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Time passed quickly, too quickly, and too soon the girls found themselves wondering where the days they still believed boys were yucky had gone.

Summer had come, but it was still a few weeks before everyone was to go home, Hannah was sitting with ivy on the lakes edge, watching and laughing as Lily and Robyn waddle through the shallows and splashed each other, and suddenly the surrounding boys found themselves exceedingly please that it was a weekday and that they had to wear school uniform, including a white shirt.

As Ivy watched her giggling twin, Sirius came and sat beside her; very much to everyone’s surprise he and Ivy were still going strong. Sirius kissed ivy’s exposed neck as a greeting then looked over to the scene before him.

“they do realise their shirts are like totally see through, don’t they?’ Sirius asked, Remus and James who were beside him, snapped their heads in Robyn and Lily’s direction to see that Sirius was in fact correct.

You could see Robyn’s pale blue silky bra through her shirt clearly. And With Lily a lacy black bra could be seen.

“Oh Merlin!” Ivy yelped then burst out laughing.

“Hey Evans!” One of the near by boys yelled. “I must say black looks good on you!” Some of his mates laughed as Lily looked confused.

“Hey Lily, look down at your shirt!” Sirius called to her, Lily sent him a bewildered look but it was Robyn who caught on.

“Lily walk calmly to the group and borrow a cloak.” Robyn said calmly. Lily looked down at herself a shrieked.

She ran over to where James stood waiting for her, he already had his cloak off and was holding it out to her; Remus was doing the same for Robyn.

“Thank you so much James.” Lily said once she had the cloak on, much to the disapproval of the nearby boys.

Lily held her head high and glared at the boys.

“Ten points from Hufflepuff for being perverts!” Lily yelled at them.

“Is that really a valid reason for taking points?” Remus questioned grinning.

“I don’t give a damn.” Lily said then sat down beside Hannah. “I do however think you should ask Hannah out already, I mean honestly Remus sneaking sideways glances at her all the time, and not paying attention to us lot, is getting annoying.” Lily said sweetly. She smirked as Remus and Hannah went bright red and started sputtering. “Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before.”

Surprisingly enough the next day Remus did finally ask Hannah out, much to everyone’s delight.

“So that leaves, Lily and James, and, er Robyn and, er, Peter.” Ivy said grimacing as she knew Robyn wouldn’t take it well.

She didn’t

“Peter. Peter Pettigrew! And you’re meant to be my friend!” Robyn exclaimed angrily.

“That’s not really f-“ James started.

“He’s not even around anymore! And you’re saying me and him! He’s dead ugly! And as dumb as they come!” Robyn exclaimed.

“Can’t really argue there.” Sirius admitted quietly.

“And in any case you know I’m making progress with Micheal Finnigan!” Robyn cried out, refereeing to a muggle friend of hers.

“Oooooer.” Lily sung out. Much to Robyn annoyance.

“Yeah well you’re stuck with James! You hated him for the longest time, only since fifth year have you allowed him the time of day, and you’re not even that good of friends now!” Robyn shot at Lily.

“Hey!” James said indignantly.

“Yeah well you’re the one stuck With Peter Pettigrew!” Lily shot at Robyn smirking.

Robyn Hmph’d but said no more.

Sirius turned to Ivy.

“Girls can be so bitchy.” He said quietly.

“It’s Lily’s time, she can get particularly nasty.” Ivy informed him, Sirius looked blank for a second, then a dawning express, then a look of mild disgust.

“That’s gross.” He groaned.

Summer came very quickly and it was enjoyed immensely by the teenagers, many a day was spent at each others houses, or at Diagon alley. The current relationships grew much stronger and close friendship formed between Lily and James, Robyn sometimes felt a little left out, but Lily was always there to drag her back into the group.

Then one morning there was a great surprise, the Hogwarts letter’s arrived, the twins opened them, and onto Lily’s lap fell a small golden badge, she picked it up and stared at it.

“What’s that you’ve got there Lily?” Her mother asked.

When Lily didn’t answer Ivy asked.

“Lily, what’s that?” Ivy asked carefully.

“It’s-it’s the head… Head girls badge.”

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