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It seemed this ball was for nearly everyone, many ministry officials were there, and Lily was delighted to see Remus, Sirius, Morgan, Katie, Alice, Frank and Marlene were all there. When Marlene spotted Lily she made a beeline for the redhead.

“Show me the ring.” Marlene demanded.

Lily stuck out the hand and Marlene squealed.

“Oh Lily! This is great; you and James are so made for each other!” Marlene said inspecting the ring. “Are you going to have an engagement party?” She asked.

“Yeah I think so, Bridget is nearly begging for one.” Lily chuckled.

“Well I hope you realise I expect an invite.” Marlene said jokingly, but Lily knew that Marlene was one of the top on the list.

Soon many of Lily’s previous Hogwarts friends appeared by her side, inspecting the engagement ring and tell her that James and she were meant to be.

Lily was surprised to find that Nixa Chui was now married to a Man called Lee Chang; they were trying for a child. Leah Hockerly was also married, to none other then Amos Diggory, she was only a few weeks pregnant, still unsure if it was a girl or boy.
Marlene ever gorgeous, was surprisingly single, looking for someone, it was put across that she was romantically involved with Benjy Fenwick, however it was yet to be confirmed.

The night wore on, and everything was calm, friends chatted and danced, it was the quite before the storm, and Lily could feel, and she felt like she was the only one who could.

She searched around the light room, everyone was smiling, her eyes landed on Sirius and Morgan, dancing together, Remus was dancing with Amelia Bones while shooting glances at Katie, James was getting drinks, Katie however was nowhere to be seen, Marlene was with Benjy, Nixa and Lee had left already, Leah was sitting with Amos, who was staring at her lovingly. It was great, but that didn’t stop the feelings Lily had.

“Here you go.” James said handing Lily a butterbeer, he looked at Lily’s worried face with concern. ‘What’s wrong?” he asked softly.

“James-“ Just as she was about to tell him the room went dark, there were a few screams. The lights flashed on and Katie came screaming down from one of the corridors.

“Deatheaters!” Katie screamed, and then a flash of green light and she fell to the floor, Remus let out a roar and ran to Katie’s body and held it to his own and for a second everything froze, then panic settled.

“Lily we need to get out of here!” James yelled and pulled Lily towards a corridor, but they were surrounded.

“Where are they?!” A cold voice bellowed over the screams, wands were drawn and Lily and James soon found Sirius, Morgan, Marlene, and the other at their sides, Leah was told to stay down however due to her being pregnant.

“Depends on who you’re looking for!” Sirius shouted, and in an instant he shot and curse, everyone following suit, people were falling to the ground as green curse after green curse went flying through the air and hit their targets. The Healers around were scattered, trying desperately to reach the fallen, others fighting to save the rest.

Everything was in slow motion; Lily and James were side by side bring down deatheater after deatheater, until they found him standing there before them, smirking at their attempts.

“You’re not going to win. You’ll die at the tip of my wand.” Voldemort drawled.

“We’ll die fighting you, that’s good enough for me.” Lily spat then the curse went flying once more, a spell was sent at the fiery redhead and she soon felt something similar to what she would imagine a sword slashing across her chest, blood poured from her wound, but somehow she remained standing, only to fall to the floor seconds later, James attacked Voldemort with more anger at the sight of Lily falling, knowing that if he paused both of them would die.

One of the healers crawled over bodies and blood and quickly healed Lily, stopping the blood flow then sealing the wound shut, when done she cast an energy spell and Lily was able to stand once more, and by James side she fought, though it was her biggest relief when the sound of apperating echoed around the room, then he was gone.

Lily fell to the floor beside James, unable to stand any longer; she crawled towards a body that lay near one of the corridors, Katie lay facedown, Lily rolled her over and check for a pulse.

“Don’t you dare do this.” Lily screamed. Tears streamed down from her eyes, she was soon joined by Remus and Morgan, together the three mourned, Remus for a love he never quite managed to catch, Morgan and Lily for a close friend.

She looked around, there were seven dead. Eleven seriously injured, that night not make it. Twelve seriously injured but with a good chance. Eighteen minor injuries, excluding herself.

Lily had a huge scratch across her chest from the quick healing spell, a cut along her left cheek and bruises covering her arms and back.

James was bleeding from his right eye, a huge gash on the right arm and three broken ribs. He glasses were completely shattered.

Sirius was suffering from trauma to the head, he was bleeding heavily.

Remus was covered in small gashes and bruises.

Morgan had a burn all the way down her left arm, her right wrist was broken.

Alice and Frank were both fairly alright, though suffering from minor scratches and bruising.

Lily searched for Leah and managed to get to her feet and found a distraught Amos searching blindly for his wife, but Lily was the first to find Leah, she was huddled between two fallen tables, hold a hand over her womb and hyperventilating.

“We need help over here, this woman is pregnant!” Lily called to the nearest Healer.

“You need to get that fixed.” The healer said as he tried to calm down Leah, he gave her some oxygen and told her to calm down or she could have a miscarriage. Lily looked down to see the scratch was starting to split open again, simply because se hadn’t given it a chance to heal properly.

Lily stood up and gasped as the slash opened to its original state and blood poured down. The healer looked up at Lily and shouted for help, James was by her side instantly.

No one came to the healer’s aid.

“Damn it! Healer Evans is going to die! She’s bleeding out!” the healer cried out, that caught people’s attention, unwilling to let another of their own die, two Healers came forwards and helped get Lily fixed up enough to go to St Mungo’s.

The everything went black.

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