loudly.

"Well Ms. Greir, I don't care if your brother was the reason you were nearly late, you were nearly late either way. So do take a seat both of you," Professor McGonagall scolded. 

"Sorry professor," I apologized. Braeden and I hurriedly slid into the seats on the left and right of Oliver. She started the class with a speech on the importance of NEWTS and a quick review quiz of what we'd done last year. Charms was pretty much the same and then we had a free period.

"I can't wait to get back out on the pitch," I commented as we headed toward Gryffindor Tower. 

"Why don't we go out to the pitch now that we have a break? I doubt anyone would be there," Oliver suggested.

"Yeah, lets go," Braeden, agreed. We jogged up to Gryffindor tower as a warm up and grabbed our brooms.

            "Oliver, I'm not walking all the way to the pitch," I flat out told Oliver. He wanted us to 'behave' and walk all the way to the pitch. Braeden and I had other plans.

            "C'mon, it'll take us a whole two minutes longer," Oliver retorted sarcastically.

            "Oliver, you walked, Fallon and I will meet you there," Braeden said. He opened a window and jumped out getting his broom under him quickly.

            I followed his lead and sang out as I jumped, "Yeah Oliver, meet you at the pitch!" I pulled my broom underneath me and tried to catch up with Braeden. 

            A few seconds later I sensed that Oliver had followed us, which didn't surprise me. Once at the pitch, I looked around and saw Braeden warming up by flying laps and Oliver was a little ways off, not quite to the pitch yet.

            I began flying quickly around the pitch along side Braeden. He gave me a grin and shot ahead of me. 'So it's a race he wants huh? Well, he'll get a race…' I shot forward and passed Braeden but did not slow down. After a couple of laps I decided I'd won because Braeden was no closer to catching me than he ever was. I landed in the center of the field and waited on Oliver and Braeden to land (Oliver had started warming up a few minutes after Braeden and mine's race started). I stood for a moment, but got tired of it quickly. I decided to lie on the ground until they were done. 

            "Comfortable?" I heard Oliver asked. I didn't see him though because my eyes were closed. I decided to have some fun with Oliver though.

            "Not as comfortable as your lap," I answered with a grin. "Where's Braeden?" 

            "He went to get the Quaffle," Oliver answered and plopped down beside me on the grass.

            "I think we've got a really good team this year," I commented to Oliver.

            "We have a good back-up team. We've got an amazing starting line-up," Oliver joked. A moment later, Braeden appeared.

            "About time. We're not gonna have a lot of the period left," I complained. Braeden tossed me the quaffle, and I kicked off. "C'mon you two!" I yelled down. Oliver immediately took off for the goal posts and Braeden flew up near me.

            "Ready?" Braeden asked. In response, I took off and scored one on Oliver before he'd even registered I was there.

            "Now I am," I answered haughtily. We played until we knew we'd only have about twenty minutes to eat, once we got to the great hall. We put away our brooms, grabbed our bags and sprinted down to the great hall. 

            Once there the three of us scarfed down about three sandwiches a piece before running out for Care of Magical Creatures.

            "What do you think Hagrid's been up to?" Braeden asked.

            "There's no telling considering its Hagrid," Oliver replied. We walked down to meet just to the side of Hagrid's hut. Loosely tethered there was a napping bird. It was sitting on a perch. I didn't say standing. I mean sitting. It didn't have any legs that I could see. Also, it was fantastically beautiful. 

            Soon enough the class had gathered around. Long before that though, I again grew tired of standing, as did Braeden and Oliver. They sat down first, and I followed, but instead of sitting I lied down with my head in Oliver's lap; my feet near Braeden. 

            "Comfy?" Oliver asked restraining a laugh.

            "Why yes I am. I thought we went over this. You've got a comfy lap," I laughed.

"Mind not flirting in front of me?" Braeden asked.

Before I could reply, Hagrid came up.

"G'afternoon class," He said with his usual drawl.

"Same to you Hagrid," I replied a little sleepy. (Yes, I was that comfortable. 

"Class, I gots a treat for ye terday," He began.

"Just tell us about that bird already Hagrid," I complained, "You're dying to tell us and I'm dying to know."

"O'course I can expect ter hear tha' from you Fallon," He said appreciatively. "What we've got here class is a Bird o' Paradise." There was a collective gasp, but I had a feeling I was the only one who knew what it was.

"Oi, Hagrid, what's that?" a voice yelled from the back. Looks like I was right. 

"A bird O' paradise is a bird with no legs. It flies almos' constantly. It only lands to mate, and eat if it can't reach without landin'" Hagrid explained.  

::Collective Ohh from the class::

"Also, this bird is said to have mystical powers at times. Especially towards two who are truly in love. The only ability known for sure is that when two are in love but not together, this bird has the urge to help pull them together. Alrigh' I want a scroll on this creature by Monday o' next week." It was barely an assignment. The rest of class was as usual like a free time.

"C'mon you two, I want a closer look at it," I ordered as I stood up.

"But we don't wanna," Braeden whined.

"C'mon," I growled and helped them both up. We walked over to where he was perched.

"Hagrid, he's lovely," I complemented.

"How'd you know it was a boy?" Hagrid asked bewildered.

"Its head is red not blue like a females," I replied. He knew what gender it was, but he was surprised I did. Braeden went and talked a bit to Hagrid, leaving Oliver and I a few feet away looking at the bird.

'If this bird was going to bring anyone together, now would be a good time…' I thought placidly to myself. Of course when I thought that something was going to happen.

Suddenly the tether simply disappeared as if it were never there. The once napping bird was now wide-awake and lifted itself from the perch. It began making circles around Oliver and I so fast it was only a rainbow blur. This continued but Hagrid had the sense not to interfere or let anyone else interfere.

The bird continued to fly around for a solid minute. Then without warning it stopped. I felt no different, but I heard someone say in my mind 'It is done'. What did this cryptic message mean?

"Oliver?" I asked warily.

"Yeah?" He replied shakily.

"You feel any different?" I asked.

"No." That killed me. I knew the bird had just done what it did when it pulled together two who were in love. But apparently, we were not in love.

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