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         A month had passed since the day Tempest had discovered the sad truth about her family. Tempest had read two books cover to cover. To her it wasn’t impressive considering in the past she could have read more. During her reading she kept coming across a word that by the surrounding context was probably a name. It had been burned off with magic, and it was old magic she figured since every spell she knew would not reveal it. Her sister had written to her about her finding and also mentioned the same appearance of the name.

Tempest was reading another book and her eyes widened. She ran to the library and searched for Nila and Void. She walked up to where they were seated and threw the book on the table startling them.

"Lady of the Lake had a sister."

"Seriously?" asked Nila.

"She is the Queen of all dark magic. There are pictures of her but no name. It means that Merlin and Morgan, before she was evil of course, tried to destroy her. Seems she couldn’t be destroyed so the only way to make her weak was to forget her name which held her power."

"There’s more, isn’t there?" said Void.

Tempest smiled.  "Of course. Morgan went back to her to learn how to use her magic. She helped her seduce Arthur and give birth to Mordred. The rest we pretty much know."

"You still don’t know what’s so important about the sword," commented Nila.

"I was getting to it. Anyway Merlin asked for Excaliber to help destroy her. She was already weak from people forgetting her name, so with the sword Merlin trapped her in her palace alone forever. Only Excaliber can free her and even after that she will have no power because no one knows her name."

"So what, is he going to try and possess her?"

"No you idiot, she can't be possessed, but he will try to gain her help and considering my ancestor betrayed her I think she will be more than happy to help him regain his lost power. Now ask me why he needs Zoltron, come on ask."  A big grin appeared on Tempest face as she began to bubble up.

"Why does he need Zoltron?" said Nila and Void in unison monotone.

"Oh come now I won't tell you with that attitude. Void I think you know."

"To free her using Excaliber’s magic."

"Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! But he doesn’t know where she once resided so what we have to do is try and find her first."

"This is already an exciting year," said Nila smiling.

"Only you would think so," said Void. Tempest rolled her eyes and smiled. Nila was right, but there were more pressing matters that needed her attention, like the things going on she needed to take care of, or rather people she needed to take care of.


She had called for Dobby six times already and still he had not come nor responded. Tempest began pacing and biting on the tip of her thumb.

"Mistress Nyx?"

Tempest jerked around. "Huh. Oh Dobby I was beginning to get worried about you. Now tell me, is Harry Potter safe? Is he alive?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Draco hasn't seen you has he and neither has my sister right?"

"That is correct."

"Good. Now what took you so long?"

"Harry Potter was walking alone. I thought it best to keep a watch on him until he got back to his dormitory."

She smiled at him in sympathy. "Sit down, Dobby, and have an apple." His face brightened up as he caught the bright green apple she threw at him.


Tempest thought back to the books ad looked at the photograph of last year. She had taken her sword and there were al doing funny poses. Back then she didn't know how special it was, all she had known was that it had belonged to her father at a time and that's all she needed to know and all she cared about.

She thought her plan over and over in her head. It would take months to try and do this but she needed to.

Tempest sat outside with her dragon on her shoulder. She had told her friends earlier that day to meet her on the school grounds near the forest. She stared at then as they arrived.

"So you said you had thought of a plan and to meet you here after classes," began Divina. "So what's your plan?"

"To find the Lady of the Lake. Starting with all those books, my mother sent me. Understood?"

"Of course," said Chad.

"Like we have nay other choice," said Nila.

Tempest ignored her. "Good, well what are we all just standing around here for, lets go."

They stared at her and she motioned to the area around. She mouthed that he was watching her. They nodded in understanding and walked back to school. Tempest took a look back at the forest and saw a glint of metal. She smiled and started walking backwards.

"I'll get there before you cousin."

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