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I have the motivation i need to write this one.... not like all my others where i got bored, this one comes purely from my heart, some of it happened in real life so i don't need to get many creative juices flowing to write it. 
Dedicated to Hemsworth

I still remember the day that my dad moved out. It wasn’t that long ago but to me it feels like an age away.

I had just come home from school for the summer, to find my mum crying. Naturally, I asked her what the matter was, and that was when she dropped the bombshell.

‘Your father has been seeing another woman,’ she managed to say through her sobs. 

I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut, I momentarily stopped breathing. I had never expected anything like this to happen to me. Divorce was a far off thing that happened, but not to me. What would everyone think? What would my family or friends think?

After the initial shock had settled in, I began to feel anger, towards my asshole of a dad and most of all a burning loathing for this woman, this slut, who took my father away. She was filth, her name was never to be mentioned in our house, and on top of that, she was a muggle.

Even though I felt so much hate towards this woman, not knowing her name, or who she was, made it hard for me to keep the anger. That was until I finally met her…

I moved through the stages of grieving fairly quickly… well until depression came along, in depression I fell hard. My feelings of self-worth and the very point of existence became lower than the temperature of Antarctica. Worst of all, the summer was soon over and reluctantly I had to go back to school.

Each day, I didn’t leave my room, let alone my house for an entire year. I begged my mother to let me stay home but she was against it, not for my sixth year. I was due to sit the biggest examinations of my schooling life. She even made me choose ‘good, strong’ subjects (as she’d call them) to get me somewhere after school.

But of course, when a bomb is dropped, there is always the aftershock, like when people start to realize just how many have died. In my case, it came in the form of my mother’s new boyfriend, Lucius.

He was a wizard of pure-blood lineage, and worked at the Ministry of Magic in Britain. My mother met him whilst doing her weekly shopping in the nearby shopping mall and he invited her and me to of course, to come and live with him in London. That meant for me, a new country, new house, new school, new friends and most perplexing, a new daddy. 

Although, I’d never really fitted in at Beauxbatons. The girls there were all small and pretty creatures, most of them half-veela and I, well… I’m definitely not advantaged in the looks department. They were all smart and enjoyed their classes…I didn’t. They thought I was strange, I thought they were nasty. The boys looked at me with distaste, or (more preferably in my opinion) didn’t look at me at all. A new school would be great, a chance for me to find friends, to start over, in a place where no one knew me.

The day that we moved out was stressful, but at the same time I was glad to be rid of the memories that I had when I was in my old house. My mother and I apparated to London, and for the first time, I met Lucius.

He was a tall, skinny man, possibly in his early forties with long, white-blonde hair, which was neatly combed and tied in a pony down his back, he had startling grey eyes, his hands were covered in white leathered gloves and a long black cloak draped around his body. He had an unpleasant smile on his face and overall, he looked like a horrid man.

As I approached him, he held out one of his gloved hands for me to shake,

‘Welcome to London, Violet,’ he said. I could easily tell the fake ‘nice’ tone of his voice and when I looked into his eyes, I could see a deep disgust; I was afraid. 

We finally arrived at his house, well… if you could call it a house; it was enormous, mansion was a more fitting word. He led us into the main foyer, and there he called upon his house elf, Goncalo, to take our things away and put them in our rooms. Then he called once again;

‘Draco, come down here,’ 

I heard footsteps and a boy emerged in the doorway… and boy was he good-looking. He had the same white-blonde hair and grey eyes as his father, but he looked much less menacing.

‘This is Isla, and her daughter Violet. They will be living with us. Please escort Violet to her room,’ Lucius said calmly.

‘Yes father,’ Draco said, but there was a hint of displeasure in his reply. He turned to me, and pointed in the direction of a grand set of stairs. I obediently followed Draco up the stairs, but inside my mind was going crazy.

I was feeling a rush, the same kind of rush that you only get when you have a new crush. He was so amazingly good looking, and when he looked at me, I melted. I couldn’t wait to become friends with him; if only he would talk to me, wait… maybe I should talk first, but what if he feels awkward and does not answer me… What if he does not like me?

In all my excitement, I had not noticed that we had arrived at the room and Draco was looking at me with an annoyed expression on his face.

‘Hello? Are you deaf? I said this is your room,’ he snapped rudely.

Inside I was mildly crushed that his first impression of me, was that I was hearing-impaired. I shook my head, he smiled slyly.

‘You were checking me out, weren’t you?’ 

‘No!’ I answered straight away. This made him smile even more shrewdly.

‘I mean, of course not…,’ I answered again. Draco just nodded slightly and walked away looking pleased with himself.

Oh no, now I’d really stuffed things up. The first meeting with Draco and he already knew I liked him. Oh but he’s so gorgeous and when he smiles, it makes me just want to faint.

The room I was standing in was large and lavishly decorated. On one side there was a large four-poster bed and on the other, an enormous window looking out onto a grassy back garden. Through the window I could see another smaller house which was just as grand looking as the mansion that I was observing from.

As I was watching the house, several black figures appeared out of nowhere and ran swiftly towards the door, then disappeared inside. Another two cloaked figures ran from the mansion towards the house, and also disappeared inside. It then occurred to me, that all these figures wore the same black cloak as Lucius, my new dad.

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