“Hogou!  Evans!  Get your Mudblood filth off our train!”  Lily Evans and Jessie Hogou both paused for a second and glanced over their shoulders.  Narcissa Black was walking towards them, flanked by David Goen, Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, and Alicia Polre.  Narcissa, Lucius, and David were all seventh years.  Severus and Alicia were both fourth years.  All were purebloods, in Slytherin, and loved to torment the two muggle-born girls.

Lily sighed and Jessie rolled her eyes, but both girls ignored them and kept walking.  “Hey!  I was talking to you!  Show some respect for your superiors.”  Narcissa smirked as did the other four.

“I’ll show you who’s superior,” Jessie mumbled as she took out her wand.

“Don’t,” Lily said harshly grabbing her wrist.  Jessie looked into her second cousin’s green eyes.

“I’m tired of taking this from them, every year.  This time let’s shut them up right away!”  Lily saw the rash determination in Jessie’s eyes and had lived with her long enough to know that she wasn’t going to give up soon.

“It’s five to two!  We’re totally outnumbered.”  Lily pleaded with her second cousin hoping she would see reason.

“I could take on all five on my own.”  Jessie lied.  She was breathing heavily but not because she was scared, it was excitement.  It always gave her a thrill to dual, she hoped to be an Auror when she was older.

“Aw, look, they’re scared!  Trying to find the best escape route?”  Narcissa’s boyfriend Lucius taunted.  Jessie gripped her wand tighter but still didn’t turn around.  Lily was begging her to keep walking, and usually Lily was right.  Jessie closed her eyes for a second and took a few deep breaths regaining her composure.

“Fine…” Jessie reluctantly loosened her grip on her wand.  A red and black twisted flash of light whizzed passed her ear.  Jessie froze, eyes widening.  Only two of the five could be able to cast that spell, she had only seen it one other time in her life.  It was illegal to cast any spell at their age when not at school, and yet this was even more illegal because it was an unforgivable curse.

It was the cruciatus curse, and fortunately it had missed.  Jessie spun around on her heel pointing her wand at the five.  She looked at Lucius who was holding his wand up, obviously being the one who had cast the spell.

“Expelliarmus!”  She yelled.  The spell hit Snape as Lucius jumped out of the way.  The others all shot spells back, but Jessie easily blocked them.  Lily brought out her wand.

“Look what you’ve done!”  Lily groaned.

“Impedimenta!”  Jessie cast another spell missing Alicia Polre by a hair.  “That was the cruciatus curse Lily!  An unforgivable curse!  He tried to hit me with an unforgivable curse!”  Jessie was in a rage as she fought with blazing speed.  She was smart for her age; her second cousin was close behind in comparison.  But what Lily didn’t have was the first hand experience of seeing death eaters fight.  Both were positive that at least three of the five they were fighting were death eaters, though there was no true evidence to put them behind bars.

“Protago!”  Lily said as she blocked three stunning curses heading their way.  “I’ll block, you fight.”  Jessie nodded.  Lily was always better at blocking, and Jessie had more practice on offense.

“Stupefy!”  Jessie sent the spell several times at the group of the others.

“Give it up Hogou!”  Narcissa yelled over the chaos of flying spells.

“Yeah, right, I totally give up!”  Jessie said sarcastically, still casting spells, and raised her eyebrows.  For a second there was silence but Jessie was still casting spells as she had learned how to do it without verbalizing them.  Lucius looked over at the others—they all were casting regular dueling spells—and decided this had gone on long enough.  It was time to bring a death eater’s touch to the duel; it was time to bring in some dark magic.

“Crucio!”  The spell hit Jessie making here fall backwards screaming.  Narcissa sent a silencing spell that stopped her screams but she still writhing on the ground.   Lucius smiled and stepped forward; unforgivable curses broke through most blocking spells, and the few that could block them were incredibly hard to master.

Lily tried to help her cousin but there was no way.  Lucius kept advancing on her with his wand outstretched, never stopping the spell.  The others kept firing spells at Lily making it impossible for her even to blink.  She blocked and dodged almost in tears as she knew Jessie was behind her feeling the worst pain in the world.

“What’s going on?”  Someone stuck their head out of one of the compartments on the Hogwarts Express.  Finally, Lily thought relieved, someone’s finally heard us.  A girl about the same age as Lily and Jessie came out with her wand.  She took in the scene as another girl came out at once.  “What’s going on?”  The girl asked again but this time more accusatory.

“Go back inside your compartment!”  Alicia yelled to the girl.  It was an order, not a request.

“Help,” Lily groaned through gritted teeth, not too loud, but the girl heard.

“You in Gryffindor?”  The second girl asked.

“Yeah…but what does it matter?”  Lily asked.

“I’m not going to help you if you’re in Slytherin!”  The first girl said jumping in helping out Lily.  The second girl went to help Jessie, she cursed Malfoy in the back, taking his attention away from her.  Jessie groaned, but never got a chance to get up because Narcissa had stunned the second girl.  Malfoy sent the cruciatus curse back at Jessie who fell to the ground again.

“Kara…shoot,” The first girl said under her breath as she saw the second girl on the ground, stunned.

“Oh, come on.  You guys couldn’t be the only one who heard us.”  Lily said between curses.

“Oi!  Evans!  Need some help?”  A voice called from behind them.  She groaned.

“Not him…anybody but him!”  Lily whined.  Spells flew past her from behind, hitting her enemies; Lily put her wand down, sighing.  The other girl did the same and looked down at Kara, seeing a boy with sandy blond hair already bent over her. Lily recognized Peter Pettigrew.  She turned to see James Potter finishing off the Slytherins and them running away down the hall.  Remus Lupin checked on the girl next to her.  The Marauders, Hogwarts infamous troublemakers, were coming forward.

“Damn, I hate Malfoy!”  Sirius said as he helped up Jessie.  “How long did he have that curse on you?”

“Get off me, I’m fine.”  Jessie brushed him off, but she couldn’t even stand by herself.  He helped her and she reluctantly had to let him.  She hated being hurt, but often was because she couldn’t resist a fight.  She also had a knack for standing up to anyone, for Lily’s sake, or anyone else she saw fit for.

“You ok?”  James asked Lily.

“Fine,” Lily avoided his gaze.  She knew James Potter liked her, but he was a Marauder, not the type of boy she was looking for.  He was arrogant, popular, and could sometimes be a bully.  His hair looked wind blown, always, because he kept running his hands through it, making his short black hair impossibly messy.

“You sure you’re ok?”  Sirius actually sounded half concerned as he asked Jessie.  Lily cocked her head at him; he seemed to understand the cruciartis curse too well.  Jessie closed her eyes tight, grimacing in pain, with every next step.

“How long was she like that?”  Remus whispered to the girl next to Lily.  She shrugged back.

“She was like that when we came out, and he was still cursing her for about a minute before you guys showed up.”  Everyone in the school knew who the Marauders were.  They were the most popular boys, and also the most troublesome group.  A lot of the girls at school had come to almost ‘stalking’ them, and of course all the boys in the group of four enjoyed the attention.  Even with this the Lupin introduced himself.

“I’m Remus Lupin.”  He held out his hand.  The girl shook it.

“I’m Emma…Emma Rogul,” Lily heard her new friend’s name for the first time.  “And that’s Kara Roklach,” Emma introduced Kara as she got up slowly as Peter had un-stunned her.

“You guys can all come in here.”  James said inviting them in to their compartment.  Lily didn’t want to, and she knew Jessie felt the same way, but Kara and Emma were already going in.  Peter and Kara had started talking; they seem to get along really well.  Emma was talking to Remus, but it seemed like a little less easy of a conversation.

Jessie was focusing on walking, and not able to talk.  So Sirius led her in and there was no way that she could resist.  Lily followed taking a deep breath.  She’d put up with James, just for a little, until Jessie felt better.  The girls all sat on one side facing the boys.  The rain splattered window showed the gray clouds outside, mimicking Lily’s mood.

“Those stupid prats!  How’d you end up in that fight anyway?”  James asked messing up his hair once again.

“They pulled out their wands; we pulled out ours; they sent a curse at us; we blocked it…and sent some back.”  Jessie said slowly explaining it, like they were stupid.  Emma smirked.

“I can’t believe I’m related to them,” Sirius grumbled.

“I can,” Lily said quietly.

“What was that Evans?”  He asked, luckily not hearing her comment.

“Nothing,” Lily chose not to repeat it.

“You guys do that to Snape, all the time.”  Emma pointed out, looking at James and Sirius.

“Well, yeah, but that’s Snivillus!”  Sirius said, as if this was a good point.

“He deserves it,” James chimed in.  “He was one of them out there.”  This actually was true, but Lily knew that it wasn’t usually Snape who teased them; he was the one that usually got teased.  Kara giggled from over by the window, and both her and Peter blushed when everyone looked over at them.  He had obviously said something very amusing to her that the rest of them had missed.

Jessie seemed to be feeling a little better but Lily still couldn’t leave.  They didn’t want to go back put the hall again; Jessie wouldn’t be able to fight, if the Slytherins decided to corner them for payback.  “Should we tell someone…about them?”  Lupin asked.  He voiced the question aloud that everyone was thinking.

“No!  Number one, we’d have to tell them we fought back, and number two, we can take care of ourselves.”  Jessie said immediately.

“You’ve done a damn good job of that so far.”  Sirius smirked.  Jessie clenched her fist but Lily held her back, they didn’t need to get into another fight.

“Leave her alone, Padfoot.”  Remus said, trying to hide a half smile.

“So, uh…what House are you guys all in?”  Peter said trying to break the silence.

“Gryffindor,” all four of the girls said at once.  Lupin studied them.  Kara had long, smooth, dark hair that appeared black if you didn’t look closely.  Emma had a lighter brown hair shade, longer than Kara’s but not too long.  Jessie had dark, chocolate brown hair that appeared the same length as Emma’s; it was lighter than Kara’s but darker than Emma’s though.  The three girls all had brown eyes, Jessie’s were darker and deeper, Emma’s were lighter and surfaced, and Kara’s were a touch on the hazel side.  Last he looked at Lily, her auburn hair was long and strait, and her green eyes were penetrating.  She stood out from the group of brown-haired, brown-eyed girl’s immensely more than the rest, yet all of them looked different from each other, even though they all were almost the same in height.

“You’re recovering fast,” Sirius pointed out to Jessie, “does this happen often?”  He was obviously trying to tease her, and if he wasn’t, he was doing a good job of it anyway.

“Getting hurt, not really.  But fighting, well, there’s no one to yell at me anymore.”  Jessie said leaning back on the seat.

“What do you mean?”  Remus asked curiously.

“I mean I don’t have parents alive to care, death eaters killed them ‘bout three years ago.”  Lily knew she didn’t like talking about it.  She had left her alone for the past three years on this subject.  At her first year at Hogwarts during Easter, her parents had been attacked and killed, but somehow Jessie had survived.  No one knew how, and Jessie never talked about it, she was the only one surviving in her family and had come to live with Lily: her second cousin.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Remus said; he was the most mature in the group.

“It’s nothin’, how bout your families?”  She asked.

“Regular,” James answered first.

“Regular,” Lupin smiled, “At least everyone else in my family is.”  The other three boys smiled too, but all four girls had no idea what he meant.

“Regular as they get,” Peter smiled.

“Ah, not too good…” Sirius paused for a dramatic effect, “my family hates me and I’m an outcast.”  He said boldly, as if it was something to be proud of.

“I wonder why.”  Jessie muttered loud enough for only Emma and Lily to hear her, and both girls laughed.

“My parents are fine.”  Emma smiled.

“I live with just my mom and my two siblings, and we get along pretty well.”  Kara said.

“My sister hates me but that’s it,” Lily said.

“You mean your sister hates us,” Jessie corrected her, and when she saw everyone’s questioning looks and added, “She’s my second cousin, I live with her now.”

“Oh,” Something glistened in James’s eye, and Jessie had a feeling he was going to ask her some questions later.

Kara laughed again from the corner, and the three Marauders looked at Peter with an odd expression.

“Will you excuse us for a minute?”  James asked as Sirius hoisted Peter to his feet and the three of them practically dragged him out of the room.

“Ohhh…you got him in trouble!”  Emma laughed once it was just the four of them in the room.

“You don’t think they’re going to hurt him, do you?”  Kara asked anxiously.

“Nah, just ask about his sanity, no offence.”  Jessie smirked, “And personally I have to ask about your sanity on this matter.  I mean he’s a Marauder!”

“So?”  Kara asked.

Lily sighed, “Not all people see it our way, Jessie.”

“I hate Marauders,” Jessie mumbled.

“Remus is nice, and Peter’s not bad.”  Emma said.

“They’re all big headed gits; they’re arrogant, prissy, little prats who go out with a girl for one night, then snog another the next day!”  Jessie cried exasperated.

“I only did that nine times, and that was in the beginning of third year.  That doesn’t happen anymore…much.”  Sirius flashed a boyish grin at Jessie as they entered back in.

“Could’ve sworn it was ten times, Padfoot.”  James said calmly.

“No, couldn’t have been ten, the last time had to be you.”

“Me?”  James asked innocently, “That’s only happened uh,” He mentally counted off the times he remembered, “what six times?”

“No, seven.  Remember, you tried to pin the last one on me?”  Remus smiled.

“Well you went out with her the next day!”  Peter said.

“So, that one was still James’s trouble!”  Remus claimed.

“Well, I’m proud to say, that for me it’s only happen twice.”  Peter joined the others in smiling.

“Only twice!?!”  Sirius eyed him skeptically.

“I got you beat, only once for me.”  Lupin grinned.  Jessie rolled her eyes and looked at the other girls, “See what I mean?”

“That was all last year though, none of that was this year!”  James pointed out.

“We just started this year Potter, none of that could’ve happened yet.”  Lily said back.

“Well last year at this time, Sirius already had one.”  Lupin ratted out his friend.

“Oh yeah, what was her name again?”  Sirius was still smiling.

“How should I know?  You were the one snogging her!”  James said.


“Look, the castle!”  Kara interrupted.  She was the closest to the window and had seen it first.

“Oh, it isn’t going to be a fun ride up.  It’ll take at least a half hour, with this mud.”  Emma said.

“How are we going to ride in the carriage, they can only seat four.”  Lily asked hoping she wouldn’t be with James.

“How about boys in one and girls in the other?”  Jessie asked hopefully.

“Why?  You scared of us?”  Sirius asked, Jessie almost snorted.

“You?  Yeah, right!”

“Uh, maybe we should have us four,” Kara pointed to the four of them that were nearest to the window, which were Remus, Emma, Peter, and herself, “ride in one while you guys take the other.”  Peter looked hopeful at Kara’s request.

James whispered something that sounded like, “Maybe I should keep an eye on them.”  Sirius and Remus smirked.

“I sure don’t want to.  You two can go with them.”  Remus said.

“Ok, it’s decided then.  Roklach, Wormtail, Evans, and Prongs will go in the first carriage.  While me, Jessica-”

“Don’t call me that!”

“What?”  Sirius asked, “It’s just your full name.”

“It’s Jessie or Hogou, your choice, but nothing else.”

“Ok then, as I was saying,” Sirius continued, “Rogul, Moony, me, and Jessica,” he made a point of saying her name louder then the rest, “will take the second carriage.”  Smiling he looked at Jessie for a reaction.

“I hate him.”  She uttered through gritted teeth.

“Looks like her bark is worse than her bite, Padfoot.”  James teased.

“It’s more like a whimper, anyway.”  Sirius commented offhandedly.

“He’s gonna get it now,” Lily said warningly.

“What?”  Sirius said with his infamous grin, mocking innocence.  Jessie just bit her finger instead of responding.  She had an idea, but she’d have to wait.

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