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James was seriously depressed, he thought he was making some progress, he and Lily were kinda friends, well they got on well enough, and then along come Davy Gudgeon, he asks Lily out and then she says yes. What happened to James?

Sirius was throwing pitying looks at James as Lily ripped his heart out and started stomping on it, even Ivy was shocked by it.

However much James hoped it wouldn’t he next day came and after dinner Lily could be found waiting in the entrance hall for Davy. She looked great, she always looked great in James’ eyes, but tonight she looked better then usual, wearing a crimson halter neck top that hugged her curves and low rise Jeans. She was wearing only eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss today. As Robyn and Hannah drifted off they hugged her tightly wishing her luck and whispering bit of advice. But ivy looked at her sister with sad eyes.

“How can you not see what’s right in front of you?” Ivy asked.

“That’s not fair!” Lily said angrily.

“What are you on about?!” ivy shot back.

“I’m sixteen and going on my first date! Because he wouldn’t let other guys ask me out! I was lucky that Davy asked me! No one else was!” Lily said then turned away from Ivy, letting her know that she no longer wanted to continue the conversation.

Ivy left dragging Sirius, James, Remus and peter behind her. And soon Davy turned up.

“Let’s go for a walk.” Davy said, placing a hand on Lily’s lower back and leading her outside towards the lake.

“It’s a beautiful night.” Lily sighed as they walked around the lake, the moon was bright and the sky was scattered with millions of stars, all hitting the dewy grass making it look like some one had scattered millions of diamonds over the Hogwarts grounds.

“I can see something more beautiful.” Davy said looking directly at Lily. The redhead blushed and smiled shyly at Davy, who stepped forward and gently pushed Lily against a tree trunk she hadn’t realised was there. He dipped his head slightly and brushed his lips against hers. Then he kissed her with more passion, and pushed his tongue between her lips, at first Lily was quite happy with the way things were, but then his hand started to creep up her top. She pulled away.

“Davy, I think we should stop.” Lily whispered.

“Come on Lily.” Davy said giving her a puppy dog look and started to kiss her again, his hand started creeping further up her top and Lily pushed him away harder.

“No I think we should stop. I don’t like it.” Lily said forcibly.

“Oh come on you’re such a tease. Do you know how many girls would give themselves willing to me?” Davy questioned.

“Well I’m not one of them girls. I’m going back now.” Lily said then moved away from Davy, but he grabbed her around the waist before she could get away.

“I don’t think so Evans, I did not waste this night, I get what I want.” He growled into her ear then started kissing her neck, Lily struggled against him until she found herself being thrown against the tree trunk, he pushed himself up to her, so Lily couldn’t move and kissed her forcibly, bruising her lips, Lily raised a knee and hit him in the groin. Then ran.

She hadn’t realised there were tears falling from her eyes. Not until she reached the portrait leading to Gryffindor common room.

“My dear, whatever is wrong?” the Fat Lady asked Lily, but Lily shook her head and muttered the password, when she clambered into the common room, where ivy was sat cuddling with Sirius. As her eyes fell on her twin she saw red.

“Are you Happy Iv, you were right I am blind! I didn’t see what was coming!” Lily shouted at Ivy, who looked murderous at the state Lily was in, her lips were bruised, her clothes creased and looked like they had been torn, and tears falling from her eyes.

“What the hell did Davy do to you?” Ivy demanded.

Lily burst into more tears and Ivy rushed forward and engulfed Lily into a hug, letting the red head cry on her shoulder.

“I-I didn’t think... I should-should’ve known.” Lily sobbed. “I’m-I’m not an-angry at-at you Ivy. I’m so-so angry at my-myself.” Ivy hushed Lily and caught Sirius’ eye, he looked positively livid at the sight before him.

“Help me get her to the sofa.” Lily mouthed to him, Sirius came forward and gently grabbed Lily’s arm, she flinched slightly.

“Oh no Lily. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here to help.” Sirius said softly. Then he reached for her again and she didn’t flinch, together he and Ivy lifted Lily onto the sofa where she grabbed onto a cushion and sobbed into it.

“If James finds her he’ll kill Davy.” Sirius muttered to Ivy.

“Watch her for me Sirius, get Robyn and Hannah if you need to.” Ivy said then marched out of the common room.

When Ivy reached the entrance hall she found Davy limping towards the Ravenclaw common room. But before he reached the stairs Ivy had swung her fist back and hit him in the stomach. He fell to the floor groaning, his eyes wide when they fell on ivy, knowing full well the rumours of pain she makes those who hurt Lily endure. After a good half an hour, Ivy made her way back to the Gryffindor common room, sporting a bloody nose and a couple of scratches.


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