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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

P.S. I Love You
Chapter 7: Trouble All the Way

Malfoy banged the door the moment Hermione left. Damn it. Everything had gone perfectly well until Saint Potter showed up. Is he always there to ruin everything?

He had been awake for the last two hours. How on earth he and Hermione ended up in their position, he had no clue of. But nonetheless, he was enjoying it. Having Hermione in his arms sort of felt comfortable, peaceful, and most of all, he felt content. Why he felt that way, he had no idea.

Everything had gone according to plan. Yesterday, when Professor Marsh had assigned that stupid essay, he knew it’d be the perfect way to force Hermione to actually talk to him. But things got even better when he heard two of the portraits along the Slytherin corridor talking about that stupid annual portrait party of Dumbledore’s. It was rather silly, but he knew what would happen with a portrait party on the way. Tom, the guy on his portrait and even Lawrence and Noelle will be gone the whole night. He knew that he and Hermione would be stuck the in his room.

It sounded really pathetic but he was desperate to spend some time with Hermione. That he did. They actually spent the whole of last night talking about their past and families. Whoever imagined that they could spend hours upon hours talking to each other civilly? Not only did they converse comfortably and peacefully, they actually slept in his room together. They had gotten along well and even teased each other playfully.

And then, last night it started pouring; a storm had started. He didn’t know that Hermione was afraid of them. But, it turned out alright because Hermione needed comfort. He comforted her. Not exactly how he wanted to, but it was good enough for her. Then, sometime during the rest of the night, they managed to tangle themselves together in his bed. He woke up a few minutes after sunrise surprised. He enjoyed waking up with Hermione practically clinging to every fiber of his being. That was something he could get used to. She seemed very delicate, fragile, and soft. Those things that make him feel strong and dominant. He got to enjoy her presence around him for a few hours. When he felt Hermione stirring, he closed his eyes pretending to sleep. It’d be impossible for Hermione to get out of the tangled mess, and he’d be able to hold her until he “wakes” up.

Unfortunately, stupid Saint Potter had to show up. He had to ruin everything. He even accused him and Hermione of doing things. Really, he’s supposed to be the savior of the wizarding world, but he ruins everything. Then stupid Dumbledore had to show up too. Although he was sometimes stupid, he was helpful too; took Hermione and himself out of hot water.

There were just two things that were intriguing him. One was the fact that Potter seemed to show up out of nowhere. Hermione could have told Potter where the Heads’ Quarters was and even the password to get in, but how on earth was he able to open the portrait to his room?

Another thing bothering him was why Dumbledore showed up there. He knew nothing of Malfoy’s plan or the fact that Harry just found them in a compromising position. So how did he know to show up there right at the perfect moment? Sometimes, the things the old man does surprises and amazes Malfoy. He seems to know everything. But like Dumbledore said himself, he knows everything going on in the school. Are there implements, charms, or maybe even spells that detect everything going on and report it to him?

Now, he doesn’t know what to do. He likes Hermione; that he can admit. But, he knows he has no chance of ever getting Hermione. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even know if he was ready to court Hermione. He wasn’t ready to be terrorized by his father, probably be beaten up too. Then, there are his friends and cronies. They would excommunicate him for sure if he dated a muggleborn. He thought for what seemed like forever about his present crisis. Then, he ended up with the perfect solution. It wouldn’t exactly resolve the problem, but it would be enough to postpone things until he has fully decided on his course of action. He’d put up a rough front for now, pretend nothing has happened these past few days, keep treating Granger like he has been his entire life, and that should buy him enough time to settle everything in his brain.

Hermione quickly changed into comfortable muggle clothes, ready to do homework and start her weekend. After brushing her hair and setting Malfoy’s clothes in the laundry basket, she climbed down the stairs to find Harry waiting for her.

“Harry, would you mind telling me exactly what happened and why you seemed eager to get to me? You procrastinate more often than you should and you’re never eager to start homework, something must be up.” Hermione said.

“No, nothing, I was just wondering about you. And, I just wanted to start on my homework pretty early.” Harry said.

Hermione wasn’t buying it. Harry was the biggest procrastinator on earth. He would rather take on Voldemort than do homework any other day.

“You expect me to believe that? Seriously, why did you suddenly bust through the door?” She insisted.

“Alright fine, I’ll tell you. Ginny woke me up very early this morning. She said something about Lover Boy and a hunch on who he is. I had no idea what the hell she was talking about and I don’t want to know either. Anyway, she sent me to your quarters to come and get you because she didn’t know where it was, only to find myself not knowing where it is or the password. So, I talked to Dumbledore and asked him for it. I told him that it was an emergency and I really needed to talk to you. I guess he trusted me enough to give me the location and the password. Then, when I got to your room, it was empty. So I went to Malfoy’s room to see if he’d seen you. But, Tom was there and because he still had a hangover, he let me in. When the door opened, I found you and Malfoy clinging to each other. So, naturally I had a big outburst.” Harry replied, going in-dept with the whole story.

“You know, you have some explaining to do too.” Harry added.

“Yeah, about that, last night, as planned, Malfoy and I did our essays for Professor Marsh’s class. The evening didn’t exactly start well. But, to make the whole story short, we got along really well. We were talking and laughing when we talked about my childhood, the things I like, and my family and all the memories I had. His childhood wasn’t exactly the best; I sort of felt pity towards him. Then, at about midnight, I was about to leave, but I couldn’t find the doorknob. So I asked him to help me. Turns out, the door wasn’t working. As we found out this morning, Tom was in a party. So, Malfoy offered his bed to me. He was being a complete gentleman all night. He offered to sleep on the floor!”

Hermione paused. She wasn’t ready to share to Harry the storm and the events that occurred while it took place.

“We ended up sleeping on his bed because he didn’t want to sleep on the floor, and because he was being a ‘gentleman,’ he said I could sleep on his bed too. He even let me borrow his smallest clothes just so I could sleep comfortably. Then, I woke up to find myself tangled with him, and when I tried talking to him, he suddenly became mad again.”

“Let me get this straight, Malfoy was actually nice to you all night?” Harry asked, seeming to disbelieve everything that Hermione had just said.

“Yup, I know it seems impossible, but no actually it isn’t. He was nice to me of all people: Mudblood Granger.” Hermione replied.

“Really? Gosh, can you imagine the face his father would have the moment he learns his son is actually fraternizing with muggleborns.” Harry wondered, his face contorted into a sheepish grin, reflecting the delight he seems to be getting from the thought.

“I know! He’d probably get disinherited!” Hermione grinned back.

“Hey Harry, where’s Ron?” Hermione asked, intrigued on where her other friend was.

“Well, his stomach was too empty for his liking this morning, so he went to the Great Hall early.”

They made their way to the Great Hall. Upon arriving, Hermione quickly sat beside Ron and Harry and piled her plate with rashers of bacon and scrambled eggs. Her goblet was magically filled with pumpkin juice and she started eating. After eating breakfast, an uneventful ordeal, she made her way to the Gryffindor Common Room, knowing Ginny would be there. She was enthusiastic to tell Ginny all of the details of last night. After all, she trusted no one better than Ginny. And, Harry said she had a hunch on who had sent her that letter a few weeks back. There seriously could be no guy from Hogwarts that wrote that letter.

As Hermione expected, Ginny was waiting for her arrival at the Gryffindor Common Room. She sat amidst the pile of books and parcels of parchment, ready to start on her homework early. She slouched with a quill in hand, and an ink well at the small coffee table where her feet are currently perched on. She turned around just in time to see Hermione staring right back at her.

“Hermione, there you are! I’ve been looking for you all morning. I wanted to go to your room but I had no idea on where it is. So, I told Harry to come and get you while I ate breakfast. But then, I had to go because I promised this girl from my Ancient Runes class that I’d help her with the new essay assignment. So, I went back here, and I was getting worried that I won’t be able to talk to you again today!” Ginny said almost in one breath.

Hermione gave a small laugh. “Calm down Ginny! Seriously, do you think I’d miss out on talking to you? Besides, I have a story of my own!” She said smirking slightly. She has been hanging out with Malfoy for too long.

“Don’t tell me. Let me guess: you got stuck in Malfoy’s room and slept with him in his bed all night, and you found yourself entangled with all of Malfoy’s limbs this morning? Yeah, I heard about it. You know news and rumors spread faster than the speed of light here at Hogwarts. And they get to you even quicker when you’ve got the two queens of gossip in your house: Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown.” Ginny said with a mischievous grin, her brown eyes dancing merrily.

“How on earth did they learn that?” Hermione asked, panicking yet again.

Ginny gave a chortle. “You know, for a very smart person, you sure are very gullible. No wonder Malfoy likes poking fun at you. Harry and I ran into each other on the way here, so he told me the whole story.”

“Oh, good then. I thought you were talking seriously about Lavender and Parvati knowing everything.”

“No, no, they know barely anything. Their minds are just empty spaces filled with fog, something they often use when ‘looking into the future’. But you know, I do believe that what you told Harry wasn’t all that happened last night. Something happened between the time you guys lay down to sleep and the time you woke up. Probably something big that caused you to sleep together. I just know in my heart you didn’t sleep on the same bed, not at first at least.”

How Ginny knew everything was beyond Hermione. It seems like just like Dumbledore, she knew everything that went on, only a little bit more and in-depth. Naturally, Hermione didn’t have a choice but tell Ginny everything that happened last night.

“Fine, you’re right. Something did happen, so I’ll start from the start.” Hermione said, getting ready to begin her tale.

“Don’t leave anything out!” Ginny reminded her.

So, for the next half hour, Hermione told Ginny all the events of last night, not forgetting a single detail. Most events that took place last night was and should be kept a secret, but Ginny was her best friend, the ever so trusty confidante that would always keep her mouth shut when necessary. Yup, telling Ginny was fine. Especially on her fear of storms, it would help her too.

“… and then when I asked him if he wanted his clothes back, the git was angry at me! You know, I will never understand how that idiot’s mind truly works! One moment he’s nice and the next he’s angry!” Hermione finished with her story.

Ginny sat beside Hermione staring at her intently. Her left arm was across her chest, holding her right elbow, the right arm propped up holding her chin and tapping it lightly. When she was looking like this, Hermione knew she was thinking about something very important.

“What?” Hermione asked.

“Well, if you recall, I was looking for you to tell you I had a hunch on whom Lover Boy was. After mentioning to me the details of last night, I think my theory was just supported by even better examples!” Ginny replied.

Hermione sat there agape. “You are not thinking that it’s Malfoy?!” She half asked, half screamed. The idea was preposterous! Malfoy could not have possibly written something as romantic as that. Besides, why would he of all people admire, to put it the least, Hermione?

“Think about it Hermione, he does seem nicer to you. Who knows, the only reason he might have gotten mad was because Harry suddenly showed up or that he found the idea that Harry could forever tease him infuriating.” Ginny said, her mind gears clicking and getting creative ideas and theories.

“No, no, no. It cannot be him. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE. No, it’s not him. Trust me, I know.” Hermione looked out of the large bay window of the Gryffindor Common Room. Unfortunately, who should she see but the speck of blond hair and green Quidditch robes flying so swiftly on a broom near the hoops of the Quidditch Field.

It just can’t be him. Sure, he was nice enough last night, but that can be temporarily. Maybe some of the Ravenclaw girls he had dated and dumped last year were getting revenge on him and charmed him to be sweet that specific day. Nope, it is definitely not him.

“Okay Hermione, you believe in whatever it is you want to believe in. I have my theories and you have yours. But, if you ever find out who he really is, let me know. I might just demand five hundred galleons from you!” Ginny said with a light giggle.

Hermione shook her head, a smile creeping into her lips. “Trust me, I won’t owe you anything. I know it’s not him, and to prove my point, I will be taking on that bet.” She said defiantly, her hand already stretched out in front of her.

“Deal.” They said in unison as they shook hands.

“Listen Gin, I have to go meet up with Harry and Ron in the Great Hall, somehow they thought it would be a better place to do homework. I’ll talk to you later okay?” Hermione said.

“No problem, I’ll see you at dinner.”

The rest of the day went fairly uneventful for Hermione. She helped Harry and Ron with their piles of homework, all the while wondering how on earth the two would ever manage without her by their side.

The days crawled by quickly, and before she knew it, it was early October. They have been for school for a month, and yet it seemed like yesterday that she was climbing aboard the Hogwarts Express.

On one specific chilly October morning, Hermione found herself going to yet another Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson. How she hated that class. She had been pretty successful in ignoring Malfoy since that night. Yet here she was, walking to the room of doom. Stupid Professor Marsh. He had to partner them up. Fate was just not with her this year. It left, without even saying goodbye or a mere warning that her life would soon come crashing down, leaving her to disaster.

She walked briskly to the classroom and sat on her assigned seat. One by one, the students began filing in, ready to have yet another trust activity. Oh how she loathed the stupid project. A mere few seconds before the bell rang, Malfoy walked in as arrogantly as possible and sat down beside her.

“Good morning class.” Professor Marsh said too happily.

“Good morning Professor.” They all replied somewhat grumpily. Being paired with people you hate isn’t exactly the best thing to do to short-tempered teenagers.

“Today, we are going to have yet another trust activity. So please, everyone stand in the perimeter of the room while I make all the chairs and desks disappear. Come on, move quickly.”

Even though the teacher told them to move quickly, no one was doing so. They all shuffled their feet, not wanting to move an inch from their safe haven, their beloved desks.

“Alright, for today, you and your partner will have to hold hands and stare at each other’s eyes for five minutes, ten minutes, and finally twenty minutes.” Groans erupted from the class.

“Trust me when I say this, you will all thank Professor Dumbledore and myself for teaching you this lesson, and for even making this class possible. It will come in handy. You will never know who you get paired up to work with in the future in the real world.” He said nonchalantly.

Unfortunately, Malfoy and Hermione didn’t get along too well on this particular activity, not that they ever got along. They kept bickering and arguing for the whole class time. Neither of them did what they were supposed to do, which resulted in an exasperated Professor Marsh.

“I am not touching the mudblood’s hands. They’re simply too filthy.”

“I don’t want to touch you either! I might catch your narcissism!”

“Stop it, both of you! Because neither of you have been doing anything but bicker, I would have to punish you both.”

Hermione swallowed…hard. She knew what was inevitably coming. She never had detention… ever.

“Detention both of you, tomorrow at eight and don’t be late.”


A/N: yay another chapter. Thanks to all of you who have been reviewing. They're much appreciated. I hope you all like that. The next chapter is, naturally, about their detention. So, keep reading and reviewing! Thanks :]

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