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Chapter 7

As the summer came to an end, our owls came with our Hogwarts letters. This was always our cue to owl home for our parents to meet us in Diagon ally the next day. It was part of tradition. Every year, on august 22nd, we go to one’s house. Every year, wherever we are, we get our letters and the next day, go to Diagon ally to meet our parents.

This year, Remus’s letter and my letter were both a bit bigger. When we opened our letters, big silver badges with the letter, ‘P’ fell out. My eyes widened. I was a prefect! When I told my parents, they were exited too.

It wasn’t long before the three of us were boarding the Hogwarts express for our fifth year. Niki went and waved us a compartment. When the prefects had their meeting, Remus and I found out that we would be on duty from eight to nine every Wednesday night. About an hour later, we were able to go and meet up with Niki.

The feast was the same as it was every year. The first years came, got sorted, and sat down as Dumbledore made his speech and then the food appeared and everyone stuffed their face, not ready for term to start the next day.

In every class the next day, we wee cheerfully reminded of the O.W.L.S. coming up later in the year. Great. ON TOP of studying for exams, I have to worry about these too! By the end of the first week, I was swamped! I was getting behind on homework, and I never get behind! NEVER!!! It was hard enough studying for regular exams! Now I had this.

As we entered October, quidditch tryout dates were posted. The buzz soon came about of who is trying out for what. Our seeker just left and many wanted that position. I would just roll my eyes and look back down.

Niki wanted to try out to be the new keeper. Remus and I wished her luck when she left. Remus was going down with the guys to watch them. I told him to make sure he cheered for Niki too, since I knew that she would see him. He nodded and the four of them went down. James was the last one to go through the portrait hole. When he looked back, his face showed nervousness and sadness, and he went out. Our eyes met, but instantly, I looked away. He was a git now. A git with a larger ego than the universe and then some.

“Lily! Lily!” Niki yelled, running up the steps to the girls’ dormitory after tryouts. She was covered in sweat.

“What?” I asked, looking up from my position, cross-legged on my bed.

Niki stopped for a moment to catch her breath. “He… is… good!” I wore a questioning look. “Potter…fast… catch… snitch…” she said in between deep inhales.

I raised an eyebrow. “How good?” I asked, wondering if he really was.

Niki was breathing steadily by this point, so she joined me on the bed, pushing one of my books to the floor. “Good doesn’t even begin to describe him Lils. No. We are going to with the cup this year! He could easily give Hilthorn a ride for his galleons!”

This was surprising. Hilthorn was the best seeker on the team last year. Caught every snitch except for one in the last game. We were so close! “You’ve got to be joking. No one can be that good! It takes years for that!” I said.

Niki shook her head. “Potter is awesome! You really need to come and watch him practice before the season starts!”

“How do you know that he is going to make it?” I asked. “I mean, there are plenty of people in our house that could fill the position. What makes you think that he is good enough to be the one seeker? Almost everyone is after that position!”

This we both knew was true. “Yes, but no one was nearly as good as James.” She looked at me. “Come on. You just don’t want to admit that he is that good because that would be one more thing that is absolutely perfect about him that you just don’t want to face! One more thing that makes you think that he could actually be worth it.”

I guess that I didn’t want to admit that he was perfect and I once had that, but so what? He changed. He is no longer the Potter I met on the beach. He isn’t caring or considerate! This James only wants to date as many girls as he can. I was probably just a number on his list. What number was I?

Now that ego of his is going to go through the roof, what with being a big quidditch star and all. Being the big jock of the house, he will surely have twice as many girls surrounding him. He will probably forget about me anyway if he hasn’t already. I think right now, the official one is Katie or something like that. Oh, what should I care anyway? It’s not like I like him. Nooooo.

When we found out that Niki made it on the team, we all celebrated. Sirius and James made it too. As practice started to pick up, I saw less and less of Niki too. Remus would sometimes go with the guys to watch them, but some others it was just the two of us.

One Wednesday night, Remus came up early from watching James, Sirius, and Niki at practice so we could start patrol. Pretty much, we had to make sure everyone who was out started going back to their common rooms. If anyone was out around fifteen ‘til, we could give them detention or deduct points. Practice was over at eight, but Remus had to do the rounds with me at eight too.

Around eight thirty, we were by the great hall, which was at the front of the castle. At first, I thought that it was just me, but then I realized that I really was hearing voices. It took me another moment to figure out who they belonged to. Remus caught on a bit sooner, but I hadn’t noticed. He started walking behind me and was waving his arms as if to tell them to shut up. I just kept on walking, until I turned back to see why Remus had slowed down. That was when I knew that I wasn’t crazy and that James and Sirius were somewhere near and by the way it seemed, were not going to the common room any time soon. “Where are they?” I asked Remus.

He tried acting as if he didn’t know. “Who?”

I put my hands on my hips and swung to my hips to the left side, raising an eyebrow. “I know that you know that I know that Potter and Black are somewhere around here. The are under some cloak, and you knew that they were going to be out tonight.” I answered.

Remus sighed. “Fine. Come out you guys. You have been caught by the redhead.” The cloak came off revealing the two I knew would be underneath.

James walked over to us. “Why do you have to be like that Evans?” he said, putting his arm around me.

I quickly picked up his hand and dropped it behind my back, turning to him. “You know the rules. You should be on your way to the Gryffindor tower.” I said stiffly. “Now go before I decide to do more than ‘bust’ you.”

“Fine.” Said Potter as he turned. “Whatever you say.”

When they were out of earshot, I turned to Remus. “And you! What am I now, just the redhead? Is that it? Well this redhead has a name you know! You should know! I have been around you for the past four and a half years! You should know it by now!” he backed away. “LILY! IT’S LILY! Or do I not mater anymore since you have your stupid Marauders?” I was in tears now. “You know what! I can finish this myself. You go on back to the common room and help them out with their latest plan that you knew all about. I know you did. Just go.” I turned from him and started walking down the hall, wiping my eyes, getting mascara all over my sleeve, but I didn’t care at the moment.

“Lily, wait.” Remus said. “Lils,”

I spun around. “DON’T call me that!” I was through with him. The tears were streaming down my face as I backed up to the wall and slid down. In the end, I was on my butt with my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands. “Why did you have to start hanging out with them Remus? Why?” I asked softly after I settled down a bit.

He sat down beside me. “Lily. They are my friends. You can’t ask me not to be. Something you don’t understand is that they want you to be in it with us. They want us all to be a group. Me, James, Sirius, and Peter, we want you and Niki to be a part of it.” Remus started rubbing my back. “James more than anything.”

I looked at him with a look, clearly saying, ‘Are you mental?’ what I did say though, was, “You can’t expect me to join a group with James in it just because he wants me in it and you are my friend. I mean, you are like a brother to me, but you can’t control my life. I could never put up with Sirius or Peter and you know that!” My head was slowly shaking. “You can’t expect me to hang out with someone who I think is just a strait up git, someone that I can never trust, and someone who broke my heart. I can’t do that Remus! I just can’t!” I got up and started walking back.

Getting up, Remus came after me. “Just think about it,” he said.

“You are really starting to get on my nerves.” I said, laughing a little. “I tell you no, and you ask me again. I tell you to go and you try to comfort me. I ask you why and you ask me something in reply!”

“Well that’s just who I am!” he retorted.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t who you were.” I shot right back. “You were always there when we needed you! You were always there to help. Now, now you are never here and never help with anything!” I paused for a moment before going on. “You know, sometimes I think that I don’t even know you any more.”

We were silent the rest of the way to the common room. For the most part, it was empty except for Niki and James, who were talking on the couch. Fantastic. Now she would be sucked into the marauder world as well. Just what I need right now.

“Hey.” She said when I walked in through the portrait hole.

“Hey.” I whispered.

She looked at me for a moment, taking in my stained face. “Are you ok?” she asked. I just shook my head and walked up the steps. “What happened?” Niki asked after she shut the door and sat on her bed.

All I could choke out was, “Remus.” Before falling apart once more. Niki came over and tried to help, but none of her attempts worked.

Down in the common room, Remus joined James. “So, what did she say? Did you ask her?” James asked.

Remus sighed. “Well, I asked her to join us, but she refused. I think that she was just having a rough night or something.” He sat down. “We had our first fight.”

James laughed. “You sound like you are dating her for real or something.” Remus glared at him and he quickly stopped laughing. “Wait, you aren’t, are you?”

“No. She doesn’t want me, remember?” he replied. “But it still hurts. She says that she doesn’t even know me anymore! She said that ever since I started hanging out with the guys, I have changed, but that’s life, isn’t it?” he said, getting all worked up, much like I did earlier that night. “I mean, it feels good to actually have guy talk every once in a while! She should be happy that I have made some guy friends!” he stopped. “I don’t know. I just don’t James.”

He looked over at Remus. “That may be true, but you know her a bit more and a bit differently than I do, so I can’t really help you here. sorry.” James made a huge yawn before saying, “well, it is getting late and we have two tests tomorrow and a quiz, so I think that we may want to get to sleep.”

Looking over at James quizmatically, Remus said, “Wait a minute. You never worry about tests or anything like that!”

James laughed. “I know, but I also know that you do.” They were now on their way up the stairs and I could hear their footsteps as I pretended to sleep, clearly fooling Niki.

I could hear Remus say, “Point there.” before shutting the door. After that, I drifted to a very uneasy sleep that clearly bothered me the next day.

A/N: hey! Well, I hope you like this chapter and I hope you also review! … please? O_O

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